Doidy cup – Turquoise

Doidy cup – Turquoise


Main features

  • It may look strange! but for teaching your child to drink from a rim it is the best!
  • The DOIDY Cup was scientifically designed with its unique slant to teach children to drink from a rim and NOT a spout.
  • Weaning ~ The DOIDY Cup is an ideal aid to weaning as the natural mouth action used is the same as in breast feeding.
  • The DOIDY Cup is made from food safe HD Polyethylene and is Bisphenol free.
  • This proven 40 year-old design helps your baby learn to drink safely from a cup with fewer spillages along the way. The DOIDY Cups are UNICEF baby friendly and they are sold by the National Childbirth Trust in the U.K.

Verified reviews


I wish I would have found this sooner!

I have bought my 10 month old son practically EVERY sippy cup on the market. He refuses to drink out of them and finds them funner to play with. He has been interested in trying to drink out of our cups for some time, but they require him to tilt his head all the way back. The first time he tried the Doidy Cup, it was a success. The look on his face said it all. He was so proud that he had drank like a big boy and none had spilled on him. I do have to hold it for him but with practice I think that he will so be doing it on his own. I would recommend this to every single parent.

Nicole Breese, IL

Good product!!

My 4.5 month old son is really starting to get the hang of this. He’s been in occupational therapy for the past couple months to help strengthen his mouth muscles and get him caught up on oral development and I love that this product promotes proper use of mouth muscles for oral/speech development. The seller was also very courteous

Carly Foreman, AR

Perfect training cup

I was reluctant of buying a sippy cup and came across this tilted one online. It seemed to be perfect for learning how to drink out of a cup for my DS. He li,es to hold it and play with it and every now and then takes a real sip of water! Very cool

Kimberly Spurger, TX

Perfect training cup!

My 16 month old is the only baby I know who is drinking from an open cup perfectly and I credit the doidy cup! love the design. And this color is pretty too and I love all the diff options available.

Joanna Mitchell, SD

daughter not a big fan

This cup is designed so you and baby can both see the liquid in the cup better than a normal cup. Nice idea, but my daughter would just as soon drink out of a regular cup, so not clear to me whether this provides any more benefit than a small clear drinking cup.

Kelli Jack, AL

Baby loves this

My EBF always tries to steal my cups. She never really took a bottle (didn’t need to) and sippy cups are essentially glorified bottles, so I got this for her! She LOVES it. She has been using it since 4 months, and at 6 months she is pretty good at using it! We just started BLW and will give her some water in this. She of course dumps half of it, but it is a great learning tool. If she is drinking BM out of it, she gets help but can drink it down just fine! Everyone is so impressed to see such a little baby using a cup. 🙂

Chelsea Winchester, OH

Clever design – Easy for a baby to use

The clever and unique angle on this cup makes it much easier for my 9-month old to drink from. He can’t hold it by himself yet, but the fact that we don’t have to tip it far means far less splashing on his face. I recommend it for anyone whose baby doesn’t drink from a sippy cup, or who is learning to drink from a cup.

Adela Port Jefferson, NY

Great cup for teaching baby to drink

These cups came highly recommended for breastfeeding babies. We love ours- genius design! Such a great way to teach baby how to drink. I think these also work for cup feeding baby breast milk if they are having issues with the bottle and mom has to be away. Under counsel of a lactation consultant of course. 🙂

Therese Ridgeley, WV