Dolcino Woven Wrap, Kuba, Medium

Dolcino Woven Wrap, Kuba, Medium

Dolcino Woven Baby Wrap uses 100% cotton and non-toxic dyes. The wrap is woven lengthwise and crosswise to create diagonal elasticity for support.

Main features

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Imported
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Non-stretch woven
  • Yarn dyed to IANT standards
  • Available in two sized

Verified reviews


Great first woven wrap!

I am a fairly experienced babywearer, having used a Moby Wrap, aBabyHawk Mei Tai, a Boba 3G, and my husband’sERGObaby Performance Baby Carrierfor our older daughter starting when she was only a few weeks old. With our second baby, I added a ring sling to the mix. While a Moby Wrap is a great product, it is stretchy and can only be used for front carries plus it’s not very comfortable once baby is over around 12-13 lbs (in my experience). I did some research and decided to try a woven wrap – ordering the Dolcino Sumatra.I ordered the Large size because I’m currently a size 18 while newly postpartum. Having received my wrap I believe I could have gotten by just fine with the Medium, especially as I continue to lose the baby weight. Depending on which resource you reference, a woman of my current size would want a size 7 to comfortably do a FWCC (front wrap cross carry, a relatively easy and very secure front carry recommended for a newborn/small infant) but the Dolcino Large is between a size 7/8 and so is really quite long on me. I like longer tails so it’s not a big deal for FWCC, but when trying other carries which use fewer passes, I need to wrap the tails around an extra time before tying off.A potential issue for newbie wrappers is having to break in the wrap; various methods are recommended, but none of it is needed with Dolcino, which is floppy and soft right out of the package. Dolcino colors are saturated and bright. It’s easy to work any slack out of the passes as you wrap, and easy to tie the wrap off at the end.This is a great “gateway” wrap to introduce parents to using wovens, with beautiful colors at a reasonable price point and without any complicated break-in process. I will be purchasing a shorter wrap (a size 4) of a different brand in the near future, but I really like my Dolcino!

Terrie Grand Isle, LA

Love this wrap

I just had a baby in November 2012 and have been on a search for the ‘perfect’ baby carrier. I want it to be comfortable for me, my husband, and most importantly, the baby. I own an Ergo Baby and Beco Butterfly 2. Those two carriers have their advantages, but the buckles and adjustments make it very inconvenient for both me and my husband to wear. The baby also doesn’t feel very natural while sitting in it. This woven wrap, however, is the best! My husband and I both wear it and the baby seems more comfortable. There is a learning curve to it but once you get a basic wrap down, then it’s perfect. My only issue is that it may be too hot when it warms up here in Texas. However, I’m sold on wraps now.

Susan New Galilee, PA

An awesome first woven wrap!

If you’re wrap curious or are moving on from that stretchy moby wrap to a woven, Dolcino is the perfect next step. The wrap isn’t stiff out of the box like many others, and the price is great for a woven wrap! This is one worth keeping for all of our babywearing days.

Janelle Landis, NC

Having twins?

When I learned I was having twins, I really wanted to find the perfect way to carry both babies. After much research, I decided to buy one of these woven wraps.You can use one wrap to carry two babies- I believe the total weight limit is 60 lbs, not that I think I will want to wear two 30 lb. babies around a lot. But I like the option and flexibility of this. You can put one on the front and one on the back, but it is rather complicated so you wouldn’t want to be getting them in and out a lot. You can also wear them both on the front. I found a YouTube video ([…] telling how you can make it act like two ring slings by using two large aluminum sling rings (, and that is easier to get babies in and out, carry them around the house, etc. if they are on each hip.For one baby, this is the most comfortable, as well. Soft and flexible, my babies love it.It can be a bit difficult putting it on when you are out, but I recommend just putting it on before leaving the house if you are just wearing a baby on the front or two on the hips with the ring slings.If you want comfort, it seems like this is the best option, as well as plenty of flexibility.

Myrna Hartford, VT

Perfect! Love the large although I’m petite

I love this wrap. My husband I both use it daily. I have it in large, red. I like the extra length although I’m 5’3″ and 135 lbs. and my husband is 5’11” and 155 lbs. I can do any style tie and still have long tails (to my knees), which I like the look of. Also the fabric is thick enough that knots with short tails don’t feel as secure to me. We get tons of complements and curious questions when we use this wrap. I worried it would be hard to learn, but it wasn’t. YouTube is a great resource. Used it from my baby’s birth. The Front Wrap Cross Carry was best just at first. By 8 weeks, the pre-tied Front Cross Carry has been even better – just had to wait for her little newborn legs to stretch out to use that style. I’d like a second one to use while this one is drying and so that we cam each have one with us. We don’t even need a stroller!

Kimberley Gail, TX

Breathable, soft and a great price

I had never owned a dolcino before, and I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it was right out of the box. The material is lightweight and breathable but still very sturdy. It was used to make a WCMT because I needed something larger than a 7 and I couldn’t find an 8. This measures 5.4 meters and worked great! We made the straps as long as possible on a toddler size and was able to have 95″ shoulder straps and 50″ waist straps, which is longer than my large DF needs , but allows him to tie Tibetan and do different tie off variations. This is a sturdy workhorse of a wrap!

Myrtle Clarence, IA

Great Woven Wrap

For those of you not familiar with woven wraps: A woven wrap is a long piece of fabric that you wrap around yourself and your baby to secure your baby to you. If you’ve never tried wrapping before it does take quite a bit of practice but once you’ve learned how to do it it’s quick and easy. A woven wrap like this one will last you from infancy through toddlerhood and gives you a huge variety of carrying options. If you’re interested in using a woven wrap but aren’t sure how to use one I’d recommend checking out YouTube as there are lots of helpful videos.This is a great wrap for beginners. It’s very soft right out of the box (most woven wraps start off really stiff and need to be broken in to get them nice and soft). This is a medium to thin weight wrap with a nice even weave.Sizing: The medium size is 4.6 meters long and .7 meters wide (about 15 feet 1 inches long and about 2 feet 3 inches wide). The large size is 5.4 meters long and .7 meters wide (about 17 feet and 8 inches long and about 2 feet 3 inches wide). In wrap sizing the medium is a size 6 and the large is in between a 7 and an 8 (note this is not clothing size but standard wrap size). Most average size people will be able to do most carriers with a medium. Larger sized people would still be able to use a medium but would be more limited in the types of carries they can do.

Elaine Centralia, WA