Door Flip Lock for Child Safety from PrimeLine – White Color

Door Flip Lock for Child Safety from PrimeLine – White Color

You will receive (1) Prime Line Door Flip Lock in White Steel. About Prime Line Door Flip Lock: This flip door lock is constructed from steel and comes finished in white. The hinged portion flips over your door to prevent it from opening. It easily installs to your door jamb with 2 screws – no mortising required! Steel construction White finish Secures your door in the closed position Surface mount; no mortising required For interior door only

Main features

  • Steel construction
  • White in Color
  • Secures your door in the closed position
  • Surface mount; no mortising required
  • You will receieve (1) White Colored Door Flip Lock

Verified reviews


Works great but not all the time

When these fit they do a great job. You need a 1/8″ gap between the door and frame that is high up. There is also a problem where some doors can “catch” on the hinge as they swing open.I tried putting this on four of our doors. They fit fine on two of them. It didn’t fit at all on the third. With the fourth door the best I could do was get it to fit about 6′ off the ground. It was pretty funny to see my three year old daughter, after asking permission to go out on the deck, drag her chair over to the door, climb up, and open the lock. It was funnier still that when she came back in she dragged the chair back and flipped the lock back. Like I said, for these to be effective these things need to be mounted pretty high up.You can’t be certain these will fit properly until you try them. If they do fit then they work well. My suggestion is to buy one, try it on all your doors, and order as many as will work.

Dolores Hammond, NY

Functional and hidden child lock

We picked up these flip locks for our front and rear door to prevent our toddlers from sneaking outside without supervision. It’s good way to install without permanently marring your door or trim. The lock is easy to engage and disengage, and is strong enough to prevent 2 yr old egresses.On the down side, a forgetful adult may be able to break the lock, since it is not as beefy as a dead bolt. This is strictly a preventer for children and not a security lock to prevent intruders. For a child lock, it works well.4 stars only due to the finish – the painting coating will scratch/rub from the door running against it, and may require touchup.

Sallie Whiskeytown, CA

Great for french handled doors

Our house has french-style handles on all doors. Thanks to my crafty and determined 2-year-old, I have found there are few choices for french doors that fit properly and can withstand repeated attempts to best them. The one that worked for internal doors (typical plastic snap-on type) wouldn’t fit on the front door due to the deadbolt and the adhesive wouldn’t stick to the metal exterior doors. I naively relied upon the deadbolt until finding her outside one day. When did she learn how to open the deadbolt!? As I don’t expect to need it more than a few years I didn’t want something that would put holes in the molding that we’d need to deal with later. Finally found this and it is simple but brilliant! I agree with other reviewers: mount it high enough; as it’s not unattractive like most others is easy to forget about it and wonder why the door won’t open 🙂 ; so far seems strong enough to handle all she can dish out.One thing that I wish I would have known is that it can (or maybe should) be mounted on the side (left or right) of the door with the knob. My assumption was that it went on the side with the hinges where the door attaches to the frame. My hubby & his dad mounted ours on the other side (with the knob) and it works just fine. Granted, I didn’t read the instructions, and am not sure if they did either before just pulling out the power tools, so not sure what they say is proper. Also, although one reviewer mentioned, I forgot that it must be mounted on the side(front vs. back) that’s the “pull” side of the door (the side with the round part of the hinge exposed).

Annie Marathon Shores, FL

Simple, minimalist, and effective

I have 5 of these all over my house and have used them for over a year. They are incredibly easy to install. Only 2 screws are needed. The white color blends into the door trim and is minimally noticeable. They also couldn’t be easier to use.Note: The included screws are horrible because they are soft and strip very easily. You will want to drill a pilot hole so less pressure is put on the screwhead. If the screw starts stripping, remove it immediately so it doesn’t become a permanent fixture of your door frame. Use a drywall or wood screw instead – available at any big box home store.

Ernestine Pinnacle, NC

Required Childproofing Product for Toddlers & Older Children

These door flip locks are a childproofing must for curious toddlers & children who love going outside, especially tall & thin toddlers like mine. We have them on two steel doors with wood frames on the front & side doors of our apartment.Easy to install in under 5 minutes each — correct placement is about 2/3rds up the door — these flip locks stop it from budging at all, utterly & completely. When I or any other adults want to deactivate this lock, it is easy to do with one hand even if the other hand is weighed down with bags and said toddler who wants to be carried to the car.The placement of the flip lock is for a height above 5″, so it’ll be in use for a long time. I’ve only had it for a month so I can’t comment on its long-term quality, but I’ll come back and do so until my family has no young children in it anymore.I bought a different color fulfilled with shipping via Amazon from the very same seller but for less money, so I can’t comment on their direct sales or the white color — but the brass/gold color does coordinates perfectly with our brass/gold chain door locks under which it sits.This child safety door flip lock by PrimeLine is a fabulous item — I would & probably will buy them again when I live elsewhere with more external doors or need a different color (like white)!

Caryn Georgetown, DE

Works perfectly.

One morning we woke up to find my 3 year old playing with something in the garage. After moving a chair to get one lock off a door she went on her way just playing along. This does the trick! She can’t unhinge this thing. We just bought another one locally after she just busted open the door to some random sales man! Love this thing and I recommend it to everyone.

Eileen Elliott, IL

Keeps chemicals locked up

I put one on the closet we keep the bulk of our chemicals in as an extra precaution besides the door locks. Helps with my peace of mind.

Maryanne Bobtown, PA

Must Have for Adventurous Toddlers!!!

We purchased an item very similar to this at Lowes. It is a lifesaver as our 2 year old son could open the exterior doors at our new home! I don’t know if this one is exactly the same as the one I purchased at Lowes (it looks identical) but we originally purchased white ones to go with the trim, but they were hard to lock and unlock as the ‘paint’ rubbed and got in the way. Go with the brass ones (that’s what’s under the white coating anyway) and they are much easier to open and close for adults.We have this placed at eye height (where a chain would be) so we don’t have to worry about junior messing with it, even if he gets up on his step stool.As other reviewers have noted, this isn’t going to keep an intruder out, but it will prevent an adventurous toddler from escaping out into the world. And, as far as it being a fire hazard, it’s no different than having a chain lock at the top. And if push came to shove I would bet I could break it open if I gave the door a really good yank. It’s not like your toddler would be able to try to escape in a fire anyway. You would have to either go get him/her via inside your house and then escape or, if worse came to worse and you couldn’t get to your kid from inside, you’d go out and then back in his/her window.We will remove the lock once our son and any future children are old enough to know not to go outside unsupervised.

Brandy Greens Fork, IN

Best I’ve Seen

This lock is working well for me to keep my child from accidentally opening a basement door. There are some things to keep in mind, though.One, put this high. I just found out today that my two-year-old knows how to open it. I was holding him near the door to see if he could figure it out and he did. It’s very easy to unlock this clasp, as you just have to push the plate slightly up while pulling it towards you. If a child can use a chair or something else to reach it, they could beat it. There’s nothing he can move in my house that will let him even get close to reaching mine, though.Two, the screws that come with the product are junk, as has been stated. Even with little torque, mine both were eaten by the drill bit. I put two of my own in without a problem, though. Remember to keep the tiny little screw, though, if you ever want to permanently unlock the product. Me, I’ll just remove it when it no longer serves a function, but it’s good to have the option in case you need to leave it in place but don’t want to bother with it all the time.Three, make your install easy. Close the door you’re putting it on, hold it in place in the locked position, then open your door, put the lock up and screw it in. You’ll want to actually see it in place before attaching it because if the plate can’t lock into position, you’ll have to take it down and screw it in all over again.So far, I’m glad I’ve gotten this rather than the plastic “globes” you put over doorknobs. When I first put this on, I forgot about it and tried opening the door and it stopped me. At that point, just to see, I tried opening it with more pressure and it held. Looks like it’ll stop my kid even if he really tries to open the door.UPDATE April 12, 2012:I’m buying a second one tonight for my front door. This has worked out well for these past few months and kept the little one from being able to open the door to the basement, but he’s now able to open the front door, so one is going there as well.

Rhea Junction, WV


Simple to install (per my hubby) and works easily. We use this for an exterior door off our playroom that we do not use for entry so we keep it locked all the time. I don’t have to worry about my children opening the door and getting outside.

Malinda Lemont Furnace, PA


I got this when my almost 3-year old decided how much fun it was to go into our garage and out our front door. I decided I had to do something when we were in our backyard playing and I discovered he had gone back through the house and out the front door! My husband is not mechanically inclined and had no problems installing this. It works great!

Wilma Westminster, MD