Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard

Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard

The easiest to install door lock ever. Put away the tools and double sided tape, the Door Monkey clamps to the edge of the door in seconds and works with all styles of today’s door knobs and lever handles. The unique design also doubles as a pinch guard to help protect little fingers from painful injuries. Unlike other products on the market, the Door Monkey automatically locks when the door is closed and secures the door in a partially cracked position. This allows fresh air to circulate through the secured room, helping to maintain a comfortable temperature when heating and cooling. Adjustable height and easy operation makes the Door Monkey a great solution for kids with younger siblings. The Door Monkey is just as easy to remove and very portable, perfect for those trips to grandma’s house. No other product on the market offers the simplicity or versatility of the Door Monkey. Works great for pets too. The Door Monkey is designed to work with 1-3/8″ thick interior doors and standard door frames with rectangular door stop molding (see photos above). Applications with nonstandard door stop molding may require the optional catch (sold separately). For additional information see “Seller Help” in the company profile for Jordacon Enterprises.

Main features

  • Enter your model number above to make sure this fits.
  • Installs in seconds without tools tape or hardware
  • Works with most styles of door knobs and lever handles
  • Doubles as a pinch guard
  • Operates from both sides of the door
  • Mounts at any height
  • It will work with most nonstandard door stop moulding if the optional catch is installed.
  • The Door Monkey is designed to work with 1-3/8″ thick interior doors.

Verified reviews


“Ledge” must be flat

After all of the great reviews I ordered 4 of these and eagerly awaited their arrival, only to be disappointed when they didn’t work for my doors. I didn’t realize my doors had this feature until I tried these, but the part of the door lock that catches the ledge(at the back side of the hook) wouldn’t “catch” because that part on my door is angled. I didn’t even think to check that before ordering. So – hope this saves someone else some disappointment.

Audrey Days Creek, OR

Okay but not for door I needed!

This works great on my pantry door and bathroom door BUT I needed something to keep toddler from opening front door and door to garage. It leaves the door open about an inch which I didn’t realize and it totally sucks. But as I said, works beautifully in doors you don’t mind being open a smidge.

Lynnette Porter, MN

Skinny New Doors only! Older homes may have issues.

This product did not work for me. It is not mentioned in the product description (but on the label of the product):***Your doors must be 1 3/8″ thick for this product to work. (The package says that this is a ‘standard’ door.)***I guess they don’t make doors like ‘they used to’. All of the doors in my NYC apartment (built in 1938) are too thick. I have some doors from a reseller from a 1920s home in Oklahoma — these are also too thick. My office door (~ 1960s) is too thick. I guess the doors on new houses are thinner than they used to be. All my doors are wood. My apartment doors are solid wood around the edge, then a thinner panel in the middle. The other doors I tried it out on are solid wood. Maybe newer ‘faux wood’ or the hollow doors with wood veneer have this thinner 1 3/8″ standard.

Chrystal Comerio, PR

Helps but flimsy

This worked well while it lasted. It was a little short so I shaved off some of the padding and it fit. Only problem is it is easy to break. My husband broke it within 3 days.

Louella Tidewater, OR

Great, portable door lock!

We had trouble keeping our 2-year old twins in their room for bed time once we converted them to toddler beds. They would run around the house laughing and stay up way too late no matter what we tried. I ordered this lock and it has been an unbelievable lifesaver. I LOVE that it is portable so i can bring it with us when we travel. Cannot say enough about how genius this product is and how much it has helped my husband and I.

Natasha Bayboro, NC

Wow!!! Life changer!

It is amazing how something so simple and inexpensive has improved my daily routine SO SUBSTANTIALLY. I purchased four Door Monkeys several months ago, and I wish I had the opportunity to personally thank whomever invented this GENIUS product. My 2-year old super active daughter was opening all the doors in the house and getting into everything, making my days simply exhausting, and my house a complete disaster. Now I can control where she plays and what she has access to. It doesn’t require installation. You just attache the Door Monkey on the side of your door and that is it! No toddler will ever outsmart this product, despite of how smart they may be, because they can’t figure out something they can’t touch/reach! I know there are other door locks on the market, but they require installation, and they are within reach, which means it is a matter of time until kids either break them or figure out how to open the door.Please buy this product. You will not regret it.

Noreen Glencoe, MO

I like these more everyday

This plastic contraption does the job. It’s very simple to put on or remove, can easily be transferred from door to door, and deters my little 2 year olds. I’m not sure how strong it is, since I think that if someone threw themselves at the door it might fly off. But since my children stop and try the doorknob, rather than do a COPS impression, it’s just fine for them.Edit: My kids are now 3 1/2 years old. I use these everywhere in the house because they a)Keep the kids out, when used properly, and b)Let some ventilation into the rooms that I would normally (prekid days) have left open. If I put them on the door too low, the kids stand on cushions and whack it upward and then jiggle the door. Having the ‘monkey askew lets it fall off. So, on the important/tempting doors I install them a lot higher and make sure they’re on straight. Also, I can now say that if your kid likes to slam on the door repeatedly this WILL stay on. One of my munchkins likes to ram into the door again and again for fun. Great, huh? The door monkey survives.I’m really starting to think that this is the best childproofing item I’ve ever SEEN. So many childproofing products are depressingly breakable, hard to install, or easily childremoved. This one is simple, easy to install, and works like a charm. Now, if they could only make a revolutionary cabinet lock…

Mable Millersview, TX

I like but wears quickly if toddler is persistent

I like these so much that after the initial one I bought, I got another. When one broke because it kept falling off the door (doors in my apartment are thinner than standard – this will not be a problem if you have regular thickness or more doors), I bought yet a third one. My toddler however, persistently tries to bust the doors down and that’s usually when the mechanism falls off.Great if you have a non-persistent toddler but the best I’ve used so far, despite this flaw. I especially like that it opens quickly and easily for adults and older kids without being a hassel.Hope this helps.

Jenny Stateline, NV

Wow…saved our sanity!

Our almost three year old just now converted from her crib to a "big girl" bed. The rush of this newly found freedom led her to destruction of most of the house during the middle of the night. We tried taking her to her bed over and over (for hours), we tried discipline, rewards, treat, threats, etc. to keep her in her room. She is a very headstrong little girl and none of this was even remotely working. I bought the door monkey to keep her in her room and at least limit her options. Works like a charm! She realized within minutes that she wasn’t getting out of her room and went straight to her bed to sleep. Thank you for this wonderful product!IF YOU HAVE NON-STANDARD DOORJAMBS….if you have a rounded piece on your doorframe or other nonstandard configurations, the door monkey website sells a piece of plastic for a few bucks that can be screwed to the doorjamb. This little piece of plastic will allow perfect installation with many doors with which it would have previously been incompatible.

Kerry Presque Isle, ME


This thing works great. SOOO much better than those junk ones that go on the door knob; My kids can get those ones off the door in less than 10 seconds. And bonus, it keeps the door cracked so it helps with air flow.

Amalia Dyess Afb, TX

My favorite.

I wish I knew about this years ago. This product is great, especially if ur use to slamming doors. No sound and closes easiely. I can air out all the rooms withoutmy toddler entering. Great for bathrooms, my 4 yea old can open the door but my toddler can’t reach it. I love it. What would I do without it.

Bianca Panorama City, CA

Clever invention

We aren’t ‘officially’ using this yet so problems may present themselves in the future, however, having a 7 month old child that is crawling around we thought to start safe guarding our home. This product allows the door to be open and for my wife or I to easily open it but not for our son to push it open or deal with an entirely closed door; which create frustration for him.The mechanism makes opening and closing a synch…and automatically resumes its shape so that it is able to lock once the user releases it. I like that it will prohibit my son from pinching his fingers in the door also. Will update when we start using it throughout our daily lives.

Toni South Milford, IN

Love this!!!

We got this door monkey for our 2 year old. We love it!Pro’s:No drilling or screwing necessary. It just latches on.Your child can absolutely not pinch their fingers.You can still see in the room because of the inch or so opening it leaves.It’s super sturdy! It has taken a lot of abuse from our 2 year old and is still holding strong!It has little pads on it so it doesn’t damage your door frame.Cons:None

Eva Latham, IL

Awesome Lock and Anti-Pinch Solution

These are a great two-purpose solution — they can be used to lock a door, but also prevent it from closing "all the way," so it can’t slam on little fingers. These really are a fantastic solution, and the design allows you to open the lock from either side of the door.

Tanya Unionville, MI

I agree with the helpful, positive reviews for the product

Easy to install and use, and very portable.We have one on the door between our dining room and kitchen and installed it a couple of months ago. It works well with our now 18-month-old who loves to "help" opening and closing doors. When we first installed it, he pushed and pulled at the door and seems to get frustrated by the fact that the door was neither fully open nor fully closed. After a few days with that struggle, he got used to it and now happily closes the door behind him if it happens to be fully open, then goes on to do whatever he was planning to do. I can let him assert his independence knowing there won’t be any pinched fingers in the process.I’m planning to buy another one to put on his bedroom door once he’s in a toddler bed and will be getting in and out of said bed. For now, we have one of those cheap foam guards on his door which serves us well well for now.

Abbie Blue Grass, VA


My kids can figure out any door lock they can reach. They are NOT able to get this one open! I don’t like that the door is cracked a bit when it’s on so I can’t use it on their room overnight or anything. But it works awesome for bathrooms, pantry, laundry rooms, etc. I am able to put it at a level where my older daughter can get in some place like a bathroom but my younger daughter cannot. Love it. Wish I got these long before I used all the other kinds of knob covers!

Beatrice Wanchese, NC

Best lock EVER!

I have about 5 of these locks and I LOVE them. They are great to keep my 18 month old out of closets/rooms/bathrooms and perfect for my 3 year old to reach to get in the bathroom. I even have one on a hall closet to keep toys put away so that they are not constantly throwing them all over the house. I recommend them to everyone. However I do wish they came with a training guide on how to get older kids and husbands to pull the doors far enough so that the lock actually catches!Update 7/6/14 Still going strong with these awesome locks. Keeps my 27 month old in his room at night and out of the closets during the day.

Hattie Palo Pinto, TX

Great product!

I bought this item a couple of months ago for my 15 month old since he loves to open and close doors. During the day we put it on all of the doors upstairs and at night I take his door monkey off of his door. I love we don’t have to drill anything and that I can take it to my parents house or wherever to prevent him from getting hurt!

Maritza Goshen, CT

Very smart product!

I haven’t had this long, but I’m very impressed with it so far. A lot has already been written about this product, so I’ll focus on some points that haven’t really been said…YES, THE PRICE SEEMS HIGHIt’s true that the cost is higher than what you would expect. I was at first hesitant ordering it for that reason. But nothing else was working so I decided to give it a try. I’m actually ok with the cost now. Not only is it a good product, but if you go to the Door Monkey website you’ll find that a dad invented this product to solve a problem he was having. It’s just a little mom and pop company. I’m sure that they’ve had to invest a lot of personal money into this, take risks, and don’t get the manufacturing deals that big companies do. It’s nice to support the little guy. Besides, it’s a lot cheaper to buy one thing that works rather than a bunch of junk that doesn’t.LOTS OF OTHER SOLUTIONS DON’T WORK FOR EVERYONEFirst we tried the knob cover. My daughter figured out how to open it in a day and the next day she busted the cover right off the knob. My huband decided to get smart and take the knob off one day and guess who ended up getting locked in….ME! This product actually works, is very secure, and an adult or older child can open the door from both sides. No lock-ins.YES, THE DOOR STAYS CRACKED OPENThere is a good sized gap when you use this. I’d prefer it to not be there, but it’s really no big deal for me. It’s on my daughter’s bedroom. She still slept fine with the door cracked. If you use it on a bathroom it takes two seconds to remove and put back. You have to think about how it works though. It basically clamps to the door and an arm grabs onto the doorframe when you close it. Because it clamps, that clamp keeps the door slightly ajar. If you had another kind of lock you’d probably have to tape or drill into your door or frame. This product doesn’t leave any damage and you can move it around to different doors or take it to grandma’s house for the weekend. This design also allows you to open it from both sides. You don’t want to do something stupid and get locked in like I did. For the benefits of the design, I’ll deal with the crack.UNIQUEI don’t know of another device like this…opens from both sides, portable, works on most doors, and my child can’t get through it. I’ll update my review if she finds a way, but I don’t think that will happen.GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICEI did email the company with a few questions. They were very nice, helpful, and quick to respond. If you have a funky door you might want to contact them or at least read more info on their website before ordering. They have solutions for funky doors, which I didn’t look into because my doors are the standard kind.WATCH THIS VIDEOOne last thing….there’s a video on youtube that demonstrates how the product works. It wasn’t put up by the owners, it’s just something a consumer did. The video is titled “Door Monkey” and was posted by justnik78. Watch it and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

Sallie Birdsnest, VA

I like it

It doesn’t fit on all door casings (the latch part) but it fits most so we are mostly happy with it. I think it’s a bit pricey though.

Elisabeth Carversville, PA

very effective

My kiddo can’t defeat it and I’m happy. And no damage to the door or door frame as you don’t have to use any adhesives which is a big plus. Thinking about getting a couple more. But the price is a bit outrageous.

Bridgette Detroit, TX

Absolutely Perfect!

It went on in approx. 15 seconds. The packaging isn’t hard to open, and the instructions on the back are fool proof. Tonight is our first night with it, but I can already tell ya, it works like a charm. It will definitely keep kids in/out of whatever you’re using this for. Oh happy day.

Iris Hennessey, OK

Best one I’ve found

This is the best child door lock I’ve found. keeps the door locked shut but doesn’t make the door shut all the way so air can get through. can put it at any height you want. there’s no installing, no drilling or anything. THere’s a little release button on the inside you press to get out when you want out of a room and it’s locked. or can just take it off completely and hang it on the door knock. Easy peasy.

Zelma Spicer, MN

Can also be used to keep doors open

I bought three of these and love them. The are easy to take on and off, just a squeeze. And if you attach it to the frame in reverse, it prevents the door from shutting, which I also find very usefull! I have french doors to my bedroom (one is stationary with a slide lock on top, and to my surprise it works on that door too. I can see that it might break with too much pressure, but so far they have held strong, even when my husband by mistake tried to barge through. I thought for sure it would snap, but didnt. Now we place the door lock closer to the door knob to remind us it is there (in eye view).

Luz Birnamwood, WI


EVERY household with young children should have at least one of these. My older daughter is constantly slamming doors to keep her little brother out, and this makes it impossible for her to slam his little fingers. I mainly use it on one door in particular, but when we’re in another room and I’m concerned, I move it to that door. (We have a small house, so rotating it isn’t an issue – otherwise I’d order more!).This is well-made and does exactly what it claims. And another note: I also use this is a semi door "lock". I don’t want to lock my kids out, but if I want some privacy while still keeping my door cracked to hear them (say, in the night), I just put this up at the top of the door where they can’t reach it. So my door is "locked" without having to literally shut my kids out. If they call me, or come to the door to get me, I can easily hear them. Fantastic.

Jeri Thornton, KY

Great idea!

First experience with this. It is a great invention, and works perfectly. Wish the price was a little lower, but it is worth protecting our son’s fingers.

Corrine Frankfort, NY

Decent Door Lock Alternative

These are easy to use, but they’ve been taking the paint off our doors, and I’m still trying to get use to the doors always being cracked open.

Tracie Mc Kenney, VA

These are awsome

I am impressed. This is working perfectly for us, though we did have to make an adjustment. The outside edge of the center rib on my door jambs is slopped as opposed to square (as pictured). What I did is take an old 3m hook, used the flat plastic backer piece and the 3m sticky tape to put it on the center of the jamb rib. Works great and this is an awesome product. Doesn’t leave a mark, but my kids know it is there and they need to ask to get through the door. Also keeps little fingers from being hurt by a closing door. My daughter knows how to operate a door handle, but this is out of her reach so works great. I have recommended many times to others. Thank you to the inventor!

Sheree Power, MT

Great and easy product

We have these and the typical door knob covers. This product is so easy to use and great that it is out of reach of the child vs. the door knob covers. Wish there was a way that you didn’t have to have the door cracked open, but so far it’s been a great quality product. Wish I’d bought more.

Gladys Beaufort, SC

Good product, but a little pricey

This product works great! We had it for a few months before my wife accidentally broke it. She slammed the door, and it broke. Not a faulty product, but my wife accidently slammed the door in a harsh way. My only complaint is that these are expensive!

Dolores Auriesville, NY