Dr. Brown’s 2 Natural Flow Level 2 Standard Nipple

Dr. Brown’s 2 Natural Flow Level 2 Standard Nipple

At Dr. Browns, our focus has always been to create innovative feeding products to promote good health and optimal nutrition for baby. Designed by a doctor in 1996 and patented in 1997, Dr. Browns Natural Flow is the only baby bottle to feature an internal vent system that: helps preserve vitamins C, A, and E by minimizing oxidation of breastmilk and formula; provides positive pressure vacuum free feeding similar to breastfeeding; and helps reduce colic, spit up, burping and gas by eliminating negative pressure and air bubbles. Dr. Browns Natural Flow baby bottles are BPA free and contain no PVC, lead or phthalates, and have received numerous design awards and acclaim from the medical community. In fact, many of our bottles go to hospitals, NICUs, and doctor offices. Most important, moms are talking and theyre sharing with excitement the improved feeding habits of their babies. In keeping with the standards of our baby bottle, Dr. Browns products offer a unique design that yields a better functionality for mom and good health for baby. To maintain a brand that moms can rely on, we place a heavy focus on product research and development to ensure every product achieves the best possible result. This means that we invest as much time as necessary to create quality feeding products with distinctive health related benefits. Two replacement silicone nipples, exclusively for Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard baby bottles. Level 2 is ideal for feeding infants 3 months +.

Main features

  • Standard Level 2. Two pack replacement nipple
  • Made for Dr. Brown’s standard bottles
  • Supersoft and made of high grade silicone
  • Dishwasher safe
  • For babies 3 months and older
  • Standard Level 2 2 pack replacement nipple

Verified reviews


Product is Great

As an aside, the review is for the product and not personal opinion on whether the product should be used for breastfeeding. Also, what about people that need to use this product for formula? I don’t think the other negative review is fair. I have been extremely happy with the Dr Browns products, this one included. It’s made to use with the Dr. Browns bottles and fits fine. No leaking. I moved my baby to this size recently at 8 months. He breastfeeds and takes a bottle at daycare. I purchased these and also the level three after he started collapsing the level 1 nipples in an attempt to get the milk out. I personally didn’t have any problems with him preferring the bottle. He still prefers to breastfeed over the bottle, even though we are using both level 2 and 3 flow.

Camille Poughkeepsie, NY


I am very pleased at the fact that we switched from Playtex Drop Ins to the Dr. Brown bottles, and I like how Dr. Brown sells every piece in case you loose some.

Christine Sebastopol, CA

Perfect for 3 month olds!

The babe was getting frustrated with the Level 1 nipple (that was installed in our bottles) and at the time we had no idea (first time parents). So we started thinking and thought, man, he is really, really hungry and getting frustrated with the bottle. I feed with the bottle (seeing as how I do not have the lady parts to acommodate the little guy) so I recognized this. Time for the upgrade! What a difference it makes! No longer does it take 20+ minutes for him to feed. It’s gone in a snap and he’s out for the moment. Now I can get back to shopping on Amazon!

Edna Jeffersonville, GA

works perfectly

goes great with the dr brown’s bottles. i didn’t realize they actually listed on the package what age they recommended for the next level until i looked at the package. no wonder it was taking my son forever to finish a bottle, he needed the next size up!…. yes i’m a new mom. 🙂

Leola Fullerton, ND

Dr. Brown’s are our favorite bottles!

We have used Dr. Brown’s almost exclusively because they seem to cut down on gas the best for our baby. The nipples are durable and the sizes run true to the months recommded on them. However, I still use the size 2 at night for our 6 month old because at night she tends to eat faster and the size 2 slows down her eating.

Daisy Silver Creek, MS


I bought these for my 3 month old twins because I felt it took them a long time to drink their formula with the level 1 nipples and this was a mistake. You might as well call these level 90 nipples because the things flood my babies mouths and they hate it, milk everywhere!!!

Rebekah Ladoga, IN

Perfect flow for cereal in formula for newborns.

I use about a tbsp of rice cereal to 4 oz of formula. After experimenting, these are the perfect flow. I also breastfeed, so didn’t want the flow to be too fast, but the cereal wouldn’t go through the level 1 nipple.

Kathy Santiago, MN

Product good but 2 pack annoying

I find Dr.Brown’s bottles to be the best, even though they are harder to clean. I also find their nipple flow rates are best and match what my baby needs at the stated age most closely. With these, she drinks fairly quickly but we don’t get tons of milk dripping down her chin. My only complaint is the two pack. The bottles come in packs of three, right? Shouldn’t the nipples be available in the same quantity. Seems like a hot dog , hot dog bun conundrum and that is the reason for my removal of a star..

Corina Glen Wilton, VA


Annoyed that I could only buy a certain amount of these. I have 15 bottles so I needed more than 10 nipples obviously, but Amazon would not let me buy them.

Ebony Glenburn, ND

Love Dr. Brown products!

I upgraded to this nipple when my daughter turned 3 months old. It was taking her forever to drink a bottle with the Level 1 nipple. This one works much better. I recommend Dr. Brown products. I haven’t had any issues with the bottles or accessories.

John Henderson, MN

Started at 9 weeks

My son was using the Level 1s until around 9 weeks old. At that point he started crying when using them. I switched to the 2s, and haven’t had an issue since.

Chrystal Brashear, MO

Great Product

I moved my son up to level 2 nipple around 15 weeks old. He seems to be doing very well on them.

Kara Fishertown, PA

These bottles work well – and I use the progressive nipples

My baby wants the food faster and because he can handle it it means he sucks less air. I now use only Dr. Brown bottles – just made sense for us because we saw when we used the one Dr. Brown’s bottle a marked difference in the air he gulped starting from week 1. He’s now almost 6 months and we will switch to the level 3 soon. They are in good enough condition that I washed my level 1’s for the next little person we have 🙂

Corrine Henryton, MD

So far so good…

Just transitioned from level 1 to level 2. Took my son about two days to get used to the faster flow of milk but he has caught on and now his pace is steadying without having any milk spill out the side of his mouth. Word of advice though, keep an eye on your baby’s pace because I was giving my son a late night feeding(I was very sleepy and groggy…lol)and 4 ounces went by very fast. He was used to sucking hard while using the level one nipples to get the amount he likes and when I switched to level two he sucked with the same force.

Lupe Caledonia, NY

Great bottles/ nipples

My daughter had reflux, so we didn’t move her from level 1 to 2 until she was 4+ months old. She did great with these at that time though.

Elisha Van Etten, NY

Works well for rice cereal mix

Firstly we are a huge fan of the Dr. Brown bottles. We have used them since shortly after birth of our daughter. However, when she got older and it was time to use a larger nipple, these size 2 worked well. One thing to note is that they do allow a forumula/rice cereal mix to flow through pretty well. The size ones will stop up, but these are big enough to allow flow.

Ava Lower Brule, SD

The Best bottles!

Dr. Brown’s are the best bottles on the market! Easy to switch from breastfeeding to Dr. Brown’s without nipple confusion.

Alexandra Lindsay, CA

Great Product

Love Dr. Brown’s. These nipples may have had a bit too much flow for my 3 month old. She is now 4 months old and handles it just fine.

Selina Park Falls, WI

High quality but too slow

Our son had outgrown these by 4 and a half months and was starting to get frustrated because it was taking him too long to drink his bottle with the Level 2 nipple. That being said, they are very high quality. We only use Dr. Brown’s bottles, and I would definitely recommend their bottles and accessories.

Tanisha Akron, OH

Works as you would expect

We moved up to level 2 when my baby was 3.5 months old. He sucks down the formula much faster now, but not faster than he can handle.

Olive Bringhurst, IN

Great nipples for any standard bottle.

We used these from about 4-6months. I highly recommend Dr brown’s nipples with any standard bottle. We do not use Dr. browns bottles because I don’t like all of the parts. Our baby didn’t spit up but maybe once every 2 weeks, so I didn’t think the special bottles were necessary.

Tiffany Lander, WY

Works as expected

My baby girl was having a hard time sucking on level 1 nipple to the point where she either became very fussy or fell asleep from the effort. When we realized the issue could be due to the slow flow, we immediately bought level 2 from Babys R Us and she began feeding very well and fast. Ordered additional nipples from Amazon for better deal. Couldn’t be happier.

Susana Kernersville, NC

Very good.

Love these bottles. Not the easiest to wash but my baby seems to enjoy them. The nipple is the perfect shape.

Mattie Tennga, GA


Great. Fits my Glass Dr. Browns bottles. My daughter is 4.5 months and she has been using this nipple since 3.5 months. No problems.

Yvonne Venice, LA

Great as little one gets bigger

We’ve been using level one Dr. Brown’s nipples from the start, and these are the natural progression.I tried these first when my baby was just over three months, but he wasn’t ready for them yet: It was pretty clear as he got uber-fussy when I’d try to feed him. (Fortunately, it’s a piece of cake to switch nipples mid-feeding.) I kept trying once a week and by four months, he’d scream if he didn’t have these level two nipples. I suggest having them on hand once your baby hits three months and then letting him/her tell you when he’s ready.The pay off is that they make feedings go quite a bit faster, and perhaps it’s coincidence, but he’s burping much easier now.

Bonnie Wahkon, MN


My 4 1/2 month old uses these nipples with the 4 oz Dr. Brown glass bottles- I love these products.

Celina Powers, MI

High quality nipples with correct flow rate

I moved up to level 2 when little one needed to get more flow. Dr. Brown’s nipples are high quality nipples, hold up well and haven’t had to replace them, only to move up in flow.

Ursula Flom, MN

Great product

These level 2 nipples are great. The price was excellent and shipping was quick. My 4 month old son was startled by the change in flow speed from the level 1 nipples but adjusted quick and seems happy when he eats. No complaints and I would highly recommend these nipples to anyone

Melva South Greenfield, MO

Fine Nipple

We have only used the Dr. Brown’s bottles and nipples, so I don’t have anything to compare to. My baby has never had really bad gas or problems drinking out of these. She has generally been able to take the bottle and finish it before having to burp her. So, I guess that means she gets a good flow, doesn’t struggle and get frustrated, and isn’t drowned either.Like another reviewer mentioned, it is kind of annoying that they come in 2 packs when the bottles come in 3’s. I have to many nipples for the amount of bottles I have.You can also find these cheaper elsewhere, but Amazon is just so convenient, especially with a baby in tow.

Rhea Arrey, NM


good quality, easy to clean, and well-liked by our daughter. level marked on the ring so you don’t confuse them with other levels.

Karyn Walcott, IA