Dr. Brown’s 2 Pack Natural Flow Level 2 Wide Neck Nipple

Dr. Brown’s 2 Pack Natural Flow Level 2 Wide Neck Nipple

Two replacement silicone nipples, exclusively for Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Wide Neck baby bottles. Level 2 is ideal for feeding infants 3 months and above.

Main features

  • Two replacement silicone nipples
  • Level 2 is ideal for feeding infants 3 months and above
  • Exclusive for Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Wide Neck baby bottles
  • Dishwasher safe top rack only

Verified reviews


Should be great

I haven’t used these yet, but I don’t anticipate any problems since I’ve been using a similar product. I really like Dr. Brown’s merchandise.

Lawanda Ashland, NY

Nice flow for older baby

I breastfeed my son and decided at 6months old to jump to the level 2 nipple. He seemed like he was getting frustrated with how slow the level 1 was. I think it is has been a good decision. I don’t think we will go to a level 3 as he is happy.

Sheryl Lacona, IA

The baby sure loves these

If my baby was able to do this review, he would give it 5 stars! Mommy is giving it 4 because I wish the wide neck nipples weren’t so expensive. We got some of the regular bottles and some of the wide neck, my son won’t even drink out of the regular ones anymore becuase he much prefers the wide neck version. No issues with the nips though, they are holding up well, we are starting to get into the level 3’s and he’s 5 months old.

Debora Rockaway Beach, OR

Dr. Brown’s are good

Dr. Brown’s are good. We had a colicky baby and we used Dr. Brown. However, there are many parts. Also, our bottle warmer by Dr. Browns got very moldy and sketchy (check reviews on that!) and, to make a long story short, we ended up trying Playtex drpo ins. WOW. Playtex completely eliminated colic in my baby! Day one. Literally. So, we changed and never looked back. That said, Dr. Browns never leaked and she drank well from the bottle so I wouldn’t give it a bad review. I’d just recommend Playtex in the future 🙂

Kathrine Houston, PA

Didn’t Know It Mattered Until I Tried

I kept noticing my baby would fight the bottle more and then it dawned on me that the flow was too slow. I breastfeed but bottle feed once a day just to get her used to it. Then I switched to the Level 2 and it made such a huge difference. Soon we’ll be moving up to level 3 then hopefully she’ll just use a sippy cup. But I love Dr. Brown’s bottles in general. We use both the Wide Neck and regular bottles. The baby at 5 months can even hold her own bottle (more easily with the thinner ones of course).

Anastasia Forest City, NC

Fits Born Free bottles perfectly

I bought this at the store in desperation when I had to add rice cereal to my infant’s milk to thicken it and it would no longer go through the stage 1 nipple. I use Born Free bottles and the local baby store did not have BF nipples in stock. Dr. Brown’s fit just fine (they look pretty much identical). I would dare guess that you can use BF nipples on Dr. B bottles if you can’t find Dr. B. When I had to buy more nipples (two is not enough) I went on Amazon and bought Dr. B again since they were cheaper.

Ila Vici, OK

Fits our botles!

My Dr. Brown’s set came with Size 1 nipples, so we had to buy the size 2 separately. They fit our bottles perfectly and they don’t leak at all. The flow is great for my 8-month old (she was in preemie nipples until she was 4 months, because she always drank too fast). Also, if you add rice to a bottle, it doesn’t get clogged, unlike the size 1 nipples.

Chelsey Reading, MA

time to change

My baby is now almost 5 moths, so she has to switch to level 2 nipple. and she seems good with the new nipple

Tammi Center Point, WV


Seems like what you’d get in the store. I haven’t opened them, my son isn’t born yet, I just bought level 2 & 3 nipples so when he is ready to move up I have them for him. Apparently his daddy was a very healthy eater as a baby and I’m assuming baby will be a lot like daddy so I wanna be ready for his big appetite.

Janice Riverside, IL


This nipple collapsed as soon as it got in his mouth. And it kept out collapsing. I couldn’t figure out a way to make it work…

Christina Sanger, CA

does its job

would prefer that they be sold in the same quantities as the bottles. It’s that whole 12 hot dogs but only 8 hot buns problem all over again.

Mary Roseland, NE

I love Dr. Browns bottles

We tried so many bottles with my daughter and Dr. Brown’s was the only one that she would take. Now we are on baby number two and we went straight to Dr. Browns. I did switch to the wide neck with baby number two, in an attempt to keep him breastfeeding for longer than my daughter did.

James Granada, CO

Babies Enjoy It!

Very useful for babies as a gift to the parents (if they own wide-neck Dr. Brown bottles), as they sell these in very few brick-and-mortar stores if at all; quick to replace, although as an add-on item, you really do have to find more to buy. Much cheaper online here, too.

Sylvia Van Buren Point, NY


You get quality with Dr. Brown’s and I felt like I got a fair price through Amazon. We’re very happy with this product. It was recommended to us by friends and I would make the same recommendation to others.

Susan New London, MO


I switched all my bottles from a level one to a level 2 around 4 months. These nipple packs were the best deal on the internet, I shopped many stores trying to find them but they always seemed to be out of stock or only had the regular size not the wide neck.My baby prefers the wide nipple for some reason?? These were shipped fast.

Adeline Quincy, PA

Perfect for the breastfed baby

My daughter had to start using bottles since I had to go back to work, and the wide neck on these nipples are ideal for a breastfed baby. The level 2’s were started around 3 months when she became more efficient. I have not noticed a preference for the bottle or the breast after starting to use these. I have used the level 2’s for 3 weeks and so far so good.

Teresa Dewy Rose, GA


We love Dr. Brown’s bottle and the bigger nipples are a necessity. These are great and our little girl loves them.

Deana Weber City, VA

Faster flow, less time spent feeding

When our daughter was a little over 3 months old, we switched to these from the Level 1 nipples. It cut the feeding time down significantly and she hasn’t had any increased problems with gas or spit up.

Angela Wathena, KS

As expected!

Not much to say about these, they work as expected! Started using the level 2 nipples when baby was about 3 months old.

Ruth Conway, MI

depends more on the bottle design

We used these obviously with the Dr. Browns bottles… I didn’t notice a change with the nipples. My babies prefered a different less expensive nipple we used with the bottles and we still had good results.

Naomi Clyde, NY


The level two nipples for Dr. Brown’s wide neck bottles are just another step in progressing my child’s development. I am quite satisfied with the product, and I know others will be too.

Carissa D Hanis, TX

Great for 3 month old

My 3 month old loved these and got way less frustrated while eating with these. He did have to go up to level 3 when he was 5 months old though.

Vera Landisburg, PA

does the job

it’s a level 2 nipple with more flow than a regular level one. i have a major gripe though. why do the larger 8 ounce bottles come with a level 1 nipped? by the time your baby is drinking more than 4 ounces at a time, she’s ready for level 2. it seems like they’re forcing us to buy a nipple for the bottle.the large bottles should definitely come with level 2 nipples instead of making us buy them separately.

Susanna Custer, KY


Great nipple for a great bottle system. We only use Dr. Browns on my littlest baby as she’s had bad gas/colic problems. These bottles have helped immensly and I would highly recommend to anyone!

Margarita Dilworth, MN

Perfect at 3 months

I hadn’t really noticed a difference with my baby’s drinking at 3 months but we picked these up anyway in anticipation of a change. He is 4 months old and he seamlessly switched to the new nipples. They do get a little stained when he is eating solids and drinking but I think that is to be expected. I assume I’ll switch to level 3 just before he turns 6 months old too. By that time the nipples look like they need replacing anyway. Very happy with the purchase.

Neva Crescent Valley, NV

For the baby who likes a slow flow but not too slow

Great product as usual from Dr Browns. Easy to clean these compared to the standard and te flow is great for around 3 months and up. Not too fast and not too slow. Just what we needed.

Trisha Tilly, AR

Just as good as Level 1

We ordered these when kiddo outgrew Level 1. They arrived quickly and worked flawlessly. Next time we’ll plan ahead and order early.

Carissa Hinsdale, MT

Similar to Playtex Drop in nipples

My daughter was on Playtex Drop Ins for the first 4 months of her life, I switched her to Dr. Browns wide flow nipples and she took right to them. I only wish the bottles came with different flow nipples instead of all of the bottles coming with level 1 regardless whether it’s 4 or 8 oz bottle.

Germaine Wailuku, HI

#2 good for BF-ing moms with strong let down

I read somewhere that breastfed babies should always be on a #1 nipple, if you’re going back and forth between breast feeding and bottle feeding. I was urged by our daycare to move up to the #2 because my son was taking forever on a bottle and getting frustrated, and was hesitant at first, but decided to give it a shot. I happen to have a pretty strong let down, so the #2 size is actually more like the flow he gets from the breast. So it was a win win. Love dr. brown’s!

Dorthy Stockton, IL

Do the job.

I’m not sure what to say about a bottle nipple. No complaints here. He gets his milk = happy baby!

Iris North Evans, NY