Dr. Brown’s 2 Pack Natural Flow Level 3 Wide Neck Nipple

Dr. Brown’s 2 Pack Natural Flow Level 3 Wide Neck Nipple

Two replacement silicone nipples, exclusively for Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Wide Neck baby bottles. Level 3 is ideal for feeding infants 6 months and above.

Main features

  • Two replacement silicone nipples
  • Level 3 is ideal for feeding infants 6 months and above
  • Exclusive for Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Wide Neck baby bottles
  • Dishwasher safe top rack only

Verified reviews



I haven’t opened them yet, my son isn’t born yet. I just bought level 2 & 3 nipples so when he is ready to move up from the level 1 I am ready for him.

Brandie Clarks, LA

Best made nipples

I initially started using Dr. Brown’s when I was researching and comparing numerous nipples and their flow rate. Dr. Brown’s were the only ones that really seemed to have the correct flow rate. I’ve been able to use the level 3 when I mix some cereal into my breastmilk and seems to come out and the right flow.

Jordan Weldon, CA

My baby loves them

I tried the wide neck version because the bottles were on sale…..my son much prefers them to the regular ones so I ended up buying all wide neck bottles. We just started him on the level 3’s, he’s just about 5 months old. He did well on them but the flow was too fast at night (when he really wants the bottle to go to sleep). So we’re doing 3’s in the day and 2’s at night until he’s more used to them.

Barbra Irvona, PA

does its job

would prefer if they sold them in the same quantities that they sell bottles. It’s that whole 12 hot dogs but 8 hot dog buns problem all over again.

Helena Clarington, OH

Love Dr. Brown products!

Since my first grandson was born two years ago, this is the only baby product we use when it comes to feeding!

Lakesha Ashby, MN

Necessary when the flow slows down

We switched from each level when we noticed my son was slowing down when drinking his bottles. It makes a big difference moving them up in levels. At first they might make a mess as the flow is a bit too fast. But in our experience, it only took a day or two and he had adjusted fine. After that, they are able to drink at the same speed (before they started slowing down) or even faster. We stopped at level 3 has he never had a need to go on to the level 4 nipples. They held up to many washings and will be ready to use for our next child.

Lela Roseville, CA

Babies like it!

Very useful for babies as a gift to the parents (if they own wide-neck Dr. Brown bottles), as they don’t sell these in many brick-and-mortar stores at all; quick to replace, although as an add-on item, you really do have to find more to buy.

Ursula Kingston, NY

Great bottles, good to have extra nipples

I love Dr Brown’s wide mouth bottles for my little man. These nipples are exactly like described and we have been using these since about 6 months.

Sherri Dallardsville, TX


Very awkward for my son to use. He kept wanting to put the whole nipple in his mouth or would push his face inward. I can see where it would be great for breastfed babies, but not for those who are accustomed to bottles.

Paige Emmett, KS

Replace those chewed through nipples!

We use these to replace the damaged nipples. A good flow and the quality you expect from Dr. brown products.

Mandy Amenia, NY

Dr Brown, Level 3 Wide Neck

What can you really put in a review? We’ve used these before, just moved to an area that doesn’t carry them in store. The wide neck bottles we prefer for mixing formula and more accurate representation in our case. The level 3 suits us just fine for a hungry little 5 month old who was approved for cereal(mixed in formula).

Ashlee Merrimac, MA

Work well

I got these nipples to use when cereal is put into the bottle. They work excellently for that, but if no formula is used, they are a little to fast flowing for my 7 month old.

Marilyn Strongsville, OH


great buy– cheaper on amazon than anywhere else. It is nice to be able to purchase these on amazon and have them nicely shipped home–all cheaper than driving to the store (BuyBuyBaby) paying higher prices, and driving home. Great buy!

Mai Irons, MI

Great bottles

I had used them for a year and a half and just bought more for next baby, they work great! Great product

Milagros Ponca, NE

Love these nipples

There isn’t much to say about these wide neck nipples except that they are every bit as good as the Stage 1 and Stage 2. Just a big enough difference from Stage 2 that I can notice my babies drinking their bottles faster, but not too fast that it chokes them.We started these Stage 3 nipples at 6.5 months. I am not planning on buying the Stage 4 because I have read too many reviews saying that the hole is just too big that it tears very quickly–and I think that these Stage 3 nipples are really fast enough for a 1 year old to drink just before transitioning to sippy cups.Also, I disagree with whoever says that these aren’t faster than the Stage 2. If you hold water in Stage 2 and Stage 3 nipples and watch it coming out, you will see that a Stage 2 has a slow droplet form and then drip out, whereas these Stage 3 nipples have a steady fast stream of droplets coming out.

Bettye Chichester, NH

Must for bigger kids

If you use Dr Brown’s feeding bottles, these nipples are must for growing babies. Our 10 month old was finding the stock nipples just too small and would be tired of sucking. But the flow with these nipples is optimum for bigger babies. So I would recommend switching to these nipples after a few months.

Katelyn Damascus, VA

Need I say More – 5 Stars

Dr. Brown’s Nipples definitely helps with gassiness, spit-up, and helps her drink peacefully without choking or a frustrating leaky bottle.

Nichole Avon, CO


dr brown makes wide neck bottles that will perfectly use ONLY dr brown wide neck nipples! if you have a standard dr brown bottle, then even some generic nipples will work on them— forget it on the wide neck bottles… a NUK might but then again, not–

Deidra Bremen, KY

Good as original set, but with more flow

Once the baby graduated from Level 2s, we ordered these and they’ve been as good as all the others. They’ve lasted long enough to be used for kid #2.

Staci Navasota, TX

Provides the faster flow that my growing baby needs

By the time my son turned 7 months old, his appetite outgrew the level 2 nipples. These level 3 ones work well and I haven’t experienced any problems with them.

Patty Portland, OR