Dr. Brown’s 2 Pack Natural Flow Y Cut Wide Neck Nipple

Dr. Brown’s 2 Pack Natural Flow Y Cut Wide Neck Nipple

Two replacement silicone nipples, exclusively for Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Wide Neck baby bottles. Y Cut nipples are ideal for faster flow for thicker liquids.

Main features

  • Two replacement silicone nipples
  • Y Cut nipples are ideal for faster flow for thicker liquids
  • Exclusive for Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Wide Neck baby bottles
  • Dishwasher safe top rack only

Verified reviews


watch the flow speed!

Our son had acid reflux early on. At 2 months, we started to give him rice cereal in the Dr Brown bottles with these nipples, and were very surprised by how big the Y cut actually is. For babies that are used to really having to suck to get their formula, switching to this fast flowing Y cut nipple is quite the difference. Try to make the liquid thicker if you can to slow things down, or just give your baby lots of breaks in between those big gulps. : ] Otherwise, great quality, easy to clean. Dr Brown’s bottles are some of the best I have seen, and I have tried several brands.

Alexandra Itasca, IL

Good for older babies, chunky purees

I’m giving this 5 stars because the item is as described, sturdy, functional – no issues. I just want to be sure that you know that this nipple is WAY too big for anything a baby 1 year old or less would and should drink out of a bottle, typically. If you are looking to use these for introducing your baby to rice cereal or even beginner pureed baby food (which most medical professionals agree should be done only on a spoon, these days), your baby will most likely gulp & inhale the contents making a big, choking mess. If you must introduce rice or fine purees gradually in a bottle, we found that just using a normal nipple one size up from the one he drank normally did the trick.

Hannah Lovilia, IA

Fastest for 1 Tbsp Rice Cereal to 1 oz. Formula –

We have to make a Very Thick Mixture for our 6 month old – and we have to use these nipples. The y-Cut gets the job done the fastest – which to me means – the easiest for our daughter.The only thing comparable to these is Tommee Tippee x-cut variable flow – however, when the nipple is in different positions it can collaspe – unlike the y-cut here.

Annette Lyman, WA

Love it

I highly recommend these nipples to parents that add cereal or pureed foods to the bottle. This nipple has not clogged on us yet (unlike many of the other brands).

Pamela Solvang, CA

Good for Cleft palate baby!

Our daughter has a soft cleft palate, so we have been using Habarmen nipples for a first few months. Unfortunately it became very expensive- $12/nipple, so we decided to try Dr. Brown bottle with Y nipple, and it worked pretty good. She wasn’t able to handle it as well. We had to wait till she was like 4 months old, and she got used to small bottle for start, later she did just fine.

Sharron Cobb Island, MD

Great for soup or baby cereals

I like this brand, it helped us so much with colic and gas.These nipples are great for soup or baby cereals.

Estela Essex, MA

Perfect for transitioning to sippy cups

We went to the Y cut straight from the Level 3 because I wanted my twins to learn how to drink from a sippy cup which has a much faster spout than a bottle nipple.The Y cut is very fast, but you can control the speed if you add cereal to thicken up the formula and give them a chance to adjust to it for a few days. It worked perfectly, and now they drink an 8 oz bottle in minutes, PLUS they are used to the faster flow and starting to use sippy cups better because of the Y cut nipples.I wash them very carefully because I would agree with other reviewers that the Y cut would rip very easily if you shoved any sort of nipple cleaner down there. Washing in the dishwasher works great for us. Just don’t push anything into the Y cut and you’ll be fine. They last forever with the right care!

Nora Conover, NC

it works with Avent bottles too

Avent doesn’t have Y cut. I bought Brown’s instead. They fit! I am happy with my purchase. Recommend to parents looking for Y cut

Elaine Petersburg, NY

Great for thickened feeds.

These nipples are great for thickened feeds for babies who have acid reflux or put cereal in their formula. The flow is great, my 2 1/2 month old (who hates fast flow) had no problem with the y slit. Dr Browns bottles are awesome and I have yet to be let down from any of their products!

Roxie Fort Payne, AL

exactly as you expect

i tried to have my baby skipped a size and went to this directly from size 3, since I forgot to switch to size 4 when the time came. she definitely didn’t like it since its a bit too fast than what she’s used to, she spills and chokes on it. but when she does feel up to it sometimes, the bottle is emptied much quicker and efficient. she’ll eventually use this, and it’ll be just easier on everyone.

Deloris Westport, CT

Used with THICK liquids

Our baby is 9 months old and doesnt use formula. We mix breastmilk with cereals and some baby food. Depending on how thick the mixture is, we will either use this nipple, or the level 4 (for thinner mixtures).We still use a level 2 nipple for straight milk.Great product for thicker liquids.

Celina Greenland, MI