Dr. Brown’s 3-pack 8-ounce Standard Bottles

Dr. Brown’s 3-pack 8-ounce Standard Bottles

Reduce air bubbles that cause fluid in Baby’s ears with Dr. Brown’s 8-oz. bottles. A special patented internal vent reduces air in milk and formula to minimize colic, spit-up, burping and gas so you’ll have a happier, more comfortable baby. This handy 3-pk. features three 8-oz. bottles with easy-to-read level gauges. Bottles connect directly to breast pumps. Includes cleaning brush and instructions. Bottles are plastic. Nipples are silicone. Hand wash. Made in USA.

Main features

  • Patented internal vent system created by Dr. Craig Brown
  • Fits all of the existing Dr. Brown’s Standard nipples (all Levels)
  • Works with all of the existing Dr. Bown’s convenience accessories including Microwave Sterilizer, Drying Rack and Dishwasaher Basket
  • 8-ounce Standard Size

Verified reviews


Don’t waste your money…

I purchased Dr. Brown’s bottles for my daughter. The idea behind the vent is great but what a pain to put together! With a very fussy newborn, I did not have time to waste assembling the bottle. We discovered that Evenflo and Avent bottles work just as well and are cheaper.

Adeline Repton, AL

Best Bottles Around! Forget the Rest!

When my son was born, we tried sampling bottles from several different manufacturers, including Evenflo, Triflow, Avent, etc. Dr Brown’s bottles really are the best in preventing gas, bottle leakage, and flow problems. We ended up throwing all other bottles away. I had read other reviews about the small parts being difficult to wash, but I don’t really have a problem with that. We don’t have a dishwasher and I end up hand washing everything. Each set of bottles comes with a tiny brush for getting into the small spaces for the inner parts to the bottles; and a regular bottle brush works fine with the bottles themselves. I can wash and fill 9 bottles in under 20 minutes (perfect timing when putting my son down for a nap). As to some reviewers complaints about leakage, it’s true that if the inner tube gets full sometimes the milk can leak out the top – but this has only happened rarely and I’ve found that if I unscrew the cap and pull out the inner tube then put it back in, the problem is resolved. The adjustment takes less than a minute and like I said, I’ve only had it happen once or twice. Otherwise the bottles, nipples and all the parts are really durable – especially the nipples. When we first bought the bottles, we bought all these replacement nipples in level 1 and had to return them because we never needed them. So, my only suggestions are1. hold off on buying extra nipples to see if you really need them (or at least don’t open the package until you need to) and2. to bypass getting 4 oz bottles and go right for the 8 oz bottles. We started off with the 4 oz bottles and now, at 3 months old, our son is already up to 6 oz at a feeding. So, we had to pack away the 4oz bottles and go out and buy a bunch of the larger size.

Jimmie Packwood, IA

Thank God for Dr. Brown!!!!!!!!

My daughter suffered with serious colic during her first three months. These bottles saved the day. They really do work, and trust me, it is worth it to spend a little more time cleaning the bottle for the peaceful tranquility that you will have because your newborn isn’t up screaming with stomach pains. Granted, not all babies need this, but my daughter certainly did. Once you get into the habit of cleaning them, it’s no big deal. Plus, once your baby gets ready for cereal, the Dr. Brown’s Y-cut nipples are wonderful. I don’t know if they sell them online, but I get them at the local BRU store. These bottles are a little expensive, but I would have paid twice the price for the relief that these bottles gave my daughter.

Harriett Tylertown, MS

No resistance to sucking

Here’s the deal: there are lots of bottles out there that claim to reduce/eliminate gas from being ingested during feeding. Some work by letting air in from various places (avent-around the threads of the collar, playtex-through tiny perforations in the base), others work by not letting air in at all, but collapsing the container instead (playtex liners…etc). The problem with venting the air through the collar is that it ends up bubbling up and mixing with the formula. The problem with venting through the base is that it requires a bit of force to get the air to go through the perforations – so the bottle builds up negative pressure that resists your baby’s sucking. This is the same issue with the collapsible liner bottles – the resistance becomes stronger as the baby finishes the bottle and collapses the liner.Dr. Browns are the only ones that do not mix air with the formula and at the same time do not create any resistance to sucking. This is accomplished by maintaining an open, unobstructed airway to the formula. The tradeoff here is that the bottle will leak if inverted for any period of time or shaken vigorously. I’d say this is a small inconvenience. I guess that the end of the day you don’t buy these purely for convenience – you buy them because they’re the best for your baby’s feeding. Our child was very colicy during her first 3 months. We tried avent, playtex, and others. We got a few Dr browns free at a baby show, and have purchased and used them exclusively since.ps: We were first skeptical with all the parts, but these all wash easily with some creative placement in the dishwasher.

Dina Beaver Falls, NY

Dr. Brown Letdown

I heard so many good things about these bottles, and after no success with the also praised Avent system, I switched to Dr. Brown’s. I had no luck with this product, either, and there were more parts to clean with this feeding system. My 2-month-old son spits up even more after feeding (sometimes twice) with the Dr. Brown bottles. I have not noticed any less gas, either, and the nipples flow way too fast for him, even though I purchased the smallest size. I’m glad this product has worked for others, but for me, it was an expensive and failed experiment.

Colette Robertsville, OH

Great for those who need it

In the beginning, my son had a terrible time with gas bubbles in his stomach. Within a few minutes of eating, he would scream in pain. He was difficult to burp, so no help there. We tried the Avent bottles, which only made the situation worse given the odd shape of the nipples.The FIRST time we used a Dr. Brown’s bottles we noticed a significant difference. In a very short time, he was no longer screaming after every meal. Yes, there are 2 extra pieces to wash, but that’s trivial compared to the alternative.

Michael Elmer City, WA

Not sure it made any difference

My baby is 6 months old and she keeps spitting up. We, however, still use the Dr Brown bottles… Not sure we would like to risk it with other bottles and make it even worse! I wanted to tell you that the cleaning is not that bad and that it’s worth trying. Don’t get small bottles, though, unless it is for something different tha formula feeding; 4 oz is nothing!

Annmarie Kyle, TX

They really do work

I love these bottles! My 3 month old baby has never had a problem with spitting up or having too much gas. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of times he has spit up. Yes, there are some extra parts to clean and that can get annoying, but it really only takes a few extra seconds. And, yes, when the inner tubing gets full, it might leak a little, or the opposite happens–nothing comes out. But, like the other reviewer said, just unscrewing it and putting it back in fixes this. The extra time cleaning and putting together these bottles is definitely worth having a happy baby that doesn’t spit up!

Kristi Soda Springs, ID


Before My baby arrived I did all my research for the best bottles & these bottles were my one & only choice. NO GAS at all. Never fussy or anything. You can actually see how there is no air being sucked as the baby eats. We used wide necks when we started supplimenting but after I saw that he was swallowing little bit of air through the sides because the nipple was too big for his little mouth to fit around we quickly switched to these which are even better. I’ve read some posts here with moms complaining that the bottles leak -NEVER HAD THAT PROBLEM. takes longer to wash- BIG DEAL…EITHER THROW THEM IN THE DISHWASHER OR like me, washing them by hand which takes 1 min longer BUT your baby is happy & Gas free. I highly recommend these bottles over any other ones out there.

Cecilia Ballico, CA

LOVE Dr. Brown’s Bottles

We tried Avent first and my son never could drink from that big nipple very well. I breastfed too he was good on both the bottle and breast. When we used bottles Dr. Brown seem to cause less gas and he enjoyed them better.

Donna Hanksville, UT


There’s a reason so many people give these bottles 5 stars ! My baby girl had colic and gas from day one and was up all night crying until my mother heard about Dr. Brown’s bottles and urged me to try them. The colic/gas stopped on the very first day I used them, words cannot describe that feeling. I do recommend skipping the purchase of the 4 oz. bottles and going staight to the 8 oz. ones to save some $$, just don’t fill them all the way up until necessary, they sell extra nipples in various levels. And as for the other reviews complaining that they leak and are hard to clean and expensive: if you assemble them correctly and do not overfill, they won’t leak, and the 2 extra parts are WELL WORTH the extra time to clean, but they are not “hard” to clean, I soak in hot soapy water and rinse, rarely do I have to use the brush thing, and they are really no more expensive than other bottles, well worth it and plus you can save by just using these instead of trying all the others. TRUST ME DR. BROWN’S ARE FABULOUS !! I have been using them for 2 months now and I am so happy I agreed to try them. Among the others that I had previously tried were the Avent and Playtex VentAire bottles but Dr. Brown’s were the only “anti-colic” bottles that worked. Please do read and follow the directions though, i think some of the negative reviews are the results of not properly using the bottles and following instructions.

Ila Abell, MD

The BEST bottles out there! A MUST HAVE!

I must say these are truly worth buying! My baby had trouble drinking from nipples when she was born and we literally tried EVERY bottle/nipple out there. She would dribble and choke on the formula. Then my doctor finally suggested we try the Dr. Brown’s bottles. We tried them and the baby did great. She finally drank the formula fine, with no problems. Also, she no longer had any gas! Also…don’t bother getting the 4 oz. bottles….the 8 oz. are all you need. Babies don’t drink only 4 oz. for very long. These bottles were like a miracle. I recommend them to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shawna Ferguson, KY

Best Bottles for Colic, Extra pieces not that big a deal

These bottles are great if you have a colicky baby. People complain about the extra pieces being a pain to wash. If you put them in the dishwasher, it’s not that big of a deal. Even washing them by hand is not difficult. These bottles get rid of the air bubbles almost entirely which helps when your child has reflux or is really gassy. My child had reflux and we had to put rice cereal in these bottles as well…if you have to do that, then you need the Y-cut nipples as well. Great bottles.

Meghan Bartlett, NH

A favorite of my boys

I actually tried many bottles before I splurged and bought these.I spent alot of money on the Avent bottles because they were supposed to be the closest to the breast. I nursed my twins for about 4 1/2 months, so I thought the Avent would be the best. However, they leaked and formula would actually squirt from the sides of my boys mouth.I tried the Dr. Browns, and my boys took right to them. They would finish a bottle in about 1/2 the time and no more caving in nipples or leaks. They do still tend to spit up and have alot of gas from the other end, so I’m not sure about how much gas these bottles actually reduce.They are rather time consuming to clean because of all the parts. And I do wish they made handles to attach so it would be easier for my boys to learn to hold their bottles.These are still by far my boys favorite bottle.

Charmaine Westfield, IL


I admit, I was extremly skeptical… my mother actually bought these for me b/c my preemie son was in pain all of the time from gas and the only thing that slightly helped was the Playtex Nursers, and he was still in pain a lot of times. We tried everything to help him. Then she brought me these.. and he has not had a problem since… My son is a happy baby again!!!! I am so happy with these. I read on here that cleaning them is a pain.. but that is just not so. I hand clean bottles anyways and it is so simple to clean these bottles, I can’t believe that ppl are so lazy as to complain about a couple extra seconds to run a brush in 3 holes. Gimmie a break. I also clean a bunch of parts for my pump, so I just do it all at once. OH!!! And these bottles fit on my Medela pump, so I can just pump right in the bottle!!!! And we havent had any leaks, btw… these things are GREAT. Oh, and they also make a widemouth version that you can get at Babies R Us… just in case you prefer them. I wish I had gotten these earlier.. my son is 7 weeks (he was born at 32 weeks, btw) and he is a different baby with these bottles.OH!! And if you would rather, the bottles and all parts fit in the munchikin dishwasher basket.. even the sraws can be put in the straw things on the side of it!!! just discovered that…

Nadia Sunapee, NH

Highly recommend!

Love these bottles! I’m primarily breast feeding but, when I have to use bottles, these work great. Very little (if any) air gets to baby & baby seems to have no trouble transitioning between these bottles & natural nipples. They do have a few pieces but, are easy to disassemble, clean up easily in the dishwasher & reassemble very quickly. Very durable & no leaks while drinking (although I have noticed that they will leak sometimes if they’re in the diaper bag & it gets turned upside down). Highly recommend!

Patrice Lyndon, KS


These 8 oz bottles are fantastic. Yes, you will still need to burp your baby, but they will burp easily and fast without any stomach aches. I originally bought the 4oz bottles, but quickly ran to the store for the 8 ounce bottles because it does not take more than 6 wks before you are feeding more than 4 ounces. Refrigerate what baby does not finish and don’t worry about fixing so many bottles.

Luz Ripon, CA

Less gas and fussiness…worth time spent cleaning

It is true that these bottles have quite a few parts to clean, but I consider it totally worth it. My son has had less gas since we’ve been using these bottles. I’ve never had a problem with them leaking. There’s a line on them that you’re not supposed to fill past, as long as the milk isn’t filled past that line you shouldn’t have a leaking problem. My son loves the nipple, as a previously breastfed baby it was easy for him to transfer to this bottle. As another reviewer mentioned, don’t even bother buying the 4 ounce bottles. At two months my son is already at 5 ounces, so we barely got any use out of them. The 8 ounce bottles are all you need.

Joann Sprague River, OR

excellent bottles

Defintely helped our spitup. My daughter did not like the standadr nipples. My advice is (if this is not your baby’s first bottle)whatever nipple you baby is first exposed to try to get the clostest nipple to it. My daughter did much better with the wide neck bottles. A little time consuming to clean, but worth it if it helps. I also would highly recommend you consider the playtex premium nurser bottles in which you squeeze all the air out of the liner before feeding your baby. Dr. Browns and the Playtex Nursers are the best bottles on the market.

Lorene Toppenish, WA

Great bottles!

My baby is a little over a month old. I had heard positive reviews of Avent products so I went with their bottles. My baby was having terrible gas. I decided to try the Dr. Brown’s bottles and what a difference it has made! My baby is SIGNIFICANTLY less gassy. Yes, the extra parts are a pain to clean but it’s definitely worth it.

Amanda Mount Alto, WV

Great price, good sized bottles

Ofcourse I havent started using these bottles just yet but I have always wanted Dr. brown’s bottles so when I saw them at such a great price I had to buy. I like the sturdiness of the bottles.

Ebony Sagamore Beach, MA


I bought these bottle and Evenflo bottles when my son was born. What a big difference. With the Dr. Brown’s my son had no problems with gas, burping, or anything. They have more parts to clean, but it is a small price. With the Evenflo bottles he kept gulping it to fast and would choke, he had the hiccups a lot and you could here the bottle making a “vacuum” noise. After just two days, I threw away the Evenflo’s and bought more Dr. Brown’s and have had no problems. My son had not problems going from breast to bottle. Best buy ever.

Tammi Kirkland, IL


OK..so they’re more expensive than most of the bottles out there–However, I LOVE them and my baby thanks me for it! I did notice that after I started using these bottles, my baby was MUCH more happy and had less gas and spit up than he usually had. I used those Vent-Aire garbage bottles and my son was not a HAPPY camper with them… he’d literally sweat trying to eat from them…and would take him 45 minutes or more to eat 6oz–EVEN AFTER I’d try and make the nipple hole(s) bigger. Needless to say, with Dr. Brown’s bottles, he no longer strains nor sweats when he eats!! 2 drawbacks…(1)they’re a pain to clean, and YOU MUST clean the inside chamber!, and (2) you must take off the nipple before heating in a microwave, else it will leak

Marcie Cumberland Center, ME

Fantastic for reducing gas problems!

I used the Avent bottles for expressed breast milk; the #1 stage nipple took my daughter 45 minutes to finish and the #2 stage nipple took her only 15 minutes but she had horrible gas pains after the feeding. I read the reviews of these bottles and purchsed one to try it out and it worked like a charm. It took her only 15 minutes and no gas pains and very little spitting up! I am selling all my avent bottles on ebay!

Miranda Bear Creek, PA

Yes, five stars

I have a four month old son and unfortunately, just discovered this bottle a month ago. I saw them in the store while doing my shower registry and quite honestly, they looked too complicated so I didn’t put them on my list…BIG mistake!I tried several other brands of bottles and this is by far the best. It does everything it claims to do as far as eliminating gas and spit-up.It isn’t complicated at all and isn’t anymore difficult to wash than the other bottle types. I found the slimmer design is easier for me to handle, but I would think the size of the bottle wouldn’t matter as far as performance.If my husband would let me restock my bottle supply (18) with Dr. Brown’s, I would be one happy lady, but that isn’t going to happen!Don’t make the same mistake I did, buy Dr. Brown’s from the start…you won’t regret it!!

Ernestine Brent, AL

Get the 8oz bottles only.

For the first few days of my son’s birth, we had the wide-neck Avent bottles which leaked, the nipples gave him suction blisters on the lips, he needed extensive burping and he would find it difficult to suck against the negative-pressure that builds up in those bottle. Dr Brown’s bottles solved all these issues.I have six bottles and it takes me less than 20 minutes to wash them by hand. It takes some getting used to washing the small parts, but it’s worth the extra effort. The small brush which comes with the starter kit is essential to clean the small parts. A regular bottle brush is fine for the bottles themselves. Save yourself the money and go straight for the 8oz bottles. The starter kit comes with Level-1 nipples. You will likely need to graduate your baby to Level-2 niplles at 3-months of age and Level-3 nipples at 6-months of age. Y-cut nipples are also available for thicker liquids (cereal mixed in milk).If you leave expressed breast-milk in these bottles in the refigerator, the fat tends to stick to the vent (just as a FYI). Use the travel-discs when transporting milk and there will be no leaks. My baby hardly needs burping with these bottles, they are that great (he doesn’t have reflux by the way). The caps snap on loudly which is the only con I can think of.I highly recommend these bottles. I’ve suggested these bottles to two of my friends whose babies have refulx and they have seen an improvement. Try some other websites, which have better prices and offer the 9-pack variety. If you’re paying shipping, might as well get some extra small brushes, you’ll need them. One lasts for about 6-8 weeks.

Deborah Taylor, AR

Great bottles

These bottles worked great for us.We started out with the Avent bottlesand our baby developed colic for about two weeks-switching to Dr. Brown’s bottles really helped.The colic stopped within the week and we have notlooked back. The only negative thing thatwe have experienced with these bottles has been that theyhave leaked at times. As long as you are careful how you place the top filtration piece- it should be fine.

Katelyn Riverton, WY

Never used another bottle, never will!

Based on reviews from mommies I know and this website, I went with Dr. Brown’s bottles right from the start. I am very happy that I did! The bottles are designed to help your baby eat calmly and slowly. This is terrific for my little monster who often approaches the bottle like she would gobble it up whole if she could! The Dr. Brown’s bottle slows her down and she eats safely and comfortably. She has always taken a full feeding, and she has almost no gas or spit-up. In fact, we really have to work to get a burp out of her! She is very healthy and content, and this is the most important factor in choosing a bottle. It’s certainly outwieghs the fact that they are a little bothersome to clean. I am currently hand-washing them. I do 8 at a time and have my bottles for the next 24-hour period. I may look into a dishwasher basket, but I want to make sure they will get as clean as when I wash them.I’ve had no problem with leakage or anything, and I don’t why some people have…? I’ve been nothing but pleased with these bottles. They will be our choice from start to finish!

Margaret Okauchee, WI

No Nipple Confusion!

These are great bottles!My baby is breastfed and we started using these bottles for my husband to feed our baby pumped breast milk when he was five weeks old and did not have any trouble with nipple confusion. He took the bottle right away without a complaint and it has never interfered with nursing. I pump and my husband feeds him a bottle for his late night feeding and they do great! We used the “preemie” nipples so that the flow was not too fast and he had to work at sucking like he would at the breast. Since then we have upgrades to the size 1 nipples.I have never had a problem with bubbles and my baby rarely has to burp. The bottles seem like a good quality. It takes a bit more effort to clean, but isn’t too difficult.

Dayna Keeler, CA

Dr Brown’s versus Avent

Both bottles do a fine job of keeping bubbles out of your baby. We tried and used both bottles with our boy. The real deal between the two is the nipple. The nipple on Avent bottles are larger at the base and firmer than the Brown bottles. When we first introduced the bottle to our breast fed boy he did not take to the Avent bottles. He just couldn’t get comfortable around the nipple. We switched to Dr. Bown’s and he took to it with little problem. As he got older and bigger we later switched and are currently using the Avents. Why did we switch? Cleaning Dr. Brown’s bottles SUCKS! There are so many little parts that all need special brushes to clean with that it takes forever to wash bottles. Plus, the Brown bottles are thinner but taller and just don’t seem to pack away as well. However, if your baby is picky there isn’t much you can do. For expecting parents, I would not recommend buying a bunch of one type over the other. Buy one of each first and see which one you baby is comfortable with. Only 4 stars because of the cleaning issues.

Juliana Williamson, NY