Dr. Brown’s 8 oz. Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle, 3 Pack

Dr. Brown’s 8 oz. Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle, 3 Pack

Dr. Brown’s bottles feature a patented internal vent that reduces air bubbles that can cause fluid in your baby’s ears. The Dr. Brown’s system also reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas. The deluxe wide-neck design makes bottles easier for little hands to grip and hold. This handy 3-pk. includes three 8-oz. wide-neck bottles, three level-1 nipples, a cleaning brush and instructions. Bottles feature easy-to-read level gauges and connect directly to breast pumps. Bottles are plastic. Nipples are silicone. Hand wash. Made in China.

Main features

  • Helps colicky babies settle down / sleep
  • Reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Helps prevent fluid in the ear / No vacuum
  • Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe
  • Recommended Age Range 0 & up

Verified reviews



I am on baby boy #2 and I wish I had these from day one with #1. No more balled up babies clinching anything due to tummie pain. Worth the money!!! Avent, Evenflo, Gerber, Playtex all have nothing going for them… Go ahead pay for something that actually does what it claims and throw the gas drops out the door!!! You will be amazed at the change in your little one… The word colic wouldn’t exist if everyone used these!We are a one income family & money is tight but this makes for a happier mommie and daddy when baby is not in pain and sleeps better! Just buy three like we did and clean and rotate them out. We keep a bowl by the sink and clean all the parts.. Bought a Avent microwave sterilizer off of ebay we sterilize the parts. It’s so worth the extra time… Think about your worse gas pains… your poor baby is suffering cause you can’t save a buck here and there and get the good bottles…ask grandma…:-)

Florence Ledbetter, TX

Dr. Brown Bottles are SIMPLY THE BEST!

I was given a Dr. Brown’s bottle as a shower gift and am so glad that I got it!When I stopped breastfeeding I started using 4 oz. Avent bottles for several reasons. First, because I ended up with 8 of them after purchasing other Avent products and second, because the lactation consultant that taught my breastfeeding class recommended them stating they were more like the breast.When I started looking at purchasing larger 8 oz. bottles I remembered that I had received a Dr. Brown’s bottle and decided to try it to see if my daughter would take it. The wide-mouth nipples look very similar to the Avent ones. My daughter “smacks” a lot when she nurses and subsequently takes in a lot of air. She spit up often and would sometimes spit up what looked like half her bottle when she had trouble burping. She took the Dr. Brown’s bottle instantly and so I decided to buy a few more and switch for a week or two to see if there was any benefit. I’m so glad that I did!Once I got past the fact that the bottle looked as big as my daughter’s head (the 8 oz. wide-mouth bottles are very large!), I realized that she was burping much more easily and hardly spitting up at all.I truly believe the benefits of using this bottle outweigh the extra parts you have to clean. After doing some research I discovered that one of the main reasons bottle-fed babies get more ear infections is because of the “vacuum effect” traditional bottles have. As the baby sucks on a traditional bottle they have to gradually suck harder and harder as pressure builds in the bottle. This also creates pressure in their ears which can disturb the fluid balance and cause inner ear problems. The baby also has to frequently break the latch (and the nipple collapses at a certain point of pressure which causes them to unlatch) so that the pressure can equalize in the bottle. This causes them to take in more air. Now, when my daughter is really hungry, she can take practically the whole bottle without ever having to break her latch!I really like the nipples as well. They are much thinner than the Avent ones and mold better to my baby’s mouth. I suppose this is because the Avent ones have to be thicker and stronger to resist collapsing under pressure?Others have stated that leaking is a problem. They WILL leak only if:1) you heat them without loosening the top (collar/nipple)2) you travel with them without putting the disk in the top designed to keep them from leakingDon’t do these things and you shouldn’t have any problems.I definitely recommed you at least try these. I will definitely be purchasing these as shower gifts for new moms! I do recommend the wide-mouth bottles rather than the skinnier ones if your baby has been breast-fed for an easier transition.

Jo Marengo, IL

Expensive leaky bottles!!

These bottles are the worst. All they do it leak all the time. I tried everything the company told me to do to stop the leaking but nothing has helped. They even sent me new bottles and I shipped the old ones back but the new ones leak too. Went to the cheap evenflo bottles for 3 bucks and they are soooo much better. Don’t waste you time or money on the hype that surrounds these bottles. IT is not worth it! Save your $$

Tricia Brookline, MA

My baby is even preferring these over all other bottles

The nipple is soft and goes about the same distance as a mother’s breast while breastfeeding. When, after some serious prior problem with nipple confusion, I was able to breastfeed my child consistently, she started to prefer the texture and flow of these bottles over even the Avent. They were most like breastfeeding for her. They had a slower flow from the Avent. Avent will stream out, even on the lowest stage nipple, these make her work a little more for her dinner, but more similar to breastfeeding.2nd point: What would put Booger from the Revenge of the Nerds series to shame on any other bottle, was barely audible after these bottles. That has been their most impressive point.

Gail Kempster, WI


I bought this bottles for my newborn daugther, and at first we were amaze because she never had colic or gas (just minimun). But now, 3 months later, she still doesnt have any gas or colic, so its the same if she drinks from dr brown or avent. So now I change to avent, because they are easier to clean, bigger, the caps are better and all the avent products grow with your baby, so now I am an extrictly avent mom.

Lily Cottage Grove, TN

Well worth it!

This bottle system looks very intimidating at first but is anything but that. We started using them after we recieved 2 free 4oz ones at the baby faire. My daughter responds very very well to them and hardly spits up. She still does but the reduction is amazing. Once you work out a cleaning system they are a breeze to clean. The disk that goes between the vent and the nipple makes it wonderful for travel and preventing formula clumps from clogging the nipple something I have noticed with Similac formula. I am just ashamed I didn’t listen to my fiancee’s demands. He used the regular ones for his son from a previous marriage and insisted by them. If you are pregnant and going through the great bottle debate these are the ones to buy hands down. You will kick yourself if you don’t. I know I did.

Lakisha Broadway, OH

doesn’t help a spitter

My girlfriend swore by these bottles, she used them from day one and her baby never spit up a drop. My son threw up after every bottle so after trying gerber (terrible!, no air flow) and soothie bottles (these worked just fine) I bought these. They did help with the gas, he burps with ease after every feeding and he doesn’t have any more tummy pain from gas but they did absolutely nothing in the way of spitting up. He still threw up a TON after EVERY bottle. We even tried putting cereal in, nothing worked until we started with food. So, if your baby is a spitter, you just have to deal with it till 4 months of age. Needless to say, after reading the reviews and product disclaimers, I was disappointed in one area but happy in another.

Andrea Ripley, MS

2 words – The Best!

This bottle is by far the best bottle I have ever used. I’ve bought the long skinny Dr Brown’s bottles but much prefer the wide neck. One of the advantages for me, these are so much easier to clean than the others. I used the regular Gerber bottles with my first, Advent with my second and tried Advent & Soothie brand with my 3rd with no success. My 3rd has bad gas & reflux, she also wasn’t digesting her food properly our doctor suggested Dr Brown’s and I was hesitant at first simply because I did not want to wash all those extra parts. C’mon having 3 kids who has time for dishes. I decided to go ahead and quit being stingy on my part and get them for my daughter, what a lifesaver! These bottles were terrific, along with a hypo-allergenic formula and these bottles she could actually eat without screaming in pain & sleep like a peaceful baby. I would recommend Dr Brown’s to anyone and after awhile washing the bottles/extra parts becomes second nature and really isn’t so bad when your babies are happy & healthy.

Marissa Malo, WA

THE BEST! Works perfect 4 supplementing while breastfeeding!

My 1 mo. daughter is breast feed but we supplement her with 1 bottle at night. We use these DR Brown wide bottles and she has little if any spit up, no colic and very little if any gas! I think they work wonderful. And the great thing is, I started using this in the hospital (she was in special care for 5 days) and to this day we have NO NIPPLE CONFUSION!!! I cant say enough about these bottles. Oh, and no need to buy the 4 oz bottles, theses work great for little amounts or big. One of our best baby purchases!

Kate Emmonak, AK

No nipple confusion

We stared my son on a bottle of breast milk at 15 days old. He had no problem switching between the wide neck bottle and the breast. Now my husband can feed him when he gets home from work. So far, my son hasn’t experienced any gas or spitup. As for the extra effort to clean the parts, it only takes about a minute longer so it’s really no big deal to me. I’d recommend these to anyone who is breastfeeding and wants to introduce a bottle in addition to the breast.UPDATE: Got sick of washing all those parts! I felt it was worth it in the beginning to make sure my son didn’t get collicky. But once that passed, I quickly switched to the Playtex drop-ins.

Blanche Ninilchik, AK

These are great, but NEVER put any parts in the lower part of dishwasher!

They never leaked. for 13 months! I always hand washed. Then, one day, I washed them in the dishwasher and put the brown cap part in the bottom with the silverware. They all leaked after that.

Katelyn Mahaska, KS

Excellent design and good price!

Our baby improve reduce the fussy since we switch to this bottles! Meanwhile, I am so surprise that this company price is much cheaper than in the shop! Good price, Good bottles!

Iris Burlingame, CA

We’re Satisfied.

During the first two months after the birth of our baby boy, we selected the Avent 4-ounce bottles and nipples. However, our boy’s growing needs now exceeds the bottle’s capacity. It was time to move to a larger 8-ounce bottle. My wife was talking to a friend and she suggested the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow wide neck bottle which she recommended highly. We bought a three pack for trial. We both like these new bottles. I like the fit and feel in my hand. My wife praises the inner gizmo and says it gives the baby less gas to deal with. Hmmmm. Well, we do have a somewhat gaseous baby and he releases such gases at both ends. Just like Daddy, my wife remarked.I do most of the feeding with the bottle. I like the new larger bottle and it’s indentations fit the hand well. With regard to the less gas claim, I can’t see much of a difference. I still burp him and he can still usually get off a couple pretty good belches after feeding. I don’t mind. I’m trying to improve his tone and volume. As he gets a little older, I’ll see if I can get him to burp his ABCs. With regard to leakage of gas from the other end, I can’t see a difference here either. The guy is just gaseous, but I don’t see that it’s doing him any harm, other than embarrassing guests. All in all, I’d say these bottles are fine and I prefer them over the Avents.Gary Peterson

Lily Ruthville, VA

A pain to clean, but definitely reduces gas

A lot of parts to clean each time, but I found that my baby does have less gas after using Dr. Brown’s than after using other brands. One question for the manufacturer–is any woman’s nipple shaped like the way manufacturers shape bottle nipples???

Janis Gays Creek, KY

Stop Here – Dr. Brown’s Are All You Need!

I agree with other reviewers that these are the best bottles, especially if you are transitioning from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. My newborn took to these instantly and easily gets her formula now from the wide-neck, wide nipple bottles. I recommend the wide-mouth over the standard bottles because the patented reservoir system sits inside the bottle, instead of on top, preventing spills. And because the wide nipples are what my 2-month-old takes the best. We love these bottles and recommend them to everyone!

Lupe Omro, WI

The best bottles on the market….

My son has had acid reflux since he was a few days old, and after dealing with 2 months of severe spitting up I finally saw an ad in a magazine and bought these bottles. What a lifesaver they have been! Within days, he was spitting up less and had less gas too. It was such a noticeable difference that it had to be the bottles. I could tell using Dr. Brown’s that my son wasn’t taking in as much air as he was with the Avent bottles we had been using. I do suggest, however, that you read carefully and follow the directions included with these bottles. For example, if you are going to put them in a bottle warmer, you MUST take the nipple off first or the liquid becomes piping hot and even explodes through the top. Other than that, they are very easy to care for. I thought cleaning them was no more difficult than any other bottles…the extra steps are worth it to me.

Joann Round Mountain, NV

What a difference

After trying Avent and Playtex bottles my daughter was still soo gassy and fussy so I decided to switch to the Dr. Brown’s bottles. What a difference it made at 8 weeks she started sleeping through the nights and was able to drink more because she wasn’t filling up with excess air. I would recommend spending the money on them, it is totally worth it.

Jodi Mannsville, OK

glad i tried the wide necks…

I wrote a review the other day as i was ordering more of the 8oz standard dr browns bottles and advised how wonderful i thought those were. i did not know there were wide neck versions of dr browns until i saw them online that day. i decided not to order them at that time because there were some bad reviews about the nipple and leaking, etc. well i really liked the design of the wide neck bottle and decided to try them anyway a few days later. i am glad i did, i am so happy with them that i exchanged the 8 oz standard bottles for 8 oz wide neck bottles. my baby has an easier time with this nipple and is finishing more formula faster than with the standard size. the wider nipple base keeps her from putting the whole thing in her mouth and she is spilling less out the sides of her mouth. the wide neck bottles fit in the diaper bag better and its easier to pour formula into them. i have not had any problems with leaks (read the directions that come with the bottles). i recommend both styles of dr browns bottles as they truly do eliminate the gas and colic, you just have to try both styles to see which nipple works best for your baby. i used the standard ones for 2 months and cannot complain, but i do like the wide ones better now having tried them.

Kerry Mullins, SC

Better Than Standard for Small Microwaves

I love all the Dr. Brown’s bottles. My son has never had any problems with colic, excessive spit up or gas. I attribute this to these bottles. He was even great on these when switching between bottle and breast – no problems. When I had to use other bottles in a pinch, he wasn’t happy eating.Our microwave is too small to warm the standard 8 ounce in. The wide neck, 8 ounce bottles are perfect. They achieve exactly what I need them to in all areas.The only cons about Dr. Brown’s bottles are that our son has a hard time feeding from any other bottle. This bottle is so effective that on the occasions he has used different bottles, he didn’t know to let go to let air fill up the bottom of the bottle. It was frustrating, and we had to keep breaking the seal in his mouth for him. If you’re going to use Dr. Brown’s, stick to these bottles only. Also, the nipple on the wide neck is different from standard, and it takes baby a few feedings with the new nipple to get used to it. Additionally, if any of the Dr. Brown’s bottles are not assembled correctly and the collar isn’t on tight enough they will leak. There are additional parts that need to be cleaned, but its well worth it!I’d never buy another brand!

Lilly Goshen, NH

Forget about anything but Dr. Brown’s if your child has reflux!

Our daughter has severe acid reflux that has been treated with medication since she was a month old. And she’s on lactofree formula. But even with the meds and special formula she still had a terrible time with gas and spitting up until we found these!We started with Avent and loved them until we found the Playtex Ventaire but Dr. Brown’s beats them both hands down! They stopped her spitting up and gas almost instantly and she is now coming off of her medication. They work wonderfully!All the pieces are a pain to keep up with and the dishwasher rarely gets the inserts clean but they are well worth the handwashing. We also had trouble finding the replacement parts for the wide neck bottles. But we were able to orer some directly from the company. Also make sure not to overfill them or they will leak.But the pros far outweigh all of the cons!

Zelda Pelican, LA

Very Good Bottles!

I am a first time mom and really didn’t know much about which bottles were the best. My mom recommended Avent bottles because my nephew did so well with them. So, listening to my mom’s advice I bought a whole set of avent bottles…WHAT A MISTAKE. My poor baby was so gassy and colicy. She wouldn’t let me sleep. She was always complaining and straining like she wanted to pass gas or burp. After a couple of weeks of this I broke down and asked my husband to buy me some DR. Brown Bottles and after a couple of days of use we saw a difference. The baby wasn’t straining and complaining as much. She was sleeping better and she passed gas and burped easier and faster than before. It wasn’t a total cure but I must admit it is a big difference than before. My baby is only a month old so her little digestive system is still working out its kinks. I bought the wide neck bottles since the nipples on these bottle resemble the Avent nipples (since my baby was already used to the Avent)No bottle is perfect and this is why I gave these bottles 4 stars:Like most people who have reviewed these bottles, my main complaint was cleaning the extra parts but I got around doing that. I make my husband do it. So that saves me plenty of time ;)I know alot of people have complained about the bottles leaking when you warm the bottles but I found a way around that too. You unscrew the top a bit while the bottle is warming. When the bottle is warm screw the top back on and no leaks. You just have to make sure that the milk (formula or breast) is not in that the internal vent tube. If the milk is up that tube then you will have a leak. Just watch out for that.Another issue is with the powdered formula. So far my baby is on the ready made formula so formula hasn’t been an issue. But soon we will be switching to powdered formula. I liked what another person suggested in one of the reviews about preparing a days worth of formula ahead of time or using another container to mix the formula and then pour it into the Dr. Brown’s bottles. Now I have a use for all those Avent bottles I bought!Like most people, I would recommend buying the 8oz bottles. I think getting the 4 oz bottle would be a waste of money since the baby will tend to eat more and more as she gets older.I hope this review helps!

Kasey Lowder, IL

Great for gas, but other disappointments

Our pediatrician recommended we try Dr. Brown’s with our second child because he was having some mild colic issues which our daughter never had. We originally started him on the Gerber wide-nipple bottles, which we liked because it simulates the natural shape of the breast and therefore promotes normal jaw development.Dr. Brown’s bottles indeed helped with our son’s gas issues. He takes in less air by a long shot, and burps easier. With the Gerber bottles, even the slow-flow nipple was too fast and he ended up gulping down a lot of air, resulting in violent belches that often brought the formula up with them. I’ll add here that we are sticking with the Dr. Brown’s bottles despite their drawbacks because of this important plus. These bottles also do not leak the way traditional ones sometimes do through the air-intake holes on the sides of the nipple.I have a few complaints about the Dr. Brown’s though. The first (and least bothersome) is that it takes FOREVER to feed with the slow-flow nipple. Granted, the slower-than-usual flow is part of what helps cut down on the air intake, but it takes about 4 times longer for my son to eat with this bottle. This is obviously worth it so he doesn’t have painful gas, but buyers should be aware of this issue. I plan to try the stage 2 nipple and I hope it is not as fast as the “slow-flow” on the Gerber bottles have been.Second, the bottle has a maximum fill line that you cannot exceed or else the bottle may leak. This line is at about 8.5 oz on the larger bottles, but any formula user knows that mixing up “8 oz” of formula really results in about 9.5 oz of liquid. As a result, I can only mix up “6 oz” (totaling about 7 oz) at a time in this bottle. Obviously not an issue for anyone who mixes a lot ahead of time, or breastfeeding mothers who pump.Third, I wish the bottle were angled. The directions that come with these bottles even say to try to sit baby upright to eat. Granted, it is probably more expensive to produce an angled air-feedback tube for the inside of the bottle, but don’t you think we’d all pay it?Forth, this “wide-neck” bottle and nipple are not the traditional type of wide-necked nipple that Gerber, Evenflo, and Advent have had in the past to try to simulate mother’s breast. These are just a slightly wider version of a regular nipple. I’ve found that the regular style bottle are easier to find (all though ALL Dr. Brown’s stuff is hard to find in stores) so I’m just using them, as I see no developmental advantage to what they call a wide nipple.

Michell Sand Springs, MT

Worth the cost!!!

These bottles are a true must have! They are the only worthwhile bottles on the market and are well worth the extra price as well as the extra time to wash. They really limit the gas intake and we never had an issue with leaking bottles, like so many other brands. It is a bit of a hassle to get all the pieces in the dishwasher. I like the wide neck bottles because they are closer to breast feeding and when my son got older, it was easier for him to hold the bottle on his own.

Elnora Ripley, NY

Great if you truly need them!

I have three children, a 4.5 year old, a 2 year old, and a 5 month old.With my older children any bottle worked, so naturally we went with cheaper bottles. But my 3rd child was born prematurly, and wasnt getting enough formula. He was constantly sucking (not enough income) and would become tired. I wound up having to soley breastfeed, and he wouldnt take the breastmilk from a bottle! He also spit up, and was a very uncomfortable baby, and would cry constantly.I decided to switch to the “high maitanance”, bottles… and of course they worked! The one thing I dont like is when people do not read directions, and they write a bad review for a product that doesnt deserve it. I know that every product will have bad reviews (maybe dud bottles?) but if you read the instructions, and use the bottle correctly, it will satisfy you. So right away if you dont want a “high maitancance” bottle, than do not buy these.They take about 30 seconds longer to make a bottle. First I mix formula, or breastmilk in another bottle (like a plain Gerber bottle that I plan to use later on when hes older). You CANNOT shake this bottle while liquid is inside, or it will leak. Then I simply pour it into the D.B (Dr. Brown) and attatch the parts… My baby is able to drink a bottle faster, easier, and afterwards is much more relaxed (although he still does burp, and get a bit gassy). I found cleaning them after each use was a must if possible. If I was out for the day, and my baby finishes the bottle I will wash it when I get home. I simply wash it like any other bottle, with hot water, and antibacterial soap. I use the brush provided for the vent, and I also put them in the dishwasher. And then occasionally they get thrown into my sterelizer.The bottles happen to be great in diaperbags, and they dont leak if they are put together correctly. I am now trying to wean my baby off D.B’s and onto the Gerber Comfortholds, and the regular Gerbers, just because (1) he will be drinking more than just milk, and (2) because the Gerbers ARE easier.All in all if you have a baby with eating/nursing problems, purchase the Dr.Browns. If your baby is “fine”, I would highly reccomend another, easier, brand.

Kenya Butterfield, MO

didn’t work for me

I spent around $50 on a set of these bottles only to find they made her gas worse. The nipples is big and hard(she was breastfed for the first three months and only took the bottle sometimes at first, now she is on all bottles). I think air was getting in around her mouth b/c milk was always leaking out of her mouth too. Next……they are a MAJOR pain to clean even with a dishwasher. I started using playtex nursers during the hurricane because we had no power to run the dishwasher to wash those awful things and found that the nipple is soft, smaller, more like the breast, they don’t leak like Avents if you use a playtex drop in, easy to clean and most important, her gas problem was greatly reduced. The downside is the cost of the liners. I would buy these bottles as a last resort if all others have failed to help your child’s colic problem

Ophelia Surprise, NY