Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush, 2 Pack

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush, 2 Pack

Set includes 2 Dr. Brown’s bottle brushes Combination sponge and bristles for thorough cleaning of bottles Chevron channels at the base for cleaning nipples.

Main features

  • Set Includes 2 (two) Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brushes
  • Combination sponge and bristles for thorough cleaning
  • Grooved no-slip handle for easy grip
  • Chevron channels at base for cleaning nipples
  • Storage clip to house brush near sink

Verified reviews


breaks within a week

i purchased this item at another retailer but was so disappointed with it i felt the need to review it here so nobody else wastes their money on it.we used theTommee Tippee 2-in-1 Bottle and Nipple Cleanerfor 2 years but decided to try something different when replacing it so we bought this Dr Brown’s brush. there aren’t too many other options out there if you don’t want the cheap wire shaft ones that bend with use. this one looked like a good brush, sturdy, and with the added sponge cleaner on the tip. well the sponge cleaner not only falls apart after some use but it also gradually falls out of the slot it’s in. but the biggest problem with this brush is that it breaks in half within the first week of use. where it screws together to hide the nipple brush (i wish companies would stop putting this feature on the bottle brushes – it just creates a bacteria catching area and is really gross. if you want great nipple/straw cleaners buy theOXO Tot Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning Set, Aqua) the plastic threads just break and you’re left with 2 halves of a once useful brush.save your money and just buy the Tommee Tippee brush, we’ve gone back to that one now and realize it is the best option we can find.

Janine Woodstock, NH

Gets bottles clean

I like this brush. With heavy use, it needs to be replaced at least monthly because the sponge starts to fall apart. The stand isn’t very sturdy either. It definitely seems to make the bottles squeaky clean.

Francisca Jones Mills, PA

Great bottle brush

By far the best bottle brush I’ve used, and I’ve been through quite a few. It holds up well and fits all of my bottles. I especially like the nipple scrubber being attached to the brush rather than a separate part like on most brushes.

Gladys Foristell, MO

For bottle cleaning only!

This works great as long as they are only used for what they were designed for…Cleaning bottles and the little bottle bits ONLY.We don’t use the base at all, it is not very stable. My only complaint is that I can not hang it from a rack to drip dry. We just lay it on it’s side on a paper towel that is changed after every wash.

Dora Eagle Lake, ME

Best bottle brushes ever

I have bought plenty of cheaper/different bottle brushes in the past and I keep coming back to these. They last a long time, and they stand up on the sink – most others break too quickly (the wire inside snaps) and won’t stand up on the sink.

Mary Huntsville, MO

only received one brush

I only received one brush, the sticker on the brush even said 2 pack. amazon refunded half of the price I paid. otherwise standard brush, I like ones with the suction cup base.

Katharine San Pierre, IN

So simple, so easy

These bottle brushes are perfect. I don’t actually use this brand for bottles or anything but have found the brushes to be ideal for cleaning pumping stuff, nipples and the medela bottles that I used. They are pretty durable, too.

Lynnette Washington, ME