Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush

For use with all standard and wide-neck Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles, this Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Bottle Brush features a grooved, no-slip handle and a combination sponge and bristle brush head for thorough, easy cleaning of bottles. At the base of the bottle brush are fixed chevron channels, designed specifically to clean nipples with ease. A storage clip is included so you can house the brush near the sink.

Main features

  • For use with all standard and wide-neck Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles
  • Features a grooved, no slip handle and a combination sponge and bristle brush head for thorough, easy cleaning of bottles
  • Fixed chevron channels, designed specifically to clean nipples with ease
  • Storage clip is included to house the brush near the sink
  • Use with all standard and wide neck Dr Brown’s natural flow baby bottles
  • For use with all standard and wide-neck Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles
  • Features a grooved, no-slip handle and a combination sponge and bristle brush head for thorough, easy cleaning of bottles
  • Fixed chevron channels, designed specifically to clean nipples with ease
  • Storage clip is included to house the brush near the sink
  • Use with all standard and wide neck Dr Brown’s natural flow baby bottles

Verified reviews


i love it

I love Dr. Brown’sproducts and this is no exception! It smells great and leaves my baby’s skin soft after bath time!

Lucile Glasgow, KY



Tisha Harsens Island, MI

The BEST Bottle Brush Out There!

I have been asked MANY TIMES what bottle brush I use. I have been through several and found one that has NEVER disappointed me. It’s Dr. Browns Bottle Brush.This bottle brush has so many good features, where do I begin? Lots of bottle brushes have the sponge at the top, but since the top of the sponge in those bottles is flat, they do not reach the bottom of the bottle because of the metal that the sponge is stuck through. But Dr. Brown’s sponge is slightly offset at the top, guaranteeing to get the bottom of the bottle.Another great thing about this bottle brush is that the handle takes some effort to bend. Unlike, many of the other handles I have seen, this one does not flex as much when it is used vigorously.Many other bottle brushes come with a separate nipple brush, but I just stick the sponge at the top of this one into the nipple, give it a twist, and I am good to go as far as cleanliness goes.

Phyllis Sandown, NH

a piece of the sponge broke after a couple of weeks

I own the Munchkin bottle brush and this Dr. Brown’s brush. Both are quite similar and I wouldn’t buy one over the other unless one was cheaper. I bought this Dr. Brown’s brush in hopes that it wouldn’t break as easily as the Munchkin brush but after a couple of weeks of gentle scrubbing, a piece of the sponge just fell off. Same thing happened with the Munchkin brush. If you’re trying to decide between the Dr. Brown’s or Munchkin, I’d just buy whichever is cheaper.

Chrystal Lewisburg, WV

Three Stars

Thought it would have the smaller brush inside the handle.

Isabella Wellington, CO

Great brush!

I love this brush… It’s soft and sturdy and just the right size. My baby is 8 weeks old and I’ve been using this brush since day 1 with no issues. I just bought a 2nd one to have as backup.I’ve tried the similar Munchkin brush and I hate it… Munchkin bristles are stiff and spray the soap everywhere when you run the brush in and out of the bottle. The soap spraying doesn’t happen with this Dr. Brown’s brush because the bristles are soft. Another good thing about this Dr. Brown’s brush is that the nipple cleaner is exposed when you pick it up out of the suction base; the Munchkin nipple cleaner needs to be screwed out of the bottom and it’s so inconvenient when you’re in a hurry trying to make baby a bottle.

Dominique Hoopa, CA

Good brush, flumsy wire.

This bottle brush works just fine and the suction cup is great, but the main wire that is the backbone of the brush is rather flimsy. I cannot really scrub my larger Dr. Brown’s bottles without bending it. All in all, it does the job, but it could be stronger.

Mable Bogue, KS

The BEST bottle brush!

I tried less expensive (Munchkin) brushes and these blow them out of the water! They hold up well and are perfect for washing my Dr. Brown’s bottles and all our baby items. I have purchased at least 20 of these in the last 2 years because I leave some at my family’s house, the sitters, etc. GREAT BOTTLE BRUSH!

Lynn Greenville Junction, ME

Wire is weak

Within a few minutes of using this, the wire that holds the bristles and sponge on the handle bent. It then twisted around in the handle so I wasn’t able to clean bottles well.The plastic end meant to clean nipples was a joke. It didn’t clean anything. Needless to say, I quickly purchased a different brush and discarded this one. I recommend the Munchkin brand bottle brush.

Sarah Hope, KY

Better than the rest!

I LOVE our Dr. Brown’s bottle brushes because they are so easy to use. The best feature is that the brush comes with its own stand (keeping it up off the counter and sink, unlike the Avent brush) and that the bottom end of the brush is used to clean the nipples–this makes for a quick clean switching from one end of the brush to the other. I have used the Munchkin brush at my parents’ house and am confused why they put the nipple brush on the suction base…isn’t that part meant to stay suctioned to the sink? The Dr. Brown’s design allows you to leave the base where it is and quickly clean all the parts of your bottle (I use them on both Dr. Brown’s and Avent bottles)As other reviewers have mentioned, the bristles are a bit flimsy, but I like this as compared to some other brushes (like Munchkin) that are so stiff that they seem to splash soap everywhere when you take the brush out of the bottle. The spongy part at the top of this brush will also wear out over time, like any sponge will. Because of these issues of "wear" I planned (and still do) buy new brushes periodically in order to ensure that they are clean and effective…however, this isn’t something that bothers me because I’m someone who gets grossed out by over-used sponges and things. I’d rather buy new brushes periodically with a design that I find useful than be able to use a brush forever and hate how it works…I spend too much time washing bottles for that!

Catherine Esperance, NY

Flimsy wire and sponge on bottom

We’ve tried every bottle brush out there, this one is one of the worst ones we tried. The wire bends very easily and the sponge on the bottom of it rips apart.The sponge on the bottom was one of the main reasons we tried it. We use glass bottles and it’s near impossible to get bottoms clean with a regular bottle brush. It did get the job done for a few days before it started to rip. The suction cup on the bottom was a plus also.By far the best bottle brush we ever tried, bought three years ago and still use till this day on our kids sippy cups, is the Avent bottle brush. Worth. Every. Penny.Philips AVENT BPA-Free Bottle Brush

Susanna Kinston, NC

Best Bottle Brush

I’ve tried a few other bottle brushes that were less money. This is by far the best. The softer top portion is able to clean the nipple as well as the base of the bottle. Other brands are too hard on top and don’t get into the little nooks of the bottle.

Tia Willow Wood, OH

Best brush I’ve used!

I had this brush first, then bought another brand due to price & the fact that this brush was worn out. This brush is by far the better of the 2. This one’s sponge is thicker, softer and larger than the other brand I purchased. It actually feels like a sponge! This one also comes w/a stand!

Cristina Clifton Forge, VA

Great bottle bursh!

I have been on the hunt for years for the perfect bottle brush, and this one is it! The brush is very secure in the handle and doesn’t wiggle like many i have used. The sponge is securely attached and hasn’t fallen off even after multiple uses. I love this brush and plan on purchasing another one when the one i have bites the dust (if it ever does!) i also plan on giving them away as gifts to friends who are pregnant!

Viola Thomaston, CT

Not durable, but you will use less soap with this brush.

I’m updating my review on this product. After using some other brands of bottle brush, I’m going to give this one 4 stars. This is because the sponge on this brush is denser than on other brushes. A denser sponge holds soap better. I found that when using other brands of brush, I went through soap much more quickly. The denser sponge on this brush also lathers the inside of the bottle much better than other brands too, which means cleaner bottles in less time. This brush still has a durability issue, however, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s probably a good idea to throw out bottle brushes every few weeks anyway. I’m going back to this brush!(Old review below)Purchased this brush to use on my Dr. Brown’s bottles. I don’t have a dishwasher so I use it every day. The brush works well and cleans both the bottom and the neck of the bottle. Unfortunately, mine have only lasted about 2 months because the sponge starts to break apart. I’m on my second one. I thought I had been to hard on the first one, so I was “nicer” to my second one. But it still is falling apart. Won’t be buying another.

Tracie Hamshire, TX


This is a great bottle brush. I really think that the nipple brush and the stand are great features. A+

Carrie Netcong, NJ

Perfect for Dr. Brown bottles

The brush is great. I don’t see, though, why it would be better than any other brush out there. It is slender, which makes it easier to fit in the bottles. The sponge on top disintegrates over times, but I guess that’s bound to happen.

Suzanne Skippers, VA

Great price

The bottle brush was nicely priced and came as described. I am sure I will need to buy plenty more, but it should last a while.

Madge Washington, OK

Sponge End wont last long

brush actually works great, but i see chunks of sponge coming off almost daily after use. not very well made for durability.

Felicia Cost, TX

great price

there are many versions of this bottle brush out there. A lot of them are offered by store brands. for this price being only slightly higher than those is well worth the extra pennies. It is a little bigger in size allowing for more adequate cleaning. the durability and quality is better than the others too. i will only be using this specific one from now on.

Hillary Harrods Creek, KY

I don’t know why there are so many bad reviews…

We have tried a lot of different bottle brushes and most don’t fit into the medela pumping bottles or into smaller pump and bottle piece. This brush is able to fit into everything and does a great job cleaning. Yes- it’s like a sponge so it does need to be replaced every so often but I think that is expected. I have ordered several of these and will continue to so so. Love to Dr. Brown’s brand.

Edythe Wilton, WI

Bottle brush

We’re on brush #2 and soon to be #3. I love that it has a spot to rest so it isn’t just sitting on the counter and the brush part doesn’t touch anything and get dirty.

Claire Salem, AL

Good Overall

This brush is good overall, but I wash all of my baby bottles by hand, so it gets used a lot, because of that I will need to buy another one soon.

Florence Etna, ME

not recommended

I used to use this as our primary bottle brush but now use it as a back-up, for traveling, etc. It does the job okay, but the sponge has started to break apart. The suction cup seemed kind of pointless too – it doesn’t hold well enough to be on a counter surface. I much prefer our First Years brush, complete with the tiny little nipple scrubber that folds out. It’s held up a lot better too.The First Years Bottle Nipple Brush

Clarissa Dry Ridge, KY

looked at the bottle brush is good

Sent me the color is blue, the color is also good, not useful, but looked at the bottle brush is good.

Nina Dow City, IA

Broke in 7 months

I never was a huge fan of this brush because the bristles weren’t very strong, but now I am 100% not a fan because it came apart (just like the picture shows above) after 7 months. If I used it a lot then maybe I would understand, but I nurse my baby so we don’t use bottles very often. I would not recommend this brush.

Mia Ferguson, KY

love it

I like to use this brush better than a normal dish brush. it fits perfectly in bottles, cups, thermos, etc.

Leanna Ridgefield, CT


It’s a bottle brush so not much I can say about it. It does its job and I like the suction at the bottom

Jeri Barrow, AK

Fav brush

This is my favorite bottle brush. I love that there is a place to stand it up. The brush lasts a lot longer then most. The price is good for what you get

Kaitlin Sedgwick, KS

Great bottle brush

This is my favorite bottle brush that I have found so far. It gets the job done and I like that it stands up on the sink to dry. Would definitely buy more of these.

Rosie Crockett, KY