Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown’s Electric Bottle WarmerDr. Brown’s Electric Bottle Warmer effectively helps warm food and milk so that baby’s hunger gets quick attention. Its spacious interior provides adequate space to place most sized jars and bottles. The easy-to-operate LCD panel lights up at night and sets off an alarm when the preferred temperature is reached. What’s more, the preferred time for heating can also be saved in its memory for future use.Why You’ll Love It: It’s easy, efficient and fits most sized baby bottles and jars.FeaturesHeats milk and baby foodFits most sizes of baby jars and bottlesDoesn’t need frequent water refillingEasy-to-use LCD panel lights up and sounds an alarm when heating is completePreferred time can be saved in the memoryAudible alarm with flashing LCD alerts when food is heatedLarge water chamberAdjustable basket

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Warms standard and wide neck baby bottles and baby food jars
  • Refillable water chamber warms several bottles before refilling
  • LCD control panel is easy to read and set for memorizing heating time
  • Audible alarm with flashing LCD lets you know when ready
  • Cycle memory repeats preferred heating time

Verified reviews


The PERFECT warmer!

Just go ahead and spend a few extra dollars on this warmer. It will save you the time and frustration of dealing with the cheaper ones. This warmer gets it right every single time. It is small and compact, lets you know warming is finished, remembers the previous warming times, and automatically adjusts the warming time if you’re doing two bottles in a row, i.e. if you have twins, etc. It truly is perfect. I went through 3 warmers, including the 1st years brand – they were both very aggravating to use and inconsistent. Obviously this can be frustrating when you have a hungry baby on your hands. Honestly, this is the best buy out there. You can use a coupon at BRU and it is a great price for what you’re getting.

Estelle Stonewall, OK

Get the warmer that actually had thought put into it’s design.

We originally purchased aPhilips AVENT iQ Bottle Warmerprobably mostly cause it looked cool and had pretty buttons. However when our little guy was born, we immediately realized it was a trash design, and I ran out and bought this one.The Dr. Brown warmer is an amazing peice of engineering. It’s not over thought, yet well thought out.Features you will care about:#1. The cord wraps up under the device so that it doesn’t hang out everywhere#2. It uses Steam to warm the bottle. Exactly the same tech as the Avent.#3. The buttons are easy to press and work very much like a microwave, so no confusion and zero learning curve.#4. The blue light screen can be seen from pretty far away and in the dark.#5. The warmer shows a visual count down in terms of time. So you know exactly how much time you have beforeit is done.#6. The extra water container is a life saver, as you can replace water and clean the machine only once in a few usesrather than every use. Particularly useful when you’re half asleep and only have enough energy to press the buttons.#7. The warmer’s top isn’t latched or safety locked. This is actually also a good idea as again…it makes for one handed operation easier.#8. The warmer is surprisingly stable even for it’s height. It doesn’t shift around when you press the buttons.#9. The removable basket can be flipped over to reduce the warmers depth so that shorter bottles ( like 4 oz) can be easily removed/ reached.If you need a solid warmer which is easy to use with no hassle, this is probably your best bet.Update 3 1/2 years later:The product still works fine. Some reviewers said their products have mold and mildew. I had mine (two of them) for 3 and a half years and never had any foul smell or mold in the bottle warmer. I have always loosen the baby bottle so that pressure doesn’t built inside the bottle that forces milk out of the nipple and spill into the warmer. I also warm milk in a bottle without the nipple, and just insert the cap/nipple when the milk is warmed. Once a while I forgot and milk could spill into the warmer and makes the reservoir cloudy. I just rinsed it off. When my son was done with bottle, I forgot to clean the water out. 3 months later there wasn’t any mold or mildew. Just hard water. If you can do just this simple step, you will not have spill milk that causes cheesy rotten smell.

April Windsor Locks, CT

Like the timer feature; dislike the water reservoir (hard to clean!)

I am still using this mainly for the timer feature. [update: I decided to return this a month after I wrote the review]I don’t like the water reservoir since it is difficult to clean due to the very small opening. Even after trying to clean it every few days I see some black spots inside… mold/mildew/gunk?? See the pictures I uploaded.I now operate this without the reservoir. I just pour a little water into the bottle warmer when I need to use it.This could have been so much better if they simply made the water reservoir easy to clean.

Rose Elverson, PA

Absolutely **awful**

I read numerous reviews that speak of mold and yeast in the water compartment that was difficult to clean out. I thought that if I cleaned it vigilantly and kept on top of it that it would not happen to me. Was I wrong! Not only does mold and yeast (the whole thing will smell like pizza dough) easily gather, but it is impossible to clean. Nothing fits in the water compartment except pipe cleaners and these clean it very poorly. I have to boil the water compartment then run vinegar and water through the machine for about an hour.It does an alright job heating and has a lot of good features, but the fact that it is impossible to clean and gets disgusting so quickly is such a negative that I beg no one else purchases this.

Latonya Valley Cottage, NY

Great warmer for wide neck Dr Brown’s bottles

I purchased this item because I was having a hard time warming 8 oz wide neck Dr Brown’s bottles. I stock up a days worth of prepared bottles in the fridge every night and warming the bottles up can be challenging on the First Year’s brand warmer (I had the old one and the new released one and these worked great for my 4 oz bottles). Because the Dr Brown’s warmer stands taller, my tall (8 oz) bottles warm up better. With the First Year’s brand, taller bottles did not warm as well because they don’t sit as deep. I also really liked the water container feature which allowed to warm up to 5-6 bottles before refilling with water again.Two drawbacks:- It seems like it takes longer for the bottles to warm up. Not sure if this is because I am dealing with a hungry baby and watching the timer count down makes it worse :)- My water container seems to leak once in a while. I am not quite sure if I am doing something wrong or if there is indeed a flaw with this product.

Melva Santa Paula, CA

Hinge for cover broken

When I received this item I was excited. Finally. Then I unwrapped the item to realise that during shipment, one hinge had been completely broken off and the other cracked and ready to drop off with first possible use. What good is this product now since the cap must be in place in order for the heat to remain inside of the warmer to be any sort of effective. I am TOTALLY dissatisfied. This is the first item I have ever received from Amazon in this state. With all the hectic daily routines and unpredictable moments which motherhood can bring, the last thing I need is to deal with a damaged product. This item is now useless as the steam will obviously not be sealed inside.

Mia Lindenhurst, NY

Worth every single penny

This is a great addition to the bottle line up. We tried crockpots, electric kettles and heating the water in the microwave (placed bottle in the hot water to warm it). We went through multiple crock pots (they aren’t meant to be used 24/7), the electric kettle was ok but still took awhile (wait for water to heat, wait for bottle to heat) and the microwave was the same thing. This bottle warmer is great – drop the bottle in, hit start and walk away. Once you figure out your length of time for the optimal temperature (ours is 4 min 30 seconds), you never have to worry about it getting too hot again.We drop our bottle in, then change our daughter’s diaper. By the time we finish and walk back to the kitchen, the bottle is done at the perfect temperature. Wonderful! Caution – the bottle is pretty hot when you pull it out. We have a towel by the warmer we use to dry off the hot steam. We swirl the bottle a bit before giving to our daughter to make sure there aren’t any hot spots.I THINK this could be used for Playtex drop in bottles but I would not leave them in there very long (maybe a minute or two) because the playtex liners are much thinner than a bottle wall.

Leigh Broomfield, CO

Great for Twins!

This is an excellent bottle warmer. We tried the First Years BabyPro first, but this one is perfect for twins because it can heat up more than one bottle consecutively, whereas the babypro takes 10 minutes to cool down and reset before you can heat up another bottle. Also, the water reservoir and the memory timer are perfect, making it easy to heat a bottle to the perfect temp each time. The countdown timer is also nice when your baby is screaming- to know how much longer he (and you!) have to endure before its ready. One tip: always follow the directions when it says to loosen the bottle neck before heating- if you don’t the milk will leak into the water.

Marion Hurst, TX

Worth Getting

I’ve had the Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer for a few months now and below is my take on it.The Good:You can make formula in bottles in advance, refrigerate it and just drop it in the bottle warmer when you’re ready.You can do the same for bottled food jars — refrigerated or room temperature.The pros of the above two options limits or cancels how much microwaving you will do which destroys the nutrients in the food/formula.Made In The USA! ;)The Bad:While the entire warmer is plastic, the cover’s hinge is plastic and seems flimsy, though the way it is designed you could still use the cover if the hinge breaks. It should be made sturdier based on the cost of the item (my opinion – I don’t like cheap quality!).The process of filling the bottle warmer with water can be messy, as well as the process of removing either a warmed bottle or jar (the water drips all over the place because of the design).If you’ve got a crying, hungry baby be warned: It can take 5 mins to warm up a full, refrigerated bottle which can seem like an eternity.After warming the bottle or jar, the plastic hood/cover, the jar or bottle top are very hot. You will burn your fingers if you aren’t careful. I have not had too many instances yet with the formula or food being too hot, but was surprised at how hot the jar and bottle top got! Ouch! Now you have to wait a bit for the jar or bottle top to cool down (yet more time for the crying, hungry baby)… or you could just rinse the bottle top under cold water for a few seconds (what I do).** This is an important and handy item to have if formula feeding and if feeding baby from small glass jars. There are a few kinks that need to be sorted out in the design, but it’s worth it. 😉

Kimberly Passumpsic, VT

God bottle warmer

My 3 month son is breastfed and I pump bottles when he is sleeping. This is a super simple bottle warmer that gets it all right. Best in the market for warming breast milk. It does take a couple of tries to get the right temperature, but once you figure out the time for warming the bottle, it is easy. Do watch out for hot spots before feeding the baby. I clean it regularly and dry it occasionally before re-using it. Amazon has the best price and fast shipping!

Teresa Bancroft, NE

Dot he job

This works great. Warms bottles fast and the times are right there on the bottle so you have a reference every time.

Carlene Reform, AL

Easy Timer

This is a great product if you use Dr. Brown bottles and want to make sure that baby’s milk is exactly the right temperature. Before this, we would run milk under hot water or soak in a bowl of hot water — very annoying, took longer than we’d like, and we never knew when the milk was really warm enough. I was already sleep deprived and didn’t want to deal with doing math at 3 a.m. in the morning. This was perfect. You can pre-program it to whatever length of time you need and all I’d have to do in the middle of the night (or any other time) is click one button and viola. As the bottle size and milk consumption increased, we’d reset the timer for a longer length of time.You do have to clean the holding system on a monthly basis or so.

Darlene Oak Island, NC

a must have

we use this bottle warmer everyday. it’s very simple to operate and it works as expected. you can program it for a specific length of time so all you have to do is touch one button after that and you’re done. but if you unplug it, it’ll reset the warmer to it’s default time so be cognizant of that when you need to refill the water.update: i did notice a small amount of mold growing in the reservoir just as the other reviewers had pointed out. it is a little awkward to clean due to the narrow opening, but this is what worked for me – i filled it with some hot soapy water and shook it vigorously a few times, emptied it, then made a bleach solution and soaked it while fully submerged until there was no visible mold. moreover, when i’m not using it for an extended period of time, i remove the reservoir and let it air dry.

Rosalie Queen City, TX

it works but a measuring cup is better

It takes way to long to get the bottle warm. A crying baby just cannot wait that long which leaves you to guess when the baby will want the next bottle and do it before the crying begins. If you don’t mind doing that then this product works great. It does get a little hot to touch which takes even longer to get the bottle to the babies mouth. It heats the milk evenly and I did use it when I could predict when the baby would need it. When I didn’t have the time I just used a measuring cup with hot water and 30 seconds later it was warm.

Reyna Monticello, MN

Works, leaks a bit, gets really hot not all bottles fit.

This works. It does leak from the bottom sometimes. It gets hot quickly and you have to be careful to not burn yourself on the steam.Bottles that fit fine: Medela and born free.Bottles that don’t fit but you can make it work by letting them rest on top: como tomo and tommy tippy

Kristine Richfield, OH

Short Life Span and Leaks

I thought this was a good purchase but after three months of use it stopped working. For some reason it would not stay on long enough to warm the bottle. Prior to not working properly, when it would work it leak terribly. It is a waste of money.

Kirsten Jack, AL


This bottle warmer was so unreliable that I ended up throwing it out and purchasing a different brand after 6 weeks. It took forever to heat up and then would overheat the milk in an instant and boil it. The amount of time it took was never the same from day to day. Warming a bottle in a glass of hot water is more effective than this bottle warmer and about as time consuming.Just got a Kiinde Kozii and so far so good… no scorched milk unlike with Dr. Brown’s.

Kaitlin Dugway, UT

good heater but nothing special…do i need it? probably not.

This is effective, but to pay that money to do what boiling water can do? I don’t know. My wife wanted this and I’m msure she has a different opinion, but nothing special. Don’t bother buying.

Laverne Princeton Junction, NJ

didn’t work from beginning

This product did not work when I took it out of the box. Not sure if I just got a faulty one or what.

Merle Plum Branch, SC

Time saver with a baby in the house

I recall kind of laughing at the idea of having a bottle warmer, thinking it was one of those dumb things people buy when they’re expecting a baby and it’s not that useful. I WAS TREMENDOUSLY WRONG. Before we got this bottle warmer, we were warming every bottle by hand under hot water, or letting it sit in a pot of warm water for anywhere from 5-8 minutes. When you have a tiny baby on your hands who is screaming for food, you not only don’t have the extra hand to hold the bottle under hot water but you don’t have the time to spare.We got this bottle warmer, and it changed everything for us. Prep the bottle, drop it in, press go, and then tend to your baby while the bottle is warming. This thing is so super easy to use, I’m mad at myself that it took us as many weeks as it did to get one! We loved it so much, we actually got a second one as we live in a 3-story house: one upstairs for overnight bottles and one in the kitchen for every other portion of the day. For the price and service this provides, this thing is great. Also wonderful for sanitizing new items like bottles and pacifiers.I recall reading about the stinky water situation, and people were right about that. You just have to be mindful to make sure that no milk or formula gets on the outside of the bottle before you put it in the warmer. You should also change the water in the side container if it ever gets murky. Keep those things in mind, and you’ll avoid any issue with this thing.

Christine Lovington, IL

Wish it was wider in width

Purchased this warmer with my other Dr. brown baby bottles……..warms up breastmilk pretty well for feeds……i just wish it were wider in width, ‘cos in my "unique" case, my son refused to take bottles (EBF) and so I had to transition him to sippy cup at 3 months (Dr. Brown’s sippy cup)…….well, the sippy cup doesn’t fit inside the warmer, so i had to warm milk in regular bottle and pour in sippy cup for feeds………….it worked, but just a pain……….

Emily Oceanside, NY

Love this, it is worth the money!

Originally I got a $17 Munchkin warmer which worked ok and then died within 2 months. Since I use Dr Brown bottles I decided to look at this warmer. The price put me off, but I figured if I bought another cheap one and it died right away like the other one I wasn’t really saving any money. I like that the cord wraps around the base and that you can fill up the water and don’t have to add any for up to six bottles. It is so nice just to pop the bottle in, and not worry about water. I like that this has a lid to keep the steam in which seems to more evenly heat the bottle. It remembers the last heating time you have programed and counts down which is a nice feature. When it gets to zero it will blink for 60 seconds before beeping. That through me off the first time since I didn’t read the manual and thought something was wrong. I like that you can stop the warmer at any time, unlike my old warmer which the only way to stop it was to unplug it. Another nice feature is it turns itself off when not in use which is nice so I don’t worry about unplugging it. If you are not heating up a full bottle don’t be suprised that the bottle can feel very warm or even hot when it first comes out. But if you test the milk on your skin you will find it is a good temp, I just let the bottle cool down a little before giving it to my daughter. If it is a full bottle I find this doesn’t happen. I use a paper towel or a small hand towel when pulling the bottle out of the warmer since the bottle will be wet due to the steam and needs to be wiped off. The only thing I am having difficulty remembering is to loosen the nipple off the bottle before heating to reduce the chance of the milk coming out the top of the bottle. So far even when I have forgotten to do this I haven’t had an issue with the milk coming out of the bottle. I truly love this warmer and find it is definetly worth the money.

Letitia Roberts, ID

It’s a good bottle warmer

This bottle warmer is good, but not perfect by any means.Pros-It heats up a bottle quickly with steam and is easy to refill.-Digital timer is a plus.-Fits small and large bottles and food jars.Cons-Very hard to clean. Gunk builds up quickly at the bottom of the warmer because water sits there.- The water reservoir also builds up gunk inside. Again, almost impossible to clean. I try to scrape it out with a bended straw.- Each bottle warmer heats up differently. I have two and they both heat up to a different temperature for the same time selected. Learning curve.- Display peels off rather quickly and sometimes the buttons get stuck.Now looking at my review, there are more cons than pros, but in comparison to the other terrible bottle warmers out there, this one is still much better.

Cathryn Ross, CA

so far so good

Been using it for over a month now and it’s been very functional and working great. The heating times are also consistent. I use glass bottles and it takes 1.5 mins to bring 1 oz of refrigerated milk to room temperature..about 2.5 mins for 2.5 oz etc.It’s very simple to operate and does its job perfectly.

Natalie Marshallberg, NC

Very convenient, but with some small drawbacks

Heating with steam is great, it takes around 4 minutes to heat 6 ounces of refrigerated milk. The water resevoir is simple and only needs filling every couple of days. Here are my thoughts on it:1) When using the playtex drop-in bottle the bottom of the bottle melted, I think this is because the warmer isn’t quite wide enough and it had most of the steam trapped. We solved this by heating only the insert with milk, not the entire bottle.2) There is no fuzzy logic, this is strictly timer based, so you have to experiment with the times and learn what works best.3) It heats small jars of food well, but rectangular containers need to be steamed without the top closed (still works).I think for the price this is a terrific warmer. Having it melt the bottom of our bottle was a disappointment but we have a working solution now. I would never pay for a warmer that uses hot water to heat a bottle, steam is much more efficient and convenient. Besides, we just used a glass of hot water for heating before, I can’t see paying for a warmer that does the same thing!

Ursula Newton, WV

Heats All Bottles Quickly And Accurately

This bottle warmer works great on my Dr. Brown’s bottles and Born Free bottles. All sizes heat up well and the temperature is very accurate. I’d reccomend this for all parents.

Karin Echo, MN

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer, do you really need it?

I bought into the whole Dr. Brown’s bottle system and so far I haven’t been too disappointed. But after having the warmer for almost 4 months, I no longer use it. It somewhat does what it’s suppose to do. It does get the bottle warm. Like majority of the bottle warmers on the market, it uses steam to achieve the acceptable temperature for feeding. The main question is how long does it take to get to that magic number. At first glance I thought this was the perfect product for any parent. I can tell you from experience that at 2am, 3.5 minutes can seem like a lifetime when you have a crying baby. After 1 1/2 months of use we decided to find a new method of bottle warming. Every night when we warmed the bottles it would be hot to the touch but the actual milk was barely warm. Leaving it in there for another 2 minutes or so got it warm to where it was just right. Hind sight I would not purchase this item. There are definitely other alternatives to getting warm milk. When we switched from the ready to use milk to powder, the label said that the powder was not sterile. After reading up on this, there were cases of Chronobacter caused by powdered formula. So we decided to just purchase a hot water boiler. We were able to find one on Amazon for about $59. This was by far a better purchase. The water is 208 degrees, which is enough to kill any bacteria. Also we would use 1/2 of the hot water and then 1/2 of cold water. This made the milk just right for our LO. We now switched to the concentrate formula and just fill up the bottles half way and leave them in the fridge. When it’s time for feeding, we just use the hot water to warm it up.

Graciela Redway, CA

this warmer is awesome

We use it every day for the last 18 months (we have an 18 month old and a 7 month old). Works absolutely perfect each time. Warming is very very consistant from use to use. We also use it as a sterilizer.

Luann Anchor Point, AK

Great but leaks when moved

We love that this warmer remembers the last time setting, is fast, and dries the bottle after warming. Our only complaint is that it leaks when it is transported which means that we have to completely empty it out and then refill it when we send it to with a babysitter.

Adelaide Cornucopia, WI

Five Stars

Works fantastic for all size bottles and for baby food jars, too

Janie Davenport, WA