Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Baby Bottles 8 Oz. – Pink – 3 Pack

Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Baby Bottles 8 Oz. – Pink – 3 Pack

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Pink Bottles PINK 8 oz : Pack of 3 BPA Free Traditional narrow shape which many moms and dads prefer Silicone nipple has a standard profile

Main features

  • Includes: Three 8 oz. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Pink Bottles
  • French/English on retail packaging
  • The internal vent system reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Helps preserve essential nutrients like vitamins C, A and E and lipids
  • BPA free with no PVC, lead or phthalates

Verified reviews


great bottles to transition baby from breast to bottle.

Alas! My daughter took to a bottle! Thank you Dr Brown’s! My daughter was strictly breastfed, but I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled and won’t be able to nurse her for 24 hours. Trying to transition a breastfed baby to a bottle is not an easy task. She used avent the first couple weeks after birth bc i had mastitis. I didn’t keep up with bottles though, I found it more of a chore to pump and feed. Now at 6 mo my daughter turned down the avent bottles even with age appropriate nipples. We tried a sippy cup but she’s not quite ready for it and got too gassy from it. We tried the playtex vent air, and what junk! You can’t sterilize it in steam just wash, and she would suck on it and get nothing. She started getting angry at the sight of bottles! We tried a single Dr brown’s bottle first. Instant success! Then i saw these pink bottles at babies r us 4 pack on sale for $18! They are cute and my baby loves this bottle. It will also be helpful as we move out of state in a couple weeks. I will pump then and bottle feed her on the road. Again, thank you Dr Brown’s! After all the great reviews, I’m glad I went with this and not Tommee Tippy as I heard from a friend they don’t work well. I know this is long but hopefully is helpful to anyone having trouble transitioning baby from breast to bottle. Dr Brown’s hands down is the best way to go.

Octavia Albia, IA

Adorable color, way better than the boring white look

Love Dr. Brown’s bottles. The flow for every stage is just right for my daughter (not too fast) and the silicone nipple is soft and long lasting. I have been using the nipple for almost 5 months and the silicone stays soft with only very slight of discoloration.Have tried Avent bottles but it leaks a lot!The Pink bottles are must have for baby girl. The color is a very pretty shade of pink and I am so tempted to buy the blue one as well!Note : Don’t sterilize them using water boiling method. I boiled mine few times and the print on the surface came off…..

Anne Norcatur, KS

Made in China

The pink and purple bottles are made in China while the standard color bottles are still made in the US. Why make them differently??

Lilian Silver Spring, MD

Great airflow

These are great bottles, our child has no problem while drinking with them since the air flows so well back into the bottle with the venting system. The only downside to these is that they are harder to clean. You get used to it pretty quickly though. We also use Avent widemouth bottles when we need something we can quickly clean and dry, but the Avent bottles venting system only works about half the time.If your child is having problems with bubbles or gas, I’d definitely try these out!

Tabitha Cambridge City, IN

the most awesome bottles ever

became even more awesome! LOVE the pink for my baby girl! she loves looking at it too! Thank you Dr. Browns!

Linda Broomes Island, MD

A little girls “have to have”!

I purchased these along with the purple Dr Browns bottles and love them. It’s nice to have girly colors instead of clear with blue writing. I get compliments on these bottles everytime we leave the house. I will continue to use these until it’s time to switch to a cup!(:

Lynn Gackle, ND

Where were these when my kids were little!

Dr Brown’s bottles are quite different from what I fed my kids with. They do reduce the amount of air in her system. Pink is such a nice color. Love the new concept.

Krystal Hinsdale, MT

Good product!

These bottles are so good for my baby becuase it’s like the milk is flowing slowly and so they are no filled abrubtly. I highly recommend these products.

Sybil Malone, WI

BPA Free

Its hard to find baby bottles that are BPA free. Really love these bottles. Really easy to clean and I am more comfortable knowing that they truly are BPA free.

Hazel Shortt Gap, VA


Love Dr. Browns Bottles and the fact that they came in pink was just an added bonus! Adorable little bottles! They come in purple now too! Only bottles that make my baby’s tummy settle!

Belinda Imperial, TX

Dr. Brown’s Bottles

Dr. Brown’s bottles came highly recommended to me, they were correct and I am very satisfied with their recommendation and would highly recommend them to others.

Lisa Taylor, ND