Dr. Brown’s BPA Natural Flow Bottle Newborn Feeding Set

Dr. Brown’s BPA Natural Flow Bottle Newborn Feeding Set

The Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Baby Bottles offer a wonderful feeding experience with innovative vent technology. Dr Brown’s bottles use a patented 2-piece internal vent system for your baby’s comfort. This system creates positive-pressure flow for vacuum-free feeding that is similar to breastfeeding. The breast milk or formula flows freely without nipple collapse. As the baby feeds, air is channeled from the nipple collar through the vent system to the back of the bottle. Air never mixes with the breast milk or formula so oxidation is prevented, thereby maintaining essential vitamins such as C, A and E. The vent system eliminates air bubbles in the formula or milk, which helps to reduce feeding problems like colic, spit-up, burping and gas. Dr. Brown’s bottles are completely BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free for your baby’s safety. The Newborn Feeding Set comes with 3 8oz/240ml Standard bottles, 2 4oz/120ml Standard bottle, 2 extra Level-Two silicone nipples, 2 Storage/Travel caps and 3 “cleaning” brushes are small nipple brushes and they are INSIDE the bottles. .

Main features

  • Polypropylene, Silicone
  • Imported
  • Positive-pressure flow for vacuum-free feeding that is similar to breastfeeding
  • Reduces feeding problems like colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Vent system that removes air from milk maintains essential vitamins such as C, A and E
  • Helps prevent fluid in the ear
  • BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free
  • Positive-pressure flow for vacuum-free feeding that is similar to breastfeeding
  • Reduces feeding problems like colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Vent system that removes air from milk maintains essential vitamins such as C, A and E
  • Helps prevent fluid in the ear
  • BPA, PVC, lead and phthalate free

Verified reviews


Great for baby who breast feeds

We just started pumping and introducing a bottle in preparation for my return to work. Our 4 1/2 week old daughter took this bottle with zero hesitation and is now going back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle beautifully. All the parts sounded intimidating but are actually very easy to use and clean. Neither my husband or I had ever bottle fed a baby before, and we figured it out without difficulty.For any other first-time, clueless parents out there: this set comes with a size 1 (newborn)nipple attached to each bottle (5 total) and 2 size 2 nipples that are extras. I didn’t see anywhere in the description that said the size 1’s were included (just listed the size 2 nipples)and having never done this before we didn’t realize the Size 1’s came as part of the bottle, so I ordered the newborn size separately. Oops, but we’ll use them.

Elsie Reston, VA

Not the bottle for my baby

I bought these because I was convinced that they’d just be the best for my baby with the special flow system and the freshness seals… but none of that matters one lick because my baby won’t touch them!The poster who warned that the bottle brushes are not included is correct. No brushes. That’s a shame, because I could actually use some bottle brushes. Also, my lactation consultant says that these bottles are a faster-flow bottle. She says it in a bad way, as though slower is always better, but I don’t think fast is necessarily a bad thing if your own letdown is strong (like mine) and your baby prefers a stronger stream.I like that these bottles fit my medela pump, so at least I can use them for milk collection and storage, but my baby won’t take them. For whatever reason, she prefers the medela bottles. Maybe I can give these to someone from my breastfeeding mothers’ group. I know some of the babies there love the Dr. Browns, so perhaps the won’t go to waste.

Lucy Carroll, NE

Better than Tommee Tippee

I did a ton of research on bottles (or so I thought) before we decided on Tommee Tippee bottles. We used them up until baby was 3 weeks. Using them wasn’t so bad at first, but only because we didn’t know better. After baby started spitting up, too young and too much, I bought one Dr Brown bottle. In 2-minutes we were in love with these bottles (I bought tons within 3-minutes on amazon).Bad Tommee Tippee. Good Dr. Brown:
• It was impossible to take off the cap with one hand on Tommee Tippee. I now know, one-handed up-capping is really critical during feeding time.
• Baby could drink 2-ounces without having to be burped. She did not drip, leak or drool milk either.
• Her burps became baby-like (instead of the trucker-guy-like tenfold…we just thought babies burped like that!)
• She has less blistering on her lips from sucking on the smaller Dr. Brown nipples.Bad Dr. Brown. Okay Tommee Tippee
• Dr. Brown bottles are ugly (I’m an aesthetic junkie but now have let that go)
• Takes longer to clean (but worth it for 100% happier and easier baby feedings)

Velma Oak View, CA

leaky and tedious to clean

the little tube in this bottle makes it super hard to clean! it comes with a little brush, but there are just too many parts to this bottle and they would leak every single time so we stopped using these. If you think of how many times you’ll be having to wash bottles which in it of itself is super tedious, think multiplying that times all the parts it comes with. We preferred the Born bottles and although it has a few parts as well, they are all pretty big and you can just soak it vs. using a pipe cleaner/brush to clean out the long plastic tube in this.Moreover, we just couldn’t deal with all the leaking.

Thelma Abbeville, SC


Why did you choose this rating?Not fill my expectations.What did you like or dislike ?You do not have enough pressure and grip is needed. Milk always gets . Do not know if the problem is quality. I had given very good references for this product and I did not feel comfortable using it.Who would you recommend this product to ?Would not recommend . Not this brand.

Elda Shippenville, PA

Did NOT work for my colicky baby

It was suggested to use these bottles for my colicky baby, which only made matters worse. Plus they are a royal PAIN to clean. Way to many little parts to clean and just as impossible to put together!! Not worth the money.

Cathy Johnston, SC

Did not reduce gas

Unless my kids are meant to have gas all day everyday I don’t see that the Dr. Brown’s system made much for a difference for my twins. I didn’t take into consideration how many parts there were. To clean and sanitize them all daily during the newborn phase when you’re getting very little sleep as a single mother is not an ideal situation. If you want to have an easier time than I did then I suggest another bottle.

Beatriz Machias, ME

Not worth the money or effort

Purchased 2 sets of these bottles after seeing all the positive reviews and I really wish I hadn’t. The bottles leak and with so many extra parts to clean, it’s just not worth the extra time. As a new mom, having to clean and sterilize bottles properly in between feedings is hard enough when you’ve hardly had any sleep, you really don’t want bottles with extra parts that make cleaning even more time consuming and tedious. After 5-6 uses, I found one of the bottles leaked milk during a feeding (the inner ring stopped sealing properly). Not only was the milk wasted, but the leaky bottle got the front of my baby’s clothes all wet. Really frustrating! We ran out to Target and purchased a set of cheap no-name bottles for $4.00 (also BPA free) and they work better than these. Didn’t notice any difference in gas, spit up, or burping when using Dr. Browns bottles versus the cheap ones. Would not recommend these.

Leeann Somerton, AZ

Good product, and is compatible with our medela pump

After 3 weeks, my wife said we could start bottle feeding using breast milk. So that is my job. I was happy to see that the threads on the top of these bottles are compatible with the Medela breast pump that she uses, so we can pump directly into that.This reduces confusion between bottle pieces, which increases sanity in this crazy time in our lives.

Patrice Hazel Green, WI

great idea, just not for my son

I loved the idea behind Dr Brown’s. When I no longer could breastfeed, we switched to formula… I wanted to use the best bottles AND nipples. My son was used to working to get his food out, I didn’t want it to just pour into his mouth. I also loved the idea of it being orthodontic and shaped like my breast was in his mouth.For 2 months, I dealt with the occasional gag and extremely messing feedings. I’m talking, bibs covered. I’m a 1st time mom, so I just accounted it to him being messy. It never dawned on me that it was the nipple. Even all the experienced moms around me never mentioned trying a different bottle. They too contributed his mess to him being a messy child. It got to the point of me being frustrated each feeding. I didn’t want to go down this road again… I dealt with frustration while breastfeeding because I couldn’t produce enough for him, so he was constantly hungry. I needed something to change so that I would be relaxed during feedings again. I don’t need my son to feel my stress…My brother had given me 2 NUK Orthodontic bottles. I gave those a try. It took me a while to figure it out because I didn’t even realize the nipples have vents. I just loved that it was like the Dr Brown in a sense that it supported breastfeeding and is orthodontic. Once I finally figured out it had a vent, I’ve had MUCH better feedings. He’s only messy when he’s too busy talking during feedings… and it’s STILL not as bad as when feeding him with the Dr Brown nipples.That being said, Dr Brown’s is a great bottle… It just wasn’t for my son. I will keep the bottles and hope that they work for my next child. While cleaning all the pieces was cumbersome, in the end, it didn’t bother me enough to stop using them.

Emily Leola, AR

Huge disappointment!!!

I don’t know were to start with Dr. Brown bottles. If these bottles could receive a rating less than 1 it would. They leak from the mouth piece, and fog up after washing. To my amazement no matter how tightly I screwed in the top of the bottle, it still leaked causing bubbles to form outside the nipples. I started using the playtex fill in bottles and my baby loves it!

Crystal Pixley, CA

Great for gassy baby

I a highly please with these bottles. I noticed less spit up, less crying, and less gas with these bottles compared to just a bottle/nipple combo. They’re a pain to clean because of all the parts, but I quickly got used to it and now it’s just routine. Only bottles I use!

Kelsey West Alton, MO


Way to fast of flow for my baby, chocked her! Needs to be smaller hole. Have been unable to use!

Christie Balfour, ND

Hands Down Best Bottles! Worth the Work to Clean!

I had heard about these from just about everyone before I had started having children. How great they are and that they do wonders for gas, ear infections and colic.We used these for our son who is now one years old and he still has not had one ear infection. He has always burped easily and not had gas issues and was never a colic baby.I cannot say this is true for everyone but for us these bottles did exactly what they are described to do and we just love them!There are a lot of pieces to them to clean intricately but, they are definitely worth the time and money.Do not buy any other kind of bottle! I am a Dr Brown’s Bottle loyalist for life!

Leanna Parker City, IN

Colicy baby? Dr. Brown’s does the trick

We purchased Avant and the drop in liners by playtex. Playtex drop in’s were horrible they leaked and did not work well, especially since we had a colicky baby. They said it reduced the air and all that, might be true, but he was still colicky and they leaked. We tried Avant, while they did not leak, it did not help him much. Dr. Brown’s is a pain to clean, but it works. This really did help our son and he did a lot better with these bottles. Received four stars due to pain of cleaning them. If you do not have a colicky baby, I would stay away because of all the little pieces you have to clean, but if you do, get this. We did a lot of research, we really liked Avant, but Dr. Brown’s was the better choice for us.

Hollie Hunt, TX

Very good

I love these feeding bottles. I used different types of feeding bottles (Dr.Brown’s, AVENT, Playtax) and Dr.Brown’s is the winner. The ad said “Reduces colic, spit up, burping and gas”. I have to say ‘ it is true’.

Mellisa Rosie, AR

on defence

this review is based on preference more than anything else. Product seams to be ok. I just do not see why there is a hype around these bottles. My daughter didn’t like them to begin with, she would get frustrated when feeding – and forget the cleaning all these parts – just waste of time. Donated unused bottles and switched to Avent bottles

Latoya Schuyler, VA

Great for preventing upset tummies, no leaking problems

We have been using these Dr. Brown’s bottles for a year now and are really pleased with them. Our nanny or my husband uses them to give breast milk to our son when I am at work during the day. We tried both these and the Breastflow bottles when my son was about 5 weeks old, and although he was (after some encouragement) willing to take both types of bottle, we found these simpler to use. (To give one example, we kept having to remove the milk that was getting stuck between the two nipples on the Breastflow bottles, but there’s no problem like this with the Dr. Brown’s.) We also thought that the venting system was really helpful in reducing the amount of air baby gulped in when bottle feeding – we had fewer problems with gas pain and didn’t need to burp him too often with these bottles. (Obviously, this is less of an issue now that the little guy is a year old, but it was really helpful when he used to get so upset about needing to burp.) Though these require a different latch/sucking action than breastfeeding does, we have never had any ‘nipple confusion’ problems. All babies are different, though, so you may want to try a couple of different types of bottle to see what works for your baby.One other advantage of these bottles (or of ANY standard, non-wide-neck bottles) is that the neck of the bottles is the exact same size as the bottles that come with Medela and Spectra pumps, so you can pump right into these bottles and save yourself from having to clean the pump bottles. (These bottles are taller than the Medela pump bottles, though, and too tall to fit in the bottle cooler that comes with the Medela pumps, so if this would be a problem for you, you either need to stick with using the pump bottles or find a taller cooler.)Here are my attempts to clear up a couple of issues raised in other reviews:1) A few reviewers here mentioned problems with leaks, and at least in some cases, I am sure the problem is that they aren’t using the included travel disks. When you are toting the bottles around, you need to put the travel discs under the nipples to ensure the bottles are sealed and won’t leak in transit – simply putting the cap over the nipple does not seal the bottles! Refer to the owner’s leaflet that came with the bottles, as it has a very simple diagram showing you how to use the travel disks. You must remove disks before feeding baby, though, as they really do completely seal the bottles off. When you are using the bottle for feeding, make sure you have pulled the nipple firmly into the collar of the bottle and twisted the collar firmly onto the bottle and you shouldn’t have any problems with leaking in that case either. The ONE problem we had with leaking in the past year of regular use of these bottles was when a nipple got warped – you could see the slight wave in what should be the flat base of the nipple. Unfortunately, our sitter didn’t notice this until she went to retrieve the bottle from the bottle warmer and saw that over an ounce of milk had oozed out of the bottle as it was heating. 🙁 Once we replaced that nipple, we never had another leak problem. This has only happened with one bottle nipple in over a year of using our Dr. Brown’s bottles regularly, so I am very happy with how these bottles have held up.2) It is true that this set doesn’t include a bottle brush, but it DOES include a smaller brush (or maybe 2 smaller brushes – I can’t remember now) that is perfectly sized to clean the little vent parts that go inside the bottle, and which is also handy for scrubbing out the nipple.Many have mentioned that it’s a bit of work to clean all the parts of these bottles, and it’s true that the extra little parts make for some extra work. On the upside, the parts are well-engineered to make it easy to get to all the crevices with the included brush. Also, even if you have to wash the bottles by hand, I think it’s worth the work to prevent a gassy, fussy baby! But if you really don’t want to bother, just buy a couple of the dishwasher baskets:Dr. Brown’s Standard Dishwashing Basket, Polypropyleneand put all the parts in them! All the parts, including travel disks, nipples, vent parts, etc., (except the bottles themselves, which can go into the dishwasher on their own) fit perfectly into these baskets. We bought three of these baskets when we bought more bottles early on, and it has definitely been worth this small expenditure when we consider all the cleaning time we have saved in the past year.Pro tip: if you have a fast letdown, like I do, you might want to try using the faster-flow level 2 nipples instead of the newborn ones that come with these bottles. At the recommendation of our lactation consultant, we switched to these almost immediately, and our baby liked these bottles better with the level 2 nipples. We still use them now – never saw a need to switch to even faster-flow nipples. (If you don’t have a fast letdown, your newborn may feel like he’s drowning with faster flow nipples, so you will have to determine which works best for your baby.)All in all, these bottles are easy to use and help prevent gas and stomach pain in your newborn. They are also pretty easy to clean, especially if you buy a few dishwasher baskets. I highly recommend them.

Lisa El Portal, CA

These bottles really helped my son

My baby son had acid reflux and was having a very difficult time drinking formula. He had terrible gas, belching and spitting up and cried so much when it was feeding time. Many people suggested that he was probably swallowing too much air when sucking from the bottle. My husband and I were looking over the best bottles offered at the store and when trying to decide between Dr. Brown’s and the Born Free brand, some ladies walking past us said, “Trust us, go with Dr. Brown’s.” Well, we did and we couldn’t have made a better choice. I saw an immediate improvement when switching to the new bottles. Yes, they are a pain in the butt to clean because of all the parts but the extra cleaning is worth the result you get. I bought only the small bottles at first but wish I would have bought the larger bottles since I had to upgrade to those later and ended up spending more money than necessary. Now my son is off the bottle and onto a sippy cup but I’m keeping the bottles in case I have another baby soon. Dr. Brown’s is the only bottle I’ll ever use again.

Briana Modoc, IN

Great Buy

Love these bottles!! I used them with my first child 4 years ago. Best thing ever. I bought these for the second child because they are BPA free and 4 years ago no one cared about that. If the old bottles were BPA free I would not have needed to buy more. They last a really long time!!

Catalina Barryton, MI

They leak!!!

These bottles came very highly recommended from our pediatrician to help our new born son with is obvious gas problem (he makes a very rapid “eh eh eh eh” machine gun sound). Anyway, these bottles leak all over the place and they are a pain to clean unless you just stick them in the dish washer.

Hope Marysvale, UT

Working great so far

After a months’ use, these are working great for expressed breastmilk. I pump straight into them using the Medela Pump in Style. The bottles are taller and thinner than the native Medela bottles (so I suspect they don’t fit into Medela’s carrying cases/freezer packs, though I’ve not tried yet).They would be kind of a pain to wash by hand. Using a dishwasher basket, disassembling them to wash is not too problematic, but due to the hassle I rate it 4 instead of 5 stars.They do not seem to induce any gastric/gas issues in our little one beyond what we get with breastfeeding, so I think the extra pieces are worth it.We introduced the bottle at 4 weeks and did not experience any nipple confusion; our little one switches just fine between breast and bottle (usually once/day bottle) without showing any preference/aversion.

Tabitha Emma, MO

great bottles

I like the bottles. they are kind of time consuming to clean but the baby takes them very well and I like having the diffrent sizes so if I want less oz then I can use the smaller bottle. I love storing the breast milk in the bigger ones until we use it.

Sandy Mount Croghan, SC

Great product

Great deal and I love these bottles. Easier to hold than the bulky ones and the nipples are soft – that’s important for me…closer to the real thing for baby.

Reba Cleghorn, IA

Best bottle so far!

Absolutely love the bottles. Have about 9 of these – six 8oz and three 4oz. Will buy more 8o ones soon. Baby loves them – no gagging, no leaks, easy to assemble. Much better nipples when compared with the Phillips Avent Natural line. I didn’t like the Dr. Brown’s wide-neck ones as much – thought they were too wide. Love the Dr. Brown’s bottle warmer too!

Latanya Long Point, IL

Not so great compared to wide-neck

We really like Dr. Brown’s design. We don’t see any bubbles in the milk and the nipple is slow enough that our LO doesn’t choke on it like other brand.We decided to get the standard model after finding out its wide-neck are made in china. Sadly, our LO won’t take to the narrower nipple and design. The narrower neck also means harder mixing (if you are using powder)

Jenny Clyde Park, MT

Does the job but too many parts

The feeding bottles does the job in minimizing colic but it so cumbersome to clean/maintain/dry them. My wife prefers to use the Avent Natural flow bottles which my son likes more but I still use these from time to time.

Rowena Akiachak, AK

No nipple confusion!

I’m a first time mom and my lactation consultant recommended these bottles to me since I’ll be primarily breastfeeding. I just tried this bottle on my 3 week old son and he took to it perfectly. He’s been breastfeeding just fine since I introduced the bottle too. The way these bottles are set up seems like a great way to reduce air intake and they are a reasonable price. So far so good!

Isabella Harwood, ND

Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Bottle

Both children grew bottles and nipples of the firm. Very happy with purchase. Vent pipe works well. If washed immediately after use or even be soaked in warm water after use, lasts a long time. Transparent bottle without resunka, all clearly visible inside. Just like glass bottles from this company. Plastic we used outside.

Dionne Mineral Ridge, OH


I love these bottles. We are Breastfeeding but are at the point of transition to bottles. Our baby is taking to them with ease! The anti-colic system really makes a difference. My niece was using the Playtex vent-air and had severe issues with spit up. We gave her a Dr. Browns bottle to try and now she rarely spits up!

Mabel Burt, NY