Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Collection Bottles, 4 Count

Dr. Brown’s Breastmilk Collection Bottles, 4 Count

Dr. Brown’s BPA free 4-pack of Breastmilk Collection Bottles hold four ounces and fit Dr. Brown’s/Simplisse Double Electric or Manual breast pumps. Bottles each come with storage caps and can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. Dishwasher and sterilizer safe. Bottles are labeled Simplisse and work with Dr. Brown’s/Simplisse breast pumps.

Main features

  • Holds 4 ounces of breastmilk and can be used with all Dr. Brown’s/Simplisse breast pumps
  • Bottles are BPA free and clearly marked to measure milk volume
  • Bottles come with storage caps and can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer
  • Dishwasher and sterilizer safe
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Is really a 3 OUNCE BOTTLE.

Bottle has markings for ONLY THREE OUNCES. There is no 4 ounce marker, which is ridiculous since people use these also to make formula too. Formula is usually added for every 2ounces of water so you can’t make 2 or 4 ounces if you need to supplement your breastmilk. I need the bottles to be at least 4 ounce marked since my infant eats 4oz at a time. I can’t pump past 3 oz when pumping b/c I am unsure about that last oz.

Irene Martinsville, TX

can be used with playtex pump.

these are great. I have a the playtex embrace double pump and these fit perfectly. These are also a lot cheaper than the playtex bottles. They are lined up to 3 ozs but you can fit 4 ozs of milk in them. They have a solid, one piece lid so there is no chance of leaking. They took longer than I expected to arrive but they work so well that I still give them the 5 stars.

Luz Crimora, VA

good collection bottles

As stated in other reviews, these bottles say that they are 4 ounces but only have markings up to 3 ounces. I like that they are made in the USA which most products are not. They work well for my Ameda breast pump. I also use the Ameda bottles which are marked up to 4 ounces.

Yvette Ripley, TN

Love them!

These bottles are great! They are my favorite ones to pump into — they fit just fine on the Medela Pump in Style Advanced. The measurement markings are really good and they don’t leak. I’m about to get more so I can use them as milk storage.

Elisabeth Whiteclay, NE

Love them

These are great. Small, holds 4 oz, stores upright in the freezer so you don’t have to worry about bags falling over, and they are reusable (saving money on those expensive bags). I use a dry erase marker on the cap to label date and it wipes right off when done or washing. They are also compatible with Medela breast pumps and attach directly to the pump with no issues. Only drawback is, they are a bit pricey for 4 of them and since I don’t use expressed milk often, I end up needing 12-16 of the bottles to stock up. I just recommended these to my best friend who has just returned to work after 5 months of staying home with her little one and obviously needs to pump while working. She, too loves them as well. Overall… wonderful asset to a breastfeeding mother!!!

Sophia Jackson Springs, NC

ok for storage

I use these bottles to store breast milk in the freezer. I liked them because they had a one-piece cap, which is recommended to prevent leaks, promote better conservation of the milk and keep the milk clean and healthy. Like other reviewers have mentioned, they only had a line up to 3 oz. and the breast milk does expand when frozen so i don’t use them up to 4oz for that reason. I wish they would be a little bigger, other than that they are great. I should also mention that the plastic they are made of feels more sturdy than other bottles.

Juanita Reads Landing, MN

Great for collecting milk

I use these containers with my Medela Pump in Style and they fit perfectly. They are great when I just need to pump a smaller amount since they only hold 3 ounces. I personally can pump over 10 ounces in 15 minutes so for those occasions, I can’t use these bottles because they’re too small. But when I just need to pump before a feeding or only have about 5 minutes to pump, these work great.

Queen San Francisco, CA

Great breast milk bottle

These bottles fit right on the Simplisse pump, they are perfectly sized 4oz. They are really easy to clean and just have a nice look and feel compared to others I have use.

Tiffany Red Rock, AZ

great for BM storage

These bottles worked for me. I love the size they are compact for travel, easy to clean, don’t leak, and the lids fit my medela bottles. They are marked to 3oz or 90 ml, but hold 4oz when filled to the neck for freezing. They fit on my Medela pump in style advanced On-the-Go Tote, I have pumped directly into them and they work just fine. When attached to the pump the yellow valves of the breastshield protrude down into the bottle leaving less space to pump a full 4 oz into the bottle. I primarily used my medela bottles (I had 5 bottles) to pump. Any milk not used by the end of the day, was frozen in these bottles (I had 15 simplisse bottles).I do not feed my LO from these bottles so can’t comment of feeding. These bottles are stamped Made in USA. I recommend these bottlesI have also used 5oz First Essentials bottles from target for pumping, very affordable (3 bottles for 2.50). They don’t come with lids but these lids, Dr Brown’s lids, and medela lids fit them. Also great for BM storage. These bottles are also stamped Made in the USA.I recommend these bottles.

Jeannie Lyons, IL

Product is what I needed

Bought these as additional collection bottles for my Dr. Browns breast pump. They are exactly what I needed — especially since I don’t pump more than 3 ounces of milk per side per session.

Genevieve Victoria, MS


Bought these to fit into the Playtex fride to go bottle holder for when I’m pumping away from home. They 4 bottles fit perfectly so was excited about that. Only negative would be that it HOLDS 4 oz but only has marks up to 3 oz.

Melba Denair, CA

Great little bottles

These will fit onto your medela pump parts. I like them because they are not as long as the medela 80ml storage bottles. You can also use them with the Dr. Browns 2oz bottle parts.

Audra Glentana, MT

3 oz. not 4!

When they came I got so annoyed. They are sold as 4 oz bottles and the measure only shows up to 3 oz. # oz is too much for smaller kids and too little for bigger ones, and when I pay for 4 I want 4 not 3.

Dominique Buffalo, NY


Bought these to mix baby formula in, they work great for so many other things!! Taking any liquid you need with you!Spill proof!! LOVE!!

Chandra Bethany, IL

Suits working mum

They are cery nice bottles. Good quality. Good price too. Looks small, but Hold up to 120ml. Suits working mum. Highly recommoned.

Sharlene Nashport, OH