Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Wide Neck Bottle Starter Kit – 3 pack

Dr. Brown’s Deluxe Wide Neck Bottle Starter Kit – 3 pack

Dr. Brown’s bottles feature a patented internal vent that reduces air bubbles that can cause fluid in your baby’s ears. The Dr. Brown’s system also reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas. The deluxe wide-neck design makes bottles easier for little hands to grip and hold. Kit includes one 8-oz. wide-neck bottle, two 4-oz. wide-neck bottles, two level-2 replacement nipples, a cleaning brush and instructions. Bottles feature easy-to-read level gauges and connect directly to breast pumps. Bottles are plastic. Nipples are silicone. Hand wash. Made in USA.

Main features

  • Patented system reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Internal vent prevents air bubbles in milk and formula
  • Deluxe wide-neck design is easier for little hands to grip
  • Connects directly to breast pumps
  • Includes one 8 ounce and two 4 ounce wide-neck bottles and two level 2 replacement nipples

Verified reviews


Best Bottles!

My husband and I originally tried the Avent bottles after several recommendations from previous users and after doing some research on our own. However, we switched to Dr. Brown’s when our son began suffering from gas and nipple confusion, since I am nursing. We can’t express how much we LOVE the Dr. Brown’s bottles. Our son’s gas IMMEDIATELY disappeared and he no longer suffered from nipple confusion. The Avent nipples are TOO HARD for a breastfed baby. Dr. Brown’s bottles are the BEST BOTTLES ON THE MARKET! We’ll use them with our next baby and will recommend to them to ANYONE that will listen.

Phoebe South Heights, PA


This bottle starter kit is wonderful to have. It also comes with 2 nipples for cereal later on when your baby is old enough to take it. I don’t mind cleaning the little parts with the pipe brush that comes in this pack. It’s not like rocket science. My husband doesn’t like the tubing, but he’s only had to wash them once, so the other bottles were easy for him. Proves he didn’t read the directions I asked him to go over. (Great way to see if your man pays attention, give him directions with anything to do with Baby!) I love the wide neck bottle feature. GOD bless whoever thought of that. It is sooooo much easier to poor in breastmilk or formula into these than regular ones.The only drawback you might have is the directions tell you when you add formula, shake before adding tubing to prevent clogs. I have noticed this to be true. Just stir or shake well (make sure you cover the opening and not just put the top on like my hubby), and then place tubing in. Shake once more to be certain, and voila! Feed.My daughter is now 5 months and I could count on one hand how many times she has spit up. Great to prevent colic, (I don’t even know what colic is )(THANK GOD!), fussiness from gas, and spit up.I give these bottles5 STARS

Simone Long Branch, TX

Love these bottles!

We used Dr. Brown’s bottles with our first daughter, and now will do so with our second as well. Both kids are gassy babies, so these are especially great for us. The wide-necks are great because there is much less spillage when you are putting formula/breast milk in them. They are simple to put together, and it only takes a few extra seconds vs. a “regular” bottle. The only downside I really know of is that there are more parts to clean, but that’s not really a big deal, especially if you use the dishwasher.

Juana Alkol, WV

best bottles around – forget the rest!

When my son was born, we tried sampling bottles from several different manufacturers, including Evenflo, Triflow, Avent, etc. Dr Brown’s bottles really are the best in preventing gas, bottle leakage, and flow problems. We ended up throwing all other bottles away. I had read other reviews about the small parts being difficult to wash, but I don’t really have a problem with that. We don’t have a dishwasher and I end up hand washing everything. Each set of bottles comes with a tiny brush for getting into the small spaces for the inner parts to the bottles; and a regular bottle brush works fine with the bottles themselves. I can wash and fill 9 bottles in under 20 minutes (perfect timing when putting my son down for a nap). My only suggestion is to bypass getting 4 oz bottles and go right for the 8 oz bottles. We started off with the 4 oz bottles and now, at 3 months old, our son is already up to 6 oz at a feeding. So, we had to pack away the 4oz bottles and go out and buy a bunch of the larger size.

Lauren Pixley, CA


These bottles worked wonders for my son! They are great for gassy and colicy babies! And no matter what anyone says I have been using them for 16 months now and have never had a leak unless you don’t pull the nipple in all the way, which any bottle will leak if you don’t put the nipple in all the way. Out of all the bottles I tried these are the best! THEY ARE DEFINITELEY WORTH THE FEW EXTRA DOLLARS!

Ruth Northbridge, MA