Dr. Brown’s Designed To Nourish 2 Pack Feeding Bowls, Colors May Vary

Dr. Brown’s Designed To Nourish 2 Pack Feeding Bowls, Colors May Vary

From meal preparation, to feeding time, to food storage, Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish system will help you to create nutritious beginnings that help lead to a healthy future. Feeding bowls have extra depth for less spills and easy feeding which is perfect size for toddler portions and it comes with non skid base too. Nutritionist and mom designed to promote healthy habIt is and it includes bonus toddler feeding guide and recipe booklet for babies 6 months and above.

Main features

  • Extra depth for less spills and easy feeding
  • Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors: green/purple or red/yellow or blue/orange
  • Nutritionist and mom designed to promote healthy habits
  • Includes bonus feeding stages chart and recipe
  • Non skid base and BPA free

Verified reviews


Good quality but not microwave safe

I like all DR. Browns products but I was disappointed these are not microwave safe which didn’t help me out in warming anything up. Makes for extra dishes. I would rather spend the same amount on another brand that can be microwaved.

Diana Summerlee, WV

Great bowls

I bought two sets of these since they are the best I have found at not sliding around the table top when my child is eating. They have held up pretty well even with dishwasher use. Although I did find a weird bubble in the plastic in one of them recently. My husband swears he didn’t put it in the microwave but I have my doubts…

Glenda Crystal Hill, VA

Surprisingly Useful

This purchase was a surprise success. I’ve been looking for the right bowl to use when feeding my 6-month-old. He just started eating baby cereal/food and it’s been a challenge finding a bowl that fits in my hand comfortably while feeding a 6-mo-old who can’t sit still. Some bowls I’ve tried were too small, too big, too wide, no grip, too much grip, too bulky, too many handles, weird shaped, crappy material, etc.This bowl holds the right amount of food to feed my LO. I didn’t know what the “dot” sticking off the top of the bowl would be used for when I was buying it but NOW I GET IT. The “dot” tab lets me keep a grip on the bowl so it is stable especially when baby swipes at it. The wide flat bottom keeps it from tipping over when I set it down with a spoon in it. Baby cereal doesn’t have much weight to it so even a full bowl of baby cereal doesn’t weigh more than the long infant feeding spoons I use, so small bowls tend to tip over even with cereal in it.I’m glad it came in a two-pack. We use these bowls all the time. These bowl have withstood being washed in the dishwasher everyday the past 6 months. Because they are white, they do stain from the red and orange baby foods. I just soak it in dish soap or squirt a little clorox/water solution before i put it in the dishwasher. Use a soft dish sponge when washing because the scouring sponges really scratch the bowl.I am very happy with these bowls and highly recommend them for feeding baby who has started solids.

Kimberly Bazine, KS

best bowls

I love these bowls. They are non-slip and that has saved me from many potential food disasters. They have a rubber tab that makes the bowl easy to hold. They even rinse clean really easily.

Tricia Williamsburg, PA


Nice bowls! I like the little circle tab on the edge of the bowl, makes for easy holding of the bowl so your fingers don’t end up in the bowl.

Linda Austin, CO

Nice and sturdy

Basic bowls that are nice and sturdy. You can’t use them in the microwave. I’ve looked at other bowls and these seem to be of better quality.

Megan Milmay, NJ

Better priced @Marshalls

personally I havent used them so cant speak to how they work but just wanted to add this review to let other know that they are priced much less at marshalls or tj max.same with all the dr brown feeding bowls.but none of them are microwave safe beware

Luisa Pescadero, CA

too shallow

I have to say, I was very exited getting those little bowls but they completely didn’t meet my expectations. I have a 7.5 month old one and they are almost too small for him. When I am mixing his food in it, it would keep spilling. In addition, it’s almost impossible to warm up food in it by putting in a hot water because the bowl its too shallow. Quality wise it’s good.

Bettie Mount Croghan, SC