Dr. Brown’s Designed To Nourish Flexpods Storage Jars and Stackable Freezer Trays

Dr. Brown’s Designed To Nourish Flexpods Storage Jars and Stackable Freezer Trays

770 Features: -Convenient for food preparation and storage.-Each air-tight silicone pod holds up to 3 ounces of baby food.-Pop frozen food out of each flexible storage pod in an instant.-Nutritionist and Mom designed to promote healthy habits. Color/Finish: -6 Colorful food storage pods come with stackable freezer tray. Dimensions: -3.2″ H x 8.5″ W x 7.1″ D, 1 lb.

Main features

  • Includes 6 food storage pods and 1 stackable freezer tray
  • Convenient for food preparation and storage
  • Each air-tight silicone pod holds up to 3 ounces of baby food
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


mommy favorite

These are my fav on the go snack container for my toddler. I love that they stack and I do not have to search through the diaper bag for several different containers. I wish they came in slightly bigger size that grows with toddlers ( my son is 20 months and sometimes the portion is not enough) Still have had a lot of use out of them. They clean good but sometimes they absorb the smell of the food and that is hard to get out. Durable. But fruit goes bad in them fast. ( for some reason strawberries and blueberries have had an issue) But overall pretty good value.

Christian Olla, LA

Baby Food Storage

Perfect size for a puree snack. Also bought the OXO Tot 12 Piece Baby Block Set (w/ green lids) and I think I prefer that over this mainly because the lids are sealed a lot tighter and more secure (durable) than the Dr. Brown’s.

Adrian Chocorua, NH

Love making my sons food

It is so easy and fun to make my babies food. These pods make it even easier. I even get a lot of compliments from daycare that the food comes out clean and easy whether frozen or soft. I highly recommend this! I also use them for individual servings of formula when we are out and about and cut up finger foods for a perfect snack whether we are out or he is going to daycare. Lots of uses for this product!

Casey Mc Kinnon, WY


i bought these to freeze and store my homemade baby food in once i needed a bigger size than an ice cube tray. the size is good, but the jars themselves are lame. the lids do NOT stay on, don’t create a good seal, and frozen food came out with a freezer burn smell. also, frozen food does not come out easily and i can’t tell you how many fingernails i’ve broken trying to pop a cube of frozen peas out. the silicon itself retains smells and even portions placed in the fridge just over night come out smelling funny. the only successful usage for me was to use these only to freeze a large batch overnight, and transfer the frozen cubes to a ziplock bag within a day or get the freezer burn smell. to get the food out i had to let them thaw for a for minutes to really release from the sides of the jars. whatever you’re looking for, keep looking.

Joanne Clara, MS


used every day and perfect for stacking in the fridge. colour codes are fun for toddlers and tired parents remembering what went into the jars.

Alisa Sudlersville, MD

Great product

I love these, they are a great size both for storage and for feeding right out of the pods. I like them better than the Bebea trays with the lids b/c these allow you to individually package the food and defrost them one by one without having to pop the food out like ice cubes into a bowl for feeding.

Keisha Palmer, MA

I like these little pots

Fun, simple little pots. Nice size and keep food fresh. May buy a few more. Love Dr. Browns products. Great for heating in warmer too.

Zelda Bryant, WI

Just fine- cute & small

I make my baby food. She is now 7 months and I find these already to be too small. She only started solids at 6 months so one month is not long enough to get proper use of 1 item.I find it to be much more cost effective to puree food, freeze in ice trays, then pop out into freezer bags and put into bowls in fridge each week.I thought these would be perfect for my weekly batch. BUT;Too small!They are an awkward shape so I can only fit one ice cube size in each cup.Flexible design feels nice in my hand.I will continue to use but wish they were larger.

Young Paulding, MS

Great Product!

I initially bought two sets of these for my twins. They are the perfect serving size for one meal. I have had no problems with the lid coming off. I have frozen some of them and they thaw just fine in the refrigerator. The only thing that did not work for me…it says they are flexible so that you can pop the food out when it is frozen. I could not pop the food out when frozen. I had to put the whole thing in the fridge to thaw. I love the fact that you can stack these and they fit neatly in the fridge or freezer. I have since bought 2 more sets!

Stacie Danvers, MN

Serves the purpose

I purchased this item for a much cheaper price in the clearance section of Marshall’s. Perhaps I would be less satisfied with this product had I spent the $20 for which it is currently retailing. However, I have to say that we like these little BPA free containers. They serve our purpose and while you can purchase little coordinating Dr. Brown’s "Dots" stickers to go on the lid, we just use typical clear gift wrap tape and write the date and contents on the tape. 3 oz. is a fair size that is consistent with many of the smaller packs of baby food (Gerber 1st foods come in 2.5 oz. and Plum 1st foods come in 3 oz.) but I suspect that it won’t be long until my 8 month old will be eating more than one container per meal. I did not experience the yellow discoloration noted by other reviewers.

Claire Buckner, KY

Get the job done

Great storage, gets the job done. The only downside if having to be careful not to squeeze the container too hard or else the top pops off.

Florence Napoleon, MO


I love the ability to travel with each jar. I take my son to the nanny and its so easy to carry. I love this product.

Geneva Bridgewater, MI


I have not used this product yet, but I love the stylish look and the flexible container. Can’t wait to put them in use soon!

Martha Phillips, NE

LOVE these!!!

These are perfect for storing home made baby food!! The flexible cup makes it easy to pop the frozen food right out of the container!! They stack neatly in my freezer and go from freezer to diaper bag quickly and easily! Definitely worth every penny!!!

Virginia Leiter, WY

perfect portions

I love the tray, which keeps them organized in the freezer. I divide my meal in seven portions for the whole week. I feed my son one portion and freeze the rest in these containers. The food comes out very easily when frozen, but I thaw it in the fridge and heat it in a skillet.

Kristine Sauk Rapids, MN

Works for us

I like the 3oz size because I like to give my baby a variety of fruit and vegetable at his lunch and dinner– so I use 2 instead of just mixing everything up into one. I have found the containers clean easily– even with pureed carrots inside, and have not left any aftertaste so far. I have used them "to go" in an insulated lunch bag and have not had problems with the lid popping off yet. My other favorite container are Wean Green- come in a variety of sizes, but I continue to use these for the "dessert" fruit/ snack.

Alissa Conway, NC

Convenient and useful

Not only can you use this for storage, but it also can be used in multiple settings where you are feeding baby. Love the colors and clean design.

Paige New Bloomington, OH


These are great little cups and a good size for second foods. They are very easy to clean. I can see how the tops would pop off because they don’t screw on, but if you’re not squeezing them, they stay on (I put a rubber band around just to be safe). The pods tend to get discolored after a few uses, but this doesn’t bother me. I do homemade baby food that I freeze in ice cube trays and my only complaint is that it is a bit difficult to fit three 1 oz. cubes of food into the 3 oz. container (not to mention trying to stir food in the container without spilling it); I end up defrosting the food first in a bowl and then putting it in the pod, which isn’t the most efficient.

Tasha New Bedford, IL

perfect storage & serving size

I make all our baby food and bought 3 sets of these. They stack perfect in the freezer and the food pops out easily. the size is perfect for a portion and the different color lids help identify what foods are inside (I use a homemade chart on the freezer). masking tape works too to put the contents and date right on the lid. They easily defrost too. Love these!!

Catherine Denair, CA

Love this!

I bought these to hold the baby food that I am making for my daughter. I really like that the pods are flexible, but I do wish that they had some way of labeling the dates.

Kari Courtland, CA