Dr. Brown’s Designed To Nourish My Dot Storage Labels, 72-Count, Colors May Vary

Dr. Brown’s Designed To Nourish My Dot Storage Labels, 72-Count, Colors May Vary

From meal preparation, to feeding time, to food storage, Dr. Brown’s Designed to Nourish system will help you to create nutritious beginnings that help lead to a healthy future. Totally there are 72 removable labels for bottle and food storage and it is features with microwave and freezer safe. Inside each package there are 12 labels each of the colors such as Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple.

Main features

  • 72 removable labels for bottle and food storage
  • Microwave and freezer safe
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


I like…

I have only one complaint about these labels: you can’t use certain pens, because the ink just wears off. I started using a sharpee. Other than that, I think these are great and I would recommend them.

Mable Plankinton, SD

Great with Medela bottles too

I bought these to label bottles for the freezer and daycare. I use Medela’s 2 and 4 ounce size bottles and these dots work perfectly. They are very easy to remove but stay on in the freezer. A permanent marker works best on them as other pens tend to smudge. A great product!

Darla Sabina, OH

Dr Browns Lables are wonderful!

I bought a half dozen packets for my little lady starting daycare, as we had to mark her bottles and the tops with her name, type of content and date. Once she started I noticed that I only had to change the date daily, so I went out and bought a cheap box of alchohol swabs from Walgreens and just carefully wiped off the dates every day. The Lables went through the dishwasher dozens of times fine and when they started to start to look ratty I replaced them. Out of the original 6 packets I still have 5 left! So definitely buy these lables as they are great, but try the alchohol swab before you buy more than you need!

Lorna Summit Hill, PA

Great idea!

Great for breast feeding. I never want to pump a bottle and then need to throw it away because I don’t know how old it is. Works well withEvenflo 3 Pack Classic Glass Bottle, 4-Ounce.

Shelby Muscle Shoals, AL

Good to label breastmilk bottles for day care

I used these to label pumped breast milk in evenflo bottles with Dr Browns replacement disks in the caps. They worked perfectly for freezer storage and also for day care.

Dee Fort Mcdowell, AZ

Great labels!

I was worried about these sticking to my containers after being in the freezer for a few months, but sure enough they came off easily and left no residue! Highly recommended. I use them to label baby food when I freeze it.

Gina Charter Oak, IA

Great labels for daycare!

I am so gland I found these labels!It’s perfect for daycare use! I hated to use regular paper labels because once the bottle was soaked in the water, it was so hard to wash this sticky residue from the bottle. These labels are coming off nicely without leaving anything on the bottle!I also use it for labeling breast milk containers (plastic bottles) – it fits caps for Gerber and Medela bottles perfect! I didn’t try to use it in the freezer, so I am not sure how good it’s for freezing.I wish these labels were a bit bigger, so it would be easier to write child’s name and date on it.If you need to prepare bottles for your baby’s daycare every day, try these labels!

Lacey Lexa, AR

use for baby food

I use these for 4 oz containers to freeze and store homemade baby food. They are great for labeling the date and contents. I love the circular design as they fit perfectly on the tops of my square containers.

Betsy Ashley, OH


These are great solutions for daycare!! I don’t just use them on bottles, I also use them to label his lunch container, snack, containers, etc. I actually leave them on the bottles when I sterilize them and they would still be there afterwords. They are very durable, yet they don’t leave a mark when you remove them.

Fannie Seville, GA

Very useful!

I use these all the time after pumping. They have been a total life saver. My only complaint is that you have to use a Sharpie to write on them, but that isn’t even a big deal.

Sabrina Letcher, KY

Good stickers, they hold up even after a cycle in the dishwasher

I liked the last batch of Dr. Brown’s stickers better than this one. These tend to be difficult to get off the paper and often they have to be ripped off the main sheet and manipulated off. Other than that, they hold up well and I have been able to reuse them, which is nice.

Minerva Amissville, VA

Great for labeling milk

These worked great on my milk bottles…they were easy to peel off as well. Definitely label your milk because you won’t remember when you pumped it…sleep deprivation does that 🙂

Tracy Short Creek, WV

love! Fits bottles and baby food jars perfectly- removes easily!

These labels are great! I use them for labeling bottles for daycare. they remove easily and leave no sticky residue behind. I love these labels! they also fit glass jar baby food perfectly!

Marietta Two Harbors, MN

Easy to remove labels!

These labels are like the holy grail of labels – easy to write on, and easy to remove. I needed something to label my son’s bottles every day at day care and these fit the bill. I didn’t want to fool around with tape or printer labels that would get sticky and be difficult to remove. These are so easy to use! I haven’t seen these at Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby and I’m surprised, because they are an amazing product.

Ester Frederick, CO

These are the best labels, hands down.

Perfect for labeling things for daycare, as well as homemade baby food for the freezer. If you don’t need to put a date on them, and you use a Sharpie, you can actually leave them on the container and they’ll stand some hand-washing. Best part is how easily they come off when you want them to.

Tonia Omaha, AR

Great for daycare

Stays on bottles for daycare, but comes off easily for new sticker. I write childs name, date and even bottle number as im supplementing with formula and want the breast milk to be given first.

Latisha Banks, AR


These are easy to use and the stick well. They also peel off easily enough that you don’t have white tape residue stuck to your tupperware!

Patty Marquez, TX


love these to mark the dates on the milk i pump so daycare will know which to use first! Great and come off easy for clean up

Araceli Goffstown, NH

Expensive but less so if you reuse them

They freeze well. They hold up to water well. We also re-use them 2-3 times at least to save money. Just keep the little pieces of paper they adhere to and stick them back on when you’re done. A fine point permanent marker is a necessity to write with on these.

Juliette Hodges, AL

Easy to remove, even after they’re wet

As the other reviewers said, these are great for daycare because they don’t leave a gooey residue behind after you remove them, even if they get wet, which is inevitable unless you’re the bottle police. I am not.I only wish they were a little cheaper since we have to label EVERYTHING that he takes. 4 bottles/containers a day, 5 times a week? Ouch!

Mamie Belmont, MS

No problems

These are great. They stay on but can be removed easily. I’ve had no problem with them in the freezer. Use a marker to write on them – a pen will not do it.

Kristin Paris, TX

Love these!

I am a big fan of making my own baby food. I find that it is easy to do and not that time consuming…if you plan accordingly.I LOVE these labels. They are easy to write on, and they come right off. An easy way to keep everything labeled, especially when your freezer contains only baby food and breast milk!! Helps keep in organized.I will be buying more when these run out!

Delores Wakarusa, IN

Sticky but not too sticky

These are perfect! They’re sticky and they stick to baby bottles, but they can be easily removed and the best part is they don’t leave a sticky adhesive residue.My daycare requires I put my baby’s name on all baby bottles, so for that I bought inchbug labels, personalized, but I use these because daycare also requires I note date/time/and ounces on all breastmilk bottles. So these allow me to note that information and easily remove them at the end of the day when the bottles are empty.I was using painters tape for a while so I wouldn’t have the sticky mess, but these are so much easier and neater. They’re the perfect solution.FYI, there are about 5 different colors in the package, so they won’t all be blue, or whatever color shows on top of the package. The colors vary. Love these!

Kathi Shelby, AL

okay but pricey

save your money and buy regular avery removable labels, where you get a few hundred more stickers for less money. Just b/c they have dr brown’s name on it, they jack up the price.

Deena Newfoundland, NJ

Great for Daycare Bottles

These are easy to write on and stick to bottles very nicely. What’s even better is that they peel off easily as well and don’t leave any residue behind. They are perfect for labeling bottles for the daycare. Love them!

Rosetta Springville, CA


I use these to label my home made baby food. They are easy to stick on and tear off. Have never had a problem with them leaving residue on anything. Good purchase.

Brooke Alhambra, CA

just right for pumped milk

Love these stickers, easy to write on, and the labels come off easily after use while washing. I plan to use these on homemade baby food as well.

Sondra Commodore, PA

Difficult to reuse

These are handy but writing on them is a nightmare, but only if you are trying to reuse them. Once the label goes through a dishwasher cycle, pens are a hit or miss. Sometimes they would work and sometimes not. May be they are not made to be reused but given i like to reuse and recycle, i try to reuse these atleast once to not generate unnecessary waste. Usually simple bic pens work for me but after they have been washed, sometimes, only sharpie works, which I don’t like on food container so I have to use a new one. not a big deal, but if you like to reuse things, keep that in mind.

Rachael Malta, MT


these are pretty easy to use and come off containers clean. However, it would be nice if they were a little easier to get off the paper backing. The stickers and backing are both creased so it is difficult to get the stickers off. Other than that they work easy.I would also recommend a sharpie. A regular pen comes off easy and ink gets everywhere.

Jillian Odon, IN

Wonderful labels

I use these everyday to label my son’s bottles for daycare. I love that they peal off without hassle or mess.

Liz Somonauk, IL