Dr. Brown’s Disposable Breast Pads, 60 Count

Dr. Brown’s Disposable Breast Pads, 60 Count

Dr. Brown’s 60-pack Disposable Breast Pads provide a layer of confidence for every breastfeeding mom. They effectively absorb nipple moisture and prevent leakage through clothing. The super-thin design (two times thinner than other pads) prevents unsightly bulkiness. They are designed and constructed with 3 special layers (no chemical polymers), all materials biodegradable. Pads seamlessly contour to the natural shape of the bra and therefore do not require any sticky adhesive. One size fits all – perfect for moms on the go. Made in the USA.

Main features

  • Absorbs nipple moisture and prevents leakage through clothing
  • Super-thin design (two times thinner than other pads) prevents unsightly bulkiness, designed and constructed with 3 special layers (no chemical polymers); biodegradable
  • Seamlessly contours to natural shape of bra; no sticky adhesive required
  • One size fits all
  • Made in the USA

Verified reviews


Very thin and absorbent

These pads are nice when you have a slimmer fitting shirt on and you don’t want the bulge of your nursing pads showing through. They are surprisingly absorbent too given how thin they are. The only down side is that in the dark (nighttime nursing) it is hard to tell which side is the side that goes against the skin without taking a few seconds to examine it. That being said, I would definitely buy these again.

Isabelle Evergreen, CO


These are soft, very thin and comfortable! They will not hold up if you are a heavy leaker and they for sure will not hold up over night. But these are nice for everyday use when you are able to nurse or pump on schedule.

Monique West Portsmouth, OH

Really uncomfortable pads!

Thin but not invisible. Flat with no shape at all. Hurt nipples cuz of weird surface and material. Dont buy! Safe your money. Buy Evenflow!

Francesca Fort Walton Beach, FL

Very thin, but don’t have adhesive and fold under the bra

I like that the pads are thin (just for mild occasional leakage after 3 months) and contoured to the breast, they never were seen under my bra even with summer clothes. Although, I love that they are made in the USA.However, they don’t stay in place, move about and fold under the bra which is not convenient, you have to fiz them all the time. Also, with some types of bra they stick out on the edges… I don’t have time at work to think about fixing my pads, so I’ll have to buy something with adhesive next time like Lansinoh (although I don’t like them, they are too think)If they make this brand with some sort of adhesive tape, I would buy them again

Ramona Forest, OH

I like them

I tried these pads and the Lansinoh pads as well and prefer these. They are much thinner than the Lansinoh pads, and yet, I never had any leakage issues. Also, I like that they are not individually wrapped as I can just grab them and go. No adhesive to mess with either which I prefer. I can see how some would prefer the Lansinoh but I prefer these and will stick with them.

Mari Goodells, MI

Make great coasters

I’ve been trying several pads and these are definitely the lowest on my list. They’re thin, but that’s all that’s nice about them.The pattern of the pads feel uncomfortable on the nipples, the pads don’t stay in place and the folds of the pad show through my bra, making it look really weird, as if I stuffed paper in my bra.I wish I had known, I have way too many now.I might use them as coasters for a summer picnic.

Maryann Easton, TX

Stay In Place Overnight!

I was trying various different nursing pads and so I ordered these to give them a try. I’m so glad I did! Super thin and undetectable under clothing, and the only ones I’ve found that stay with me overnight as things shift around….

Tania Belle Chasse, LA

Does the Job but Not Discreet

They don’t really fit to your breast, so when I wear them under a thin tank top or bra you can see the edges.

Margie Leslie, AR

There are better breast pads.

Pros: thin, doesn’t stick too bad when creams are on nipple, no tape stripsCons: not smooth under clothes, not individually wrapped, not very absorbent at allI like Simplisse Nipple Cream so I thought I’d try the pads. I’m going back to Lansinoh or trying another brand. They are just OK. I do like the thinness of them, but that’s about the best thing to say about them. They look horrible under clothing. They do not mold to the shape of my breast at all and although I don’t leak much, they feel very wet with even the slightest moisture, probably because they are so thin and not much absorbent material is in them. The texture to them helps that a little. They aren’t terrible, I just don’t see myself buying these again and can’t recommend them.

Sherri Amanda, OH

Feels very “plasticky”

I sometimes can’t tell which side is supposed to be the absorbent side! I wanted to like these, but I just don’t.

Muriel Auburn, MA

Best disposable nursing pads ever

These are the best nursing pads I’ve come across! There’s no sticky stuff on the back, and they are VERY thin but still absorbent.I’ve tried every other brand — Medea, lansinoh, evenflo, nuk, etc… And these win every time. These are not individually wrapped and are just inserted into your bra. Very quick and easy. They do not come folded either, which is a huge plus for me.I’ve never had any issues using these; I plan to continue using them until I’m done nursing.

Angela Malmstrom A F B, MT

My favorite disposable

Tried several others, but this one is my fave. Low on waste, and seem to do the job for me. They also don’t have the odd smells some of the others tend to have and are WAY less bulky. Sometimes they do shift, but for me, this isn’t a horrible thing.

Antonia Chase Mills, NY

Perfect pads for established daytime use

These pads are exactly what I need for daytime use. After three months of breastfeeding I’m not leaking during the day, so I only use them “just-in-case” or for use on the opposite side while I’m nursing. They are very thin and discrete, and more comfortable than thicker pads with itchy lining like Medela. The only downside is that they leave a funny waffle pattern on your breasts due to their texture – but baby doesn’t seem to mind and no one else is looking! I don’t recommend these for nighttime use though – even at this point I need something thicker overnight so I use the Ameda ones.

Hillary Cedar Glen, CA

Too thin

I didn’t like these breast pads at all compared to the avent ones. i tried them out bcuz they were cheap but they are too thin and not very absorbant. I would not reccomend. They need a new design!

Freida Jefferson, CO

Super thin, great for minor to moderate leakage

These are vastly different than the previous type of breast pads I was using (Lansinoh). I was looking for something that wouldn’t turn into a lumpy mess after flipping them down with my nursing bra to nurse. These fit that bill — they’re VERY thin, and they do conform to the breast nicely, as long as your breasts aren’t too pointy. There is no adhesive, but as long as I wear these with a supportive/close-fitting bra, they seem to stay in place.The shortcoming of these is that while they’re very absorptive, if you leak enough to saturate them they’ll ooze out the edges, because the edges are not sealed. So once the pads are saturated, you may get petal shaped rings of dampness oozing out from the pad edges. To be fair, this was only a problem for me in the first week or three of nursing, until my supply regulated, and then again when I started back at work and had to get the hang of finding time to pump. But htese are great for those who don’t leak a ton, or for brief wearing periods. Also note that since they don’t have adhesive, they may flip out of your nursing bra when you drop the cups to nurse. That’s easily remedied with some double sided garment tape (likeBRAZA S1009 Body & Clothing Double Sided Flash Tape), however.Edited to add: I also find that when I wear these for longer stretches, they sometimes stick to my nipples, making them a little painful to remove, and they leave small fibers stuck to my nipples. I also have the same difficulty that another reviewer noted — it can be difficult to figure out which side goes to the breast if you’re in a low-light situation.

Anna Bellefontaine, MS