Dr. Brown’s Formula Caddy Bottle, 8 Ounce

Dr. Brown’s Formula Caddy Bottle, 8 Ounce

The Dr. Brown’s Formula Caddy is great for travel and on‐the‐go feedings. Three internal compartments in the caddy each hold enough formula to prepare an 8 ounce/ 240 ml bottle. The spout top can be inverted to function like a funnel when pouring formula into the caddy, and the pour spout fits the neck of any size baby bottle for no‐mess pours. The slim design of the formula caddy fits better in diaper bags and strollers, so it is easy to carry along anywhere mom goes. The two‐piece design is top‐rack dishwasher safe. The Dr. Brown’s Formula Caddy is BPA Free and made in the United States.

Main features

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  • Great for travel and on the go feedings
  • Three internal compartments in the caddy each hold enough formula to prepare an 8 ounce/240ml bottle
  • The spout top can be inverted to function like a funnel when pouring formula into the caddy
  • Slim design fits better in diaper bags and strollers
  • BPA free, made in the United States, dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Works good but a little big!

I purchased this formula dispenser along with the Munchkin one, and I do like this dispenser but I like the Munchkin one better.PROS: Lid stays on nice and tight so no worries about spillsLid turns easily to pick which section to dispense fromShape makes it so it can fit into cup holdersDomed lid so formula dispenses easily without making a messCONS: Kind of big (esp. compared to munchkin one) so it takes up more room indiaper bagMore expensive than Munchkin dispenser plus you don’t get the bonus singledispenser***All in all it works good, but it is just a matter of preference in terms of what shape you like better.

Arline Rockland, ME

This caddy is great!

This is a great product!Pros:1. The shape of the bottle makes it fit easily wherever you would normally fit a plastic cup.2. Since the lid doubles as a funnel when you’re filling it up, it prevents the formula powder from going everywhere.3. The notches on the lid and the caddy are easy to line up so you know which compartment you are pouring from and it completely prevents leaks from the other two compartments.Cons:1. It has three compartments, and I wish that it had at least four. Not much to complain about, though!

Brooke Gayville, SD

Not useful for me

I don’t like this caddy. It’s awkward and isn’t helpful. The powder gets stuck on the bottom and it’s hard to open and close. I would not recommend this.

Greta Brewton, AL

BEST formula shaker EVER.

I ordered this after reading review after review, and I am so very happy I did. I’ve tried all the shakers I could buy at my local box stores and none of them worked well. I had trouble with getting all the formula out when making a bottle as well as issues with formula falling out (ugh, expensive!) when lids were not tight enough. This caddy is shaped differently than others, takes up a bit more room in the diaper bag but is totally worth it. I’ve bought a second one for my mother in law to use while she is spending quality time with her grandson!

Etta Peterstown, WV

this is the best

after trying so many formula caddy’s this one is the best. A tirck when pouring is dont try to dump it and hit it, dump it turn and dump agian until all the formula is out

Effie Chalk Hill, PA

Fits in diaper bag pockets well!

I really like this design. I gave it 4 stars b/c it takes a little extra work to dump formula out then the rounder containers. I like how this sits up vs just throwing the rounder container in the diaper bag. I just wish it poured out easier.

Regina Blanco, TX

Just what I was looking for.

Enough room to store 4 scoops (an 8 ounce bottles worth) of formula in each portion of the container. The funnel top is nice, but you’ll still need to knock it around a little to get it all out. The lid and snap are both snug, so I’m not worried about any formula spilling in the diaper bag. Very pleased with my purchase!

Elma Hazel Green, KY

a must for babies on the go

This caddy fits in the diaper bag and is convenient and easy to use. We use it for dry formula, but could easily be used for mixed formula as well.

Christie Gwynedd, PA

Great concept – wish it was dishwasher safe

Decent price, works great, keeps it dry and separated. Just wish it was dishwasher safe – or sterilizer bag safe. hand washing and soaking will eventually not be enough to keep it clean, and I will be forced to buy another one. with any luck, the kid will outgrow the formula by then.

Nina Spanishburg, WV

Love this dispenser!

This is the best formula dispenser we’ve tried. It’s perfect for outings but we also use it at home to make bottle prep faster and easier.Pros:- Formula stays in the compartment it is supposed to stay in.- The cap is difficult to remove which makes it perfect to put into your diaper bag without worrying- The cap easily twists to access the formula.- All the powder comes out- It easily holds 4 scoops of formulaCons:- Powder does get stuck when pouring. Instead of shaking, I’ve found it’s easier to just tip it back up and pour again until all the powder has come out.- I wish it was a little skinnier and taller (more like the size of a bottle) so that it would fit in more bottle coolers next to 2-3 bottles.

Carolyn New London, WI

Very convenient

To keep it short, this is a great caddy for traveling with formula. It’s easy to use, cleans well in the diswasher, and I LOVE pre-measuring the formula and being able to easily put it in the bottles. Very happy with this product!

Nellie Morrilton, AR

Fits in bottle pockets

I got this one because it fits easily in the bottle pockets and holders in any diaper bag and cup holders.The little attached cap did separate after while, but it still worked, just not attached.Easy to clean with a bottle brush

Silvia Troy, ME

This is great! You’ll be sorry if you buy anything different.

We took a 1,000 mile road trip with our 8 week old, formula fed baby, and two crappy formula dispensers (one munchkin and one bru brand…the short round type) and it was a miserable mess. When we got to our destination I did so research, found this product, and purchased for the trip home. WAY better! It’s harder plastic, so much sturdier. Some folks have said that it is “bigger”, but it is about the size of an 8 ounce bottle and fits nicely in the bottle pouch of our diaper bag or cup holder in the car; as opposed to the short round ones which didn’t fit anywhere. Great product! We’ve since purchased an extra and a few for friends.

Eileen Emerson, KY

Works Well

Received this item last week and we’re already using it. It works as it is supposed to and easy to wash in the dishwasher. We’re definitely saving money now that we are not purchasing the travel formula packs.

Cornelia Oceanside, CA

The formula dispenser cap has snapped off…twice!

I contacted Dr. Brown’s the first time the cap snapped off my formula dispenser. (I sent the broken one back to "quality control"). They sent me a new one and after a few months of daily use, it snapped off again. I’m going to try another brand dispenser. I don’t like the short munchkin type dispensers, the tops are hard to get off to refill and I like the tall, skinny design of Dr. Brown’s. Not sure what to try next. 🙁

Maude Elkins, NH

I like it

I use this at home. I put it in the baby room for his morning feeding before he sleeps again. Could be used for on the go but only has 3 feedings in it. I like the 4 feeding option.

Dominique Ewing, VA

Nice…not perfect.

I bought this item for my daughter considering we have everything else Dr Brown…it’s not as great as I thought it’d be. I like how it saves space in the diaper bag but it still clogs up when you’re pouring it into the bottle. It also holds more than the average fomula caddy that I’ve looked at.

Megan Red Jacket, WV

The best freakin’ formula bottle!

I previously had a couple of short stubby bottles that were decent until my daughter moved up to 6 oz. After this the bottle became more difficult to fill without spilling formula. I realized what a great product this is on my first day of use. This is exactly what I needed….more room and best of all the easy to pour bottle nozzle. I would of liked there to have been a color option on the bottle, but that is not a big deal. I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

May Woden, IA

Best caddy around but needs improvement

The caddy is much better than others, as it allows formula to be easily poured into a bottle (many dispensers, such as the Avent, are more difficult to neatly pour from. The other reviewer is a bit confused. Measure out the formula using the scoop provided by the formula maker–no markings on the caddy are needed. The other reviewer is correct, however, in that the caddy doesn’t hold 8oz (or I wouldn’t dare try). It can, however, easily hold enough formula for a 6 ounce bottle of food (3 scoops/chamber of Gerber Good Start). The only problem I have honestly had with this caddy is that the piece of plastic between the lid and the stopper has cracked. For[$] or whatever, I just bought another one which is holding up just fine.

Annmarie West Stewartstown, NH

Formula and SHAKE caddy

This is great for formula. The slim design makes it compact and easily transported. As well, I kept this after our youngest stopped using formula in order to have store vegetable protein powder for shakes.

Christian Fort Loramie, OH