Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher

Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher

Unique blade mixes formula quickly with no clumping Minimal air when mixing formula Prepare up to 4 bottles of formula at a time All parts are dishwasher safe. BPA free

Main features

  • 32 Ounce Size allows preparation of up to four 8 ounce bottles of formula at a time
  • Adjustable Locking Ring limits the amount of air in the formula
  • Unique blade mixes formula quickly with no clumping
  • No-Drip Sout allows for clean, easy pours into Dr. Brown’s baby bottles
  • Dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Doesn’t mix Nutramigen very well.

The concept of this pitcher is to keep the mixing blades below the surface of the liquid to keep air to a minimum. Unfortunately, lots of formulas float and need a lot of agitation to mix properly. For these formulas, this pitcher is useless.Additionally, the lid goes on secure but is not liquid tight. Tip it or shake it and you’ll have a mess.One last item – in order to adjust the height of the mixing blade you have to take the lid off and push a rubber grommet up/down the shaft. This isn’t easy and of course it’s wet with formula. This seems like a messy or unsanitary way to have to do every time you make and pour a bottle.Instead we found a liquid tight pitcher. Shake the heck out of it to mix, then a few hours later the bubbles have settled. If you can plan more than a bottle ahead, this might work out better for you, too.

Brandi Pleasant Ridge, MI

Great for lump-free formula!

I love this pitcher so much that I bought two. They mix how ever much formula you need quickly and easily. It is extremely easy to fill with water, add formula, mix and then toss the pitcher in the fridge – it takes about a minute. Since formula keeps for 24 hours you can make a day’s worth and then portion it out however you need it through out the day. The best part is that at the end of the day you can just toss the whole thing in the dishwasher. The directions say you need to disassemble the lid, but I’ve found that it gets perfectly clean if you leave it assembled.We use Nestle Good Start with Active cultures which can sometimes have lumps. The mixing mechanism in this pitcher has eliminated all of the lumps in the formula and has made the whole bottle feeding experience MUCH easier.

Fannie Casco, WI

Saves a lot of time

If you use formula this thing is a lifesaver. There is nothing worse than having to mix up bottles while your infant screams with hunger.This allows you to mix an entire day’s worth of formula in one big batch. The mixing apparatus is easy to operate and the pitcher itself is easy to clean. It’s also the perfect size to fit in smaller refrigerators that some people dedicate to formula and adult beverages.

Petra South Sioux City, NE

Save Time & Formula

I wish we had gotten this sooner! Instead of trying to mix a bottle half asleep at 3 am or mixing 5 bottles before you go to bed, just pour out as much or as little as you need. We find we use less formula now because we don’t waste powder when filling a small bottle, and we can give him as much as he needs without wasting mixed up formula. Love this product!

Shannon Custer, KY

A must have

This pitcher is a must have, especially for families of multiples. This has been a huge time saver! I would have given this 5 stars except for the fact that you can’t really mix more than 28 ounces without spillage. You have to pump the mixing handle vigorously to thoroughly mix the formula. Even at 28 ounces there is a little spilling from the top of the pitcher. The lid needs a tighter seal.

Laura Dumont, NJ

You can live without it

Someone got it for me off my registry and I promptly discovered it is a nice to have but not necessary. Most of the time I’m rushing to prepare formula because the baby is crying and I skip the pitcher and make it in the bottle itself.

Jayne Stewartsville, NJ

I love this thing!

The strain of having to mix formula for each bottle per feeding was something that I didn’t anticipate when pregnant. However, two weeks after baby is home, I was beginning to despair that fixing a bottle is never going to be a quick and simple matter.. In despiration I searched in Amazon for “formula mixer” and was please to see that such thing existed in our wonderfully modern world. After reading the reviews and comparing prices, this seems to be the best solution.You won’t think something so simple as this pitcher can make a world of difference but it did. It allows me to make the entire day’s worth of feeding in less than 10 minutes every morning…this way I now have time to be frazzle over something else.Through the list of all the baby gadgets I’ve bought, this ranks in the top 5 as one of the more useful items to have.My poor baby had to tried several different types of formula to finally find one that doesn’t make her colicky. We have use this pitcher on Enfamil Infant, Enfamil Prosobe, Enfamil Genlease and GoodStart Gentle Plus and we have no problem mixing any of these formulas using the pitcher.This goes into the dishwasher ever night so it is dishwasher safe. To me this is a minor issue but I thought to mention it, I do not recommend going pass 28 oz. of water. Once you add the formula the volume will spill over once you start churning. I have found 28 oz + formula usually produces 32 oz of formula. For one baby that is plenty for one day so again not a real issue unless you have multiple babies.

Margret Scotts Hill, TN

great product

This pitcher is great! It beats mixing each bottle individually. When mixing with this pitcher, I have much less clumping and the formula seems to be much smoother. It also saves me a lot of time because I am making a batch of formula all at once. I definitely recommend this product!

Becky Wingo, KY

A must have for mothers with twins!

This is probably one of the best purchases we made since having the girls! Easy to use and clean. I would recommend this to anyone who is using or going to use formula.

Helene Lodi, NJ

Great Buy

This is a great for mixing formula. We found it best to put a little water in the bottom first and then add the powdered formula so it wouldn’t stick to the bottom of the pitcher. Love this product and actually bought one as a shower gift for a friend.

Allene Fleetville, PA

Works beautifully, but hard to sterilize

This mixer works well to thoroughly mix powdered formula, without clumps or bubbles. It even breaks up a DHA additive we use that even the hardest shaking in a bottle won’t completely dissolve. The range-of-motion limiter on the mixer stem is useless, as any moderate contact with the lid pushes it out of position – but this is not really and issue, because it’s easy enough to control how high you lift the handle while mixing. Tip: keep the mixing blades well below the surface of the liquid, or they will introduce as much air (bubbles) as shaking does. Caution: I tried to sterilize the jug by microwaving with several ounces of water, and the mixer stem melted. Looks like the only way to sterilize is to boil.

Tammy Sedan, KS

This really makes formula feeding easier!

My only regret is not having bought this right away when we started formula. I had wondered if this product was gimmicky, but after mixing formula all the time and storing it in bottles in the fridge, I decided to give the pitcher a try. It is excellent! It mixes a really convenient amount of formula, does so very well and quickly, and with a minimum of added air in the formula. Do yourself a favor and acquire this helpful product!

Lakesha Parma, ID

Very convenient

The pitcher is very convenient compared with making individual bottles. We use a formula that usually clumps badly, but have very few clumps when using the pitcher. It’s also easy to clean.

Pansy Westline, PA