Dr. Brown’s Glass Bottle Sleeve, Blue, 8 Ounce

Dr. Brown’s Glass Bottle Sleeve, Blue, 8 Ounce

The Dr. Browns silicone bottle sleeves are designed to work with the Dr. Browns glass baby bottles. Made from 100 % silicone, easy to grip cover will help prevent bottle breakage. Helps to prevent heat transfer. Bpa free, top rack dishwasher and sterilizer safe made for Dr. Brown’s 8 ounce glass bottle.

Main features

  • 100% silicone
  • Easy to grip cover will help prevent bottle breakage
  • Helps to prevent heat transfer
  • BPA free
  • Top rack dishwasher and sterilizer safe

Verified reviews


Works fine, but not really needed…

We bought these to go with our glass bottles so that if we dropped them, they wouldn’t break. However, they are a pain to warm the bottles in (it holds water and drips it all over while feeding). We got lazy and stopped using them, eventually dropping a full bottle on our hard-wood floor. It didn’t break or chip, so unless you have stone floors, I’d say nice to have, but not really needed. The Dr. Brown’s glass bottles are pretty hefty!

Tammi Squires, MO

Not too easy to remove

I bought this for my 2 yr old daughter’s dr. brown bottles but discontinued using it as they are not so easy to take off and put back in. since she rarely drops them I just didn’t think it was worth the hassle. Maybe for the baby to come.

Latisha Perryopolis, PA

Love these for our bottles

I originally had pink ones of these but found out we are having a boy. I really like these covers. They go on and come off very easily. I’ve read in some reviews that it’s hard to see the measuring numbers b/c of the cover. It’s never bothered me since it turns easily and I can read the numbers just fine. Must have for glass bottles! I drop mine all the time and I haven’t had one break.

Ethel Wetumka, OK

Waste of money

This is hard to get on and off and you can’t see how many ounces are left in the bottle!

Imelda Mc Gehee, AR

Great protection

I dropped one of my glass bottles on our tile kitchen floor and this thing saved my bottle from breaking. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because you can’t put the bottle in the warmer with this sleeve on…which is a pain to fiddle with when baby is crying.

Willa Marlette, MI


these fit the dr browns bottles perfectly like they should, the only minor frustration is getting the holes to line up just right with the oz markers. not a deal breaker.

Gay Reeseville, WI

great but hard to read ounces

These are nifty little sleeves that make the bottle easier to hold and provide some protection for the glass. The one problem is that no matter how you put it on the bottle it is very dificult to read the ounces to know how much is in the bottle

Carmen Mikkalo, OR

Definitely does its job.

My 1 year old daughter has a habit of throwing EVERYTHING when she is done with it. This protective sleeve has truly saved us so much money. Love the glass bottles and this product is perfect for making sure they don’t break. Believe me my daughter has tested it on our wood floor many times.

Roslyn Sophia, NC

Necessary, but huge!

I really want to use glass bottles, but these make the bottles SO HUGE to hold! It’s hard for me to hold, so I don’t think my 5 month old could hold it for very long. But he needs to use it in daycare.

Kris Weaverville, NC

Helpful when you’re nervious about glass bottles

I really wanted to switch to glass bottles – I think they are more sanitary and last much longer than the plastic ones. But of course I was nervous about them breaking. These sleeves are fab…give you a good grip and you don’t worry if the bottle accidentally gets knocked on something like a counter edge.

Latasha Kinsman, OH

Of good quality and fits the bottle perfectly

No complaints…this is of good quality and fits the bottle perfectly. The only thing is they did not specify clearly on the instructions if it can be left on the bottle and sterilised together with the bottle or it has to be taken off each time.

Sylvia Stanley, IA

Great bottles

I like these bottles a lot. My baby seems to do the best with Dr. Brown’s bottles. We have several other bottles with venting features, but she does the best with Dr. Brown’s. The glass bottles are much heavier and wider than the plastic version. I also have the 4 oz Dr. Brown’s plastic bottle which are much easier on the hand. The extra pieces can be challenging to clean which are part of either the plastic or glass version. We noticed build up in the white piece near the cap. I have had these bottles for over 3 months.

Araceli Lovell, WY