Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags

Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags

The Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Microwave Steam Sterilizer Bags sterilizes parts from Dr. Brown’s baby bottles, eliminating 99.9% of most household bacteria and germs. They are designed to fit all Dr. Brown’s baby bottle parts, and they are perfect for steam cleaning while on‐the‐go or while traveling. Five sterilizer bags come to a pack, and each bag is reusable – up to 20 times. This offers moms 100 uses per retail pack.

Main features

  • Sterilized bottle parts eliminating 99.9% of most household bacteria and germs
  • Designed to fit all Dr. Brown’s baby bottle parts, and are perfect for steam cleaning while on th go or traveling
  • Five sterilizer bags come to a pack and each bag is reusable up to 20 times
  • This offers moms 100 uses per retail pack

Verified reviews


It works, but its stupid and exploitive

There is really no reason why you should have to replace these bags, other than they make them that way. They could easily make bags that dont need to be replaced, but there goes a lot of money soo….do not buy.

Joanne Stockett, MT

Convenient and portable….I like it

These bags work exactly as described and hold a lot of bottle parts at once. I think these are essential if you use Dr. Brown’s bottles because of all the small parts to sterilize, but they would be just as useful for other bottles, breast pump parts, and pacifiers. I like that they are small and easy to store, and I can travel with them too.

Sonja Rawlings, VA

Great in a pinch

While this is a little pricey to use everytime you need a clean bottle, it is great for on the go. We have stayed in hotels that had microwaves, but no place to properly wash a bottle. Not to mention the tap water was not always the best. I felt safer knowing that my daughters bottles were sterilized in these bags.

Carey Blue Ridge, TX

I like them

I used medela bags first but since I used them to sterilize dr brown bottles I ended up buying ditto bags. I read the reviews and thought I’d might regret my choose but actually: I didn’t. First of all because these bags are slightly bigger then the medela bags so you can fit 2 8oz bottles with all the plastic pieces in these, and you’ll still have some room left for a pact or even two. The zipper was really not as bad as some say, you just have to get the hand of it and it’s really not impossible or hard to close the bags. Overall, it’s a keeper…

Janelle Lyons, IL

work great

these worked great for all the binkys i needed to sterilze in the beginning and nipples and all the pieces of the dr brown bottles i used the microwave sterilizer for the bottles

Angeline Jefferson, SD

A bit more spacious than Medela’s

For it’s purpose, it’s fantastic. I reach for these before I reach for Medela bags, but both are good bags.

Ana Bayard, NE

Must have

Again, bottle brand makes no difference. These bags are great for sanitizing bottles, pacifiers, toys, and much more. 20 uses per bag makes them super affordable!

Raquel Port Bolivar, TX

Convenient, easy to use

On the back of each bag, there is an area to write your name and there is a section of 20 squares for you to track how many times you have used this product. Of course, instructions are printed on the back too, showing how many minutes for any microwave with different wattage.Before I leave the home, I put my Medela one piece breastshield wth valve and membrane and 1 Medela bottle into this bag. I place this bag into my Medela breastpump backpack. At work, I use the breastshield and bottle.When done pumping and storing the milk, I:-mark the Dr Brown bag usage square,-rinse the breastshield and bottle,-put in 2 oz of water, breastshield and bottle into the Dr Brown bag,-put bag into microwave for appropriate X minutes according to Dr Brown bag’s instructions.-When finished, I drain the bag of the hot water (small vent on side of bag) and allow bag to cool.*Careful, the bag is EXTREMELY hot after placed in the microwave. I would use a small hand towel when handling the hot bag.very easy and quick to use.

Christian Trempealeau, WI

great on the go

These are great on the go. We keep them in our diaper bag-since they are re-usable we used one over and over when we went to a friend’s house for the weekend. Great price too-

Minerva Lebanon, SD

Fine, but unnecessary

I didn’t use these much because they were kind of a pain (nice to be able to reuse them, but troublesome to store between uses). If you’re using 4 oz bottles, they fit enough stuff, but not 8 oz bottles. I only used these while traveling. They work fine, but so does the dishwasher, and for steam sterilizing, I prefer the hard plastic one.

Carissa East Middlebury, VT

Nice product

This sterilizer bag is so convenient and easy to use. If you don’t have enough dishes in the dishwasher to run a load, this bag comes in handy to steriize breast pump products, nipples, caps, pacifiers, etc very quickly depending on your microwave wattage. Mine is over 1100W so it takes only 1.5 minutes. That’s right – 1.5 minutes! Each bag can be used 20x so you definitely get your moneys worth with this one.If you want a better bargain – go for the Munchkin steamer bags, same exact thing, cheaper price.

Paige Mount Vernon, IN

Works well. Buy the steam cleaning machine

These steam bags work well. They don’t fit much and I always worry about toxicity from microwaving plastic. Bought a dr browns steam cleaning machine and that works better and is a huge time saver.

Joni Tennessee Ridge, TN

Works for me!

Not really sure if these actually sterilize or not. One thing it does provide is a bit of piece of mind for those parents who feel like their baby bottles have to be extremely clean.

Clarissa New Riegel, OH


Got these when my Dr. Browns microwave steamer didn’t fit in my microwave. Great price and value, each bag gets 20 uses, (bags also have little check boxes to keep track of the uses) comes with 5 bags and steaming is only really needed one a week as maintenance.

Rosella Wood Lake, MN

Working well

I’ve been using this bag for few weeks now and i really like it – very convenient and quick way of sterilizing your bottles.

Pamela Forest Lake, MN

Really great

Great tool, super practical and helpful. Although it seems it doesn’t last 20 uses per bag you can easily get 15 to 18.

Germaine Blue Springs, MO

Perfect steam bags

Work just the same as Medela bags but are cheaper. I will purchase these again! Great product at a great price.

Janet Okaton, SD

The best idea yet

I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock or what…but I never knew they made sterilizer bags. I’m used to either seeing other people boil bottles or using the electric sterilizer. I really didn’t want to spend to money to buy an electric sterilizer but at the same time I didn’t want to get a huge pot of water ready every single time I wanted to sterilize and boy do I love to sterilize! These bags come in handy and for the price it is so worth it. Each bag lasts up to 20 uses and yu get 5 in the box. It will honestly last you for longer than you think. I’ve had these for 2 months now and I still have 3 bags left.

Gretchen Campbelltown, PA

Easy to use

These are SO great, so easy to use, I do my pump parts after every use! Bottles once per week.

Deidre Cincinnati, OH

great bags

this is nice to have as a piece of mind that your babys things are properly santifized. its only takes a few mins and you can reuse the bags up to twenty times; a must have in my household

Sharon Webster, NC

Love these!

Super easy and convenient! I do a quick soap and water to bottles then throw in bag for 1.5 min and sterilized! Saves me a lot of time!

Mallory Oxford, AL

Never wash a bottle again…sort of

As a new mom, I was washing pump parts, bottles (I hate you Dr. Browns), and everything else about four hundred times a day. My back was killing me and I wasn’t sleeping, so I just hated the pump even more than I should have. When my baby was about 6 months old, we discovered these bags. Okay, we heard about the bag with the pump, but I was told to wash all the parts first and just didn’t see the point. We started rinsing bottles immediately after use and then using this bag to nuke them. No, the bag does not remove residue or food/milk particles, but it does sterilize the parts inside. I’m okay with sterilized residue. Baby doesn’t seem to care either. In fact, I think she likes it now that my back isn’t so sore from washing dishes all day that I can pick her up!

Elsa Watersmeet, MI

Works well

We have the regular steam/sterilizer as well. This is just quicker with less parts to clean and put away after. Would recommend and buy again.

Chandra Staley, NC

So useful for sterilizing without another baby item to store

I wish I would have realized I could have just used these rather than buying a sterilizer. Great for sterilizing bottles, nipples, all the dr. browns parts. Suggest all first time moms purchase these instead of a big plastic sterilizer.

Abbie Fairdale, WV

Super Easy to Use

I pump at work, and find that these are the best products to sanitize my equipment discretely and quickly in the common lunchroom. Each bag has 20 uses, and has a nice check mark box on the bag to help you keep track of how many times you have microwaved the bag (use a sharpie for best marking). I use my bags to carry my equipment to work, the bag will hold a manual pump, two 4oz bottles and caps easily. Bags only have gaps for pouring out excess water or steam on one side, so watch your hands when you pick one out of the microwave so you don’t get a burn!

Leona Fort Knox, KY

Good size – No complaints

I use two of these at a time to get all my bottles cleaned in one nuke. I have bought this multiple times. Reliably consistent. I wish it were a little bigger because 2 9oz bottles take up most of the room for one bag.

Ada Prospect Park, PA

great item

This bag is user friendly and of good quality from trusted brand. No need to read instruction on the box because it is written on each bag, which is practical and convenient. Would recommend to friend definitely.

Leanne Minong, WI

They work just the same as the Medela bags

I used the Medela steam bags with my first two children. This time around, I gave these a try because they were less expensive. I must say, I haven’t been disappointed. They work just as I expect them to, no problems at all. Just be sure to remember that these at for sterilizing, not cleaning. So, wash first and then just use these for the final step.

Ada Big Sandy, WV

Sterilizing Made Easy

These are the only sterilizing bags I’ve used and I am happy with the product. The bag can hold only 2-3 bottles along with a number of vents, reservoirs, caps, disks, nipples. I have about 7 Dr. Brown bottles and to sterilize all of the bottles and parts requires using one bag 3 times. I also use the bag to sterilize breast pump parts as wells as pacifiers.

Earlene Needham Heights, MA

Easy to use

I’m a little freaked out about putting plastic in the microwave, particularly when it has to do with my baby. But this is a much easier way to sterilize bottles, breast pump parts, etc. I wish they were bigger, you can really only do one full bottle setup per bag. And each bag will work about 20 times, then it needs to be tossed. If you are looking for simplicity, this is your answer.

Petra Onsted, MI