Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Dr. Brown’s Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Dr. Brown’s Sterilizer is uniquely suited to fit Dr. Brown’s Bottles. It sterilizes up to 4 bottles. It holds standard or wide neck bottles. The sterilizer is dishwasher safe, uses tap water and includes plastic tongs.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Sanitize and disinfect your baby’s feeding bottles with this microwave steam sterilizer
  • It effectively kills all harmful household bacteria and germs
  • It has a sterilizing tray, which is custom molded to hold 4 Dr. Brown’s baby bottles
  • The tray is also removable for easy cleaning
  • This feeding bottle sterilizer comes with a pair of tongs to remove the sterilized bottles
  • This BPA-free sterilizer ensures your bottles are clean and safe for your baby
  • Made in the USA
  • Sterilizes up to 4 bottles
  • Holds standard or wide neck bottles
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Uses tap water
  • Includes plastic tongs

Verified reviews


Great, now I don’t have to wash the bottles….

My wife insisted on getting this because killing 99.9 % of germs with soap and hot water is not good enough. I’m not convinced that sterilizing the bottles actually keeps them sterile for more than 1 hour after they’re removed from the microwave either, but what do I know?We got it anyway, and I am almost happy about it. Not because it’s a great product that does what it says it will do with ease. But, because it was so irritating to try to stand up the bottles that I just crammed all the bottles, nipples, and other things into a stack one day, put the top on, and popped it in the microwave. My wife refuses to let me use Dr. Brown’s contraption now, so I no longer have to wash the bottles.If you have bottles that bend, they will tip over. If you lay them on their sides, I don’t think they will sterilize correctly. Also, the surface area inside the product is not that big, so if you lay the bottles on their sides then you will only be able to wash about 5 bottles. You will have to lean each bottle onto the adjacent bottle all the way around the sterilizer to keep them upright; you have to delicately place each bottle in a circle so that the last bottle is resting on the first bottle; now you have all of the other parts to squeeze in. There are no sections or shelves for nipples, so those get crammed into whatever space you can find. Washers, rings, and other components… you just stack those on top of the bottles and nipples. Try to do all of this without tipping over your original Stonehenge of bottles, good luck.By the way, the bottles have to be thoroughly cleaned with soap and hot water before you even begin to build your Stonehenge. If I knew this would be such a hassle, I would have just purchased a dishwasher instead. If you don’t have the option to buy a dishwasher, look for a sterilizer that makes it easy to stack the bottles upright.

Claudette Black, AL


After doing more reading, I really don’t think it is necessary sterilizing the bottles.This product is huge, and I don’t think is needed.I returned it.

Lelia Ashford, WV

Takes so much space!

This product is so huge it takes so much space it barely fits in the microwave. Also the tongs should not be sterilized so you touch sterilized bottles with unsterilized tongs. Where is the sense? I returned it right away!

Roxanne Gilbertsville, NY

You don’t need this – REALLY

This thing is so pointless. Just boil your stuff – this thing takes up so much space. Totally unnecessary item on your baby list.

Evangeline Anna, IL

Too Much Time and Work

I have used this once since I bought it. I prefer to use the micro steam bags to sterilize everything. They only take 1.5 minutes, whereas this takes 5. Plus, you have to load this a certain way, whereas you just toss everything in the bag.

Elise Graham, TX

Does the job, but not sure if needed

I purchased this when I first had my daughter. I just assumed I would need it and purchased pretty much all of the Dr. Brown accessories. I really don’t use it very often. I more frequently use the microwavable streilizing bags. It is a little bit of a production to fit all of the pieces in the container and the container is quite large for storage. It does the job, but was a little pricey and I don’t think necessary.

Elise Gibbonsville, ID

Must have, Worth the money, sometimes smelly plastic

Pros-Can be used for both glass bottles(EvenFlo) and plastic bottlestongs are useful only to pick bottles when really hot, else waste.fits 10- 4oz bottles and medela breast pump suctions.Cons-Plastic smells. Little flimsy plastic and becomes really soft at greater microwave time settings

Jeannine Portage, PA

A great product.

This is a great product and it definitely adds peace of mind to a new mom’s list of worries about contaminated bottles. However, that being said, I have twins, and having to clean the bottles first, THEN sterilize them became a huge hassle. I ended up ordering the dishwasher baskets and cutting down on my time at the sink… and the bottles still get sterilized.

Dessie Hortonville, NY

Sterilizes Easily

We don’t use this as much now, but used it pretty regularly the first few months of Junior’s life. It does all it says it does and is a snap to use. Haven’t had a problem with a disease outbreak so I assume it’s working.

Brandi Saint Michael, AK


Prior to purchasing this product, I was boiling the Dr. Brown bottles and all their parts for our twin boys at least twice a day. Boiling bottles parts requires attention and time, of which I have niether. (And is a bit more dangerous in our house as the dog got splashed with hot water as he was walking by, one of many indignities he has suffered since the boys came home.) I ordered this sterilzer and can not stress enough how wonderful it is. When I get a free second, I can load it up and stick it in the microwave and if I get distracted doing something else it will wait for me. No more babysitting boiling bottles. As other reviewers have mentioned, the pieces don’t fit exactly into the spaces they should, but I could care less. I feel good knowing the bottles are being sterilized and it is much less work!

Joanna Beaumont, KY

great product

We’ve been using this for 4 months now and it’s been easy and convenient to use. It’s a decent size and only just fits in our microwave so I wouldn’t want it to be any bigger. It’s designed to take 4 Dr Brown’s bottles and all their bits at a time but I’ve used it for all my Medela pumping gear as well and have found I can fit up to 6 bottles at a time if I stack it carefully.One thing to remember when baby-brain strikes though… don’t put anything metal in it! You’re probably thinking "how stupid would you have to be to put metal in the microwave?", but it’s an easy mistake to make after days/weeks of no real sleep. Thankfully our sterilizer wasn’t damaged in this incident but we did lose a bottle as a casualty.

Arline Bemidji, MN

Gets the Job done Right!

Bought this because I don’t have a dishwasher to really steam clean the bottles I have. I love this! I start off by soaking the bottles in soap and extremely hot water. Then I rinse them off and place all the bottles in the steam sterilizer with 6oz of water at the bottom. I pop it in the microwave for 5mins and voila! I don’t use the Dr. Brown’s bottles. I use the Medela Bottles. Works great with sterilizing my breast pump equipment as well.

Casandra Myton, UT

Easy to use

This system works great. We have been using it for over a year and it is holding up very well.

Ann Wynne, AR

Does the Job

I bought this thinking it hwould be a huge help in the bottle dept, It does the job of sterilizing. I found that hand washing is much more efficient for me, as I am breast feeding, so I rarely have the bottles to sterilize. So getting everything out and exactly measured and waiting it all out took way more trouble then just washing and drying the bottles. If there is a time when I need to wash numerous bottles this will hopefully come in handy. 3 stars cause im neutral.

Angelique West Branch, MI

Big steam sterilizer.

This steam sterilizer is designed to sterilize the long Dr. Brown’s bottles (9oz) so you can imagine the size of this thing. Here’s the gist, the sterilizer does not have a locking mechanism so you have to be really careful when removing it from the microwave. The one thing I like about this sterilizer is that you can load a lot more in it. The one thing I don’t like about it is that the tray is not easily removed – you would have to exert some extra effort to pinch the clasps in the middle but it doesn’t really make much sense to remove it unless you want to clean it separately from the rest of the sterilizer.

Leanne Manvel, TX

Awesome Product

Time Saver/Great for a person that needs reassurance that the baby’s bottles are clean and sanitized/It should come in black to match my kitchen.

Deidra Lynn, AL

Keeping Clean

This sterilizer is a genuine Godsend. It is so easy to use and only takes minutes to get the bottles clean. Just place everything that needs to be cleand in a little warm water in the microwave and voila! If you are also nursing, you can run the breast pump through the microwave and water as well. The tongs come in handy for removing hot bottles and sundry. This product is quite spacious and you can clean a lot of bottles in a short space of time.

Rebecca Dowagiac, MI

If you don’t have a dishwasher…

This thing is a pretty good sterilizer for the cost. I’ve used it to sterilizer many things- most of them not Dr. Browns. Madela’s pump parts do well. I only had a platex pacifier melt. After two months of extremely heavy use, the inner try is starting to discolor. It is a bit tricky to maneuver this into the microwave when full, but it’s not a big deal. For the price, I’ll buy it again when and if it dies.

Taylor Grannis, AR

Easy to use… once you figure it out

It is quite difficult to figure out how to place all of the little pieces in this sterilizer. The instruction manual is enormous, with the same instructions covered in 8 (seriously, I think there are 8) languages, but only one tiny, unhelpful diagram. That being said, once you figure it out, it’s quite easy to pop all of the pieces in and microwave them for 5 minutes.One lingering con on this product: after microwaving, there is a faint plastic smell that lingers if you’re sensitive to the smell.

Louise Butler, OK

Love this product

We are so glad we got this sterilizer. It’s so much easier and faster than boiling. After washing bottles, I add 6 oz. water, put it in the microwave for 5 minutes, and walk away. It’s that easy. With boiling, we had to wait for the water to boil, stick around the kitchen while the bottles boiled, stirring them around a bit, and then use tongs to clumsily get them out of the water. I really recommend this microwave sterilizer.

Tara Salters, SC

User Friendly, a Must Have

The steam sterilizer is remarkably user friendly and cleans parts in five minutes – much faster than waiting for an entire dishwasher cycle to run. It includes helpful instructions for how to place the Dr. Brown’s bottles inside to maximize the use of space. I’ve also found that it works well for quickly sterilizing the Medela pump parts, which eliminates the need to buy the Medela steam clean bags.

Esmeralda Pacific, MO

Daily use

I’m a pumping mom with a lot of parts to sterilize this saves so much time. Before I was boiling water took twice as long and at times forgot the stove was on dangerous. Love this steamer. Use it daily

Valeria Battiest, OK

love it but….

The 8 oz bottle does not fit in these without falling over. This is more built for the 4 oz bottles. It can still work but I was expecting it to be versatile.

Jenifer Rheems, PA

Inexpensive and effective

I have been using this microwave steam sterilizer for over 2 months now. It works for all sorts of bottles and caps I have. There is plenty of space to put other small items in as well. I wish the amount of water and heating time was engraved it on the lid so you don’t need to remember how much water to use. Overall a very good product!

Elisa Rocklin, CA


I order it for my friends because she bought the same brand feeding bottles. The price a bit too high compare to other brand and no special design to hold their own bottle design ….not so worthy the money

Paige Mason, IL

Great product

This works as advertised. I actually use it with my pump parts and tommy tippee bottles. I like how simple it is and it just gets the job done.

Michele Gem, KS

A baby must have !!!!

Love love love love love this sterilizer! It couldn’t be easier to use. Put water in the bottom, shove it in the microwave, and let it sit for 10 minutes. There’s even cut outs in the bottom to put your bottles on. I’ve been pumping, using an SNS, and have bottles for milk collection/storage. This has been a life saver since I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and sterilizing. This is hands down one of my best shower gifts.

Tara Endicott, WA

The sterilizer is AWESOME, but the tongs…

This was posted on FB today.Where can I find the TONGS with rubber tip?We had a set that had the rubber tip, it holds all the plastic bits pretty securely when moving them around; it snapped at the end (broke). I went to Babies “R” Us for a replacement, there were none. I had to buy a new Microwave steam sterilizer just so that I could get the tongs inside of it that are shaped to hold bottles.The problem is, the plastic ends don’t hold other plastic bits very well, the keep slipping out and flying across the kitchen onto the floor when moving them from the microwave bags and steam sterilizer. We never had that issue with the tongs with the rubber tips, it always had a good grip on the plastic bits.Where can I find the TONGS with rubber tip?

Briana Veblen, SD

You need one if you have Dr Brown bottles

Get this if you have Dr Brown bottles, 8 oz. It’s easy to use once you read the manual. I use it everyday,sometimes twice.

Lottie Dalmatia, PA

love it

This makes sterilizing bottles so easy! Just microwave 4 bottles at a time and you are done. We have purchased a lot of Dr. Brown’s products and have been very happy with all of them. Use this product and the mixing pitcher to save time.

Pamela Cisco, GA