Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Cleaning Brush, 4 Count

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Cleaning Brush, 4 Count

These replacement Cleaning Brushes are designed to use with all Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles. These are the same exact pieces that come with each Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottle and are meant to replace worn or lost brushes. These Cleaning Brushes help keep the Dr. Brown’s Vent Inserts and Vent Reservoirs clean and clear of blockage so the patented internal venting system functions properly.

Main features

  • Designed to use with all Dr. Brown’s natural flow baby bottles
  • These are the same exact pieces that come with each Dr. Brown’s natural flow baby bottle meant to replace worn brushes
  • keeps Dr. Brown’s Vent Inserts and Vent Reservoirs clean and clear of blockage.
  • Top rack, dishwasher-safe
  • These are the same exact pieces that come with each Dr. Brown’s natural flow baby bottle and are meant to replace worn or lost brushes
  • Helps keep Dr. Brown’s Vent Inserts and Vent Reservoirs clean and clear of blockage so the patented internal venting system functions properly

Verified reviews


Very Flimsy. Skip this one and get…. [See Recommendations]

When I misplaced my Sippy Stuff brushes during my recent move I decided to get these due to all of the positive reviews. I have to say, I am terribly disappointed. These brushes are so much more flimsy than expected and they don’t go all the way through the straws like my other one did. The bristles also come apart after a few uses. Take my advice, skip this one. If you are looking to buy a quality bottle and straw brush get theSippy Stuff Straw Cleaning Brush (2-Pack)and thePhilips AVENT BPA-Free Bottle Brush. I guarantee, you won’t need to buy another bottle brush (no matter what type of bottle you get) for years. I’ve had the Avent since my first child (2008) and the Sippy Stuff since 2009 and both held up really well over the years. I’ve decided to count this purchase as a loss and buy the SS brush that I’m used to. I’ve seen countless brushes come and go in my house in the past but these two really stand the test of time. I give the Dr brown brush 2 stars and not 1 because it works if you are looking for something more disposable.

Marsha Ottertail, MN

good for medela pump parts

I got these for my Medela Pump N Style horns. They accumulate dishwashing detergent residue and hard water minerals in the insides and I could not get it out. It bothered me a lot until I got these brushes. These tiny brushes work well on the dry horn to clean that out and as wet to help me clean the horns by hand. They are very small, maybe 1/4 inch brush and 1/8 inch wire at end. I like them a lot and will buy more when they deteriorate. I wish Medela thought to sell some like them.

Irma Fountain Valley, CA

Hang them up!

I bought these because after having my Dr. Browns bottle for a short period of time (a month or so) the little brush that came with the bottles started to rust. I was putting it on the window ledge above my sink, which the sun hits and apparently wasnt drying it out quick enough. With these I just put a finishing nail in the ledge so it now hangs with no side touching anything. I would have bought pipe cleaners but I didnt want to take a chance of putting something that shouldnt be near my babies mouth on a piece that feeds him. However, why is Dr. Brown using such cheap metal to make something that is cleaning something supposed to be sterile? would it have been that much more money to just use some stainless steel for the middle part and avoid babies ingesting rust? I feel like I dont have an option but to buy these to clean my bottles so I did… not to mention how much those bottles leak! I recently just purchased Tommie closer to nature bottles that also have the same colic middle rigging, maybe there product, including the cleaning wand, wont be so cheap. one other thing, the metal at the tip of the wand gets stuck in the little holes, like it wasnt bent down far enough, which is silly because this product is meant to fit in this bottles pieces..come on dr brown!!!!

Elisabeth New Market, TN

Just what I need

I wish I would’ve bought these right away when buying the Dr. Brown’s bottles. The brush that comes with the bottles is nowhere near as good as these, unless they recently changed them. Just what I need and a cheap price. We don’t have a dish washer and we also have to add cereal to her bottles due to reflux and milk sensitivity (so no luck with A.R. formula) so the bottle parts get a little gunked up! So these are a must. No other bottle cleaner will work.

Allie Grand Cane, LA

Great purchase

I bought these to replace the brush that came with the bottles. My last brush lasted about a year. So this pack should last me through both kids. Very pleased with this purchase.

Lorene Tow, TX

works great for dr. browns bottles

love these brushes. they’re a perfect to the blue inserts that go in dr. brown’s bottles. clean very well. good price for the 4 pack. would recommend to anyone whos using dr.browns bottles.

Billie Gales Creek, OR

Best brushes for cleaning bottle nipples!

Simple and does the trick. Only brushes I’ve found that can get in every crevice in a bottle nipple! Last forever!

Isabel Saint Martin, MN

Perfect for the task but overpriced

These little brushes are perfect for bottle and sippy cup cleaning but considering they don’t last long before they are germy, they are far overpriced.

Manuela Nenana, AK

Great for small parts of bottles

This product was purchased for a new mother using the Dr Brown Natural Flow baby bottle system. It is small enough to clean the tubes and works well.

Eugenia Randle, WA

Work great for sippy cups too!

These are essential for the Dr. Brown’s bottle sets but we keep some on hand even now that we are beyond the bottle stage because they work great for cleaning sippy cups and pastry tips and other misc items. They’re not too expensive. Just an all around good product to have on hand in the kitchen.

Selma Placerville, CO

Love these

I clean out my straws for my thermo cups and my sons sippy cup straws. These are good for many uses

Luisa Amado, AZ

Works very well!

Gets into those hard to reach parts of the Dr Browns bottles. I’m pretty sure I will continue to use these when my little one graduates to sippy cups 🙂

Carla Rocky Face, GA

Necessary for nooks and crannies

Bought these as backup for my Dr. Browns bottles. I love the bottles even though all of the little parts are quite cumbersome. The brushes a necessary to clean the valve pieces, and since each bottle pack only comes with one and it wears out after repeated use, the brushes are a must have.

Frankie Boyd, WI

Better new design

These brushed are much better now! The old one didn’t clean well as these new updated one. I like them a lot! It cleans very well in all small areas! Thank you, Dr. Brown for updating these little brushes!

Sallie South Lebanon, OH

Cleaning Brush…

Gets those little pieces great and even after the bottles are long gone you’ll find so many uses for these little brushes… like cleaning plastic straws, for example. Great little brush for a great little price.

Valerie Burlington, WI

Cleaning Brush

I ordered two (2) set of bottles (two 4oz bottles and two 8oz bottles), each set came with one natural flow cleaning brush in them. So I really didnt need to buy these separately it seems. However, the more the merrier I suppose…. haven’t had my baby as yet, so i have not actually used it but it looks okay so far

Socorro Bath, NY

Great for cleaning straws

We purchased these to use as cleaners for our sippy cup straws. They work perfectly to clean all different size straws. They are priced well too, cheaper on Amazon with free shipping then at our local store.

Luz Marble, MN

cleans all the yuck out

Perfect, cleans all of the formula out for a clean bottle. I thinks it a little pricy, but there is not much else out there that can clean a dr browns bottle.

Patrica Barnesville, MD

Great for cleaning the Dr. Brown’s bottlse

The brushes tend to go bad after a while. Not as sharp, so I needed more. Good price, good quantity. Thanks!

Alberta Cullowhee, NC

Great for bottles and most other things but clearly not for sippy cups.

We have used these for Dr. Browns bottles and also several other things. Our daughter had a bottle every hour and a half until one year old, so after using these for that year I can say they last a good little while. For “full time” use , one will last 2-3 weeks. This 4 pack should last a little while.We tried these out with sippy cup straws but they didn’t seem to clean as well with these and they weren’t long enough for some. It’s easier and quicker to be able from using just one end of the straw to get it all clean and with these you have to use both ends. As a parent you want something quick and durable and this didn’t meet either of those needs. For bottles and other things they are great. There are products out there on the market specifically made for sippy cups and straws.I took one star off because they do bend easy.

Marilyn Ridgeway, MI

A must have.

If you purchase the Dr. Brown bottles, you need to have extra cleaning brushes. They last a while but, eventually, the bristles wear down. There are so many pieces to the bottle that you need these brushes to help clean them.

Ruth Clermont, KY

High quality bottle brushes

This item is perfect for cleaning the small holes of the dr brown bottles. I also use it to clean my plastic straws that come with my plastic reusable cups (ie Starbucks drink cup, green straw). This is a must buy if you want to keep your bottles clean for your baby!

Louella Nokomis, FL

The Best Cleaning Brush!

These little brushes are fantastic! We used them for the Dr. Brown’s bottles and then kept on using them for sippy cups and especially the straws for straw cups. They fit inside perfectly and clean out all the gunk in case you forget to rinse them immediately. They hold up pretty well, too. We have only just started using a second one and the first one lasted for at least 8 months. We always propped it up with the cleaning part at the top in a little cup so it would dry completely, and we washed it regularly with soap and water. I think these are a little smaller than some of the other cleaning brushes, so you do need them for the Dr. Brown bottles (The bottles come with a couple, so don’t buy these until you need more).

Opal Freeport, MI

Good to have

The Dr. Brown’s bottles come with a cleaner but its nice to have extras on hand in case one is lost. These cleaners work well at cleaning all the parts that come with the bottles.

Marianne Grafton, MA

Works as expected!

These are the exact same cleaning brushes that come with your doctor brown’s bottles. Can’t really say that I like cleaning all the parts of the bottle but these do the job.

Judi Smithburg, WV

Nice brushes

I love these little brushes, I use them to clean my sons straws for his sippie cups – I dont know how you would get them clean with out!!!

Maria Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Small but sturdy

These brushes are great for hand washing Medela pump parts, reusable straws, and water bottles with small nooks and crannies.

Jennifer Bern, ID

i love it

According recommendation for all my friends that have babies… It’s the best brand to our babies… I love it so much

Beatrice Birchwood, WI

A must for any household who has bottles or straws

I bought these straw cleaners because running a straw under hot water DOES NOT clean the straw. They can also be used for bottle tips. I love these handy straw cleaners and it’s little loop at the end so I can hang it from my dish drying “s” hook.

Claire Ridgeway, WV

Five Stars

This item works well. I found my lost brush after I bought these, still they work well.

Shelley Buckner, AR