Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Feeding Bottle, Polypropylene 2-ounce, 2 Pack

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Feeding Bottle, Polypropylene 2-ounce, 2 Pack

Dr. Brown’s Standard Bottle Dr. Brown’s Standard Bottle is designed using an exclusive 2-piece internal vent mechanism. This facilitates positive pressure flow feeding, which is similar to breastfeeding. During feeds, air is transferred from the teat collar through the vent system to the back of the bottle. The air circumvents the breast milk or formula and minimizes oxidation. Also, the essential nutrients of the feed like vitamins A, C and E are preserved. As babies don’t have to fight the discomfort of ingesting air bubbles, feeds are longer and easier. This bottle helps significantly reduce gas, colic and spit-ups. Why You’ll Love It: Babies feed comfortably as the vent system helps prevent discomfort caused by air bubbles. Features Made of polypropylene Unique 2-piece internal vent system that keeps air at bay Retains essential nutrients in fluids Effortless feeding without discomfort of ingesting air bubbles Helps reduce gas, colic and spit-ups BPA-free

Main features

  • Helps colicky babies settle down/sleep
  • Reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Helps prevent fluid in the ear/no vacuum
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

Verified reviews



These are the perfect size for a newborn baby. My baby was drinking about an ounce at a time when she was 1st born and these were the best bottles! I used Dr. Browns bottles with my son too. After spending a lot of money on other bottles that he hated I learned my lesson and I’ll never buy another brand again!

Monica Healdsburg, CA

Really great for newborns or preemies

When my twins were first born, they were only drinking 2 oz at a time, so these bottles were really great. The air flow insert seems to help with gas/air. The 4 oz. size is much more practical in the long run, but for those first few weeks when there’s a lot of little feedings, these bottles are terrific.

Justina Confluence, PA

I hate Dr. Browns

I hate Dr.Brown’s bottles… too many parts to clean…6 parts per bottle… switched to Tomme Tippie and couldnt be happier!

Magdalena Ambler, AK

Great bottles.

Brown’s Natural Flow bottles work really well in reducing colic. They’re well made and fairly easy to clean. The 2-ounce bottles are a good size for when baby gets old enough to hold a bottle on his/her own.

Edna Bellefontaine, MS

Good size for newborn

I had to feed my baby with formula apart from breastmilk. This bottle have the perfect size for her until now, that she is 4 months old.

Tina Hydeville, VT

Fantastic bottles!

We love these bottles because they really do help with excess gas and spit up. This size is great for preemie or newborn babies.

Alyce Lovejoy, IL

So glad to have found these

My daughter was a preemie and we had a really hard time finding bottles she liked besides the uber expensive ready to feed Similac bottles and nipples. We had actually taken to using the Similac ready to feed nipples on other bottles because they were the only kind she liked. However, those nipples smell like really bad rubber and I think they are technically only recommended for one time use so we had to find something else.We tried Avent and Nuk, no dice. Then we tried these! She liked them right away. They are very small bottles, but we had a very small baby. If your baby is regular size I would probably skip right to the 4 oz bottles. We have since moved onto 4 oz and are now on the huge 8 oz bottles. We still keep these around to hold extra formula and for "snack bottles". The components really do help reduce bubbles and spitup.**I would also highly recommend you purchase the Dr. Brown’s formula pitcher. It makes the formula very smooth and bubble free. My daughter only spits up now when her stomach is really upset or she is sick. She gained weight much more quickly after she stopped spitting up a good amount of her bottle due to air bubbles!

Corinne Bentree, WV

No, thank you!

My baby gagged every time we tried using these bottles. My husband hates them! We tried this with the P level and Level 1 nipples for my infant, it really didn’t work well at all.

Aurelia Plainwell, MI

Love these bottles!!

These bottles really help our little guy! He was able to drink better from these bottles and spit up and burped less!

Sharlene Mc Lean, VA

Good for a preemie with a not-so-voracious appetite

My preemie loves this bottle. We were using the hospital sized bottles until we moved onto these. They are small yet fit in your hand to hold on to when you’re feeding. They only hold 60 ml so if you have a hungry baby, I’d move onto the next size (4 oz) and not bother with these.They have 6 parts that you need to clean: the top, the ring that holds the nipple, the nipple, the bottle, a blue funnel and a white rubber that holds the funnel (a system to prevent colic) so if you’re into simplicity, this may not be the bottle for you.Also my pediatrician said that she used these for her twins so you can’t go wrong if your own pediatrician recommends them!

Ruth Wickenburg, AZ

Newborn loves these

My one-month old loves these bottles and loved them right away. They help to keep her from drinking too quickly and from spitting up. These and the Playtex VentAire Bottles are her favorites.

Lakesha New Athens, IL

less burps

I have used doc brown bottles for 13 months now. I have tried many different brands just to "see what’s out there." I must say, these are my favorite. I have breast fed the entire time and my little one has no problem switching back and forth.

Natalie Birmingham, AL