Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Level 3 Standard Nipple, 2 Count

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Level 3 Standard Nipple, 2 Count

Created by a physician, Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles feature a patented internal vent system that helps reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas. The positive pressure design allows babies to feed comfortably, because the vent system eliminates the air bubbles and vacuum. All parts are dishwasher safe. Two replacement silicone nipples, exclusively for Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard baby bottles. Level Three Nipples are ideal for babies 6+ months.

Main features

  • Two replacement silicone nipples, exclusively for Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard baby bottles
  • Level Three Nipples are ideal for babies 6+ months
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Dishwasher safe top rack only

Verified reviews


Perfect for the stage 3 feedings!

We recently "upgraded" to this stage-stage 3 for our DS. He took it right away at 6 months and we haven’t looked back. The flow is fast, but not too fast that it chokes him. He had a very easy transition from level 2 to level 3. You can’t go wrong with the price either. Same as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. I just liked the convenience of ordering from Amazon.

Josephine Friendswood, TX

Great product but…

The level 3 nipple was too fast for my 7 month old. We switched back to Level 2 for now. We have been using Dr. Brown nipples for our son since he was born to feed him pumped milk at night. He has always liked the Dr. Brown bottles and nipples but was not ready yet for this fast flow.

Sandra Seward, IL

Lil guy is happier during feedings

Our son was getting tired and frustrated while feeding when we were using the size 2s, not to mention he wasnt eating as much. Now that he is using the level 3s he is much happier and eats more now that he doesnt have to work as hard for his meal! He must be more of an aggressive eater, since hes still 4 months old and was ready for level 3s!

Johnnie Woodsboro, TX


Wonderful.Very functional and safe , easy to use . My son feels good.I recommend it 100 %.I love it

Yesenia East Fairfield, VT

Fits perfectly

I used these when we switched our daughter from a level 1 nipple, to a level 3 nipple. We were putting rice in her bottle, so she needed a bigger hole, but this worked like a gem! Fit our Dr. Brown’s bottles perfectly.

Elva Mount Airy, MD

Dr Brown’s are the best!

Dr. Brown’s bottles are the only bottles that didn’t cause gas for our baby. The nipples are good quality and hold up well. The levels are true to the the months specified on the package.

Marie Rockport, WV

great for efficient eaters

while I don’t believe all babies that are being nursed should move to a higher level flow (too fast and the baby can start to prefer the bottle) – I did find with my son that these were necessary around 10 months. He is a super fast nurser and I guess my flow must be pretty fast. These nipples have worked great and have prevented him getting frustrated with a slow-flow bottle.

Deloris Battle Ground, WA

Great pricing

got this for our 7 month old, it’s great, he eats more now and finishes his milk easily with less effort.

Serena Franklin, IN

Easy Flow

The great product highly recommended and I have no complaints. with my second child I have used only Dr.Brown’s products for his bottle feedings

Bobbie Hakalau, HI

love it

I love Dr. Browns nipples as well as pacifiers. My daughter does so well with these. She has acid reflux but Dr. Browns bottles help her and that makes us all happy!

Kathryn Hamer, SC


These work very well and are microwave safe. They are great for helping baby transition to eating larger portions bottles

Susana Mulliken, MI

what a difference these make-cheap add on order

Amazing difference in the time and effort my baby spent trying to down a bottle. I was needing to upgrade levels of nipples and had been forgetting. This add on Amazon price is amazing also. Order a bunch of these to stock up if you’re in need!

Michaela Kennard, IN

Love, love!

I love Dr Brown’s products. These nipples are in line with their already numerous other quality products. The nipples are easy to turn inside-out for easy washing. Would recommend!

Jocelyn Knoxville, PA

Great product

These are excellent bottles and nipples for older babies. I would recommend them to anyone. I use them with my five-month-old son.

Consuelo Trout Creek, NY

Nice Nipples1

Bought these almost 2 years for my little girl and they are just what she needed. Perfect flow meant for a happy baby…leaving a happy dad.

Vivian Lilly, GA

She love them!

We use these with the Dr. Brown’s bottles. Went to level three since the baby needed a thicker formula. This helped her not to tire out before she had enough to eat. The proper weight gain is finally here. She was a preemie. She is catching up!

Lorena Tacna, AZ

Good quality, but unexpectedly fast flow

We have graduated to these from the 3 month version, and woah the flow is different! It comes out really fast and I have to make sure the bottle isn’t too tilted because it goes in my son’s mouth too fast and he starts coughing. I’m thinking they’ll work better for him when he’s a little older.

Claire Monmouth, IA

Last long….

These last a long time but we toss them out after the recommended time from the manufacturer. These clean well in the dishwasher and are pretty easy to hand wash too. My son loves these nipples. We tried other nipples but wouldn’t accept. This was the first nipple he tried so maybe he is used to this kind only.

Elizabeth Ravenswood, WV

Great product

I didn’t realize that my baby was probably struggling a bit to get milk out of the #2 nipples we were using. These worked perfect and the price was right on Amazon. I had to order these with another product on Amazon however because they are so cheap.

Kelly Bridgeport, PA


I use with Dr. Brown 4 oz glass bottles. No problems with dripping at all. Easy to clean both by hand and dishwasher safe.

Beatrice New Haven, MI

Another great product from Dr Brown’s

Love these bottles worth washing the extra parts. Switched to these nipples when my baby was 8 months old. He is a breast milk only baby but goes to daycare and drinks pumped BMilk and has no problem switching back and forth.

Maryann Brockton, MT

Dr. Browns have worked for us

We initially had some issues with gas and spit-up so a friend recommended Dr. Browns bottles and nipples. Making this switch (along with some other changes) has really helped. These work great and seem to hold up well.

Jan Pioche, NV

dr brown’s is great

Have used dr. brown’s from the beginning. My only issue is that I feel their nipples have some variation (issues with standardization?) I can get two nipples of the same level and the drip rate will differ.

Lynda Counce, TN

Works for a 5 Month Old

My son just turned 5 months old and the level 2s became too difficult for him to drink from. He has been using the level 3s for a week now and is doing great with them! Dr. Brown’s is a great bottle system, they EASY to clean…contrary to many reviews. Also, my son has never had reflux or colic and has been using these bottles since birth.

Brandy Caledonia, ND

Dr. Brown’s 2 Pack Natural Flow Level 3 Standard Nipple

My daughter is 10 months old and uses the Level 3 standard nipple. Flow on this nipple is just right for her when she drinks her milk or her water. I sterilize her nipples by boiling them in hot water for 20 minutes everyday. So far nipples haven’t fallen apart.

Joyce Copper City, MI

Baby won’t use anything else

I started using these at about 6 months, only when I stopped nursing. She loves these bottles and would never take any other kind of bottle from me. I tried to give her other bottles and baby screamed bloody murder.

Angie Mena, AR

Get 2’s and 3’s when you get the bottles.

Not paying attention to what we were doing our son was 6 months old and still using size 1 nipples. He was only drinking 2 ounces a feeding and slowed in growth. Our doctor had made some suggestions to get him to consume more. None were more important then to "check the nipples" We purchased some 2’s and his intake increased. Now it’s been a month and we’ve transitioned to 2’s and 3’s. He’s now drinking 4-6 oz per feeding. We did find that we needed to transition because when we jumped from 1’s to 3’s he gagged a little. We bought the 4’s already so we can start those as we transition off the 2’sMakes a huge difference. We’re a bit behind in growth for his age, but he’s back on a good curve. Just being able to intake more food before his tummy thought it was full. He’s sleeping longer through the nights too.

Agnes Asbury, WV


Very good for the price. I could adapted easily to my bottles. Good choice to keep continue using the bottles that I already have.

Jordan Ross, CA

Work fine

Got these to use when cereal is added to the bottle of formula. They work great in that situation. A little too fast flowing for just formula for my 7 month old.

Jana Rush Hill, MO

Great product.

We only use Dr. Brown’s bottles for our babies & they are great. Less spit up & gas. Great product.

Kenya Pingree, ID