Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Level 3 Standard Nipple, 3 Pack

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Level 3 Standard Nipple, 3 Pack

These replacement nipples fit only Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Bottles (sold separately).

Main features

  • Three replacement silicone nipples
  • Level-3 is ideal for feeding infants 6 months and above
  • Exclusive for Dr. Brown’s natural flow standard baby bottles
  • BPA Free, phthalate Free,latex Free and Nitrosamine Free

Verified reviews


Never received item because it was shipped by LASERSHIP

Shipped through low cost carrier “LASERSHIP” which is notorious for losing packages…..like this one. Never received product.

Jolene Folsom, LA

Love Dr. Brown Products

I just needed another pack of these because just wanted to have extra ones. Anything made by Dr. Brown is wonderful.

Nita North Java, NY

No more 3 packs…

First let me say that the actual nipples I would give 5 stars. Our baby has done really well with the Dr. Brown nipples, progressing through the various levels. I was also super happy when she started using the level 3 nipples as it really cut down the time to feed her a bottle. (Just don’t advance to the next level too soon, or you might find yourself water-boarding your baby.)The reason I’ve taken some stars away is that I’m pretty sure that they have changed the packaging everywhere to only have two nipples in a pack. So I’m guessing that this 3 pack selling here is old inventory, which wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t so much more expensive than you could get the 2 packs for,Dr. Brown’s 2 Pack Natural Flow Level 3 Standard Nipple.In conclusion, highly recommend these, just not the three pack at its current price.

Deanne Millican, TX

Wonderful Standard Nipples…

These nipples are wonderful and fit any standard size bottle. They were perfect for my baby girl when she got about 5-6 months when she needed a faster flow and also work well for thicker drinks (for example, if you’re adding a little rice cereal to the milk). They’re well made, and a good price. Dont waste your money on generic standard nipples, you’ll get your moneys worth for these. I also like that if you look closely at the bottom of the nipple, each one has the flow level marked, so you know which one you’re using… like I said you’d def. want this for thicker liquids, However, you’ll want Dr.Brown’s Y cut for older babies that are drinking very thick liquids, like smoothies.

Sherri Long Barn, CA

Love Dr Brown Products

I have been extremely happy with the Dr Browns products, this one included. It’s made to use with the Dr. Browns bottles and fits fine. They also work with other standard bottles. No leaking. I moved my baby to this size at 9 months. He breastfeeds and takes a bottle at daycare. No issues going back and forth. I purchased the level two nipples after he started collapsing the level 1 nipples in an attempt to get the milk out and we have since moved on to Level 3. He’s adjusted to the faster flow just fine. I was concerned he would prefer the bottle to breastfeeding with the faster flow but that hasn’t been the case. Another great product!

Erika Westfield, ME

Great nipples

I love that there are different levels to the nipples. It tells you about how old your child should be when using a particular nipple. I have to say that for my child, it has been pretty close to perfect. I love Dr. Brown products.

Ashleigh Whitetail, MT

Level 3s for my 6+ month baby

My baby has been using this since she turned 6 months. She is now almost 8 months. I haven’t tried any other nipples so I don’t have anything to compare this to but all of the Dr. Brown’s nipples have worked great so far!

Lenore Robertsdale, AL

Must have if putting cereal in the bottle

When the doc told us to put cereal in his bottle, we couldn’t have lived without the level 3’s. They are the only one with a hole big enough to get the thicker liquid through.

Joan Milliken, CO