Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Disks Replacement, 6 Pack

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Disks Replacement, 6 Pack

These replacement Disks are exclusively for all standard Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles. These are the exact pieces that come with all standard Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow baby bottles and are meant to replace worn or lost disks.

Main features

  • These replacement disks are exclusively for all standard dr brown’s natural flow baby bottles
  • These are the exact pieces that come with all standard Dr Brown’s natural flow baby bottles and are meant to replace worn or lost disks
  • Top rack, dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Dr. Brown Disks

When placed under the nipple in the nipple collar these are supposed to prevent leakage and they do a little bit, but not to the degree that I would use them to take liquid bottles with me. I use these for when I premake a bottle with just the premeasured powder formula in it and don’t add the water yet. I put the premeasured water in another bottle and use the travel caps for the liquid. Do not buy these unless you plan on using them like I do.

Elaine Teresita, MO

exactly what we needed

These discs are necessary for us to transport our daughter’s bottles daily. They get lost at daycare all the time, so this replacement pack is exactly what we needed.

Emma Quebradillas, PR

Fit great in my cheap Evenflo glass bottles

Fit great in my cheap Evenflo glass bottles, even though the brand is different. These are much cheaper than buying Evenflo specific, if you can even find them!

Brooke Osceola, PA

Great for Travel

Another item which I can’t understand why I waited so long to buy these. Dr. Brown’s bottles leak horribly and it used to drive me crazy how everything in my bag would get wet. Just place these on top of the tan inserts and the bottles don’t leak. Perfection!

Cecilia Paris Crossing, IN

Replacement of ones I lost

Good deal for the money. I borrowed these bottles from my sister for my LO. I like the disks because you can put it on the bottle and not worry about formula spilling out. I had to buy these because I had lost a couple and needed to replace them. I’m glad you can buy the parts needed and not have to buy the whole bottle again!

Meagan Dierks, AR

Work for Evenflo bottles too

I used these to store breast milk in the freezer that I had been pumping. I used evenflo bottles because they are cheap and fit on the pump perfectly, and used these disks to seal the tops of the evenflo bottles. A cheap and effective breastmilk storage solution.

Sheri Peachtree City, GA

Works perfectly!

For months we tried getting away without using these stoppers in our daughters bottles, but the milk would spill something awful. These little things do the job perfectly, and have prevented spilling in her daycare bag.

Ramona Biddle, MT

very versatile

as others have said, they work on our evenflo glass bottles as well as my medela pump bottles, as well as our ameda bottles for daycare.

Brigitte Volcano, HI


These are a must have if you are sending bottles to the daycare/sitter etc. – I wasn’t using them and then a bottle tipped over at the nanny’s house in their fridge and all of my breastmilk was spilled so she had no bottle – I started using these and now no worries if the bottle tips over.

Tammy Brinktown, MO

What’s there not to like?

I lost all of the original disk for my Dr. Brown’s bottles. I knew exactly what they did before I purchase. Nothing to critique.

Edith Stratton, NE

I’m sure they are good

Just note that if you are getting these for your nuke bottles they won’t work. I don’t want to give a low rating when I’m sure they are fine, I’m annoyed that I can’t find these for the nuke bottles I have, but that is not the manufacturers fault, I took a chance…

Michelle Essex, CA

Great product!

Dr. Brown’s products had great ratings and after a lot of research this is what I decided to purchase. Great product!

Rosa Buffalo, SD