Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Glass Bottles, 4 Ounce, 2-Count

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Standard Glass Bottles, 4 Ounce, 2-Count

Dr. Brown’s bottle features a patented two-piece internal vent system that works unlike any other bottle design. The vent system fully vents our bottle for vacuum free feeding, which we call positive-pressure flow, similar to breastfeeding. As the baby feeds, air is channeled from the nipple collar through the vent system, bypassing the breast milk or formula, to the back of the bottle. Air never mixes with the breast milk or formula which minimizes oxidation and helps maintain essential nutrients like vitamins C, A and E. Babies feed more comfortably because the vent system allows them to nurse without fighting the negative effects of a vacuum or the discomfort of ingesting air bubbles. This helps to reduce feeding problems like colic, spit-up, burping, and gas. The breast milk or formula flows freely, without nipple collapse. Includes two 4 ounce glass bottles with two level one nipples, two 2 piece internal vents and one nipple cleaning brush. BPA Free.

Main features

  • Reduces colic, spit-up, burping, and gas
  • Less oxidation helps maintain vitamins C, A and E
  • Vacuum-free feeding like breastfeeding

Verified reviews


Awful – get the 3.5 oz

I love Dr. Browns 3.5 oz glass bottles and thought these were essentially the same just a little bigger. I am SO frustrated with them however because after I got these 4 oz bottles home and washed them (so I can’t return them, nuts!) I realized the top/opening is just a little bit off from the standardized size that Evenflow/Dr Browns3.5oz/Medela bottles are. This means i can’t connect them directly to my Medela pump, and I can’t use the medela storage covers on them. Also, the vent system is also just a tiny titch longer than the 3.5 oz Dr Browns vent system, so you can’t mix & match. Very frustrating. I prefer the 3.5 oz ones for the standardized opening.

Lessie Port Washington, OH

Loved these!

I bought these out of concern for BPA. We also had the regular plastic Dr. Browns. A few differences to point out. Oh, and my husband used these with pumped breastmilk (I don’t know if that makes a difference).1. These warm faster than a plastic bottle, so we tended to prefer these over the plastic2. Obviously, plastic is not going to break – so if you have concrete or tile (where you’re feeding) you may want to skip these. One of ours bit the dust on the kitchen tile. We dropped them a few times on carpet with no issue.3. I felt like these were easier to clean than the plastic. It was easier to see the “dirt” in the bottom than with the plastics.

Jeanine Eckerty, IN

Very Pleased With This Product

Over all we would recommend this product in a heart beat, after using these for 9 months, this is the pros and cons list we’ve come up with so far. Our daughter has always been prone to gas easy for multiple reasons, this was the only bottle that aided in the prevention of gas and colic the best. We noticed a difference immediately.To help with cleaning we suggest keeping all the pieces soaking in some soapy water after each use until it’s time to clean all the bottles (unless you clean after each use), it helps keep the pieces looking clean and new, it helps with the mildew issue. (Below in the cons list it explains more.) Dawn Ultra seems to work the best so far or the Dawn Power Soaks.CONS1–> The brown inserts that go into the blue straw/tubes collect mold and mildew fairly easy and need to be scrubbed and soaked every day. These pieces will color over time and get nasty looking. After around 7 months they need to be replaced , that is when our bottles began leaking. We replaced these pieces recently and the problem stopped.2–> The tiny brush that comes with the bottles does not clean the brown inserts well, they are only good for the little holes and the nipples . We suggest investing in a good nipple brush so you can get all the gunk off successfully .It also gets lost easy due to it being so tiny and a clear’ish color. The Munchkin Deluxe nipple brush has worked best so far.3–> Cleaning all the parts and pieces is a huge chore every day but it 100% worth it. Also, because of this reason, we would not recommend this bottle for parents of multiples or multiple children unless you have good help. Or unless your child really,really needs the extra help this bottle offers.4–> Our bottle DID break after rolling off the counter the first time. We’ve only had one bottle break but only one bottle has taken the floor dive so far. Not as sturdy as they seem and we have the old 7 oz bottles and new 8 oz ones.5–> Most bottle brushes either won’t fit through the opening or you have to really work on pushing it through . We found that the XOXO brand bottle brush works best, it has a nice long handle and goes through the opening perfectly, and actually cleans every inch. The nipple brush that comes with it is awful.6–> The blue straw/tubes/filters become dull looking even after being washed. Let them soak in hot, soapy water for 5-10 minutes while cleaning the other pieces and they will look shiny and clean again.PROS1–> These bottles really mean business when it comes to gas prevention, it has helped our daughter tremendously.2–> With the right bottle brush these bottles clean perfectly.3–> The glass bottles seem to keep a better flavor when stored as opposed to the other material Dr Browns bottles come in. Our daughter prefers the glass ones.The pros list is twice as short as the cons, but it is a bottle, not a toy . It does what it is suppose to do perfectly. It is worth the price you pay.

Kay Lisbon, NY

Don’t waste your money – or your milk!

The bottles keep breaking when we are warming up the milk. The bottles have a warning on them that “extreme temperature changes may lead to breakage” so we are heating them up via a pot of water on the very lowest setting on our stove. We bought four bottles (2 of the 2 packs) and have been using them for a few weeks and have already had two bottles crack/break. I am also using Born Free glass bottles and they are all fine. It is very frustrating since I am pumping milk – everytime a bottle breaks, I am losing all my milk from that bottle, plus the baby is already hungry and we’ve got to start heating up a new bottle. Don’t waste your money, or your milk!

Jenny Penokee, KS

Love Dr. Brown bottles!

I’ve been using Dr. Brown bottles for about 10 years now with 5 different children. With my 5th I decided to get some glass ones to try out and I love these bottles even more! So much sturdier and I have noticed these leak less then the plastic. I’ve never had big issues with leaks anyways. It would happen sometimes, no big deal.

Kendra Haviland, OH

better than born free

We previously used Born Free glass bottles. Our almost exclusively breast fed baby had a very difficult time learning to suck the nipple that came with the Born Free bottles. Once she did learn, our 2 month old was slow and messy. Our daughter is tongue tied, so we attributed her difficulty to that. Our mistake!We bought Dr. Brown’s because Babies R Us was sold out of Born Free glass bottles. Wow! Are we glad they were! What a difference!! She took right to the nipple in Dr. Brown’s–no mess, quick and efficient eating.

Mercedes Walton, WV

Great until they broke!

I had 4 of these in the 8oz and 2 in the 4 oz bottles. I loved them that is until two of them (both 8oz broke) They both broke in the same way, cracking in a ring around the bottom. Very disappointing. I bought all of them less than a month ago. I was happy to have the glass version because I just know that sooner or later they will find something else wrong with plastic but at 12.00 a pop I can’t be replacing these every month and it makes me concerned that they will break while my baby is using it. Just imaging how unsettling if this happened while your baby was holding their own bottle. Love glass but stick with plastic on these.Update, I must mention that the day after I wrote this another bottle broke so I contacted Handi Craft’s customers service center. They are GREAT. I had a response within 1 business day and they are replacing the broken glass bottles with plastic ones free of charge. I am impressed. The Glass bottles aren’t so great but the company is! I do still recommend the bottle just in the plastic version. The venting system is great!

Shirley Crittenden, KY

Good but broke

Good bottle, but broke both. Once after getting out of the car. Use cover if possible. They are pain to clean, especially the blue part, even with that little brush that comes with the bottles. My baby accepted Green to grow so I did not got another one after these broke.

Marsha Glyndon, MD

Works but troublesome

Okay, so the bottles work. Sort of. Very “old-school” nipple, which is far too small to emulate mother’s breast.The funky nipple system is supposed to avoid bubbling air through the milk, so yes, it does work but the downsides?* Way too many parts to wash & sanitize, and unlike other systems, they have small /long openings that are difficult to get to. (they do include a special brush, but still).* I’ve observed that most other systems don’t bubble that much and even if more than Dr. Brown, the formula (at least the ones that we use) tend to have very low surface activity so you don’t trap a lot of air in bubbles anyways.It works, but not necessarily any better than many other systems out there. (Born free, Avent, Medela, etc)

Lois Letha, ID

Good bottles but leak

nice glass feeding bottles for use at home but you need to use the travel cap when taking on the go b/c they tend to leak. on one trip, two bottles of milk leaked out into my bag and i did not have any backup. also mildew tends to build up on the yellow interior piece so you need to check it every once in a while to clean out.besides that i like the smaller nipples, they seem easier to feed with.

Maria Battle Lake, MN

The Best Bottles Out There

We had some bad experience with bottles. Some, the lids wouldn’t stay on, others my daughter wouldn’t use, and some more gave her horrible gas. These bottles were a lifesaver. No more leaks, gas, or fussy baby!These bottles have a LOT of pieces! Because of this, they take a long time to wash and take care of. Here’s what our solution was:In the morning, I would make all the formula and fill all the bottles (we were using 6-8 a day). Put the bottles in the fridge and use as necessary. Rinse every bottle after it’s used. At the end of the day, take all the pieces apart and put them in a sink full of very hot soapy water and let sit for a few minutes. Swish the parts around, scrub every piece and make sure you get all the holes on the valve scrubbed out with the super-skinny bottle brush that comes with these. Then, rinse all the pieces. Make sure you have a place to put the pieces to dry (we used the dishwasher bottle cage thingy). And then in the morning, start all over again!It’s a lot of work, but well worth it to have a child who is happy and healthy with no gas!If you’re using breast milk in these bottles, they are harder to clean, so make sure you rinse them immediately!!The neck of the bottle is really narrow, so you can’t mix formula right in the bottle. We had a salad dressing shaker that held 16 oz. We cleaned it really good and used it to mix the formula in.The Walmart bottle brush just fits into these bottles!

Leah Gillham, AR

Best bottle if you pair it with the preemie nipple!

I tried so many different bottles and they all claimed to come with "slow flow" nipples (even these bottles). Well, let me tell you, none of them are truly slow enough for a newborn baby. My baby was 2 weeks old when we introduced a bottle for her late night feeding. Well, every bottle/nipple we used would still cause her to suck in too much milk and she would choke and cough. It wasn’t until we found Dr. Brown’s preemie nipples that she was able to drink a bottle without taking in too much milk and coughing. So we bought these bottles and separately purchased the Dr. Brown Preemie nipples and it became the PERFECT bottle. For those of you breast feeding moms who are worried about nipple confusion like I was, these bottles and nipples did not cause any nipple confusion at all. My baby goes back and fourth between these nipples and my breast without a problem. I do make sure though that the majority of her feedings come from the breast. I only give 2 to 3 bottles in a day because I want to ensure she doesn’t start preferring the bottle over breast. Now, two other things: 1- for the reviewer that said these bottles break easily, I find this NOT to be true. I have dropped this bottle at least twice on the hard floor and nothing happened to it. 2- for all the reviewers that say it is a pain to clean these bottles, I also find this NOT to be true. Yes, there are more parts to this bottle, but it’s not any harder to clean. Pop everything into some hot soapy water, wash and let dry. It’s not that hard people! I do make sure not to let the milk sit and dry in the bottle. I give them a quick rinse after we use it, which makes it easy to clean when I do get around to washing them.

Corinne Coushatta, LA

Too big for breast fed babies

I learned only after ordering these that 8oz bottles are too big for breastfed feedings (pumped milk). BF babies eat only about 3-5oz generally in a sitting. These bottles are big and would make feeding more difficult with more waste. If you are BFing and feeding pumped milk, get the 4oz bottles – it’s way easier. Even as they get older, BF babies keep their quantities consistent unlike formula kids who steadily increase quantity.

Erika Center Lovell, ME

Glass bottles are durable

I’m a huge fan of the Dr. Brown’s glass bottles. It’s the only brand of glass baby bottle that I’ve been able to find commonly in stores. We started out with about 10 of the 4oz glass bottles, but are now down to only 3 after about a year’s use, thanks to slippery fingers during washing. I came back to purchase 3 more of the 8 oz. bottles and have found that they’ve held up really well, despite being larger in size and therefore more susceptible to breakage when dropping them. We’ve had a few roll off the desk and hit the floor, but no breaks or cracks so far. These are awesome for us b/c our son will only drink milk very warm (yep, we couldn’t break him of that habit). So, I felt much better heating up glass bottles in a thermos full of hot water rather than plastic, even the BPA free ones.My only criticism is that I wish that the nipples on the 8 oz bottles were level 3 or 4. Instead, they came with level 1 nipples and I had to purchase Level 4 separately. If a baby is ready to drink from an 8 oz bottle, it seems likely to me that they’ve graduated beyond the level 1 or 2 bottle nipples.

Myrtle Pine Grove Mills, PA

Helps with reflux

I wasn’t thrilled about getting these bottles because I knew they had a million tiny little parts. I started with Avent bottles, but those leaked, didn’t really cut down on gas, and even the newborn nipple was too fast for my son. Then, when he was diagnosed with silent reflux, I did some research on the best bottles for reflux. These were the ones everyone recommended, so I decided to buy a couple to try them out. They are wonderful! The nipple seems so much better for my son, who would sometimes wear half his meal with the Avent bottles. These really aren’t too bad to clean either, and I love that they are glass.After a couple of days of just using the two, I ordered 8 more. They are working great to reduce gas issues, and with a combination of Zantac, probiotic drops, and these bottles, I was able to get the reflux under control in a weeks time. My son went from screaming and crying in pain through every feed to being slightly fussy for maybe one bottle per day. A HUGE improvement. I don’t attribute that solely to the bottles, but I have no doubt that the reduction in gas has helped tremendously.These bottles won’t travel well. They will be hard to clean on the go and heavy in the diaper bag. I’m not worried about breakage, I think we will be fine there. I don’t heat his milk so there shouldn’t be sudden temperature changes. I notice there is a mold issue with the brown inserts, so I will try to be extra diligent on keeping those clean and scrubbed, hopefully avoiding that problem. But they are worth it.Skip the 4 oz. and go for the 8 oz. I know it’s super convenient to have smaller bottles, but my son is 6 weeks old and already eats 5 oz. sometimes. Why spend the money on the smaller bottles to use them for such a short time?Good bottles, decent price. Overall a good investment.

Jeanine Cherry Valley, MA

Love These. No problem at all !! No Breaking Here.

We have dropped these a few time, the old 7 ounce glass bottles broke easy, but the updated 8 ounce glass bottles did not for us at all.We’re impressed !

Sadie Kearney, MO

HIgh quality bottle

These 8-oz bottles are sturdy and well made. They have the usual Dr. Browns flow apparatus which has worked well for our infant. They are easy to clean and, in our case, seem impervious to being banged around a bit (though no drops from a height – yet).The one problem with these bottles is their weight – they are quite heavy. When baby was younger and took a while to feed these really started to weigh on the hand and wrist. Not as much of an issue now that she is older and feeds very quickly. As she has gotten older she also likes to hold the bottle and feed herself (which she occasionally manages). She is unable to deal with the weight of the glass bottles though.

Kathryn West Camp, NY


The bottle is good quality and will not eat any air when fid my son, i will buy the 8ounce again.

Allyson Readfield, WI

Does not helps fusiness!

Like any other bottle air passes when baby releases them or from sides. Without the blue pipe bubbles would go through milk and does make any noticeable difference.These are kinda wide and tall, being glass naturally bit heavy. Overall difficult to hold.

Lillian Boys Town, NE

Heavy – but so is baby!

When we first switched from 4- to 8-ounce bottles, my husband and I hated these. They were sooo heavy! I actually had to order a set of plastic 8-ounce so my husband wouldn’t rebel.Well, a month or so later, I realized that I liked these way better, and with my growing munchkin strengthening my arms, didn’t even notice the extra weight of the glass.My daughter can now finish a full 8 ounces in under 10 minutes with these (and level 3 nipples; she’s 9 months). The venting is great, and I suspect it is the reason she can eat so fast. Our plastic bottles are Medela with really basic nipples.Dr Browns plastic with the venting would probably be the same as these, I’m just happier with the glass!

Michael Fieldon, IL

Best Bottles We Tried for Reflux Preemie

My son was born 11 weeks early, so unfortunately his digestive system is pretty sensitive and he’s quite prone to reflux as well as gas due to his prematurity. He also had a difficult time learning to breastfeed, and for several months we relied on bottlefeeding expressed breastmilk. We tried several different bottles before giving these a go. We instantly saw vast improvement in both his reflux symptoms as well as his comfort thanks to reduced gassiness. I have an entire cupboard full of bottles of all different styles and brands, and even so, ordered more of these after trying them out.The slow flow nipple is perfect for babies going back and forth between breast and bottle as well. It is TRULY slow flow, and literally the only one that didn’t drown our little guy. Highly highly recommend Dr. Browns!

Mariana Denton, MT

Best baby bottle.

I bought 5 of these. my baby is still using them. They are great glass bottles. The only thing is I have to spend more time to clean.

Sadie Manokin, MD

Better than the plastic

I was a little worried about how breakable these would be, but decided to try them out. I’m really glad I did. We had already been feeding the baby out of Dr. Browns plastic bottles so I knew they were the brand she preferred, but between these and the plastic variety I prefer these. These hold a little more milk than the plastic (could hold closer to 5 oz), and the oz marks are raised glass rather than printed. I feel the marks are actually very easy to see even though they are not colored, and maybe easier to see than the ones printed on the plastic bottles . The parts on the glass and plastic are interchangeable but the glass bottle seems easier to clean. And the glass is nice and thick and substantial.

Jan Splendora, TX

Glass bottles are the way to go.

I know BPA free plastic is supposedly safe but I can’t stand the taste of anything when it’s been in plastic especially heated or frozen in plastic so why would I serve it to my baby?

Lottie Morley, MI

LOVE these!

I love these!!!! My baby hasn’t arrived yet, but I love that they’re glass, and I can stick them in the dishwasher instead of handwashing them like the plastic ones. Love love love!

Saundra Eaton, TN

Very happy with these bottles

I started with plastic avent bottles but had serious problems with a perfumy chemical smell/flavor leaching into the milk and I didn’t feel it was safe to use these plastic bottles any longer. Then I switched to dr brown’s plastic bottles and it did help a lot with gas but also these bottles seemed to change the smell of the milk, though not as strong as with avent bottles.So I was done with plastic bottles alltogether and I now have these dr brown’s glass bottles. They are fantastic, help with gas, and I no longer have to worry about plastic chemicals.

Sara Greenacres, WA

Love Dr Brown’s bottle

I started with the 4oz glass ones because they were a hand me down, I like the glass ones better for my son (before he was able to play with them) because you can heat them up much faster than the plastic ones.I now use the wide-neck because it’s so much easier to put formula in them with the wide opening.

Dorothea Fitzgerald, GA

Perfect bottle

The little guy likes to hold these bottles. Easy to heat up, no nipple leaks, easy to clean and no gas. Couldn’t be happier.

Jannie Pikeville, KY

Best bottle for the babe!

I believe this is the best bottle you could get for feeding your babe. Here are the reasons: (1) they are glass bottles, so no worries about BPA and other chemicals, (2) the blue "pipes" help with the vacuum that is created by the suctioning as seen in other bottles, (3) these heat to the perfect temperature in our Philips Avent bottle warmer (Evenflo glass was too hot and LifeFactory was too cool), and (4) the nipples are silicone just in case your baby has any latex allergy. I love using these the best!

Penelope Wildrose, ND

Great bottles!

These bottles are easy to use, as well as easy to clean. The fact that they’re glass is a definite plus, since there is less worry about BPA.

Trudy Mc Cracken, KS