Dr. Brown’s PreVent Design Pacifier, Girls, Stage 1, 0-6 Months

Dr. Brown’s PreVent Design Pacifier, Girls, Stage 1, 0-6 Months

Designed by a pediatric dentist, Dr. Brown’s PreVent Orthodontic Pacifier has a patented Suction Free Air Channel that helps reduce suction and palatal pressure. The soft, suction release bulb spreads wider as baby sucks for low pressure comfort. PreVent helps to lower the pressures that can create dental issues, such as crossbites. The thin stem design is minimally intrusive on baby’s mouth. There are three stages of pacifiers available. Stage one is for babies ages 0-6 months.

Main features

  • Patented suction free air channel that helps reduce suction and palatal pressure
  • The soft, suction release bu pound spreads wider as baby sucks for low pressure comfort
  • PreVent helps to lower the pressures that can create dental issues, such as crossbites
  • The thin stem design is minimally intrusive on baby’s mouth
  • There are three stages of pacifiers available; Stage one is for babies ages 0 6 months

Verified reviews


I like it, but baby hasn’t taken to it yet…

Suddenly at 3 months my baby girl started accepting a pacifier, which was great when she woke in the middle of the night and wasn’t hungry, and I could just pop one in her mouth, the only pacifier I had was a newborn smoothie and at 5 months I thought we needed to graduate to a other pacifier. The design is cute, but the second I put it in her mouth, she grabs the handle and rips it out. In the meantime ill keep trying!

Becky Rocky River, OH

Works for my baby

Each baby is different, so I had to try many pacifiers to find some she liked. Ultimately she liked the ones with the angled nipple. I especially love that this came with a cover to keep it clean when I need to throw a spare in the diaper bag.

Sue Cary, MS

Best pacifier choice out there!

LOVE these pacifiers! We bought small packs of three different types of pacifiers to see what our baby would prefer. We bought Dr Brown’s Prevent, Nuk, and Avent. Our baby will LOVES the Dr Brown pacifiers. She’ll put up with the Avent ones, but they pop out of her mouth so easily it’s hardly worth it. The Nuk ones get spit out almost instantly, they’re too hard to keep in her mouth. These ones have a fantastic shape that is very well designed. I love that it doesn’t give her gas because she’s not sucking any air. These are just so perfectly designed and we’ve already bought more for her. I think it’s good advice to try different pacifiers for your baby because all babies are different, but I will say that these ones definitely stay in their mouths better no matter who your baby is – so I won’t tell you not to try different pacifiers at first, but definitely include these when you’re trying a few out! They’ll probably become a quick favorite for you and baby.Originally we purchased the Dr Browns Prevent pacifiers from another Amazon listing where “Colors may vary” and there are no handles on the pacifier. We ended up with blue and red, which I didn’t love for our little girl. It’s silly and not important, but I didn’t love having her suck on a blue or red pacifier when she was always dressed in pink or purple. These pacifiers are much preferred! Though they’re the same shape for sucking, there are a few differences. The silly difference (but it matters to me!) of the color is the obvious difference. Another key difference is these ones also have the handles on them and the others don’t. I have found that I much prefer the handles for multiple reasons. One, they are easy to hold if I’m burping her and just want to have the pacifier handy for when she’s done and ready for it. Two, if I drop the pacifier, the extra weight from the handle makes it land on the back almost every time so the nipple doesn’t get dirty. Three, if you’re attaching a pacifier clip, it can attach to the handle instead of the opening on the part of the pacifier that touches the baby’s face. Our pacifier clip was always rubbing against our baby’s face when using the other ones and I didn’t like that since it left a red mark on her cheek.Another difference is that these pacifiers actually come with a clip-on nipple cover. I LOVE this accessory because if I’m running to a neighbor’s house for a short visit and I don’t need to tote a whole diaper bag, but I do want to bring a pacifier – I easily can with the clip cover. It works so great to just clip the cover on so I can throw the pacifier in my pocket without it getting all nasty. Or it’s nice for putting in the diaper bag without getting gross as well.The price is about the same (within a dollar) of the other “colors may vary” listing, so these ones are the clear winner between the two listings. If you want a great pacifier for your little girl, these are PERFECT!

Fanny Nassawadox, VA

to big

I would not suggest this until babies get older, my 12 week old won’t take because the nipple is to long for her.

Pauline West Bethel, ME

The only ones she likes!

I tried so many different pacifiers.. something about these make our little girl like them better than the others. She feeds with a nipple shield, so that probably means that she gravitates towards different shapes than other babies.

Neva Kingmont, WV


I always love Dr. Brown things as they are a step above the rest. Very nice and well made…Nice colors too.

Madeleine Moriches, NY

Cute design but not for my baby

I liked the look of these pacifiers and I really wanted my baby to like them so she had something more girly to suck on. However, she wasn’t into these. They have a sloped shape nipple to them which maybe some babies like but mine doesn’t. I am much better off with traditional pacifiers for her.

Tia Scottsville, NY

My baby like it

My baby have been using avent pacifier till 3 months and I decided to change it. She always spit out the avent and I have to hold it for her. I bought NUK and Dr Brown for her to try. She like it instantly. No more popping out. Yet to try the NUK since she like Dr Brown.It only comes with 1 pacifier cover instead of 2. I have to reuse the avent cover, luckily it fits.

Cassandra Lynndyl, UT


Bought Avent 0 to 6 months and she kept spitting it out then I bought these and she latched on right away. She loved it and still do at 5 months. I compared them and saw the Avent nipple was way bigger. Not cool for newborn baby at all.

Terri Vergennes, VT

Great Product!

This is a great product. I love these and they are easy for my daughter to use. I will definitely get more!

Ma Malo, WA

Made in the US

Made in the US. I do not know what is a good pacifier. I am only trying to avoid using Made in China stuff for my baby.

Madeleine Glen Mills, PA

Good product!

These pacifiers are really good. The design is perfect and they work vere well. My baby is happy with these pacifiers.

Meagan Dixon, CA

stays put!

We’ve tried several pacifiers, and these are the best for staying put in my daughter’s mouth. They’re her favorite, too :).

Wanda Katy, TX

Water Gets in these and clouds them

I bought these because I really like the Dr. Brown’s bottles and I received one of these free in the bottle set that I received at my shower. I liked the idea that they have the cutout to reduce pressure. I have been using these for a month or so and was pretty happy with them even though water gets in them, but lately it has started to cloud them and looks really gross. I am currently now shopping around for another brand to switch to.

Mara White, SD

not good for my daughter

my daughter would not take, but i think it is simple preference, she gagged on about 4 different brands before i found one she would take

Camilla Yabucoa, PR

Finally a Pacifier My Baby Takes

I tried several different brands of pacifiers (MAM, Avent, Nuk, and the hospital one) but my baby would either gag or spit them right out. Finally I tried these since I am a fan of Dr. Browns bottles and she took it right away and has been using it ever since. She does not really love pacifiers in general but when I need to settle her down during her fussy time she does take these and actively sucks on them which settles her down.Dr. Brown’s products are responsibly made and don’t contain bad chemicals for baby so I feel confident in using these!

Elisa Kulpmont, PA