Dr. Brown’s Soft-Spout Sippy Cup 6 oz. BLUE

Dr. Brown’s Soft-Spout Sippy Cup 6 oz. BLUE

A great first training cup! This well-designed sippy cup makes weaning easier, thanks to its soft, silicone spout and easy-to-grip handles. Plus, it’s absolutely spill-proof, because beverage only flows when baby is actively sipping. (If your baby’s been overwhelmed by fast-flowing sippy spouts, she’ll like this better, because she’s in control.) Later, move up to Dr. Brown’s Hard-Spout Cup (sold separately), the next step in Dr. Brown’s interchangeable training cup system. For ages 6 months and up. Top-rack dishwasher safe. The soft spout and sip-activated valve eases the transition from bottle to cup Includes 6 oz. cup, removable handles, spout cap, valve disc, and travel lid Silicone and polypropylene; BPA-free Easy to assemble, fill and clean; top-rack dishwasher safe

Main features

  • 6Oz/180Ml
  • Sip-Activated Valve – No Spills
  • Removeable Handles
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA Free

Verified reviews


High Expectations….failed

I bought this, because my 7 month old is having a hard time learning to use a sippy cup. I was particularly drawn to this cup, because of the silicone nipple. The handles are completely pointless on this cup, because no matter how tight the lid is twisted on, the handles still move around. They seem really flimsy compared to other sippy cups. Baby used this sippy cup twice and the silicone nipple is already discolored from whatever solid food he was eating; it just looks gross now. My expectations for this sippy cup were too high for this product, because I have used the Dr. Brown’s bottles for 5 months and am very happy with those.

Tricia Santa Fe, TX

Awesome cup, but a first sippy cup

Awesome cup, but a first sippy cup… once our son got to be about 15 mos. old, it poured a little too slow for him. Truly leak proof as long as you don’t overtighten it, even when thrown or dropped or laying on its side for a while!

Susanne Millville, MA


I use Dr Browns bottles so I was highly disappointed with this sippy cup. The handles did not stay put and spun around the cup while in use. I returned this item.

Estella Fairfax, OK

Decent sippy cup

We use dr browns bottles so when I saw this sippy I had to have it. I was really disappointed in it. It is hard to clean and the handles spin all the time so it is hard for my baby to hold on and drink. The spout is really hard to get water out of as well.

Latisha Bancroft, ID

Must Haves

This cup is awesome, the only cup I have found that doesn’t leak or drip, I got one in every color, I Love Them!

Jasmin Erie, PA

Not working for my baby

A friend of mine swears by this cup so I bought it but my son never took to aspirate from it, I think the spout is just too thin and small for him. So it’s sitting here taking dust.

Edythe Groton, MA

great first sippy cup

This is the third sippy cup I tried and the first one my son has been able/willing to drink out of. The rotating handles are genius, and the spout is nice and soft so much easier for someone just learning to drink to get the hang of.

Tori Martel, OH

The Best Sippy Cup

Doesn’t leak. Has a lid so I can throw it in my handbag and or put it in the outside pocket of the diaper bag and the spout won’t get dirty. It’s better than any cup out there. The only one that comes close is Playtex but that doesn’t have a cap so I only use it at home.

Marguerite Bingham Canyon, UT