Dr. Brown’s Soft Spout Training Cup, 6 Ounce, Colors May Vary

Dr. Brown’s Soft Spout Training Cup, 6 Ounce, Colors May Vary

The Dr. Brown’s Training Cups feature a Sipand#8208;Activated Valve that is only activated by baby’s mouth when drinking; there is no mess when baby is not drinking from this spilland#8208;proof cup. All parts in Dr. Brown’s Trainer Cup System are interchangeable and come in mixed colors of bright yellow, purple, green, blue and berry pink. The unique soft spout helps babies transition from bottle to cup. Cups are BPA free and dishwasher safe (top rack only). Contents include: 6 ounce/180ml cup, sipand#8208;activated valve, softand#8208;spout cap, removable handles, protective lid and instructions.

Main features

  • Sip activated valve is only activated by bay’s mouth when drinking
  • No mess when baby is not drinking from this spill proof cup
  • All parts are interchangeable with other Dr. Brown’s trainer cup systems for mixing colors
  • The unique soft spout helps babies transition from bottle to cup
  • Cups are BSP free and dishwasher safe (top rack only); Colors may vary, you will receive one of the following colors: bright yellow, purple, green, glue and berry pink

Verified reviews


my kid never liked this cup and never would take a sip out of it

even my 2 year old said it was not good. He is all about taking his little brother’s cup but he took this one, tried it, and gave it back. He said it was not good.It vents well and seems durable but we don’t use it because the kids hate it.

Judith Hamberg, ND

Not our favorite sippy

This cup is cute and doesn’t leak, but it just doesn’t stack up to the natural flow cup. My daughter much prefers it over this one. It’s a good cup, and I would buy it again for another baby who might like it more.

Jessie Marshallberg, NC

This is THE ONE!

This sippy cup is quite simply THE BEST one around. I have tried many, many cups, ranging from cheap to expensive and this is the ONLY one that does not leak at all (not a drop!) AND my child can suck the liquid out easily. The only other ones that I have found not to leak are the ones with the crazy valve that requires all human strength to get a drop out of, which to me is totally unusable. We always end up either making the hole in the valve much bigger, which causes it to leak, or take the valve out altogether, which really causes it to leak! I have no idea how they made this cup work, but it does not have the typical valve system and you don’t have to fuss with it at all to get it to do it’s job perfectly. The one thing I will mention is that when you are assembling the two internal parts together, the little “bubble” part must be pushed all the way through the disk for it to work (not a big deal, I just didn’t pop it through the whole way the first time and it won’t work at all if it isn’t popped through). Some people have commented on the fact that there are a few more parts than other cups, but to me it’s not a big deal and I would much rather have one or two extra parts to clean and get a quality cup that actually works! I let my daughter roam all over the house with it since I know it will not drip or if there is juice or milk inside, I know it will not create a sticky, smelly mess. I’m planning on buying at least one more of these. They are the BEST!

Corrine Findley Lake, NY

Looking For Another

After reading reviews and worried about cleaning up more spills, I decided to get this one since most reviewers say it doesn’t leak. Well, they were right. It’s so good that absolutely NOTHING comes out! I tried it myself and had a hard time getting any liquid out. And it has a lot parts to clean, almost as much as a bottle. So now I’m on the search for another sippy cup. What a waste of money.

Rosalyn Lapeer, MI

did not work for us

Could not get it to work, my son had a very hard time with this, so we went to a different brand and it works great for him

Melissa Channing, MI

Made in China

I thought Dr Brown’s products are made in the USA. When this item arrived, I was disappointed when I noticed it was made in China. Decided to return it. I don’t care if I will pay the shipping more than the cost of the item.

Christian Avon Lake, OH

Great sippy cup

We’ve bought two of these, one from a store and one from online. The one we ordered from Amazon arrived with a blue cup portion, purple handles, and a green lid … not what was pictured, but still fine with us. You might also get one like the pictured cup–clear cup-like part, pink lid and yellow/orange handles.Our daughter loves these. They haven’t leaked. No complaints.

Eddie Roundhead, OH

Buy this one first

Our daughter uses exclusively Dr. Brown bottles, it’s a mystery why i didn’t try these first. We tried the Playtex which my daughter liked but the water just pours out. It’s not sip activated as advertised. The first years plastic cups with changeble tips was okay but she didnt’t get the right amount of water. The avent was impossible to get water out for my 8 month old. Finally bought this cup and it’s awesome. Sip activated with the right amount of water and no spills. My daughter is super happy. After trying 3 different types of cups, I should tried Dr. Brown’s first.

Nadine Manchaca, TX

Best leak proof sippy!

When I first introduced this sippy cup my daughter was about 7 months. She wanted nothing to do with it because it does have a hard top. Around 9 months I re-introduced it and it has been her favorite sippy cup since. I love it because it is leak proof! Also, my daughter, almost 1 yr. now, can easily suck fluids from it (some cups are very hard to suck out of). I suggest buying one to see how your child handles this cup…we are now weaning from the bottle and these cups are coming in handy, and I am buying more!

Ladonna Dexter, NY

LOVE this cup!

My son is 6 moths old. He seemed to start taking an interest in our cups when we drank out of them so I thought I’d buy him his first sippy cup so he could practice. I didn’t do much looking. We use Dr. Brown’s bottles, so I just bought a Dr. Brown’s sippy cup. The handles are perfect for his little, uncoordinated hands to grasp & the spout is sort of rubbery so he likes it in his mouth. I would recommend this for a baby. I think he will probably break the handles when he gets older & stronger though. They are not very sturdy.

Paige Hardin, MT

good product

this got good reviews and maybe if this was the first sippy cup i tried, my infant would like it better, but he hasn’t really taken to it. i went ahead and put it up. I’ll try it as the first cup i introduce to my next infant.

Hilary Summerfield, FL

Very dissapointed!

I have been using Dr. Brown’s bottles since day one with my son, so when I wanted to start him on a sippy cup with formula in it I thought this was the perferct solution because it had the mesurments on the side of it. The problem is that the cup doesn’t work! The cup has to be tipped really far back to get a solid flow of liquid to come out otherwise they are just sipping half air, half liquid. I played with this cup for a 1/2 hour before I gave up, emptied the water out of it and threw it in the toy box for him to play with instead of actually use. I read the previous reviews and made sure the bubble was all the way in the lid correctly and that still didn’t help. Went to walmart and bought the $3 playtex one and just pre-make the formula for it. Works much better.

Jillian Argyle, WI

adjustable sippy, thumbs up!

I bought one of these a while back for when baby got big enough for a sippy. The other day she reached for my glass and wanted to drink water from it and did, so I decided she was ready to try sippy cups. I went and got this out. First thing I noticed was it had the no-spill valve part in it, which she did not want at all. At least in this sippy, you can easily pop out that section and screw it back together and you have a regular old fashioned sippy cup. It just has a softer spout. Baby doesn’t like the handles so much either. I wish they were regular handles, but hey, you can remove those too and let them hold it like a regular cup or bottle. Basically, I am happy with this sippy cup because you can adjust it to what you need!

Jill Schenevus, NY

I Loved It…but then it leaked

The sad truth of every sippy cup out there that I’ve tried…. I may love it for a couple of weeks and then it starts leaking. The same with these Dr Brown cups. My children love them, and I have written other reviews about how wonderful these were. I test all cups with just water. It seems like when I switch to putting milk in them, then they start leaking. I have watched milk spout of of these like lava from an erupting volcano. Of course, naughty little boys think it’s great fun. I can’t really recommend these cups now that I’ve had them for awhile.

Olivia Kissimmee, FL

like it

i don’t know what you people expect from the sippy cup, but to my normal baby it works just like the other 2 sippies that i have (oxo hard spout and boon funky one (drips,but she likes the process:)). does not leak, light, you or a baby can move the handels to find comfy position while drinking. it does what it says. not to crazy about the design, but for 4.99$ at walmart with no leaks- love it!:)it is hard for me to get a drop out of it, but when she drinks water is gone in minutes and everything stays dry! magic???:) good cup.

Francesca Pleasant Hope, MO

Just OK

I think sippy cups are one of those things that you never know about until your little one tries it out. That said, this one is obviously well made, but my daughter has NO interest in it.The fact that the spout is flat seemed to confuse her and all she wanted to do was chew on it. I’ve pulled it back out a couple times for her to try again and still no interest. Also – I tried drinking out of it, and could only get a small amount (even when checking that the no-spill valve was in properly) for a lot more work than it takes with other sippys – so that could be part of the problem, too.On to the next cup!

Christi Glenolden, PA

Great starter cup

My daughter had trouble switching from a bottle to a sippy, but this sorf tip really helped make the transition easier. She used it for quite awhile after that as well.

Bertha Foss, OK

waste of money

very hard to suck out liquid. ended up being a waste of money because my toddler found it too hard to use.

Sylvia Burnsville, MS

Best Sipper Cups

I have gone through a lot of sipper cups and this is the only one that doesnt leak and she cant tip it upside down and bang it on the floor or table and make a milk mess.

Eliza Oak Ridge, LA

Perfect Product..!

Hands Down,… the BEST zippy cup ever! I have 4 kids… I have tried EVERYTHING! This does not Leak… Super easy to Clean and my 1 year old can easily get the milk out without working too hard. I TOTALLY Recommend. Don’t buy anything ELSE!

Tanya Anderson, IN

Spout is nice, handles do not lock.

This is hard for the little guy to use because the handles don’t lock in place. The spout is a great first sippy cup, but I like our munchkin ones with locking handles better.

Antionette Drewsville, NH

My daughter’s favorite sippy, but with flaws

This is my daughter’s favorite sippy cup so far. Unfortunately the ring with the handles on it spins so the handles don’t stay in position to the sides of the spout, making it very hard for baby to figure out. I just stopped putting the handles on and she holds the cup just fine without them. I also wish it had a snap-on cap so you could easily toss it into the diaper bag or a thermal bag so baby could use it on the go. Our other cups that have those lids end up leaking. Never would have thought a great sippy would be so hard to find!

Charlene Elizabethtown, IN

Baby learned to drink from it almost immediately

This product worked for us. Gave it to my baby at 7 months because she got constipated and pedia said to give her some water. She learned how to sip from it at her 2nd or 3rd attempt. She can’t hold it by herself yet but she can definitely take a sip.

Berta Rexford, MT


This sippy cup NEVER leaks–I throw it in the diaper bag next to or on top of my expensive camera and never worry. It’s easy to clean and assemble (some reviewers commented on assembly problems–it’s really not complicated). My daughter was able to use this cup independently at 6 months. She also likes to chew on the soft spout. We have the hard spout Dr. Brown’s cup as well. She prefers the soft spout to hard spouts because it feels better on those sensitive gums. The parts to this Dr. Brown are compatible with the hard spout Dr. Brown. Completely recommend this cup!

Randi Danielson, CT

Doesn’t leak, harder to drink from

I bought this for my 7 month old. We had previously purchased the Playtex TrainingTime Soft Spout Cups. For me, those cups leaked everywhere, but were very easy for my son to drink from, and he seemed to like them a lot.These cups don’t leak (yay), but are much harder for my son to drink from (boo). I assume he’ll eventually figure it out, but for training, the Dr. Brown cups aren’t as good as the Playtex cups, I think. The Dr. Brown cups are much easier to wash though. They come apart pretty easily and ride though the dishwasher with no problems. I had trouble getting the Playtex cups apart and back together to run through the dishwasher.

Carolina Goodland, MN

Our favorite milk cup

This cup is great for our two year old who still prefers milk before bedtime. I have had ZERO mold problems and no leaks. Cant be beat, but you dont get to choose your colors is the only downer. We just mix and match all colors.

Natasha Granville, PA

Horrible Cup

I thought Dr. Brown’s was known for “anti-gas”? I was amazed at the amount of bubbles that are created from drinking from this cup. This sippy cup does not leak at all, but my daughter has to get the cup tipped up just right to get the liquid out while sucking really hard. I don’t like this cup, and neither does she. I would not recommend this sippy.

Patsy Daphne, AL

It’s the only sippy cup my daughter will use, too!

We spent $50 on 9 sippy cups and this is the only one she will take.Ours is solid teal, so I don’t know if that’s new or old but she would not have anything to do with any of them until I tried this one and she drank 2oz from it on the first try.Also, it doesn’t leak. None of her cups leak if you tip them (Nuk, Nuby, Munchkin, Playtex) but this one won’t even leak if you squeeze the nipple (unlike the other brands) so if she’s sitting on it, it still won’t leak.Plus, the super flat nipple reminds my of my sippies as a kid.I only gave it 4/5 stars b/c the handles spin around, which may make it harder for her to hold and aim for her mouth, unlike stationary handles.Update: I lowered to 3 stars b/c as I suspected, the spinning handles make this cup unnecessarily difficult to use. My child holds the handles and brings the cup to her mouth, but the cup spins and the spout will be sideways. There is NO reason for the handles to spin! NONE of the other cups we bought have spinning handles. She will only take this spout, but because the handles make it too hard for her to hold on her own (unlike every other cup in the free world), I have to hold it like a bottle – TOTALLY defeating the purpose of a sippy cup with handles in the first place!

Millie Shelby Gap, KY

It’s not an ideal transition cup

The spout isn’t as soft as the milk bottle and the lid and valve are hard to use.I bought Avent simple soft spout sippy also. It’s much easier for the baby to learn from a bottle toa cup.Maybe my baby will be able to use this cup as a replacement after she learned to use the Avent cup.

Selena Green Springs, OH


i was so excited to use this sippy cup because i use dr brown bottles. this cup worked for about three days then decided not to! horrible, the suction of the two inserts causes the sippy to close up completely rendering it useless and ultimately frustrating!! i thought i was going crazy and doing something wrong until i read these reviews! on to the next…

Tina Tunica, LA