Dr. Brown’s Standard Dishwashing Basket, Polypropylene

Dr. Brown’s Standard Dishwashing Basket, Polypropylene

Designed for Dr Brown’s Standard baby bottle parts Basket fits 3 sets of Standard-neck bottle parts Fits in the top rack of the dishwasher Position of parts facilitates thorough cleaning of each component Dishwasher basket

Main features

  • Designed for Dr Brown’s standard baby bottle parts
  • Basket fits 3 sets of Standard bottle parts
  • Fits in the top rack of the dishwasher
  • Position of parts facilitates thorough cleaning of each component
  • Dishwasher basket

Verified reviews


Works well if all other dishes are clean

Overall I am very happy with this dishwasher basket- there is a place for each of the Dr. Brown’s parts. Before buying this product I had been handwashing and steam sterilizing the bottles, but I thought this would cut down on the work involved. However, the third time I used the basket the nipples and vents turned orange. I called Dr. Brown’s customer service, and they advised that this would happen if any tomato-based products were left on any other dishes in the dishwasher. So, in order to avoid this I would have to prewash or carefully rinse all of my dishes. This is just was much work as handwashing the bottles, so in the end I do not think that the basket will save much time.As an aside, the customer service representative at Dr. Brown’s was very helpful, and did send me a few new nipples and vents to replace those that were discolored.

Mitzi Oswego, KS

Thank goodness for this

I wish we’d bought it sooner. My husband’s reaction when I told him I bought this was “buy two!”–which I had already done. I love the Dr. Brown’s bottles but cleaning all the parts gets old fast. This makes it much, much easier. I don’t know why people said that it takes up a lot of room. It takes up about as much room as 4 glasses. The bottle itself doesn’t go in here, just all of the other parts. I would recommend buying two because it only holds all the parts for three bottles.

Amy Blythedale, MO

Great Product!!

We love this item and use it daily at our house. It fits everything perfectly, and most importantly all the parts come out clean. The only thing I wish is that it held four bottles worth of parts instead of three since we go through four bottles a day. But to get around this I just add the other bottle pieces into the open areas where the parts we don’t use are supposed to be, and they still come out clean. I do recommend rinsing bottles and parts out after each feeding/before washing and boiling all parts at least once every month or so just to be safe….

Phoebe Cherryvale, KS


When I choose this product the description says the origin is USA. When the product arrived it said made in China. I made the purchase because it said it was made in the USA. I feel mislead. This product I am sure will work just as any other similar products that is why I gave it at least a 2 star. It will get the job done.

Elisha Vowinckel, PA

dishwashing baskets

I bought 3 of these. I rinse the bottles immediately after they are used (part by part) Then I wash them in these baskets, with the dishwasher. This saves a lot of time.

Margot Dadeville, AL

Necessary If Using Dr. Brown’s Bottles – Buy Two Baskets, Though

I bought two of these baskets from Amazon for my daughter when she was expecting her first child. Quite frankly, I thought she was a bit crazy to want these, but I needed things to reach the free shipping amount so these fit the bill.Having used them for the past six weeks, I can now say I would not be without these dishwashing baskets. The parts from Dr. Brown’s bottles fit neatly and securely into the easily identifiable slots. The basket closes securely and prevents gunk from settling in the bottle parts which are not being flipped around during the dishwasher’s cycles. Each basket holds parts for three bottles, so I am glad that I purchased two of these. As an additional plus, these baskets can be used to hold bottle parts from other manufacturers.If you are using Dr. Brown’s bottles, you definitely want to add these dishwasher baskets to your list of items for purchase.

Madelyn Clifton, KS


I liked this item until I had them in the washer and it turned the bottles and parts a different color. I am not sure why/how it did that I didn’t have anything in there of that color. I also wish the basket held more parts.

Hazel Tetonia, ID

Could be better

Has very specific slots for each individual bottle attachment. Good concept but it falls short when you actually use it. It really doesn’t fit enough items in it and if your not washing the caps the nipples and other parts fall through the holes. Its decent but I would buy something else that fit more items comfortably without falling out and one that allowed the water to reach all items evenly.

Olga Riverside, MO

Results are not what I wanted

The idea of this basket is great, but the reality of our dishwasher is that there is a lot of gunk floating around that can get caught in all the crevices. The most common result after use is that all the bottle parts are gunky or a little greasy and have to be rewashed by hand any way. I have found this to be the case with other baskets too. I wish they would make a basket with a fine-grade mesh to keep out food particles.

Anna Albia, IA

A cool way to sterilize Dr. Brown’s Parts (no pun)

We bought the Browns bottles because they were the only ones marked with 5ml increments (most only mark in ounces or 10-20ml marks).The dishwasher basket is a convenient way to ‘lock in’ parts for three bottles at a time and run them through the dishwasher without having them wind up all over the place and say on the heating coil on the bottom of the washer.It’s made specifically to house Browns parts, the bottles can be washed seperately on the top rack. i don’t think this basket would be practical to use for other items, as it has cutouts and places specifically made for the Browns parts.It’d be nice to be able to fit more than 3 bottle’s parts in one basket but i don’t think the space could be used any more effectively. We have 3 baskets and that makes for a decent rotation (but we have to run dishes more than once a day to take advantage of it).

Mercedes Fosston, MN

Stores all the parts but takes up a lot of space

I wanted a way to wash my Dr Brown bottles and all the parts in the dishwasher, and this basket does the job. All the little parts have designated spots inside the basket, so you can fit everything together like a puzzle to put into the dishwasher. Every basket only takes inserts for up to 3 bottles. Note that the bottles do not go into the basket (I didn’t know this until I got the basket). You’ll have to prop the bottles on the top shelf of your dishwasher and hope they don’t tip over. I usually bookend the bottles with heavy glasses so they do not tip. The little plastic parts all come out clean with the basket, and I use the sanitizing rinse function on my dishwasher to make sure things are clean and (I hope) sanitized. It’s a big time saver.BUT…the whole basket takes up a huge amount of space in the top rack, so you won’t be able to fit a day’s worth of dishes for a family AND all the baby bottles all at once. Our baby takes 7 bottles a day, so that’s a row of bottles plus three of these baskets, which takes up the whole top rack. I wish they could have designed the baskets to be a little more space efficient, but I’d rather run the dishwasher twice than to wash all these little bits by hand.

Roslyn Varina, IA

A must, but very poorly designed.

We have three of these dishwasher baskets. As much as they are so terribly designed- they take up SO MUCH SPACE and only hold three bottles worth of parts in each- we use them everyday. Who wants to wash all these parts by hand? Yuk! We try to make them more useful by sneaking in other parts in empty areas. Total fail on the design, how large do they think people’s dishwashers are?!?

Cindy Waelder, TX

Dr.Brown’s standard dishwashing basket

Love it. Makes my life easier that I don’t have to wash all the parts of the by hand and that saves me lots of time

Vicky Lynn, AR


This basket works great for us. We actually bought a second one. I love how all the little parts and pieces of the Dr. Brown’s bottles have a special place to go.I did notice that one of the baskets doesn’t quite close right, but the other one is fine and it doesn’t impact its functionality. The baskets fit great in the top rack of our dishwasher…

Felecia Cottageville, SC


Not sure this is really necessary. The same could be accomplished by placing the bottle and blue insert in dishwasher. For the nipple and cream colored part we use Madela microwave sterilization bags. Didn’t think the dr browns basket cleaned the nipples well …the water doesn’t get well in there

Joni Oneco, FL

Good basket

I love Dr Brown bottles but they don’t really fit good in the normal baskets so its nice they made a basket just for these bottles

Erin Rosalia, KS

Couldn’t live without

I love my Dr Browns bottles, but washing all those parts got old really quickly! I bought enough baskets for a day, and this has made daily bottle cleaning easy.

Kim Loomis, WA

Makes Bottle Washing Easy

I love how all the Dr. Brown bottle components (with the exception of the bottles and discs) fit just right in the basket. If the basket is not full, you can include pacifiers and anything else you don’t want getting lost in the dishwasher. Fits upright on the top rack of the my dishwasher and withstands the dishwasher heat without any issues. Only gave it 4 stars as it only has room enough for 3 bottles-worth of parts (we own about 12) and does not fit the bottles themselves.

Mari Pollocksville, NC

No clue how I did it before.

I fought myself for months on the idea of putting my daughters bottles in the dishwasher vs handwashing. I then realized that the water in the dishwasher probably was hotter and more sanitary then what I was using. Each basket holds parts for 3 bottles but does not actually hold the bottle. That piece of information seems to be missing from all of the descriptions. Not a big deal, just put the bottles by the basket. The baskets are a great deal and I have 4 of them!!! only tip is to make sure that the other dishes don’t have dried food on them as it may blow into the baskets. definitely recommend

Latoya Port Royal, KY

Works great!

The biggest negative to Dr. Brown bottles is washing all the parts – problem solved! This basket is great and I only wish I had bought it when we first started using these bottles. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because one slot doesn’t match up quite perfectly for the tan piece, so I always try to angle it to make sure it gets clean.

Christy Potter, WI

A must for the little bits…

Part of the problem with Dr. Brown bottles is all the extra parts. This basket keeps all the small parts safe in your dishwasher.

Zelda Ainsworth, NE

Makes washing so much easier

Love how there is a place for each Dr. brown bottle component – I rinse immediately and load and then when full we run the dishwasher – we run baby stuff by itself – just because. With infant twins we go through 12 bottles a day and these make it easier!

Jeri Macdoel, CA

YAY! No more handwashing!

The one con to the Dr. Brown’s bottles is the number of parts you need to wash! So many parts to wash! My preemie DD is on expressed breastmilk, so in addition to having to wash a gazillion bottles, I have to wash all my pumping gear and was sterilizing everything daily – BY HAND.Well, along comes this dishwashing basket into my life and voila! Like magic, all my gear is clean and sterilized in the dishwasher! It was hard to me to understand how the parts came clean – so I’ve included a couple photos for you to see how the parts are loaded into the basket and into the dishwasher. I always handwashed bottle nipples since they never seemed to get clean in the Munchkin basket I had, but in this basket since they’re located at the bottom of the basket, they always get really clean. I soak all the bottles, parts and my pumping gear before throwing them into the dishwasher – just to loosen up any dried up milk.I’m not sure what people are referring to when they say that the basket takes up half their dishwasher rack – even if I were to have more than 3-4 baskets, I would still have lots of room for my [Ameda Purely Yours] pumping gear & bottles on top. You may not be able to fit any of your family’s cups & dishes on the top rack, but I’d rather be washing those by hand than the Dr. Brown’s bottle parts.Bought three of these baskets – can’t beat the price and convenience. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Unless you like handwashing & sterilizing. To each his own.

Ebony Sargeant, MN

A must have if you use Dr. Browns bottles

Great design and very efficient use of space inside the basket!! I highly recommend this to anybody who uses Dr. Brown’s bottles.

Geneva Wautoma, WI

Big, but easy to use and works well

This basket takes up a lot of valuable space on our top rack. However, it does what it’s supposed to do well. I think it’s just as easy to put the parts in a standard basket except the blue tubes which can go on the spokes. This basket does have one benefit though, it keeps the caps sideways which prevents them from turning upside down and getting water stuck in them.

Elda Speedwell, VA

great tool

This is a great tool to help you keep your bottle parts clean. It accepts all of the parts for the Dr Brown bottle system. I always use it on the top shelf as per instructions.

Liza Scranton, NC

Fits bottle parts, only fits 3 bottles.

I wish it fit more than 3 bottles, but we have 2 of them to solve this issue. Very nice if you’re an exclusive Dr Brown bottle family! Every part gets clean unlike other baskets we tried.

Tammi Humbird, WI

helpful for keeping organzied

works well. it has cut-outs to place bottle parts in the basket and fits well on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Melinda Elko, SC

Not for multiples!

I bought this product to help with cleaning bottles in the dishwasher since I go through about 28 bottles a day with triplets. This item only holds 3 bottle pieces and it costs more on Amazon than at the store!

Myra Verbena, AL

Good device to make washing bottle parts easier

As most people looking for this know, the washing basket is designed to be used with Dr. Brown’s bottles. These bottles have special parts (i.e. a long internal tube, plug piece, etc.) that need to be washed. The little washing basket makes it easier to organize the various small parts of the bottle and ensure that they do not fall out when placed in the top rack of the dishwasher. I think this basket makes it easier to wash everything. That said, it is not essential. Before buying it, we just put the small pieces in the top rack and maneuvered them so they would not shift in the wash cycle.Overall, this rack is worth the money. It makes it much easier to wash the bottle parts for the Dr. Brown’s bottles.

Ida Waller, TX