Dr. Mom Finger Tooth Brush with Case, Green/White

Dr. Mom Finger Tooth Brush with Case, Green/White

With convenience in mind, we created a compact, easy to take on the run, Fingerbrush and Case. To take care of all of your child’s oral care needs while out around town, this unique item fits compactly into its own sanitary case and into the diaper bag. Whether a parent is massaging sore teething gums on the go, or maintaining good oral brushing hygiene after eating out, this wonderful little product fits the bill all around.

Main features

  • Fits easily on finger
  • Great for baby’s sore gums
  • Storage case included

Verified reviews


just got this…. question???? is BPA free???????

it does not state this on the packaging or online here. anyone know????? I can’t really rate yet. but looks good and the case is nice.

Traci Aldrich, MN

Great Product!

saw this instore for 1.99 and bought it on Amazon $2.53. I’ve noticed an upcharge on amazon baby item prices but the truth is that CONVENIENCE is a big factor when you have a person under age 2 who eats every 3 hours and is cranky if you mess up his naptime by dragging him out to a store! In this case, an additional .54 cents and tax was the convenience factor.

Erica Amf Ohare, IL

BPA and phalate free

I contacted Summer Infant about this toothbrush to see if it was BPA and phalate free, and they got back to me the next day:”Thank you for contacting Summer Infant about the Finger Toothbrush; it is BPA and Phalate Free. Thank you for your time and patience and have a great day.Sincerely,********** Consumer Relations Representative”I was pleased with their fast and friendly costumer service, and happy to know this brush was safe for my baby!

Maria Columbia, KY


My son took a few days to get used to me using this with him, but now he is very cooperative. Easy to use and looks like it will hold up well.

Luann State College, PA

Great little fingerbrush

Easy to use, easy to clean. Stores in the case to keep it clean and help the bristles dry. Which is great when we travel with the baby, too.

Kelsey Washington, AR

Very Handy

First two teeth are being cleaned dailey it makes it easey, and the boy seems to enjoy it, very happy with this purchase. I would highly recommend this before the teeth come in.

Rowena Wellington, NV

i love it

i love this because i could be able to brush my one yr old teeth and gun with out feeling does little bits that much

Sarah Websterville, VT

Definitely worth the price!

This product is great for massaging the gums and lightly rubbing the teeth. Prepare to be bitten at first…just a hazard of the job, but as you develop your routine it will be easier. This brush is simple to use, stretches to fit your finger (I have large fingers), and is easy to keep clean. At this point, life is hard enough, so keep it simple.

Luella Red Oak, NC

Perfect for brushing baby’s teeth!

My son got his first 2 teeth at 4 months old, and 4 more at 7 months old, and now we’re getting a couple more at 11 months old. Once I started giving him baby food (at 6 months), I decided we needed to brush his teeth at least once a day. I brush them while he’s in the bathtub, with this finger tooth brush. My son doesn’t mind it at all. I use the Elmo toothpaste by Oragel, and my son just lays there, happily, and opens his mouth wide for me. Last month, I tried using a regular toothbrush (the kiddo has decided it’s funny to bite mommy’s finger…), but after a few days of that, he wasn’t ready for it, and we went back to the finger tooth brush. This one works great–I love the travel case too. I actually keep it in the case all the time because I don’t want any bathroom germs getting into my baby’s mouth. Works great! No signs of it wearing out, and believe me, with all our teeth, I’m surprised it hasn’t torn from the occasional bites!

Pearlie Kittredge, CO


I love this-I like that it has a case so I can put this in the diaper bag or leave it at home. Wonderful for teething babies and for the baby who has a full mouth of teeth.

Dessie Rhodes, MI

Brush your teeth!

Our 9 month old loves this. She usually doesn’t like when foreign objects go near her mouth, but for some reason she likes this. Maybe it’s the different textures. She lets me move it around and "brush" her incoming teeth. It’s a good way to get started with good habits and the price is right. Good stuff.

Meghan Pinebluff, NC

Too bulky

Doesn’t brush the teeth well, but it’s turned into a nice toy for my 10 month old to chew on!

Ines Burton, MI


Baby loves chewing on this thing so she does the brushing almost by herself. I have another toothbrush, the one with a handle shaped like an H, but this one is better. Because it goes on the finger, you can control very precisely where’s it’s going compared to other ones.

Shelley Hamer, ID

Great (but small)

This is a great little toothbrush. My 6 month old LOVES to chew on it. My only complaint is that it’s a little snug. I can use it but my husband certainly couldn’t fit it on his finger.

Goldie Dixon, IL

Nice for smaller fingers

These work okay for my wife, though don’t protect that much against biting. for me it’s a lost cause as my fingers don’t fit in them. I don’t have huge fingers but not small either, so i would say these fit a small-medium finger.

Rhoda Shageluk, AK

baby loves it

My baby doesn’t have teeth yet, but loves to gnaw on this. It must feel good on her gums, because she will contentedly sit on my lap and chew on it for minutes (she’s a baby, she won’t do anything for hours)

Lauren Paradise, KS

good idea but not good in practice

Just know that anytime you stick anything into a child’s mouth it’ll bet bitten so it was nearly impossible to brush their teeth using this (at least in our experience).

Marilyn Lindsborg, KS

son loves it

The bristles are soft and product is easy to use. My son loves it! Thank you for a great product

Vanessa Calvert City, KY

makes brushing teeth easy!

My son is happy to brush his teeth and actually opens his mouth for me when he sees it. I think the bristles feel good on his gums and the nubs on the top offer a little massaging relief. There’s no fussing at all when it comes to using this product! Highly recommended.

Bessie Covington, PA

First toothbrush

First baby toothbrush he loves to chew on it and it has a nifty case so it does not get dirty.

Flossie Oracle, AZ

My son loves this! But it’s really easy to lose.

Got this to start brushing my 6 month old son’s 4 teeth. I was thrilled that he loves getting his teeth brushed with this. I also use it to clean his gums and he bites down on it (I think it helps with teething pain maybe).I did read the reviews about people’s concerns over the baby sucking on it and choking. My fingers are quite skinny and the finger brush fits pretty snug even on my finger. However, just to be extra sure, while it’s in my son’s mouth I use my thumb to hold onto the lip at the bottom of the brush so even in case he sucks really hard it shouldn’t come off.My only complaint is the color. It’s lighter than in the picture, very translucent yellow. Due to the color and small size it’s really easy to lose if it falls to the floor, etc. I lost it for about 2 days and was really worried that the baby found find it and choke on it.

Estelle Wylie, TX

Great for travel

My daughter has 2 teeth, and we brush them nightly. We use a bigger toothbrush at home, but this one is good for travel.

Arline Mud Butte, SD

Genius! Love it.

I just got this and am very pleased with it! Its a simple product, but really great. With my first child, I used one of those finger brushes that came free with some infant toothpaste. My daughter chomped down on my finger every time I used it, and it really really hurt! Plus it was so flimsy I was constantly paranoid that it would get misplaced and would become a choking danger.The Dr. Mom finger brush is a much thicker, more substantial product than the free ones that come with the toothpaste. My finger is MUCH better protected, even with my teething baby that has several teeth already. Plus the case it comes in is great for keeping it safe.Highly recommend.(edited because what i originally thought was a venting in the case is actually a belt clip. Not something i use, but could be useful for some.)

Wilda Angier, NC

Great first toothbrush

My 1 year old hates things in his mouth but he tolerates this toothbrush really well. I’ve tried a toddler type toothbrush and a cloth to wipe his teeth off and he fights all of them except this one.

Pam Angle Inlet, MN

Hygiene helper

I like this easy to use handy tooth and gum brush. The index finger insert is a good size and the case is a handy helper.

Silvia Mishicot, WI

Exactly what I wanted

I needed a toothbrush for my son, when his first teeth came in at four months. This is the one we got, and now that he’s nearly a year, it’s still going strong!It’s a bit small for my husband’s fingers, but fits me fine, and although it doesn’t offer any real protection if my son bites down on it while I’m brushing his teeth, it does give a lot of maneuverability and control of where you’re brushing.

Lynn Yale, MI

How my baby loves this!

My baby loves this little toothbrush. He’ll let me brush his 4 teeth all day. It’s easy to clean and the case is nice. I think it feels good on his little gums. Unfortunately, he can’t just play with it himself because it is a choking hazard. Also, my husband can’t fit the toothbrush all the way on his finger. We’ll probably switch to a regular toothbrush soon so the baby can hold on to it himself. Good to start with.

Dionne Gaines, MI

Ok for gums but not for teeth

It works great for introducing baby to tooth brushing and having gums massaged. However, I stopped using it once my son grew in his teeth. His pediatric dentist recommended against it and said a small, soft toothbrush is much more effective for cleaning his teeth and mouth. Now my son also prefers a regular baby/toddler toothbrush too.

Kayla Daggett, CA

baby’s first toothbrush

This worked well as my baby’s first tooth brush. It fit on my finger just fine but I have small hands. My husband could not use it as well.

Teri Lennox, SD

I love it

Daughter liked the toothbrush, she is their own using this toothbrush, brush your teeth and they are active, no pungent smell toothbrush

Margarita Crandon, WI