Dr. Sears Flatware Set, Green/Orange, 9 Months

Dr. Sears Flatware Set, Green/Orange, 9 Months

Dr. Sears flatware set from zak designs. Cute mold helps make mealtime fun and encourage healthy eating.

Main features

  • Perfectly sized and ergonimic for toddler hands
  • TPR grips make it easy for beginning users; underside finger grips
  • Broccoli spoon and carrot fork, BPA free
  • Spoon shaped deep enough to scoop food easily
  • Free nutritional insert included provides dr sears bio, philosophy, product purpose, nutritional tips, recipe ideas, and web support

Verified reviews


Good starter set – but does not have a long shelf life.

This is a great starter set. But it doesn’t have a long shelf life because once my toddler was able to start using utensils, her ability to eat bigger and chunkier foods also grew. The plastic spoon is small and not very deep so she doesn’t get as much as she would like and the fork is also plastic so it doesn’t do a great job at spearing certain foods. With that said, it’s a great starter set since metal utensils would not work in the beginning. They’re still learning to "aim" the utensils properly into their mouth so starting out with a plastic set is ideal. Just wish it had a longer shelf life.

Serena Harrison, MI

A Favorite!

We own several Dr. Sears products and love them all. I ordered these because they were cute. Really cute. And they’re even cuter in person! My son loves them and they are easy to use. The fork is extremely dull (for obvious reasons) so my son sometimes has trouble spearing things with it. It works better for things that need to be scooped as it’s more of a spork. He’s been using this set since he was about nine months old and now he’s almost two and still uses them!

Mara Burdick, KS

Perfect for the little one!

My little girl loves using these utensils! She started wanting to feed herself with these at 13 months and because of they’re size and shape, she barely makes a mess doing it!

Cristina Ballard, WV


Work well, color does not chip or fade in the dishwasher, only problem is that they look like toys so your tot may like mine try to grab them to play with them rather than allow you to feed them. But great item !

Geri Madison Lake, MN

Cute and sturdy

These are so funny and cute! I’ve thrown them in the dishwasher countless times and they still look brand new. I am very happy with the quality.

Doretha Skygusty, WV

So cute!

I bought these for my 14 month old daughter since she is starting to feed herself. They are adorable. The only complaint is that the fork is pretty dull with flat-ended prongs so it is difficult for her to stab and pick up any food with it. It’s more like a spork! If you’ve ever used one of those you know what I mean!

Dale Bishop, TX

She loves them

Not too much you can say about flatware, but my toddler loves this set and always reaches for them first.

Randi Weatherford, OK

Great for beginners and super cute!

We just started using these with our 10 month old and so far we love them. We help him spear food with the spork and he’s learning how to put it in his mouth. These are really cute and easy to clean. My son loves to chew on them so I foresee us having io buy a second set in the future.

Bernadette Long Branch, NJ