Dr. Sears Nibble Tray, Yellow/Green, 12 Months

Dr. Sears Nibble Tray, Yellow/Green, 12 Months

Dr. Sears nibble tray from zak designs promotes Dr. sears philosophy of shaping young tastes. Nibbling on fresh, healthy mini meals helps children (and parents) learn that they don’t have to stuff themselves to be satisfied. Children learn that by working with their natural digestive system, they are happier, healthier, and smarter.

Main features

  • Signature Dr sears item suggesting grazing, snacking on a variety of foods throughout the day
  • Detachable 3 section dipping tray with EZ freeze base keeps dip cold, dipping in tasty dips is a fun and easy way to mask foods, all BPA free
  • Translucent snap on lids for both “pineapple” tray and “leaf” dip section
  • Textured food characters molded in the item show parents what kinds of healthy foods to place in the tray and where
  • Free nutritional insert included provides dr sears bio, philosophy, product purpose, nutritional tips, recipe ideas, and web support

Verified reviews


It is ok

This item is just ok. It never really caught on in our house. I didnt think the openings were very big. If you must have a tray to divide snacks in, then I would consider getting something with a little more room.

Mina Echola, AL

Not Microwaveable, and website doesn’t tell you

I just returned this item.Amazon didn’t tell you this item is not microwaveable (and I have to say I didn’t go through the many user comments). We are going to a daycare, so I don’t want to take chances as I have no control who is working on warming up the food and how they are going to do it. Plus, this item is made in China (which we don’t trust their quality control). While it is dishwasher safe, it is not microwaveable. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Trisha Shiloh, GA


The design is very cute, and the idea of “dipping” and storage is cute. But this item is very very small. Each compartment, may hold a few grapes, 1 strawberry and a few crackers. Not really for a toddler, or any one with a “normal” appetite. It is a really cute design, but much smaller than I expected.

Guadalupe Hull, GA

Kid likes it!

An easily recognizable container, my son enjoys picking out the food from it and it’s also a convenient shape for the diaper bag, the fridge and almost every other place. The lid seals so well! Easy to clean.

Ursula Wilmington, DE

Worth the purchase

I’m pleased with this item. The lid seals with no leakage. The only thing I would critic would be that the individual cups are a little small, but my little one loves it and so do her teachers at her daycare.

Nola Many, LA

Cute and practical!

We got this nibble tray when my son was nine months old and just beginning to eat finger foods. Now he is almost two and we still use it all the time! We get comments every time we take it somewhere because it’s just so adorable, but beyond that it’s also the most practical portable dining device we have! It’s just right for meal times or snacks and fits perfectly in our lunchbag. I love that the green part is detachable. I use it for dips like hummus or yogurt. Sometimes I only pack the yellow part. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve wasted a lot of money buying things for my kid just because they were cute that turned out not to be practical, but this is definitely NOT one of those things. We have several Dr. Sears products and have been thrilled with every one of them. Excellent price, great product, and looks to be something we’ll be using for quite some time!

Keri Urbana, MO

Dr. Sears Nibble Tray

PROS:Helps with picky eatingIt’s cuteCONS:Hard to clean because the sections are smallNot leak proofWarped in the dishwasher

Virginia Linden, VA

Nice for new eaters and old alike

I got this originally for my preschooler and I for veggies and fruit, not only at home but also out an about. Now we have a baby that we are allowing to try new foods. I am able to cut up bits of avocado and cucumber to put in the top and bottom tray for her, and when she moves on to smaller items these trays will work even better (we choose to let her feed herself, so food needs to be big enough for a full fist right now).I only wish they came in a slightly larger size as well. The smaller compartments only hold 4-5 cheese cubes, or maybe 1 large strawberry. They are nicely made and top rack safe.

Leanne Gibbsboro, NJ

Very useful

I have used this nibble tray for myself! It has great little compartments for your own snacks, and I even use it for condiments for salads. The only downside is that it’s not leak-proof.

Juliana Center, TX

This tray is a lifesaver!

I started using this with my daughter when she was about 19 months old, mainly because I was fed up with her throwing food she didn’t like on the floor all the time. I was hoping (based on reviews here) that this tray would entice her to try some new foods and possibly eat foods she normally doesn’t like. Well, it does that and more! As soon as I started using the tray for her lunch and dinner, she stopped throwing food on the floor! She also was excited to eat and even though she ate her favorites first, she at least tasted the food that she normally wouldn’t if we tried to feed it to her. Now she loves to eat from the little compartments and looks forward to seeing what’s in her food tray. Some people were complaining that the compartments are too small, but for a child under three it’s actually the perfect sized portions. If you fill this up with food there is plenty of food for a toddler or preschooler! The bonus is the dip tray, which my daughter absolutely loves. She loves to dip her food, so I’ll put things like hummus, yogurt, guacamole, pudding, etc. in there, and she will dip away! Frankly I don’t care if she dips her fish into yogurt, for example, just as long as she eats it! This tray has saved our mealtime and takes the pressure off of us trying to get our daughter to eat. It’s also a great reminder for us to fill up each compartment with foods from the different groups. It has little pictures on the bottom of each section to guide the food selection (i.e. vegetable/fruits, meat, dairy, grains).The lids that come with this are handy so you can take the tray out with you. However, as other people mentioned, you do have to keep the tray flat when you pack it otherwise it will leak and the food can shift around. I’ve taken it out a few times and made sure it was flat. No spills or mess! If your child is picky and is having mealtime issues, I strongly suggest buying this tray.

Katelyn Mattawana, PA

Great product

This is great for giving small amounts of different options for picky baby and is great for variety for toddler.

Kathy Edgemont, PA

Great product!

We love this for our 12 month old! I can pack healthy food for her on the go or for days when she has to go to a back up daycare. My only gripe is that the lid doesn’t stay on tight enough so I put a rubber band around it to secure it a little bit better.

Abby Howe, OK

Could this be any cuter?

This is so cute and really nice quality. It’s fun to make a little assortment of bites for my toddler. Is worth waiting unit, they get a bit bigger. Wen I gave it to my baby when she was 11 months, she just tossed it on the floor. Now she is 21 months and she loves dipping an assortment of foods. It’s an awkward shape to take out to a restaurant, especially if you are going to use the dip thing, because it is too big to lay flat in most lunch boxes.

Willie Orrs Island, ME

Very cute and perfect for finger foods

Perfect if your child likes variety and finger foods. I get compliments from other parents on this and use it to send food to preschool.

Isabel Soper, OK

Nice tray for toddler snacks

It is a very nifty snacking tray for toddlers. It has a cute pineapple design and "bento" style presentation of food which makes it more appealing to my toddler. My child isn’t picky about his food being mixed together but I have friends who say their kids won’t eat foods that are touching and intermingling with each other on the plate. The little dividers would do a good job keeping everything separated and in it’s own place. It helps us as parents track portion sizes and balance of food groups he’s eaten that day for snacking. However, it doesn’t hold very much. It would be nice if Dr. Sears also offered a larger version of this nibble tray so I could pack it for full meals on the go instead of just snacks. I’d also like to be able to use something similar for my son as he grows a little older and has a larger appetite.

Tracy Jetersville, VA

Great concept!

My daughter has always loved to eat like this! So these trays are perfect for us! We have taken them on the go as well, which, is why I am dinging it a star – the lid, particularly to the green part, doesn’t stay on well at all.

Christa Jeanerette, LA

SO GREAT for toddlers!!

I used every single little tupperware that I could find to put different snacks in for my son, until I FINALLY found this! It is the PERFECT size for tons of different options and I used it nearly every day. I never did use the green dip tray, but it just snapped off and I set it aside. The only reason I don’t use it anymore is because my son eats way more than can fit in it now! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Jeannette Dallas, SD

Good Traveling Container

So far I have only used the pineapple body and not the fronds. My son is 20 months and I use it to pack his lunch for daycare. It has space for a good variety, but the compartments are small and I fear it will be too small soon.

Michael Hyner, PA

Totally met my

This was exactly what I expected it to be and MORE! My 2.5 yo loves it and requests her nibble dish! It comes with a very handy guide and serving suggestions. It is very easy to clean and store (although we don’t store it very often since we use it every day). Great purchase!

Sara Waverly, PA

WOW..Just what I needed!

I have a free range 17 month old grazer and this is perfect! We use it for dry snack and a small amt of cheese and fruit. I know when he gets older I will be able to use the green cold part for dips for years to come! Perfect size..I love everything about this nibble tray!

Jenny Marlboro, VT