Dr. Sears Smoothie Sipper, Green, 18 Months

Dr. Sears Smoothie Sipper, Green, 18 Months

Dr. sears smoothie sipper from zak Designs. Children love smoothies. The Dr. sears smoothie sipper by zak designs promotes trying new foods and provides a way to serve nutritious drinks that include sneakies and grow foods that encourage healthy eating.

Main features

  • This signature Dr sears item provides parents with a fun solution to hide healthy foods, dr sears calls options like smoothies sneakies
  • 11 ounce capacity with wide straw to accommodate thicker liquids, BPA free
  • Silicone base for surface grip
  • Two pear shaped hand grips for secure, insulated handling
  • Free nutritional insert included provides dr sears bio, philosophy, product purpose, nutritional tips, recipe ideas, and web support

Verified reviews


Just ok.

I feel this is overpriced and just ok for an easy to handle toddler cup. The straw that is supposed to be bigger to accommodate thick smoothies containing fruits and vegetables was just a hair bigger than other toddler straw cups. No signifigant recipe ideas included. The leaflet suggests adding fruits, veggies, and even meats to smoothies, which I would not have thoght of, but does not offer amount ratios.

Allyson Ridge, MD

Nice option

We were starting to give our 1 yr old homemade smoothies and this is a great bottle for it: the straw is big enough and the mouth is a good size for getting the thick liquid in.Con: The opening for the straw has a lot of room liquid to come out. Straw not as sturdy as the bottle (but our little guy is teething so it is not a really huge con for me).Pro: Very easy to use and ended up buying two of them since it is so useful. Cleans nicely, and not too many parts (we have others that I can’t figure out how to put back together and running through the dishwasher).

Francine Cameron, OK

Excellent Cup!

My daughter loves smoothies and this cup is perfect for them because the wide straw allows thicker liquid to flow. I also like that one end of the straw is thick at the bottom which does not allow my daughter to pull the straw out. Easy to clean (only 3 parts) and easy for her to hold. Plus I like that it’s shaped like a pear.

Nannie Greencastle, IN

Works Perfect For Smoothies But Is Not Spill Proof!

This cup is great for toddlers who love smoothies. My toddler can easily drink his morning smoothie. Works perfect for us we have not had any problems with it. However if it is laid down on it’s side it will leak. It is very easy to clean.

Maryellen Parryville, PA

Love this!

We have a 10 month old little boy who is not terribly interested in solid foods. Somebody suggested that we offer smoothies – so I went looking for a wider straw for him; I found that most of the smoothie cups were geared towards adults. Huge, heavy, and with a straw that wouldn’t stay put.Our baby who previously would throw all manner of food off his high chair (in his defense, he is a gagger and probably needs more time before eating big chunks of food) will suck down smoothies out of here like nobodies business – he loves it.Pros:Perfect size/volumeThe straw has a catch on it so they can’t pull it all the way outSuper cuteWashes easilyShaped for little handsCons:I can see it leaking a bit where the straw comes out of the cupI’ve heard the straw breaks easilyI wish the straw catch were higher up on the straw so that they couldn’t pull the straw all the way out and have it catch only at the end.For the price though, I’m not going to complain too much about the quality of the straw. I hope that the company who makes these takes note, however!

Brittney Odessa, WA

ok, but now i can’t use it

Love the size of the cup and the concept, but my girl has bitten through the straw already. No replacements available.

Emma Eastlake Weir, FL

I wanted to like this more

I really wanted to like this more and it is so adorable, but my son chewed the straw to death in only a few uses and there is no way to replace it. The straw on mine was also not anchored down so my 14 mo old son would pull it out with his mouth. Additionally if your child is like mine then he thinks that drinks are for throwing too. It doesn’t claim to be leak proof so I wasn’t expecting it to be- it just didn’t work out for me having smoothie all over my carpet when my son wanted to hold it himself. For an older child who doesn’t bite the straw or throw this would be great. For right now I just make his smoothies less thick and put them in his regular playtex straw sippy.

Ruby Rabun Gap, GA