Dream Collection Doll Feeding Time Set with Pacifier

Dream Collection Doll Feeding Time Set with Pacifier

4 doll accessories 1. milk bottle 2. juice zippy cup 3. Bib. 4. Pacifier. A perfect play set for all dolls. Safety tested for lead free.

Main features

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  • 4 doll accessories 1. milk bottle 2. juice zippy cup 3. Bib. 4. Pacifier.
  • A perfect play set for all dolls.
  • Safety tested for lead free.

Verified reviews


NOT as Pictured

I ordered this feeding set for my 20 month old daughter. She is obsessed with playing mommy and was trying to feed her babydoll or stuffed animals from her own sippy cups and this looked like a fun alternative. She’s happy with the product, but I was really disappointed. It is not at all as described. There was no pacifier and no bib, and the juice comes in a regular small bottle- not a sippy cup. Also, the bottom of the milk bottle is slightly rounded, so it does not sit upright and frustrates my daughter when it falls over after she sets it down. The milk bottle makes drinking, burping and crying sounds when you press on the end, which is not in the product description. I would have preferred the 4-piece set described, and probably would have ordered one that doesn’t make sounds if I realized what I would actually be receiving.

Pat Moriarty, NM

A favorite toy!

My daughter received this in her stocking at Christmas. The bib is not very useful as she can’t tie it herself. The "paci" is looking a little worse for wear as it always seems to find it’s way into her mouth, rather than her dolls. The juice and milk are both as expected… just like ones I had as a child. While the quality is nothing special, these are a HUGE hit with my almost 2-year-old. She loves her baby and these are her favorite accessories. She loves giving her baby milk and "smoothies" (we don’t drink juice so she thinks it’s a smoothie!). The baby, both bottles and paci go everywhere with us. While they’re a bit of a pain to keep track of while out and about they keep her so well entertained it’s worth it.

Judy Mertens, TX

Cute durable set

The milk and OJ bottles are really adorable and better quality than the BABYDOLL Magic DOLL Bottles.The bib is really cute too. Fits the JC Toys La Baby perfectly. The pacifier is cute too but a too big to fit the mouth of a 11" JC Toys La Baby. Oh well, I knew I was taking a chance there. Cute set no matter what. Great price for $6.

Sonia Mc Farland, KS

Does not fit Corolle Mon Premier

I bought this set to go with my daughters Corolle Tidoo (12 inch) baby doll. However this set was much too big. The nipples didn’t come close to fitting in the dolls mouth and the proportions of the bottle to the doll were way off. It is a nice set but meant for a much larger doll.

Esther Frankton, IN

Great toy!!

This is a great toy for a "little mommy". My granddaughter is 3 and has a new baby brother . She feeds all her babies and loved putting the bib on her dolls . She loves the pacifier just like her baby brother uses. The orange juice cup has a round bottom and won’t stand up , so that’s a little frustrating but she still loves the set.

Tonya Carterville, MO

A lot of miles out of these

Kids love having these for their dolls, they continue to use them and I have managed to keep anything from getting lost.

Dolly Lowell, AR

Doll Accessories

Nice addition to the baby crib & stroller for little girls who really like to play house & interact with their "babies"

Brooke Lynco, WV

Cute set

My 3 year old daughter just got this set for christmas to help her feed her babies and take care of them. She loves it and the fact that the milk and juice "go away" is great. She loves using them.

Susanna Mount Horeb, WI

They are very cute and keep baby interested

My daughter loves "drinking" the milk and then having it refill.She also learned to say juice due to this.

Charlene Groveton, NH

Best for baby!

My 16 month old got this for Christmas and she couldn’t love it more! It’s her favorite doll accessory toy!

Zelma Crystal Lake, IL