Dream On Me 2 in 1 Lightweight Folding Portable Stationary Side Crib

Dream On Me 2 in 1 Lightweight Folding Portable Stationary Side Crib

Dream On Me, 2 in 1 Lightweight Folding Portable Crib, 681 features unique hinges that allow the crib to fold flat for compact storage or travel and stationary (non drop side) rail design which provides the utmost in product safety. Made of solid pine and having a beautiful finish, this portable crib has safety hooded, locking wheels and can be converted from crib to playpen with one hand. Weighing only 32 lbs, this crib is easy to maneuver and handle. Dream On Me, A 1 Mattress Pad and all tools for easy assembly are included.

Main features

  • Lightweight- onlt 32 lbs
  • Portable crib folds flat
  • Made of solid pine, non-toxic finish
  • All tools for assembly included

Verified reviews


Wow. What a deal! NO PARTICLE BOARD.Well Done Company!

I am very picky. Check out my review on another crib I bought that had a horrible smelly particle board ! Nasty.THIS IS MY FAVORITE CRIB OUT OF THREE I BOUGHT IN THE LAST 1 YEAR FROM ALL THREE DIFFERENT COMPANIES.This crib has a real wood mattress board. Also I was so nervous from reviews of damaged wood that as I pulled each piece out slowly I waited for a terrible mess. I did note a couple areas that appeared to be dinged but they were only REAL WOOD variations that that caused pits or valleys in a a couple areas. There might be a few teeny tiny scratches but I would have never ever noticed if I had not been on alert due to a few reviews of damage. I’m so glad the company decided to just forget the particle board mattress holder altogether. I wish they all would.

Shanna Mid Hudson, NY

Perfect for grandparents

Crib exactly as described. Purchased thicker mattress as suggested on website. Will come in handy for years to come. Wheels work well and fits through normal doors. Sturdy contstruction. Only complaint–assembly instructions on bottom of crib base and rely mostly on visually matching picture to parts without much print. However, all parts fit together perfectly.

Allene Baskin, LA

Good size and quality, but too big for trunk

We purchased this crib so that we could use it at the grandparent’s house for nap time and also for travel; works great at the grandparent’s house as it can be taken down relatively easily and stored in the closet.The big negative with this crib is… we can’t fit it in the trunk without completely disassembling it. When it is folded up, it is too big to go in our trunk (a Toyota Camry, a decent sized trunk, but not wide enough for this.)Apparently we have to get a larger vehicle if we want to travel with this crib instead of a pack ‘n play. Big disappointment. But if you plan on just using and collapsing to put away in one location – it works great. But buyers beware if you have something smaller than an SUV or minivan!

Monika Melstone, MT

Amazing/ everything I needed for granny’s house!

Amazing! simply amazing! very attractive/ easy to put together- easy to fold and store. Great for grandma’s house! Definetly buy the 3′ mattress with it as the one that comes with is WAY to thin! other than that A+++++ buy!Here is the 3 inch crip mattress I bought– definetly worth it!Dream On Me 3″ Portable Crib MattressBuy portable crib matresses not just regular. I also like the portable waterproof toppers. 🙂

Nelda Vicco, KY

Serves its Purpose, But you Need a Breathable Bumper

This is great for the grandparents’ house, but my daughter got her arm and leg stuck three times before I finally decided to go out and get a breathable bumper to block the slats. But then you have a problem that the breathable bumpers are made for full cribs, so you end up wrapping it twice. Just a total pain an extra money to be spend. Don’t forget that you’ll need a mini-crib sheet as regular crib sheets will be way too big. I did end up ordering a thicker mattress (another $25) as the one that comes with it is like paper.The good side, it’s easy to fold up, has wheels so it can move around, and she sleeps just fine in it.The bad side, mattress it comes with is way too thin to be comfortable and the slats allow for the baby’s appendages to get stuck.

Alba Tovey, IL

Light and easy to assemble

This crib is a good size in between our bassinet and larger crib. The assembly was quick (using real tools vice the included tool) and once assembled is easy to use. It’s light enough to carry around when needed. A good buy.

Dolores Lebanon, PA

Very decent

We bought this for our daycare (a family one) because we wanted our daughter to sleep in a crib, not a playpen. The folding is not trivial, you have to take the mattress out (or mattresses, if you got the 3″ one, which I recommend), so it’s not something you want to fold and unfold on a daily basis. But for the occasional folding it’s good enough, and it’s a decent and decent looking crib. We have no regrets about getting it.

Norma Middle Village, NY