Dream On Me 2 in 1 Portable Folding Stationary Side Crib, Cherry

Dream On Me 2 in 1 Portable Folding Stationary Side Crib, Cherry

Dream On Me, 2 in 1 Folding Portable Crib 682, features US Patented rail system for ease in converting crib to playpen with one hand. The unique hinges allow the crib to fold flat for compact storage or travel. Included is the stationary (non drop side) rail design which provides the utmost in product safety. Made of solid pine, this portable crib is one of the most convenient portable cribs on the market. Dream On Me, A 1 Mattress Pad and all tools for easy assembly are included.

Main features

  • Portable Crib, US Patented rail system
  • Converts to crib or playpen, folds flat for compact storage or travel
  • Stationary (non drop side) rail design
  • Made of Solid Pine, 1 Mattress pad included
  • All tools for easy assembly included

Verified reviews


Crib is ok, wheels are awful, customer support is worse.

We bought this crib for our baby when he outgrew his bassinet but we wanted to keep him in our bedroom for longer. The crib itself is nice enough. However, after about 2 weeks one of the wheels snapped off. Because of the way it attaches, there was no way to buy another one at the hardware store. I contacted the company and sent them the information they wanted and they told me they sent out the wheel, which never arrived. I contacted them again and they said they would send it again, and it never arrived. Yesterday, a second wheel snapped off. My son is 8 months old, so it’s not like we’ve been using this thing for long. I would never buy this crib again.

Joy Eubank, KY

Damaged, looks like rat gnawed side or caught in machinery.

This stinks–guess I should have believed the reviews, but I figured there must be some sort of quality control occurring. Wrong–don’t order this product unless you don’t mind gouges and ruined paint. Packaging was intact, but one of the rails looks like it’s been chewed up, to the point where it looks like it will affect the integrity of the crib. I ordered in natural and it is still very obvious.

Joyce Pottersdale, PA

Great mini crib at good price

I looked around for a mini crib for my in-laws house since my daughter is there two days a week and HATED sleeping in the pack and play. I wanted something small and something that could be folded down and moved out of the way too, since it’s kept in the guest room. This crib was easy to put together and it quite sturdy. It is the exact size of a standard pack and play, so keep that in mind when buying sheets for it. The pack and play ones fit. I think my daughter liked that she was a little higher off the ground than in the pack and play and it’s more supportive than a pack and play. It adjusts to two heights, one high, for newborns and one low (like the lowest setting of a regular crib). The natural color is alright. I would have preffered the white, but this one was a bit cheaper and the finish wasn’t really important.

Kim Oxford, IN

Great Porta-Crib for small spaces!

I purchased this Porta-Crib for when my Grandson sleeps over at my house. It is wonderful! Perfect size for small spaces. My Daughter-In-Law loves it and wishes that she had gotten one like this instead of the full size crib that she has because that way she could move it to different rooms (it comes with wheels that can lock) and she could have put the crib next to her bed at night. Really wonderful! Just make sure that you buy a better mattress than the one that comes with the crib because the one that comes with the crib is only one inch think.

Rosalia Blanchard, OK

Awesome solution for semi-co sleepng and getting your bed back once the baby is old enough to be in their own room.

We used this for both of my kids when they were newborns. I didn’t feel comfortable having them in the bed but I wanted them close to me and this crib allowed that. We replaced the mattress (not really a mattress at all) with a thicker mattress because the one that came with this crib was super thin. The replacement mattress as about twenty dollars so it’ wasn’t a big deal. You do have to use a portable crib mattress and portable crib size sheets.We were able to easily transition my kids to a normal size crib after a month because of this portable.

Patricia Hatley, WI

Simple, well-made, easy to use

This is exactly what we needed. It’s simple in looks and easy to use. It folds and unfolds quickly. If you have room for it in the trunk or van or whatnot, it’s easy to travel with — much easier and more obvious to set up than a Pack-n-Play type crib, and not much heavier. Even if you don’t plan to travel with it, if you have a small space or prefer a small crib for any reason, it’s just right. With so few moving parts, I’m not at all worried about safety recalls on locking mechanisms or whatnot: it’s plain as day how the thing works and whether you’ve got it set up right.It’s holding up very nicely, though I don’t think our son has tried chewing on it. He has tried standing up and rattling the sides and stomping, though, and it’s plenty sturdy. I’m confident it’ll last until well after he’s ready for a regular bed, and look forward to giving it to a friend or relative to use again.

Sydney Monteagle, TN

Great so far!

This was so easy to put together, even with my 14 month old daughter “helping” me. It is very sturdy and well made. My daughter loved it and loved playing in it. She cried when I took her out. don’t know yet if she will sleep in it, but I’m hopeful! I love the super safe stationary design. It looks cute and would be cute in a room, but we bought it to travel to my in laws house.I am glad i read other reviews and also ordered an additional mattress. I would definitely recommend upgrading to a nicer mattress. The one it has is so flimsy.

Madeline Covert, MI

excellent for travel & grandmas house

Best purchase for grandma & grandpas house!! We bought this because we moved out of state from our family so when we go to visit them we use this for our 18 month old. He slept in it just like his own crib. We were looking for an alternative to the “pack n play” & this is perfect. We brought his own sheets & bumper from home & although bigger than the crib itself, made him feel like he was sleeping at home. We have a Honda Pilot & it fit in the trunk when we folded it so it’s easy to transport. However, I would recommend buying a thicker mattress as the one it comes with is a bit too thin.

Lorena Park Ridge, NJ


My almost 6 months old had been using this crib for almost 4 months and it’s just perfect, the size, color, height… I’m not sure how well it’s going to be when he stands and jumps etc. but as far as good, looks so cute with bright color bed set! A must buy for newborns : )

Eleanor Topsfield, MA

Great port-a-crib!

I ordered this portable crib after being convinced that it was a must-have for our 1 bedroom condo. I wish I’d ordered this before my parents got us a beautiful high quality convertible crib from Franklin & Ben (only b/c we have a small space, not because the Dream on Me is better than our permanent crib). We needed a small enough crib to put baby to sleep in our bedroom so that we didn’t have to keep the entire condo pitch black and white-noised out at an early infant bedtime. I was going crazy from living on-edge with the dogs making noise, no food allowed in the microwave after 8 PM when baby went to sleep (tough when my husband comes home at 7:30/8 PM most nights) with the baby in the living room space. I’ve yet to use it (waiting on the mattress to arrive), but putting it together was pretty easy. The holes were perfectly aligned (unlike some reviewers’ experiences), all the materials were included and the wheels wheel smoothly on our carpet. It folds up very gently and smoothly. It’s a very smart design. The wood pieces came unscratched and instructions are clearly glued on the mattress support. The quality of the wood seems really good and I think we couldn’t ask for a better portable crib for the price. No toxic fumes or smell noted, everything came nicely packaged. Most everything is put together, you don’t need to screw on hinges or anything, just putting each of the sides on to the next and putting together the support rail. I did need my husband’s help for when I had to put one side on to another, since it’s hard to balance one hand and screw with the other hand. It might be possible with a more talented individual but I needed the help. (and I even put together our stationary crib by myself after working all night!) More to follow after we use it. 🙂 Happy so far!

Darcy Monticello, MN

The perfect mini crib

We purchased one in 2009 for our firstborn and it was perfect. When we moved back to the mainland though, we ended up giving the crib and the mattress away.Come 2012 and we were expecting our second little bundle of joy. We decided that the baby would sleep in our room for the first couple months before we moved him into a room of his own, so we once again turned to the portable mini crib. I found the listing on my old baby registry and ordered another. Same great quality! Works so well in the space near our bed and the baby sleeps nicely in it. I still love the fact that it looks like a regular crib, only smaller by a couple inches. 🙂 It’s sturdy and we can wheel it from room to room if we chose to. And I love that it folds up so it’ll fit in our mini van and we can take it with us when we go for visits with family…don’t get me wrong, I don’t drag it with us for visits to family that live nearby…just for the ones that live a couple hours away. :)Delivery through Amazon was quick and easy. There was a small dent on one of the slates on one side when we got all the pieces out of the box, but we put that side against the wall. It took the hubby 30 minutes or so to get it all put together.As other reviewers have mentioned it does come with a mattress, but it’s only an inch thick pad that looks like my yoga mat. We purchased a separate 3″ mattress and the crib looks much more comfy.

Brigitte Newtown, MO

Great for Baby!

What a nice little crib when you need a smaller bed for baby! It seems to be well made and sturdy. We like it!

Gracie Austin, AR

Seems like a good secondary crib, particularly for the price

I bought this because we want to keep our new baby in our bedroom for the first six months and will also be relocating during this period and didn’t want to just use a Pack n Play for such a lengthy amount of time. The crib seems sturdy and well made and I think it will be just fine for what we need. There was a mark on the side which would have really irritated me had the crib been our main one or more expensive, but in this instance I didn’t worry about it. The crib was a bit more complicated to put together than I would have thought but my husband (who is very handy anyway) was still able to put it together pretty easily. I haven’t tried putting this in our car yet or moving it around though it seems like it collapses pretty easily. There were a lot of comments about the mattress that comes with this crib and I’d like to address them: from everything I have read, a thin, firm mattress is best for newborns. The mattress (more like a pad) which comes with this crib is actually much softer than I expected from the other reviews. However, for me the main problem is that it is so flimsy that sheets with elastic make it crinkle right up. Your options then become using this pad without any sort of cover or replacing the pad. We purchased the 3" extra firm Dream on Me mattress after a lot of thought because we wanted to be able to use sheets with the crib. (I have also written a review for that item.) Please note: if you are going to use this crib as a longer-term option than we are, I would suggest a different mattress than the one that comes with it because eventually it really will be too thin and uncomfortable and also the 3" mattress is NOT suggested by the manufacturer because it makes the base height higher than what is consider safe by whatever organization sets these guidelines.

Alexandria Fitzgerald, GA

imperfections noted on the wood

My husband/I bought two of the Dream on Me folding portable cribs — one for the bedrm and one for the livingrm. We bought this model in natural and a "lightweight" model in white. They are both nice with subtle design differences. With this crib, I found a couple of visible flaws in the wood e.g., I saw some wood putty or wood paint on the railing where manufacturer tried to cover up or patch up the crack (and didn’t do a good job of). Other than that… no big complaints. Crib is sturdy and no chemical odor and can be used right out of the box. So far, I like the lightweight version better over this model. If you are looking to buy the 3" Dream on Me mattress to go along with this crib, rest assure… it will fit (but be warned… it’ll be very snug and will wrinkle up the mattress a bit).

Nadine Gales Ferry, CT

Easy to Assemble….

This is great for limited space…. We used this our my mother in laws home when our infant would go stay the night. The only complaint is that the mattress is super thin and hard… We purchased a separate mattress…

Iris Blandford, MA

Super for Grandma and Grandpas house!

We bought this crib to have delivered to grandma and grandpas house for our Christmas vacation. Our son had just started sleeping in a crib and was a huge fan of sticking his feet out of the rails. For this reason (and our bad backs) we knew the usual pack and play wasn’t going to work for us. I am so happy with this crib. The crib mattress that comes with it is unacceptable, so you’ll have to spend $30 and order a 3″ crib mattress. The wheels are nice to have and move the crib easily from room to room on carpet. It collapses with ease and will be easily stored in a closet at grandmas with the mattress out of sight slid under a bed. I think if you’re concerned about chips in the wood you should order a lighter color, but ours arrived without a scratch and survived the week without a scratch so we didn’t have a problem. All in all I’m so glad I ordered this for our trip and know we’ll get a lot of use out of it for years to come with our growing family. And with prime shipping, getting a crib in two days is amazing.

Doretha Wakefield, RI

Works great.

Make sure all accessories such as mattresses and sheets are "portable" sized. This works great and we wheel it around the condo easily. The wheels are small so don’t think about joy riding it down a hill as I have learned.

Marion Nogales, AZ

adorable and perfect

this crib is so cute. it is small and compact. my child is over a year old and still in it. she is little but i knew that she would be. this crib can even fit through my doorways without even folding it. i did by another mattress to go with it. the one that comes with it is a joke for long term use.

Leola Amboy, MN