Dream On Me 2 Position Baby Bather Bath Tub, Yellow

Dream On Me 2 Position Baby Bather Bath Tub, Yellow

The Dream on Me 2 Position Baby Bather Bath Tub features a unique shape and design for bathing infants through 24 months. One end of this tub has a reclining position for infantand#8217;s comfort that are unable to sit up on their own. Their legs straddle the raised surface in the center of the tub to help prevent them from sliding. This allows mom ease in bathing her baby. The opposite end of this tub is designed for when the baby has a sense of balance to sit up on its own, assisting in a more comfortable, ideal position for your growing child and making bath time safe, fun and convenient. This is the largest baby bath tub available and made of safe, non toxic polypropylene material. Never leave your child unattended. Stand sold separately.

Main features

  • Unique shape with safety supports for arms and legs keeps infant and toddler in the ideal bathing position
  • 2 position grows with your baby
  • Large capacity tub
  • Do not use water fuller than 4.5 inches in the tub
  • Stand and hose optional and sold separately

Verified reviews


Great tub

I”m a long time nanny so I’ve used every tub out there. I particularly like this one b/c it accommodates bigger babies and young toddlers. The only downside is the tub is quite large, really the largest on the market so maybe not a great choice for people with space restrictions. I”m registering for my first baby and this is totally my 1st choice!

Brianna Kipling, NC

nice tub but no hose

as another reviewer pointed out, the tub arrived without a drain hose. the replacement tub had no hose either, so amazon credit me full amount back, and i got to keep the tub. it’d be more convenient with the hose, but without it it’s ok too.this was the tub of my choice because it is the only one on the market (to my knowledge) that comes with a stand which allows access to the baby from both sides (my husband and i bathe our daughter together), though i wish the stand was a bit taller.

Shelby Cascade, MT

Love this bathtub

This isn’t a fancy tub with sprayers, toys or sea shapes or anything, but it’s a FANTASTIC all purpose tub for babies. With two seating positions, I’ve used it for four kids from their newborn days up to 2 years old. It’s big, but will hold plenty of water for older kids. Has a good seal for bathing on the floor or a counter top. I use a zip tie on the top and hang it in the garage or shower to dry after bath time.

Myrna Wagener, SC

Like it, well enough

The tub is good and large however, from the prior reviews I was expecting it to be even bigger. My son is quite huge at 7 months. He’s 7 months old and he’s 23lbs and in 12-18 month clothes. This is his 3rd bathtub. We had the Puj as infant (first 4 months) which we loved, the regular plastic ones that fit in the sink (used from 4-7 months) now we are on our 3rd tub since he’s already outgrown that one and not ready to sit in those supported sitter ones. It’s large but not as large as I was hoping as I was hoping we could be in this for the next year. I think we will be able to use this to get us by until he can sit in one of those chair seat tubs. The good side is that he can both lay in this tub or sit in it which we love the option. Also, because it’s large (width way), I think it might be hard to put in some people’s tubs if they have regular narrow tub. We have a jucuzzi tub so it fit fine in ours. Overall, the tub will work for us…just wished it was just a tad bigger but for the price it works.

Diann Antler, ND

Perfect size!

I really like how you can use it for a newborn and an older baby also. You just use a different side of it depending of the size or baby and if he/she can sit unsupported. It is on the bigger side and I love that about it. We had a smaller one before and baby didn’t have enough room to move around and play. This is one is great!

Bobbi Crichton, WV

Love it

This is the best tub EVER. We got this for our very tall 6 month old and he was very happy. Currently my son is 21 months old still loves it. This is the only tub you will ever need.

Kimberly Valley Lee, MD

Comparison of 4 baby tubs!

Over the course of 2 babies, we have tried and used 4 different baby tubs.Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling N Seat TubDream On Me 2 Position Baby Bather Bath Tub, BluePrince Lionheart washPOD Bathe, WhitePRI Infant Bath Seat (White)Our least favorite is the washPOD.The washpod was the worst of the group. My biggest gripe is it is impossible to clean your baby’s legs or underside in it. Keeping enough warm water in it to keep baby warm, but not present a drowning hazard if baby’s head flops forward is another problem. When baby is finally strong enough to hold head out of water, baby is bigger and no longer fits in washpod. Just awful design. I see the cute video of the happy baby in this thing, but this was not our experience at all. It is one thing to put your baby in it to soak (or something?), but it is impractical to actually WASH a baby in it. I had big babies (around 10 pounds each). I expect that small babies will work better in it, but I would not recommend it based on our experience.Followed by the Dream on Me. This is a good design, but it is HUGE. We would have to store this monster in our garage between baths because it took up so much space. Also hard/slippery and not suited to newborns.Second favorite is the PRI bath seat. The best thing about this one is how small/sleek and clean it is. It is easy to use and store and lacking on obnoxious colors makes it easy on the eyes as well. No nets or slings or parts to pull apart and clean. This is the simple “zen” baby bath tub. But it is slippery and hard so we did not like using it for our newborns. For older babies, the angle does not suit those that can sit up.And hands down winner is the Sling n Seat. This is the only one that fits all stages of baby’s growth and varying support needs. From complete support as newborn to support for babies that can roll over to those that can sit up but will still topple over. It is versatile enough to be used at the kitchen sink or in the bathtub or showerstall. I wish we had this from the start with baby number one. It is a bit more expensive, but considering you will only need to buy one product for all of your baby’s stages, it actually costs less because you will only need to buy one product.The Sling n Seat comes with a “shower bottle” so doesn’t require it, but we like having one of these attached to our shower sprayer to make it easier to get down low to baby level with the sprayerKES I3300 Extended Length Replacement 118-Inch Stainless Steel Interlock Handheld Shower Hose, Chrome)Thanks for reading, I hope this review was helpful!

Ashleigh Smithfield, NC

It’s a great bath tub

VERY ROOMY! I was going to get the Primo Euro baby bath but I found this one for $20 less. I am so glad I decided to go this route. It looks the same and the quality is lovely. I wish the blue one or white one didn’t cost so much more than the yellow one, but I’m not going to be that picky. It’s a great bath tub.

Amy Lemoyne, NE

Works well and seems comfortable

I have used this for my now 4 month old daughter since she was about 3 weeks old after her umbilical cord fell off. I like that the infant side has the part that goes between their legs to keep them in position and not slip below the water. She likes it and seems comfortable in it. It’s pretty big so we just put it in the regular tub to fill and use. If I could do it again I’d probably get a “tummy tub” for the infant stage as it’s a little tough on the knees to be bending over the tub and it’s hard to wash the back of her head/body. I’m not sure what the other reviewers are referring to when they said they didn’t receive a draining hose – I didn’t see a hose advertised to come with it and haven’t needed it – there is a little plug that you can open to drain the tub. But it functions well and does what it advertises.

Rosa Benton, IA

Perfect tub with ingenious design!

I really wish I had found this bath tub sooner. I’d purchased 4 other bath tubs, ranging from various infant tubs to the Leacho Bath ‘N Bumper, and my daughter has outgrown them all. However, she can’t sit up unassisted for long yet, so I’ve been struggling to bathe her in the adult tub. This tub solves all of my problems!!!! It is big enough for her, and whether I put her in the lying down or sitting up position, the ingenious grooves keep her steady!!! I love everything about this tub, and again it would have saved me a lot of money had I found it sooner.

Pam Donnellson, IA

Nice bathtub

It’s very big and comfortable once your baby big enough. I did not use it until the baby turned 3-4 month. She was too small for the tub at first her head was where her hands had to be so I had to hold her and it was not too comfortable. But once the baby is big enough it’s a good tub.

Deirdre Emigsville, PA

larger than expected

The tub is much larger than I expected, about a good 3 feet long or more. It works just fine though and has a nice little ramp to put the kid on. I also like that it has a plug in the bottom; happy with the purchase.

Britney Hollister, OK

Little bit big, but my baby loves it!

When I got this tub I thought it is too big (I was pregnant), and at first we washed the baby under the sink.. But when she was 4 weeks old we started to use this tub. We put a folded towel so she won’t slip, and to make it smaller.Now we don’t need the towel to make it smaller, only to make it more comfortable for her.She LOVES her tub! She can stay there for 20 minutes, and it is so easy for us to wash her in this tub. Also, the reason we like it, is because we bought the stand so we don’t have to band over when we wash the baby.I highly recommend it. When you’ll get it you will think it is too big, but once your baby will be 3 months it will be perfect! until then just fold a towel. And buy the stand!!!

Liz Melrose, NM

Great size!

This tub is really a nice tub and a really large size. My only complaint is I wish I could take the middle section of the tub out when my son gets older. The size is great for a toddler but that middle section may prove to be too small when he gets older.

Elvia Roxbury, KS

great tub

we are using this every day and we love it. it fits perfectly to our tub and the kids love taking baths in it.

Thelma Maywood, NE

third time using

this is my third time using a tub this style. After the first month and a half or two (with my 6lb at birth baby) it was perfect. My older two used one like this too and I loved. I just fill it in my regular tub and wash and store there. I live in an apartment and yes larger than my space saving safety 1st bath but way worth it. I actually used for my special needs son until he was about 4 and had him using the sitting up.option for better positioning since he had limited muscle function and is blind this was a better option than a large cumbersome positioning chair for a handicapped child. My 3 month old loves hers and happily splashes away.I love it and as long as you dont mind a little larger size I know you will love too. if u can get past the size its great. Especially after month 2. a little too huge for newborn.

Lena Plum Branch, SC