Dream On Me 3 Portable Crib Mattress, White

Dream On Me 3 Portable Crib Mattress, White

Dream On Me 24, 3″ Portable Crib Mattress softly cradles your baby for comfort. This is a portable crib mattress which creates a cloudlike environment for your baby to sleep peacefully. Rest easy knowing this mattress is phthalate free and constructed with quality materials and workmanship in the USA. A hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial waterproof cover aids in the prevention of mold, mildew and odor. Easily wipes clean with warm water and mild soap. Complies with Federal Standard Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633.

Main features

  • Complies with 16 CFR 1633 flammability standards
  • Non allergenic antibacterial waterproof cover
  • Fits standard port cribs
  • Passes all Flammability tests (16 CFR 1632 /1633) and also pass phthalate, lead and toxicity tests
  • Proudly made in the USA

Verified reviews


A little too soft

We’re expecting our first baby in Jan 2011 and I bought this mattress to replace the super thin mattress in ourGraco Pack ‘n Play Playard With Bassinet, Elephant Parade. I was definitely not impressed with this mattress. I knew from all the reviews that there’s a slight gap (about a 1 to 1.5 inch), so I was expecting that. I didn’t, however, expect this mattress to be soo soft. Not to mention that it’s so thin that you can still feel the steel beams along the bottom of the bassinet. I have no idea if my baby would be ok sleeping on this or not, but it’s definitely not something I’d feel comfortable on, so I wouldn’t use it for my child. I guess softness is “relative”, but this mattress seems way too soft for an infant (might be ok for a toddler). I returned and purchased the Dream On Me Extra Firm mattress, so we’ll see how that works.

Rosalia Ocean Gate, NJ

Doesn’t fit a Dream On Me

This is supposed to fit a portable crib called Dream On Me; well, if you count fitting inside, as fitting – OK. BUT, it is NOT a snug fit, as any crib mattress should be, according to doctors and the AAP. Small babies would easily get their heads or limbs hanging over the side of this product, essentially wedging between the mattress and the crib, itself.Any older babies would end up playing with the mattress since there is so much room to move it around. They could fall asleep under it and that has the potential to make a horrible situation.I would not recommend this product, based solely on the fact that it doesn’t fit the Dream On Me portable crib. I might wear a size 10 pants but I wouldn’t wear a size 14 just because I could fit inside of them…..

Lucile Ashley, ND

leaves huge gaps

the mattress is very narrow. i have a graco pack n play 9not the share one). the mattress leaves 1-2 inch gaps on both sides. when the child stands up holding to the side of the placard, his feet slide right into the gars.

Mai Reeder, ND

doesn’t fit in graco

for some reason graco’s pack n plays are larger then normal, but this is still better then my baby sleeping on that “mattress” that it comes with, leaves about an inch wide gap on one side, just rolled up a blanket or towel to stuff in the gap. i did have to rotate it and flip it every so often or baby would leave a dent in it.

Linda Hooppole, IL


The mattress is 37.25 inches long and NOT 38 inches as listed under “product dimensions. The width is also short by 0.75 inch and made of 100% polyeurethane. I will never buy from them again and I will be weary of Dream on Me products in the future.

Vicky College Station, AR

Too Firm

I’m sure for some parents a firm mattress is a relief because the baby can’t face plant in it. This mattress is so firm I hardly make a dent in it when I push on it, so a tiny baby will definitely not be making depressions in it. My son isn’t really a fan. After co-sleeping in a bed with a firm, yet comfortable, mattress, this crib mattress is too different for him. I think I’ll be using a soft blanket under the sheet to help soften it up a bit.

Susanne New Lebanon, NY

Purchased this two separate times

There is not much to say about this product except:1. We purchased this product twice (which speaks to how we felt about it the first time), because we had a second child, and needed to send one to our travel destination, instead of paying airline fee to bring it.2. Both babies slept as good as expected (or better) while using this mattress.3. Very light weight4. Solid construction

Sonia South Berwick, ME

Nothing to get excited over

I bought this crib mattress in the high hopes that my daughter would sleep better in her Pack n Play. I would have to say this mattress really made no difference. It seems just as comfortable as the thin mattress that is already there and it seems a little too firm in my opinion. It also isn’t the right size so there is a small space around the whole thing. My daughter has always been a really finicky sleeper when not in her crib and this didn’t change anything for us.

Dianne Lakeview, OR

Crib mattress a bit thin

If I were to buy another mini crib mattress, this would not be the one. It is too thin and very hard.

Margie Pocola, OK

Fits the Cosco brand better than Graco

I purchased 2 of these – one for my Graco Pack and Play and 1 for a Cosco Playard my Mother has at her house. It is a little too small for your standard Graco Pack-n-Play but, I rolled up a baby quilt and stuffed it in the gap (length wise). The one I sent to my Mother could not have been a better fit. There was no extra space to spare – as a “crib” mattress should fit. I also tried the “extra firm” mattress but it was really firm.

Pam Commiskey, IN

Portable soft goodness

We got this so that we could take a mattress on short trips or vacation and it works pretty well. Much better than your children trying to sleep on the lumpy hotel cribs

Ebony Charmco, WV

Still Thinner Than I thought

I bought this for the bottom of my sons pack n play, because I didn’t like the thin "mattress" it came with. It works well and provides some comfort, but it is still very thin.Also, It came in a strange box marked with Equestrian Horse and Dog Care. It was very odd.

Dorthy Monterey, CA

Perfect fit

Fits my dream on me portable crib perfectly and is just the right thickness for my baby. Plus, it’s a reasonable price!

Bertha Karlstad, MN

Love it

For the price of this mattress it’s great. We purchased this for the portable mini crib even though it suggests nothing bigger than 2". It works great.

Socorro Bernhards Bay, NY

A Perfect Fit

Fits the Delta Portable Mini Crib perfectly. Once the crib showed up, I realized that I probably didn’t NEED the mattress, but I kept it anyway. It’s firm, just like pediatricians recommend, and I appreciated not having to pay more for another brand.

Rosa Highland, CA

DOESNT WORK WITH Baby Trend play yard

It is great but I bought it for the baby trend brand pack n play and it is two inches too short. TGhere are reviews that say it fits but it doesnt. It obviously is only for graco brand.

Consuelo Port Edwards, WI

doesn’t fit graco PNP on the go

The product itself is good, so I hate to give it a less than stellar star rating but I want to advise this mattress doesn’t fit the graco pack n play on the go portable crib like I had seen noted in some reviews. Maybe if you’re fine with sticking a towel in between the gap you could get away with it, but it’s about 2 inches too short width and length. I went with a little larger dream on me product. As I stated earlier, still a good product just didn’t work for my graco portable crib like advertised.

Enid Peaster, TX

fits pack n play perfect

Fits my graco pack n play great and has excellent padding. my only complaint is I can’t take it when we fly because it would take up too much room in the suitcase.

Sofia Vale, SD

Great Port-A-Crib Mattress

I ordered this mattress because the one already in the port-a-crib was too thin. When I received this one, it was just what I was looking for, good thickness, and fit perfect!

Dianne Sorrento, ME

Perfect replacement crib mattress

I researched and researched and after reading a bunch of reviews chose this as a replacement porta-crib mattress. It is not to hard or soft so as Goldilocks stated, “it is just right”. Worth the money and cannot beat free shipping.

Gloria Lakeshore, CA

Fits in pack n play

Dimensions fit our pack and play and it was thicker and cheaper than retail stores, fast delivery via prime too boot too. We put a sheet cover it and it is now snug inside pack and play for occasional naps.

Beverley Commerce, TX

Mini crib mattress

Finding this cute crib mattress, especially for Mini cribs is a pleasure finding them on Amazon. The price was right and are exactly what I have been looking for. I searched through the reviews and feel I got exactly what I wanted. I am pleased with this product.

Janis Baldwin, MI

Better than expected

I’m glad I chose to buy the Dream On Me 3″ Portable Crib Mattress, even after reading the negative reviews about how slim it actually is. Unlike our heavier adult bodies that can adjust to waterbeds or airbeds and so on, **babies need firmness**. I placed this product on my dining room table and pressed on it with just my upper body strength and it felt fine for what the baby needs. Once the waterproof mattress cover and crib sheet went on it, it was perfect. I can see this working out for baby through at least the first year.

Martina Kaukauna, WI


comfortable and practical. it came promptly as well. i could not be more pleased.i highly recommend it. the price was a little higher than i would have liked though and that part still has not changed

Kendra Crown King, AZ

Came ripped.

The mattress is fine. It’s a foam rectangle covered in nylon fabric. Not much to say about that. It fits in the dream on me convertible mini crib. Our came with a rip in the side, but I decided not to deeal with the hassle of exchanging it. It’s covered with a sheet anyway.

Amalia Norton, KS

Nice Mattress

This mattress is nice and firm which I was worried about for the price you pay. This mattress fits perfectly in our Dream on Me mini crib and also fits nicely in our Graco Pack n’ Play. Its a little small for the bottom of the Pack n’ Play but for the bassinet, it fits perfectly. I think a few rolled up towels will be ok to tighten up the space when we get ready to use the bottom part. I bought mini crib fitted sheets that were made for a 5" deep mattress and they fit perfectly! I am not sure they would fit a 5" mattress they fit so snugly on the 3" mattress.

Marcella Rich Square, NC

Just what I needed

I bought this mattress to use in a Cosco playard. I thought the price was good, it fits the playard perfectly, is very well made, and is just the right firmness without being hard. I especially like that it has a waterproof cover, which saves the expense of having to buy a waterproof mattress pad.

Norma Winona, MN

Fits perfect

It’s very soft and somewhat durable, and it fits in my dream mini crib… Sheets for this size mattress are kinda hard to find though because its not a standard size

Estella Sturtevant, WI

pack n play mattress

very nice, wish I would have had it two years ago when I used my pack in play more. helps to make the surface easier for a larger baby to sleep on.

Amelia Kennedy, AL

Very Nice

Dream On Me 3″ Portable Crib MattressJust arrived today. We are using it in a portable crib at our house for our grand daughter. Support seems to be just right. I would recommend this item.

Lakesha Easton, MA