Dream On Me 3″ Rounded Corner Playard Mattress, White/Brown

Dream On Me 3″ Rounded Corner Playard Mattress, White/Brown

Dream On Me 3 ” Playard Mattress provides an extra firm yet comfy environment for playtime and especially naptime. Measuring 37.5 inches long by 25.5 inches wide and 3 inches high, this mattress has four, rounded corners fitting Graco Playards with similar rounded corners inside the playard area where the mattress sits. This exceptional mattress is constructed with quality materials and workmanship in the USA. Features include a high density foam for extra firmness, non-allergenic, anti-bacterial waterproof cover that wipes clean with mild soap and water and aids in the prevention of mold, mildew and odor.. Meets Federal Standard Flammability Standard 16-CFR 1633. Dimensions: 37.5” X 25.5” X 3”.

Main features

  • Vinyl 10%/ Foam 90%
  • Made in US
  • This product is intended to be use from 6 months and up. Dimensions: 37.5″x25.5″X3″
  • Antibacterial, waterproof lock stitched binding helps prevent mold, mildew and odor from seeping inside like cotton binding allows.
  • Passes all Flammability tests (16 CFR 1632 /1633) without the use of flame retardants and also pass phthalate, lead and toxicity tests
  • Passes all Flammability tests (16 CFR 1632 /1633) and also pass phthalate, lead and toxicity tests
  • Dream On Me promotes a safety sleeping environment, babies should always be place is a crib that meets the current CPSC standard, keep pillows, quilts, comforters and cushions out of the baby’s crib, bassinet or play yard.
  • High density foam core
  • Waterproof cover
  • Fits all Graco pack n’ plays
  • Ships in Certified Frustration Free Packaging

Verified reviews



a “must have” for the pack and play being used as a crib at another house! it is great. we have 2 of these one for shore house, one for parents house. no worries about the pnp bars disturbing sleep or being uncomfortable. ‘life saver’

Tori Portsmouth, VA

Very happy with this!!!

It is just what I was looking for and fits perfectly in my Graco PnP. The firmness is perfect-Im glad I went with the extra firm. It is comparable to his expensive crib mattress. SOOOOO much better than the flimsy cardboard thing that came with it!Great purchase!!

Maura Gilman, WI

Better than stock mattress

I, like everyone else, bought this to use in my Graco Pack N’ Play as a replacement to the thin mattress that came with it. My 5 week old son is sleeping in the PNP full time right now in our room until he gets older, and I was not satisfied with the mattress that was included. It was not very comfortable and it did not lie flat. This mattress is nice and thick and does the job. My son seems very comfortable on it and sleeps well.It’s definitely not as firm as his crib mattress. There are small indents where his head has been. I try to put him in different positions so he doesn’t sleep the same way two nights in a row. I just use a crib sheet on this, no mattress pad. My crib sheets all seem to fit fine. The mattress didn’t have a funky smell upon unpacking it which was nice. Overall I’m very happy with it.

Misty Guilford, CT

Recent Changes Have Made this Mattress Very Firm

We initially bought one of these in Dec. 2013 for use at grandma’s house. It was firm, but not too firm. We liked it. I ordered another in March 2014 and I am only now taking it out to use it for a summer trip. It doesn’t feel like the previous mattress at all. Much firmer. It has a different design on it as well so clearly they’ve changed it (product name is the same). Try lying on it on the ground next to the pack n. play pad and the pad is actually better. Glad I got an older version for grandma’s but I have to send this newer version back.

Sonya Jefferson, MD


I am so pleased with this mattress. I was not sure which to pick this one or the other one that is less firm. This one is perfect and I am glad I did not get the softer one. My new grandbaby with have a good night sleep on this mattress.

Lavonne Fayette, MO

Perfect Pack n Play mattress

If you are wondering if this mattress will fit in a Graco Pack n Play, wonder no longer. It is a perfect fit. It also happens to be a nice mattress with inner springs in it. I bought this because I needed some way to put my daughter to sleep at an incline to help with a reflux problem, so I put a couple of regular pillow underneath one end of it, and that worked like a charm. However, even if you don’t need to incline the mattress I would still recommend buying it. It is much more comfortable than the hard bottom of the Pack n Play, and it fits all the way to the edges perfectly.

Sabrina Lebanon, NH

I wish it was a better fit

I purchased this for the Graco Pack n Play that my Granddaughter uses to nap in after reading all the other comments. I was very happy with the firmness, not too firm but not too soft. However this mattress is a bit small for the Pack n Play. I had to stuff towels down the long side of the mattress to make it safe for her so that she could not roll and suffocate. The mattress needs to be two or three inches wider.

Wanda Nuiqsut, AK

Fantastic Solution for those hard play yards

We planned on our newborn spending a few months sleeping in the Pack ‘N Play in our room. Well, until he was sleeping through the night consistently, then we could move him into the bedroom with his older brother. I was not happy about him sleeping on that hard hard hard mattress in the PNP, until I found this! The mattress fits perfectly with no space between it and the sides. It is firm, but no more so than his actual crib mattress…and I wouldn’t want it too soft for safety reasons.We loved this so much we just ordered another one for our currently 2 month old son to use one day too.

Berta Blackwater, MO


This is a great idea but it just did not fit right with our Chicco Lullaby playard. I had read the previous reviews where people said it did fit, but in my opinion, the gaps between the edges of the playard are too wide and I am too nervous that the baby would get stuck. Too bad.

Taylor Ferguson, NC


We decided to get a mattress for the Graco Pack N Play bc when our baby sleeps in it, the playard pad that was included did not provide enough support and the middle would sink in. There really wasn’t much of an option other than this one or the less firm one from dream on me. After reading other reviews, I was a bit concerned that this playard mattress would be too firm. But this mattress provides the perfect support for our baby when she sleeps in the playard. It fits our Graco Pack N Play perfectly. The only bad thing was that I couldn’t find any sheets to put over this mattress. But the problem was solved by putting the included playard pad on top of the mattress, since there are plenty of options for sheets for the pad. Now our baby sleeps comfortably in her playard too!

Shari Equality, AL

So far..

I just received this and put it on our Baby Trend Deluxe Playard. I was concerned about other reviews stating it was 2″ and not 3″ as stated in the description…I measured it as soon as I received it and the one I received does measure 3″. It was a bit compressed out of the box, so I let it sit for a bit before measuring. It fits perfect in our playard. It doesn’t feel exactly “extra” firm…but it does feel firm–but I don’t have any other Dream on Me Playard mattresses to compare it to. We bought the Circo Playard Sheets (2 pack) and they fit perfect on the mattress. There are no gaps between the mattress and the playard for us. Baby sleeps in it just fine–so far he just naps in it, but he can take a good 2-3 hour nap so there doesn’t seem to be any comfort issues for him–and he’s pushing 20 lbs.

Nelda Sheffield, VT

Fits Graco PnP perfectly. Baby loves it!

This mattress fits our Graco Pack and Play just right. We have it in the bassinet position right now, but will be lowering it soon.This mattress helped us keep the baby in our room. She quickly outgrew her bassinet and ended up sleeping in the PnP. I tried to make a mattress out of some towels (covered by a PnP sheet) but it didn’t look very comfy. The mattress came, I whipped on a pad and a sheet (Target Circo PnP sheet fits great), and boom, the baby fell asleep. Yay!There is a tiny indent where her head usually goes, but we just flip it around. Or flip her around. Or she flips around. 🙂 The mattress has stayed in good shape and is still very supportive, while still being soft. I think she’ll be pushing up soon so we’ll transition to the crib in her own room. 🙁

Emilia East Candia, NH

NOT too firm, fits just right

This is a great fit for my Evenflo pack n play. Not too firm, way better than the saggy cardboard that came with it. Has just enough give without being a SIDS hazard. She can now have a little tummy time in her bed. Very similar to the density of the mattress we have in her regular crib, that she’s not sleeping in yet. So transitioning should be great.There are NO gaps at all on any side. It makes the sheets fit snug, actually better than when they were on the old cardboard bottom.When I put her in it for the first time she smiled big, wish I would have gotten it sooner!

Shawn Springvale, ME

Who needs a crib

Seriously, this fit our Graco pack and play perfectly. There are no gaps and it is truly firm. Perhaps not extra firm but when it comes to kids things firmer than anything else. We are using it in the bassinet position of the play yard, probably not for long because it adds the 3" to the height. But for now my son doesn’t do much but roll over and I feel like it is safe. I’m sure it will work great when we drop the mattress down. I will revise the review if it doesn’t.I’m really glad we didn’t buy a crib since my son sleeps with us most of the time anyways!

Sheila Jim Falls, WI

Doesn’t fit perfect

The Mattress is ok. Was a little disapointed as specially since the mattress doesn’t fit perfectly in the Pack’n Play. And what is up with the round corners???

Kathryn Redwood, NY

Fit perfectly

Bought this mattress for the Chicco playard and it fit perfectly! It does limit the effective useful time for the bassinet feature but that is ok because it seems much more comfortable than the standard bottom of the Chicco. The Carters Easy Fit Jersey Portable Crib Fitted Sheet fit the mattress perfectly.

Trisha Marianna, AR

Perfect for Graco Pack and Play

Our baby co sleeps with us, so when he is on Graco Pack and Play, he cannot sleep well because of the very thin (half an inch) mattress they provided. So I bought this. Life saver. He loves to sleep on Graco during nap time now, the matress is very sturdy and its not too firm, just right. I just let it out overnight so the smell (from factory) will air out.

Louise North Star, OH

Nice product

Just the right size for Graco playard. It is very appropriate for young infant: not too soft and not too firm.

Trina Childwold, NY


Does not fit the Chicco Lullaby. Didn’t return it because we ordered it for traveling and sent it to our family’s house. We also left it there. Collecting dust.

Ramona Scotland Neck, NC

Very Nice

I ordered this for my grandson. It arrived in a strong box and wraped in plastic. Its not soft nor hard for the baby [12m] to sleep on.It is 100x better then the thin pad that comes with the pack & play.

Annabelle Cedar City, MO

Not confortable

I read different reviews of this product, all were different, and for me this mattress is not for a new born use, is very hard, not comfortable at all.

Britney Sutherlin, VA

love this

This reletivel inexpensive mattress make a big difference for my grandson. He will not sleep in the pack,N,play t home but he will when he comes to Grandma’s. The difference is the mattress that offeres him enough support to sleep comfortably.

Desiree Frazier Park, CA

Great mattress for Pack n Play

I bought this to use in my Pack n Play for my newborn while he sleeps in our room. The cardboard surface that comes with the Pack n Play is so hard that I didn’t want him sleeping on it every night for several months. This mattress fits perfectly in the Pack n Play and is firm (though not as firm as the mattress I bought for our crib). Of note, the Graco Pack n Play sheets are not big enough to fit this mattress without really distorting the ends of the mattress.

Rebekah Redfield, IA

Fits Graco Pack & Play perfectly

This mattress is for PLAYARDS/Pack & Plays, NOT for cribs. With that being said, it fit my Graco Pack & Play perfectly. There are no gaps, and it fits almost like it was a Graco product. I added pictures to the review so you can see what I’m talking about. The mattress is thick, and not too firm (even though its advertised as “Extra Firm”. I am satisfied with the quality and happy with the fit.

Nona Vernon, IN

Comfey but too small

We purchased this mattress after reading lots of reviews about many products. I was dissappointed to find that it does not fit like we hoped. We purchased this mattress for our graco pack n play. I had to roll up a blanket to fill in the gap along one long side and a towel along an end. This is a GREAT mattress as far as comfort go. It’s firm but gives enough so our little angel seems comfortable. Our 2 year old tested it out before we put it in the playpen and loved it! I’m sure it would fit an actual portable crib. We are using our playpen (in our room) as a crib since our 2 year old likes to climb in the full size crib and we are worried about them sleeping in the same room (she wants to love her sister and call her George!) Bottom line…I would reccommend the mattress but be warned on the size issues. Maybe other play yards are a different measurement and fit better…who knows.

Glenda Cheshire, MA


Vacation would have been miserable without this! He slept so well on it, as if it were his normal mattress.

Lucille Indian Head, MD

If using a playard for naps, very necessary

If you’re using the playard on the ‘lower’ level for naps, this is pretty necessary. The panel that the playard comes with is basically a very sturdy board that doesn’t offer too much padding. Also, the base of the playard is a very large circular piece in the middle of the playard. Again, you may want to add a bit of padding for your baby’s comfort if they’re going to use this for naps.

Charity Rienzi, MS

perfect because he isn’t ready for his crib downstairs

perfect addition to our pack and play since our little one isn’t sleeping through the night and he has out grown his bassinet.

Alissa Hollister, NC

Works Great

This has been a life saver for travel, fits great in pack n play and gives that extra support and comfort for my daughter to sleep, highly recommend~

Carrie Leesville, OH

Good mattress

I like it. It is very firm and fits my washable play yard very well. I can also use it on my floor for baby tummy time.

Vera Clinton, KY