Dream On Me 3″ Spring Coil Portable Crib Mattress, White/Brown

Dream On Me 3″ Spring Coil Portable Crib Mattress, White/Brown

New to the market, the Dream on Me 3\ Spring Coil Portable Crib Mattress is the first of its kind. You no longer need to compromise comfort for support. The interwoven steel coils are wrapped in a hypo allergenic, polyurethane foam and protected with a waterproof cover with Lock Stitch venting. Rest easy knowing this mattress is constructed with quality materials and workmanship in the USA. The waterproof, hypo allergenic, cover aids in the prevention of mold, mildew and odor and easily wipes clean with warm water and a mild soap. This fits Standard 24 x 38 portable cribs and play pen. Lead and phthalate free this mattress passes the Federal Standard Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633.”

Main features

  • 3 Interwoven Steel Coils
  • Protective Polyurethane Foam Wrap on each side
  • Passes the Federal Standard Flammability Standard 16 CFR 1633
  • Passes all Flammability tests (16 CFR 1632 /1633) and also pass phthalate, lead and toxicity tests
  • Made in the USA
  • 3″ spring coil portable crib mattress
  • Fits standard 24×38 portable cribs and play pens
  • Lead and phthalate free
  • Waterproof cover with lock stitch venting
  • Ships in Certified Frustration Free Packaging

Verified reviews


Finally a 3″ porta/mini crib mattress with substance

Just purchased this for our Sorelle Camden Porta Crib & Changer. This crib comes with a one inch foam pad that I have used up to now with my 6 month old. I was very happy to find this 3″ Dream on Me Coiled mattress online. There are very few mattress and bedding options for mini crib and this is the only product like this that I have found. The other main options to upgrade from the included pad that I found are 3″ foam mattresses or 6″ coil mattresses. I saw a 3″ Portable Crib Mattress by Colgate (all foam) in a store and it didn’t feel much more substantial than the 1″ mattress that came with my crib. The 6″ mattresses I have seen online exceed our crib’s recommended maximum mattress depth of 4″ (I am not sure why they have this limitation on depth) and apparently it is hard to find sheets that will fit a 6″ deep porta crib sized mattress. The Jersey Knit Portacrib Sheets from Buy Buy Baby that I have been using on the 1″ pad fit this 3″ Dream on Me mattress.We just got this mattress today, so I have not seen how well it is going to last. Looking at it, I dont think I would be comfortable sleeping on it, but hopefully it is supportive enough for a baby. Definitley an upgrade from the 1″ pad baby was sleeping on up to now. We wiped down the mattress and are letting it air out for a while before we put it in the crib since it does come smelling of plastic. Hope baby enjoys it!

Ola Hadensville, VA

Love this matress for hard to fit Davinci mini crib!!

I love, love, love this mattress! I bought a mini crib for my daughter to use at my mom’s house. Since I love the safety rating of the Davinci brand and we love the design features of the Kalani crib we currently own. I Immediacy felt buyer’s remorse when I read the reviews about what a headache it was to find a safe, comfortable, well lasting (in that order) mattress. So I bought three. This is for sure the winner with the cost margin being only slightly higher than the rest. It is less firm than her infant full size mattress at home but only fractionally.The main pros:Fits safely. No bunching, folding, lifting, or space in corners.The firmness is good. No head or bottom divot where she has been.No issues with re-modeling.Waterproof.And QUIET! The other mattresses made such a ruckus! It FITS! Very hard to fit the Davinic mini cribs well and safely since the mini crib mattresses will not work with them! Absolutely no issues here.No real cons: it is heavy, but that is the quality and safety weighing in. A bit of a price increase but it will save you in the long run!

Paulette Warden, WA

After 7 months, mattress sags where baby has been sleeping, and I can feel the coils through the thin, cheap covering

I should have done more research before purchasing this mattress, but I was 8 months pregnant at the time, exhausted from a difficult pregnancy, and was anxious to have a crib ready in time for my baby. This mattress seemed like a great solution during the first few months, when my baby was still around 10lbs and under. But once he started getting heavier, we quickly noticed the middle of the mattress — where the baby normally sleeps — getting really saggy. That probably wouldn’t have overly concerned me if the coils weren’t also poking through the thin, cheap mattress covering. When I run my palm across the mattress, I can feel the hard coils bumping up. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable this is for my baby. On top of this, I am also recently discovering the potential dangers of toxic chemicals from cheap crib mattresses. I’m suspect that this China-made crib mattress is entirely compliant to off gassing materials. I am throwing this out immediately and getting a new one. I wish I can still return this, cuz it was a total waste of my $50.

Jayne York, SC


I was concerned buying the mattress for the Delta Children’s Reily Crib, but it fit perfectly. At first mattress looks very flimsy and too thin, but once you put it in it is good enough for at least a year. I’m happy with the purchase and my daughter seems to be very comfortable.

Juliette Eastanollee, GA


I was unsure if buying this or a foam one, I ended up picking this based on all the reviews and because foam mattresses for babies are relatively new. My LO seems to like the mattress. I bought it for my Dream on me portacrib it fits almost perfect although there is a little gap (1 finger) which may not be a big deal though.I use TL Care organic fitted sheets.

Rose Indian Lake Estates, FL

Good Mattress!

Bought this mattress for the granddaughters’ visits. She seemed to like it well enough. Had no problems sleeping on it. It is firm but not hard and fits in the portable crib perfectly.

Katina Brookline Station, MO


After researching many Mini Cribs, we were concerned about finding bedding and a mattress that fit and this turned out to fit perfectly into the DaVinci Emily Mini Crib we went with. No problems finding a mattress pad or sheets that met our standards! Perfect fit / great price – highly recommend!

Abigail Fleetville, PA

Plain white mattress, no design on cover

Was disappointed that mattress was not as shown. It has a plain white cover. Label seems to be the same as the brown/white that I ordered, so hoping it is an identical mattress. Will update when baby comes.

Jan Fisher, IL

Soft, but not wide enough

If you are buying this to place in your child’s playpen,playyard, pack in play (whatever you call it) it will not be wide enough

Melinda Tyrone, OK

Portable crib mattress

We returned this mattress because it did not fit the portable crib that we previously ordered on Amazon.It was a quality mattress but the wrong size.

Christy Zion Grove, PA

A real mattress

This mattress is fantastic. A real proper mattress for your small crib. It has been challenging to find sheets that are big enough with deep enough pockets for this mattress, however.

Dolores Hastings, PA