Dream On Me, Classic 2 in 1 Convertible Crib, Cherry

Dream On Me, Classic 2 in 1 Convertible Crib, Cherry

Dream On Me, Carson Classic 3 in 1 Convertible Crib 675, is a beautiful addition to any nursery. It features a stationary (non drop side) rail design which provides the utmost in product safety. The teething rails, dual hooded, safety locking wheels, 3 level mattress support this beautiful finish come standard in this Classic 2 in 1 Convertible Crib. When your baby outgrows the crib, simply convert to a toddler day bed and watch your youngster light up at the idea of graduating to a big kid bed. Accommodates a Dream On Me Standard Mattress, sold separately. All tools for assembly included

Main features

  • Multi functional, stationary (non drop side) rail design
  • Dual hooded, safety locking wheels
  • 3 level mattress support
  • Converts to toddler day bed, Made of Pinewood
  • Available in 5 finishes, standard size Dream On Me mattress, sold separately, All tools for assembly included

Verified reviews


We love this crib

We ordered this crib, in white, several months ago before our 3rd child was born. Since this was our 3rd (and last) child we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a crib. We just wanted something sturdy and affordable. After having used this crib for 3 months I can definitely say that we love this crib. The white crib makes an adorable crib for a baby girl, although I would say it looks even cuter in person. It was fairly easy to put together and I really like it much better than the old drop-side crib we had with our 2 older children. To go with it, we bought aSealy Soybean Foam-Core Crib Mattresswhich fits perfectly in the crib.

Louise Kinross, MI

Does the job

Love the price and my baby seems comfy! My husband put it together in about 20 minutes and it looks great too,

Christina Aurelia, IA


i needed a small crib that had room for my daughter to play in… and i got it. if my next comes before she moves to a bed, i will buy a second of this.

Bessie Litchfield, IL

This is a fantastic crib!

I purchased this crib based off of all of the amazing reviews and I have to say, I’m so happy I listened!This crib (I got the Espresso) is sturdy, well made, really attractive and was EASY to put together! I put it together without another person’s help and it took about 25 minutes. My Kolcraft crib mattress fit perfectly as well!I am very impressed with how great this product is especially with such a fantastic price! If you’re looking for a reliable crib that is at a great price look no further!!!

Delia Blodgett, MO

Beautiful and simple crib

This is probably THE most affordable full sized crib I have found. I’ve shopped both in store and online at Babies R Us and Target for cribs and nothing came close to the price of this crib during the time I bought it. I wasn’t looking for anything fancy because I knew that my baby will grow out of it and I couldn’t justify to myself spending a few hundred dollars on a crib that would probably last a couple of years. If you want a simple, no frills crib – this is the one for you.

Kenya Troy, VT

So far, so good!

I bought this crib for my daugher, since my son’s was turned into a toddler bed. It’s a pretty good crib. It was affordable, but also sturdy, and not too hard to assemble. It’s also supposed to turn into a toddler bed, but the lowest setting for the mattress still has it fairly far off of the floor, so I probably won’t use it for that. It doesn’t have a drop-side, but apparently those are illegal to sell in the U.S. now, so I can’t really fault it for that.

Lidia North Ferrisburg, VT

great crib, phenomenal price

I never thought a crib item would be something I’d be able to get for myself when planning for a new baby, but this was so affordable that I chanced on it, and it looks great! It’s sturdy and my fiancee said it was a breeze to assemble. The white is a true white, not quite so offwhite as it looks in the picture.**updated** the crib is holding up great and it seems like it will be in for the long haul – baby is 4 months now. when i relay the price i got it for is pretty impressed! so glad i didn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a bed for baby and love the fact that i can use it years down the road

Libby Goltry, OK

This crib fits the bill! It is light weight, but sturdy.

The recommended crib matress is the one to purchase with this crib. It fits exactly and is also light weight, but very firm and at the same time comfortable. My 1-yr.-old grandson walks all arouind int his crib when he wakes up and likes playing in the crib. I gave it four stars because there is one fairly large label that is glued on to the end of the crib on the inside right where baby stands. It is almost impossible to remove without damaging the wood finish. After applying warm towels, gently scraping with soft plastic spatulas, and scrubbing with soft cloths, the label would not budtge! I purchased a product at a local box store to help the label goo to breakdown. Once this product was applied, it was only a a matter of a very few minutes and the label and goo wiped right off. Of course, it was safe for wood finishes. As a final step, I carefully wiped with a soft cloth and a mild dishsoap water and rinsed with clear water to make sure the "goo" product was completely gone before allowing baby in the crib. Outside of this…I have absolutely no complaints.

Louella West Chesterfield, NH


I loved this this crib, it’s so pretty and old fashioned. My baby loved it too. I don’t know why people complain about this, one lady complained because she needed to tip toe to lay down her baby, maybe she was a short person? Besides it’s safer because your baby won’t try to escape. I have no regrets and it’s also cheaper.

Alissa Higgins Lake, MI

Great crib for the price

Is it the sturdiest or prettiest crib–no. But it is a great value. We bought it to place at my in-laws house so our baby would have a safe place to sleep when she came to visit. It is totally adequate and I would highly recommend it as an inexpensive crib for occasional use.

Amber Moretown, VT

Great crib, great Price!

I have now been using the crib for about 2 1/2 months and so far so good. It is good quality for the price and looks really nice. Also, the assembly was really easy and fast. It did not take more than 30 minutes.

Amanda Mission Hills, CA

Good price, basic crib

I purchased this crib in white. We had previously purchased a more expensive “fancier” crib, which was chewed on by our second child. It was a dark color and the tooth marks were very obvious and covered the crib. It was a drop-side crib, which is now considered “unsafe,” so we decided to get rid of it and get a cheaper one.I like that this Dream on Me Classic crib has built-in protection against kids biting the rail. We bought a lighter color, too, to hopefully camouflage any future bite marks our child might create.This crib has three height settings, the highest being similar to a bassinet. The lowest was too low for me (at 5’1″) to put my child in comfortably, but it will be a good height for a day bed for a toddler.The quality seems fine. Not the best, but I certainly trust it to keep my child safe. It is a very basic design, but it is attractive. I miss the drop-side cribs, but for the price, this will do just fine!

Essie Wyndmere, ND

Pretty good crib for the price

I ordered two of these for my twins girls due in April 2014! I really like the cribs, they came with some blemishes though (a blue mark on one and some scrapes and indentions on both). They also have this big warning sticker on the top inside of one of the end pieces. I tried pulling it off but it leaves a sticky mess behind and comes off in bits and pieces. Having said those things, we were able to assemble them in such a way to hide most of the imperfections. Assembly was not too terribly difficult. I put the support bar on the wrong side at first, so read carefully! We are overall very pleased with these cribs. The wavy detail on the top of the crib is a nice touch also!

Valeria Mc Camey, TX

Great Crib for a Great Price

We needed a portable (wheels to move around the room) crib for our newborn and this works perfectly. Item arrived with no damage and set up very easily with 2 people. She is very happy with it and so are we. Wish one of the sides was lower so we didn’t have to bend over the rail so much but that’s what happens with fixed-sided cribs. Sacrifice a little comfort for more safety.The color is really rich and beautiful; the design is very traditional.

Olga Harrells, NC


Sturdy and very nice looking. Can’t find any other quality crib at a price this low. Would buy it again.

Hester Shattuck, OK

Just what I was looking for…

I purchased this crib to go with antique dressers and chest I had and it looks beautiful together. I wish it came in a French white or a antique white because it is a very bright white but it serves its purpose. It was easy to put together and sturdy. I choose not to put the wheels on since I didn’t like the look of them. I would have given this 5 stars if it came with toddler safety rails.I understand safety warning are necessary but it is very large and I can’t get it off.I did not have any issues with scratches or mattress size as others have mentioned.

Rachel Tolley, ND

Great crib for the price

I thought that a cheap crib wouldn’t last long, but this one has lasted well for about a year now. We have had no problems with it, and we have even taken it apart and put it back together again without any trouble.

Hillary Covina, CA

Great value for price

Easy to assemle; love how the bolts are seal wrapped, no mis count of parts that are loose in packaging here; sturdy; easy to turn into a toddler bed, frame is attached and in place when assembled; plastic rail chew guards already on side tops; very affordable.

Ila Adams, WI

What a great find!

I couldn’t be happier with this crib. It was easy to put together, is sturdy, and looks great. It doesn’t look like a $100 crib; it is gorgeous. Mine came in perfect condition. I am so glad I made this purchase.

Earnestine Leonore, IL

GREAT crib!

We are lovin this crib. Great color, great size. Very happy with it. It was easy to put together. We decided not to put the wheels on, that’s just personal preference.

Thelma Grover, MO

Good value

This is a very good crib for the money. It looks nice, is sturdy, and can be converted into a toddler bed.

Peggy Whitney, TX

Dream on ME Crib 2 in 1

we received the crib before the date arrival that was quoted. the crib is wonderful, sturdy feeling and fairly easy to assemble…only problem:our box was a little damaged, but the crib was fine and all pieces were in it.

Sierra Dawson, GA

Great Crib!

Purchased this as a secondary crib for "Grandma’s House". It was so easy to put together, looks beautiful, and the price was fantastic! Very sturdy!

Isabel Garner, IA

Quality product and durable – very happy with this crib

Extremely happy with our purchase of this crib! Really affordable and perfect for those who don’t want to dump a ton of money into a temporary sleeping place! It’s held up great and our son is 20 months old. It looks great too – you would never guess the price. I actually really love that it has wheels – makes it easy to move back and forth when rearranging or just changing the bedding. I plan on donating to a women’s shelter when we are done with it.

Luann Roma, TX


It looks very nice. I never used the wheels and the height it’s perfect (I am 5’6”). The highest position is great, you don’t have to bend too much to put the baby down and you can also kiss him when he lays down.I am going to move it to the middle position soon since the baby is almost going to sit by himself and then there is the lowest position for the baby that stands! I think it’s a good looking, simple crib, easy to move!Of course it’s not super heavy, therefore it’s not strong enough to hold your weight, but you don’t have to sleep in it right?? 😛

Charmaine Canadys, SC