Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed, Cherry

Dream On Me Classic Toddler Bed, Cherry

Dream On me, classic design toddler bed 624 in cherry, is designed especially for toddlers as they transition from a crib to a bed. This toddler bed features two side safety rails, sits low to the floor for ease in getting in and out of bed and reinforced for stability with a center leg. Dream On me, standard mattress, sold separately

Main features

  • Two side safety rails
  • Sits low to the floor
  • Standard Dream On Me Crib mattress, sold separately
  • Complete with all tools for easy assembly
  • Dimensions: 57 inch x 28 inch x 30 inch

Verified reviews


Wonderful bed, especially for the price!

Well I am just tickled! There were a lot of mixed reviews on this one. I was really hesitant about purchasing but now I am so happy I went with it. The price first off is GREAT! People mentioned they didnt get their hardware so I was nervous but I got mine just fine. Second there were a lot of complaints of it being difficult to build. I am not sure if I am just better at this kind of stuff then most others but I had no problems. I followed each step of directions so I did it right the first time (pay attention to the pictures like – is the hole they are showing on the board visible how I have it?) Also there is one part (the brace) of the bed that you must hand screw. Well I did this WHILE breastfeeding my 10 week old, it cant be that hard! Also there were some people complaining that the bed wouldnt hold, well first of all this is a small childs bed NOT meant for adults. That being said myself (140 lbs) my hubby (210 lbs) my 19 month (30 lbs) and my newborn (10 lbs) ALL sit on it for story time at night. It holds us ALL just fine. We carefully sit and we only do it for bedtime but obviously its pretty durable to hold us all 🙂 One thing I almost dropped a star for was the HUGE safety stickers on both head and foot boards! They are HUGE and sticky so you cant just peel them off. I was so mad, I thought why the heck would you do that!!! BUT after completing the bed and putting the mattress in they are not even visible so I decided to let them keep a star 😉 I would recommend. I am very happy with this purchase!

Lucy Ely, NV

Great bed – hard to put together!

We bought this bed for our 2 year old and she slept perfectly in it the very first night! The reason I gave this four stars though, is that it is a little hard to put together. I was surpised by how difficult it was. Overall, it is a sturdy bed and a great value.

Lakeisha Fawnskin, CA

Pleased with purchase

We put this bed together for my daughter almost a week ago, and we are pleased with it so far. Assembly took a little less than an hour (with the toddler “helping”) and would have been faster if I had been paying more attention, but I had to redo a couple of mistakes that were my fault.I sat on it first to test its strength since a few reviews had said it broke right away. It held my weight (more than twice its limit) and seems sturdy enough. It does have a few little dents in it already, but for the price we paid, that doesn’t bother me. I didn’t expect it to be heirloom furniture.I spent some time searching for storage bins that would fit underneath it (I measured a clearance of 5.5″ from the floor). I ended up finding a canvas zip-up underbed storage box at Target that fit perfectly. It is a Target Home brand box that measures 29x23x5. You can fit two under the bed, one on each side of the center leg.

Francesca Chimney Rock, NC

nice bed… slats not that strong though

this is a nice bed and easy to put together however my 6 year old sat on it and one of the slats broke in half… not ok for older kids to sit on. She isn’t very big either… oh well we love it so we just duck taped the slat and moved on!

Kari Rushville, NY

So Far, So Good!

Assembly wasn’t too bad. Took pregnant mommy about an hour (including mistake time), and its very sturdy.Made the transition from crib to bed really nice for my 2 yo. Son has fallen off bed twice now, but its so low, I don’t have to worry!!

Deann Clearville, PA


This bed is very lightweight and isn’t solid like the more exspensive beds, but for the price, it works. My two year old son likes it and loves it with the mickey mouse bedset I also purchased here. He doesn’t sleep in it all night because he’s used to sleeping in our bed, but sleeps in it more and longer than he would in his crib. Even when converted to toddler bed. I don’t know why.

Corina Goetzville, MI

Great quality. Sturdy.

This is a great toddler bed. I am not one to purchase plastic for anything and was happy amazon had a toddler bed alternative that was comparable to the price of a plastic bed. If I could change anything about it I would have the railings be slightly longer, only by a slat or two.

Cristina Lockesburg, AR

Simply Adorable

This bed is so cute. I don’t know what other people were complaining about, I found the construction to be great (ESPECIALLY for the price). It’s looks so cute. I really prefer real furniture to toy cars etc. I matches her other cherry wood furniture and everyone comments on how cute it is. My daughter loved it right away. It does require assembly which is manageable (takes like 45 minutes). I bought a safety first mattress with it and ended up spending $100 total. that’s just amazing. Toddler bed sheets (top sheets) cost almost as much as the bed does. PS I ended up cutting bigger sheets into toddler bed size, because I wasn’t about to spend $40 on a "toddler bed sheet set."

Jaime Glennville, CA

Great bed for the price

The perfect bed before going to a full size twin bed, and not ugly like the race car or princess beds. My son loves his, and it is simple. The only down-side is that there is a weight limit, so I cannot sit on it with him when putting him to bed.

Rachel East Fultonham, OH

Easy to assemble, and very cute!

This bed looks just like the picture, and is well made. It was easy to assemble, with clear directions. It is sturdy and the perfect height for a toddler to climb into – and the partial rails are just the right length to keep my little one in if she rolls too far.My crib mattress and bedding sets fit it perfectly. Definitely an excellent product!

Tamra Darlington, PA


This bed was affordable and good quality. My daughter loves it. When she is a little older we will get her a real bedroom set, but she is 2 so she can have a mismatched dresser and bed, who cares!

Leeann Murdo, SD

Good bed

So far so good! It’s sturdy enough to withstand my son jumping on it, and big enough that my husband or I can lie down in it with him to read a story, or cuddle him when he has a bad dream. It should last until my son is big enough for a twin sized bed.

Leticia Cloquet, MN

Hard to put together

This is a cute little bed for the price, but it sure is a pain in the butt to put together when it comes time to get the slats into the boards. Other than that…it works just fine!

Lorene Hazel Green, KY

Good Sturdy Bed

Great bed for a great price. My daughter loves her and it has held up nicely so far. And she rocks and bangs her head against the headboard a lot.

Renae Sparta, VA