Dream On Me Double Twin Stroller, Pink

Dream On Me Double Twin Stroller, Pink

Dream On Me 447, Twin Stroller is an ultra-lightweight, rugged full-size twin stroller. You can walk along with two children with comfort and style. This stroller features five point safety harness, reclining seats, 2 adjustable canopies, and abundant storage space for necessities. The compact umbrella style design makes travel easy, fun, and safe.

Main features

  • Ultra-lightweight full-size twin stroller
  • abundant storage space
  • compact umbrella design
  • reclining seats, five point safety harness
  • Two large baskets, fully adjustable canopy

Verified reviews


Straps too short but call company and they send extensions.

I had such high hopes for this stroller. It was very easy to maneuver but had 1 MAJOR DEFECT!! The straps on the stroller, at their longest, were too small to comfortably restrain a child (25 lb) well under their 33 lb weight limit. When I put my kids in there they were yelling “OUCH, OUCH” because the straps were WAY too tight!! Really disppointed!!UPDATE: March 27: Someone else posted that the company will send extensions for the straps.I called the company and they were great in solving the belt issue. They promised me extenders when i called on Tuesday. Received and used them Saturday. Great customer service. Great value on this stroller.

Taylor San Andreas, CA

Great, but quite as convenient as it sounds

I bought this item for many of the same reasons as most other reviewers: because I needed a solution to conveniently tote around 2 kids. It does the job, but not quite as conveniently as I had hoped.Pros:The construction is sturdy. This stroller can take a beating. It comes in darker colors so you don’t have to worry so much about dirt and spills.The wheels are thicker and wider than your average umbrella stroller which makes it much easier to manuver and less likely to get caught up on uneven surfaces.The stroller has that 3 handle design, and beieve it or not you can actually steer with ease using any of the three handles.The kids are very comfortable and really like sitting next to eachother. The 5 point harness is a plus, and it is easily adjustable so that parents do not have to remember which seat belonged to what kid.The baskets on the bottom are a bit small, but there are 2 of them, and they are large enough to hold the necessities for example a trip to the play ground or a short run into the store. (Please see cons for more info about the using it in the store)The grab bar is sturdy and can outlast even rough kids like mine. Its great for longer trips or for areas with a lot of action and the kids need something to grab onto and hold them in while they are trying to lean out of the stroller. (please see cons about the grab bar during frequent use)The adjustable back works like a drawstring. No kidding. It has a drawstring with a clip that lowers and raises the back to the appropriate level. I havn’t had any problems with it so far, but If your kid is too big you might have problems with it unless you figure out how to reinforce it somehow. The positive aspect is that you can adjust it to any specific location, unlike others where you only get to choose between 2-3 preset recline modes (if any). Also, each seat is independent, meaning that you can recline one while the other sits upright if you want.Cons:This stroller is not as small as I hoped. For those of you trying to get around in a subcompact like, say for example a 4 door hatchback Yaris,and like me you have 2 carseats preventing you from folding down the seats, This stroller WILL NOT fit in your itty bitty trunk. in fact, it will barely fit in your back seat on the floor. Unfortunately for me I have to put it in my front seat if I plan on using it. I bought a single umbrella stroller specifically for this car because of the lack of space. The user descriptions in other reviews helped to convince me that this would fit as if it was 2 umbrella strollers but it’s a little bit bigger than that. This lost a full star because of that. If the stoller was about 2-3 inches smaller I would have given it 5 stars because I could fit it in the trunk.This stroller doesn’t fit through single doors or narrow aisles. I have turn it sideways and drag it through a single door, which only works if the door is automatic or if someone is kind enough to open the door for me. When driving down narrow aisles I have to be careful not to knock anything off the shelves. I didn’t deduct any stars for that because I kinda new that going in.The grab bar is great, but cannot be convenient or realistically used if you need to collapse it several times a day/week. The grab bar needs to be removed before you can collapse the stroller. The bar is quite sturdy, which also means that it is quite securly held onto the bars which make it too much of a hassle to snap on and off several times a day/week.Overall impression:I really enjoy the stroller and I feel it will outlast any abuse it will suffer. The cons listed above do not outweigh the pros it has provided. I do wish that it was a back/front double stroller instead of a side by side, so that I could fit through doorways etc. I would use it much more often if it was. I wish it would fit in my car correctly, but shame on me for getting a teeny car :)I was looking for something that I could whip in and out of my trunk in a breeze and have the kids strapped in and ready to go. I wanted a stoller that I could use to run several errands in one shot before the kids got sick of getting in and out of the car. I needed something to keep them more secure, sanitary and still have enough room in the baskets to do light shopping.As far as what I was looking for vs what I got…Well everyone has to compromise so it doesn’t work under all circumstances but it’ll do. That’s why I have tons of other gear to use instead. It is secure and sanitary, and It is a MUCH better option than a shopping cart because the kids will sit in it happily for much much much longer than the standard shopping cart.

Opal Taiban, NM

For the price, it will do.

It’s not great quality, and while I expected that for the price, it’s still a little disappointing to see when it arrived.We already have a Baby Jogger City Select, which is AMAZIN. Can’t recommend that stroller enough, fantastic over every type of terrain imaginable, weighs about the same as this stroller, babies LOVE being in it. But it has to be broken down into two or three pieces, I wanted something I can quickly grab and pop up for those afternoons of running errands when it’s in and out of the car, one store after another. The Dream on Me will do the job, as long as it doesn’t have to do rough terrain, really is a mall stroller. I wouldn’t even trust it on sidewalks if they were at all uneven etc, it really doesn’t look like it’s built to last.We were looking at the Combi, but I didn’t like how it folded, it was very bulky. This one does fold up nice and compact – although it’s very long!The seats do not fold flat, as the review said, and the harness straps don’t adjust at shoulder height, nor do they reduce to a small size, so this really wouldn’t be suitable for a small baby. Mine are 11 months (50th percentile), and fit OK, definitely wouldn’t have put them in this before they were sitting up unaided. Also doesn’t fold with grab bar. Didn’t really expect it to, was just wondering about that before I brought it. And the sun shades are pathetic! But the handle height is higher than most umbrella strollers, useful for their Dad. & the middle handle allows you to push with one hand.To sum up, it will do the job we wanted, a mall stroller, but don’t expect more from it!

Georgina West Dummerston, VT

Perfect for nephew and neice twins

So nice to have my own stroller – lightweight, to take my nephew’s twins with my sister and I. Also bought 2 britax car seats. Saved a bundle getting them here from Amazon. So nice to just keep in my car and when I want to do something with the twins no having to take car seats out of nephew’s suv to put in mine and get stroller. This stroller was only $97.00. Rolls like a dream. It is perfect !!! Already had some relatives wanted to borrow seats and stroller. The whole idea of me getting my own was so I would not have to wrestle with car seats from one car to another. DUH??

Tina Carlton, TX

Nice looking!

Just received and very happy with the size and look of this item. However I can’t figure out how to put canopy on. I hope my husband can figure this out . I can’t wait to use with my 2 year old and new baby. I don’t think I will get to use with new baby for a while but I’m still anxious because stroller is light. Perfect for quick outings & Disneyland.

Alisa Traphill, NC

Pleasantly surprised

I got this stroller when I started babysitting a second baby (I have my own 3-year-old and 1-year-old). I didn’t want to spend a lot and mostly wanted it for trips to the park, or to the zoo. We’ve had no trouble getting it to fit through doorways and gates at the zoo, the mall, etc. I was pleasantly surprised. The seats seem comfortable enough for our shorter outings. I don’t even know if there are cupholders…we’ve misplaced the bar that goes across the front (how did that happen?), so I’m not sure. The baskets hold our lunch and I hang the diaper bag on the handles for easier access. At any rate, we’ve been happy with it, and the price was the best selling point. Just after we bought it we found out there’s a baby coming in December (making my youngest two 18 months apart)…I wish this were a little cushier with a better sunshade for the baby, but I didn’t want to spend 2-3x what I paid for this one for those features, so we’ll just put the new baby in it when he’s a little bigger. 🙂

Yvonne Irvine, KY


So worth it! Some doors you have to be angled just right to fit through, but that is just the joy of having twins and how nothing is easy. This is super lightweight, and folds up nicely to fit in the little trunk on my car. After two months, I am still so happy with this easy to use stroller!

Jeri Kykotsmovi Village, AZ

different color than shown and poc

This stroller just arrived. POC (Piece of cr*p) There are bars in back that look so uncomfortable. Seemed so hard to move around. Decided to just take our phil n ted stroller with us on vacation. I’m so relived. It will be so much easier. And this stroller is super heavy too. You can read the other reviews for all the other cons but it looks very cheap and I’m glad I don’t have to deal with it! Sending it back today!

Bianca Burtonsville, MD